5 Pro Tips For Finding A Relationship This Year

Some people say you shouldn't go looking for a relationship. But sometimes, there comes a point where you just have to take matters into your own hands. 
November 17, 2023 Eul Basa

Women Confess The Most 'Crazy Girlfriend' Thing They've Ever Done

There are many women who will admit to playing the role of a "crazy girlfriend"—or, at least, engage in a few behaviors that would warrant such a label.
November 8, 2023 Melissa Budish

Parents Share How They Reacted When Their Kid Brought Home Their First SO

When it comes to dating, getting your parent's approval can be nervewracking. What are they going to think of your new SO? Will they like them?
November 7, 2023 Casey Fletcher

People Share The Weirdest Date They've Ever Been On

Dating is supposed to be fun, but often, things can go south real fast. From weird behaviors to awkward moments, these stories will have you cringing. 
October 30, 2023 Samuel Ira

People Share What Made Them Lose Interest In Their Crush

If you're lucky, your crush ends up being exactly as you think they are: kind, smart, and funny. Other times, they end up being the exact opposite.
October 16, 2023 Andie Wood

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