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Jerkenemy Internal

These Jerks Dug Their Own Graves

Sometimes, we can destroy our enemies without ever lifting a finger. Why? Because they destroy themselves.
April 16, 2024 Sammy Tran
God-Awful Relationships

Cursed Relationships

From betrayals to wild freakouts, Reddit users have opened up about their relationship breaking points and some are downright shocking.
March 15, 2024 Sammy Tran
Wrongone Internal

You Messed With The Wrong Person

Sometimes, we think we’re tougher or smarter than we really are. We’re so confident, in fact, we sometimes mess with the wrong person...
February 14, 2024 Sammy Tran
Photo of a Shocked Girl

My Craziest Story EVER

These stories might sound too crazy to be true—but sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.
November 21, 2023 Sammy Tran

Breaking Free from the Screen: Overcoming Cell Phone Addiction

Discover practical tips to overcome cell phone addiction and improve your mental health. Our guide offers easy-to-follow strategies, from tracking screen time to establishing phone-free zones, helping you reduce your screen time and reconnect with the world around you.
November 16, 2023 Sammy Tran

The Negative Affects of Social Media

Explore the negative impacts of social media in this insightful article. From decreasing attention spans and sleep disruption to cyberbullying and privacy concerns, learn how social media can affect various aspects of our lives and discover tips for healthier online habits.
November 14, 2023 Sammy Tran
The Best Customer Service “Gotchas”

The Best Customer Service “Gotchas”

Everyone dreams of putting those pesky Kevins and Karens in their place, especially when they decide to wreak havoc on poor customer service employees.
November 14, 2023 Sammy Tran

Stress Less This Season: Rethinking 12 Holiday Traditions

Discover how to reduce holiday stress by rethinking 12 common traditions that often cause more hassle than happiness. This guide offers easy swaps and simplified alternatives to traditional holiday activities, helping you focus on what truly matters during the festive season.
November 13, 2023 Sammy Tran

10 Red Flags of Infidelity in Your Relationship

This comprehensive guide explores the top ten red flags that may indicate your partner is cheating, backed by statistics and expert advice. From changes in technology use and unexplained expenses to decreased intimacy and unusual friendships, learn to spot the warning signs and understand what steps to take if you suspect infidelity in your relationship.
November 6, 2023 Sammy Tran

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