Fancy Restaurant Workers Share The Most Appalling 'Rich Person' Behavior They've Ever Seen

Rich people tend to act out in fancy scenarios where they assume their money lets them to get away with just about anything. In some cases, it does.
October 11, 2023 Jess Silverberg

Lawyers Share The Worst Way A Person Screwed Someone Over In Court

Being a lawyer is ironically entertaining. While it's difficult to witness other people's misfortunes, some situations are just too juicy to not indulge in.
January 15, 2023 Molly Seif

People Share Their Horrible Encounters With The Worst Person They've Ever Met

Sometimes, you just don't jive with someone from the start, and eventually all you can feel for that person is hate. Here the worst people you'll ever meet.
June 22, 2020 David Chung
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People Share How To Become A More Positive Person

Trying to work more positivity into your life is no easy feat. These are some of the best ways you can become a more positive person.
April 30, 2020 Maria Cruz

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