June 22, 2020 | David Chung

People Share Their Horrible Encounters With The Worst Person They've Ever Met

You meet a lot of strangers in a lifetime. Sometimes they become your acquaintances, sometimes they become your good friends, and sometimes they become your mortal enemies. Most of the time, the encounters are pleasant and opportunities can arise for things to develop into more. But in some cases, you just don't jive with someone from the start, and eventually, all you can feel for that person is hate. Here the worst people you'll ever meet:


#1 Hiding The Evidence

My mother owned a gym (next to some large, empty halls) and one evening, while we were outside enjoying the nice weather, the building owner's son drove around in his car, visibly stressed out. He saw that we are there, backed up, pushed down our clothes horse and we never saw him again. Some days later, we found out (through the local newspaper) that he ended his father that night. He probably tried to hide the evidence when he "visited" us. He then tried to escape to his father's country but didn't get far because the police arrested him there. The worst thing is we even went to France with him for the holidays. There, he was already showing signs that he was crazy.


#2 Taking Advantage

I was doing some freelance web development for a guy until I found out that he was lying about having cancer. He had conned half a dozen or more people out of sums of money between $10,000 and $50,000 by misrepresenting the work I was doing for him and securing investments based on it. A person he went to church with felt sorry for him (because of his cancer lie) and allowed him to stay at their house. While there, he broke into this guy's safe and stole $100,000 worth of gold coins. He sold them off and lost it all gambling.


#3 The Pregnancy Twist

I know a girl who cheated on her husband with his cousin. She had an affair with his cousin and got pregnant, assuming the cousin was the father. They got together and decided to keep it a secret. They even made arrangements for her to move out and start living with his cousin. For the next nine months, they had the whole family thinking this would be her second baby with her husband.


#4 Go Ahead, Dude

This kid who I’m good friends with now was once was a huge attention-seeker. One day, he walked up to our table while we were peacefully playing Smash Bros. and he pulled out one of those rolls of minty tape. You know, the ones meant to make your breath minty. He then said, “I’m going to eat this whole roll and none of you are ever going to stop me.” So we didn’t.


#5 My Uncle's Wife

My uncle's wife. She always found an opportunity to put down my uncle's nephews and nieces. When I had dreams to go to college, one of the schools I thought of going to was coincidentally in the city that she and my uncle live in. She told me, "Don't go to Long Beach! We don't want you here!" I don't say hi to her whenever she comes around to visit.


#6 The Audacity

A guy hit my brother's dog on Christmas morning one year. He came up to the door and told us, then he demanded $200 for his bumper, which had zero damage or marks on it. We told him that wasn't going to happen. He then said, "How about that half a pie on the counter?" Why, why would we give you pie? "To help with my traumatic experience." We slammed the door in his face and he left. We told my younger brother that night so it didn't ruin his whole day.


#7 A Messed Up Superpower

My own dear sister. She’s the type of person who is such a general all-around snobby witch. When she’s nice to someone, they flock to her and feel “cool” because they aren’t on her bad list. It’s like a messed up superpower. At the same time though, she can’t make long-lasting friends, so it sort of evens out. But because of this, my family doesn’t see what a total piece of trash she is.


#8 The Bro's Intervention

My buddy's ex-girlfriend. She cheated on him multiple times... He even caught her with dudes in their bed. He kept going back though. One time, she took his debit card to go off with some guy. They drained his accounts and yet he still took her back. He eventually left, but she really messed up his self-esteem, so it took a while to pry him away. All his friends had to hold an intervention for him.


#9 Teaching A Lesson

My parents had a neighbor. This was a nice suburban neighborhood where everyone had large, fenced backyards. The neighbor would let his dog out on the front lawn to do his duty. The dog would invariably run to my parents' lawn and poop while the neighbor watched. Then they'd both go inside and leave it on my parents' lawn. My dad never hurt the dog. He knew it wasn't the dog's fault. Nope, he would wait a day and when the poop was still on his lawn, he'd pick it up with a shovel and whip it as hard as he could against the neighbor's house. He only had to do this a couple of times before the neighbor got the point.


#10 Hurtful Sarcasm

My ex-boss was the worst. For some reason, almost every single day, he would say stuff to me like: "On your way home, please don't throw yourself in front of a train," or "We need you back here on Monday, so please don't end yourself." I never found out why he hated me in particular, but I'm so glad I don't work for him anymore.


#11 A Plain Jerk

My mother lost her year-old son in a car accident before me and my brother was born (in fact, I don’t think she would’ve had more children if he hadn’t passed away). A few years ago, she got in an argument with my cousin over something dumb He freaking yelled at her: “This is why God took away your son” and stormed out. At that point, he had already been diagnosed with schizophrenia and people are probably going to yell at me for this, but trust me... I’ve been around mental illness all my life. There are people who are mentally ill and also happen to be jerks. He is one of them.


#12 Good Riddance

My ex-coworker would sleep, cry, talk about her private life, cry some more, complain about work, then leave work without telling people. She'd take two to three-hour breaks, then complain about staff being lazy even though she walks outside for 20 to 25 minutes. She lies, acts fake around clients and steals stuff at work. The worst person I met in my life. She got fired one month later.


#13 The Case Of The Ex

My ex-wife, hands down. After my divorce, she used my personal information for a cell phone plan and all her utilities. Then, she got a credit card. After multiple police threats, she stopped. Later on, I got my daughter into college and my ex took out a student loan in my kid's name. She had the check sent to her house. I'm still paying off debt. Awesome.


#14 Bon The Psychopath

A psychopath named Bon. The dude's been on the FBI's most-wanted list. He's been arrested three times in the last two years, and somehow he gets out after a month or so tops. The other day, he tweaked out and beat the living heck out of a girl I know before disappearing into the night. One of my idiot friends just keeps bringing him back into the mix, because somehow she can't say no to him.


#15 A Stark Contrast

I had a supervisor who married young, got divorced, made some poor life choices and ended up in a grocery store. That man was by far the best boss I have ever had. He would do his job the best he could and would do anything for the store as long as it made work-life better. I actually sometimes miss working with him, although that job was by far my worst one ever. My coworker who always tried to bring him down, however, is the worst person I've ever meet.


#16 A Total Troublemaker

Some kid in my high school was known for having harassed other students. He'd rant about how the Holocaust was actually a good thing, make edgy, inappropriate jokes, threaten and follow people, and generally just be freaking insane. I haven't seen him since 10th grade... I'm guessing they finally kicked him out. I can't call the cops on him, guys.

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#17 A Dangerous Silence

My childhood bully. Every day from the age of four to 11, he put me through the worst. He hit me on the regular, stole my stuff, spoke to me like I was worthless, spread lies about me that caused me to lose all my friends, etc. I'm no good at telling stories, so I'll spare you the details—just know that it was really bad. When I was old enough to walk home from school by myself, I had to come up with new routes every day because I was scared of him following me. The teachers at my school never did anything about it, partly because they didn't really care, and partly because I rarely told them.


#18 First's The Worst

When I was 16, I got my first girlfriend. I was super good to her (she didn't deserve it, in retrospect). She was a foster child and she lived with her mom. I drove her home almost every day, which was a 25-minute commute. Eventually, in the new city, she met a guy and cheated on me.  I ended up staying with her for a month after that. We broke up because she broke her phone and gave the guy she cheated on me with my number.  He texted me and said, "Hey, my girlfriend wants you to pick her up from her mom's house." I sent him a couple of the nudes she sent me as evidence and screenshots of "I love you" texts.


#19 Condo Commando

I've been in real estate for a decade. The worst person I've met is a property manager who managed a condo association. This dude wouldn't budge on a simple request for information. He wouldn't fax or email us a condo association application. He wouldn't give information to my co-worker. Wouldn't give me details, only generalizations. He would, however, get sarcastic when asked to repeat an answer. Condo commandos are the worst. ugh.


#20 Bully Problems

My friend told me about a bully in elementary school who used to beat her up. One day, after she was all bloody, the teacher broke them up. He said she kicked him first. She got suspended, and he got off scot-free. Fast forward to post-high school—the dude ended his parents and grandmother. If I knew a way to contact that teacher, I'd want to tell that person that he was lying and that the incident kind of messed her up forever.


#21 Roid Rage

I used to have a client at work who was this serious bodybuilder. He ended up buying a Curves franchise near me and ran it like a boot camp for women (not the good kind). He created aggressive ads basically shaming women into joining the gym. He got into arguments with customers (while he was in our shop) about random things, usually based on health things because he apparently knew better than an actual nurse or doctor. He also was ultra alpha-male and treated women as objects and not people.

The dude was totally roided up, no question. Every time he'd come back, he'd be bigger and more aggressive. We heard stories that he would yell at women at his gym if they didn't work hard enough, and it was not the encouraging type of yelling. He actually passed away about six years ago from a heart attack... and you guessed it, it was because of his steroid use. His mother came in to apologize for the way her son acted in front of us because she knew all about his misdoings. She even paid his back invoices since he "forgot" to pay often.


#22 A Messy Situation

I had a client who did multiple armed robberies with her husband. She was basically the driver. After they got arrested, I cut a deal with the prosecutors for her testimony against him. In the face of that, he ended up taking a plea for nine years in the penitentiary. She got a misdemeanor and got to go home. I ran into her at the jail later during a visitation. She proceeded to tell everyone that her husband had been railroaded and that if he had a "good lawyer" like hers instead of the public defender, he would not have been convicted.


#23 Why We Hate Our Mother

My biological mother. Without giving much detail, I’ll give a few examples to support it. She threatened my oldest brother to lock all of us in a suitcase and throw us off of a bridge when he was six. I was born addicted because she had been using illicit substances during pregnancy. She has five kids and none of us want anything to do with her. She blames me for that, claiming I soiled her good name by bringing up her past. It’s easier for me to tell people she is no longer alive when I get asked why my grandparents raised me.


#24 The Unprofessional Boss

Not the worst I'm sure but the most toxic: my former boss who would parade around the office like a Silverback gorilla, speaking loudly on his phone so everyone could hear his "important" calls. He regularly called me into his office to tell me how much of a "naive woman" I was, or, after confronting him for personally attacking me, how much of a "sensitive woman" I was. He would interrupt my work so he could measure my office chair, reaching over my lap, despite there being other empty chairs to measure. Such a lack of respect for me as a professional person. Ugh. So glad I'm gone.


#25 Buying Love

My ex-step dad. He constantly used my mother’s money to buy things to entice my sister and me to spend time with them. He bought a houseboat, four-wheelers, and even “bought” me a 1970s corvette for my 16th birthday. I later found out that he just told this guy it was for me, so he knocked $4,000 off the price. My mom told me that since it didn’t have airbags, it wasn’t safe.


#26 Master Puppeteer

She is so incredibly manipulative. She used me as a chauffeur and talked down to me every chance she got. She would invite me to parties then ditch me when we got there until she was ready to go home. She was constantly hitting me up, making me feel needed and wanted. She tore apart any guy that was interested in her, but then she would lose her mind when they decided to finally move on. Worst of all, whenever we were offered free drinks, she would claim I didn't do that and she would take my share.


#27 Jared Fogel

I met Jared. Yeah... That Jared. I was in a Subway, minding my own business when Jared walked through the front door. Apparently, they were doing some local PR and there was a lapse in communication somewhere along the line because nobody there expected him or knew he was coming. He walked straight in and went behind the counter like he owned the place.

He started pushing buttons on the register as the teenage "sandwich artist" working up front looked up at him in apparent horror, totally caught off guard. He said things like, "Oh, I see. You have the JX390 Point of Sale system. Those are okay, but I like the newer MG3000's better." The shift manager had to step in and tell him he needed to step aside, and that he wasn't allowed to be there or do that.


#28 No Moral Compass

My friend's wife's stepsister. She faked an injury to get out of the military and scammed the government for money. It worked. She constantly whines and rants on social media about minorities not pulling their weight in America while she lives off of a scammed government paycheck every month. She LOVES Trump, coincidentally. Her husband is a nice guy who is just not too bright and doesn't see any of the stuff she does. He's currently serving his country honorably overseas while she sleeps around behind his back. She had a fundraiser to raise money for her dog's surgery, but bought a purse with the money and let the dog pass away.


#29 Monster In-Laws

It's a tie between my father-in-law and my mother-in-law.
A few highlights: They cheat their clients and play favorites with their children and grandchildren. My father-in-law called me fat in front of a house full of relatives. He also wouldn't give one of his employees a raise for years because the woman's husband wasn't a churchgoer. My mother-in-law actually asked me if I "hire black people" at my company. Seriously? And they both hate you if you went to college. I could go on and on. These people are truly the worst.


#30 The Critical Recording

A "friend" I used to go to high school with. I hadn't seen him in years and messaged me one day on Facebook to hang out. He came over and was super weird, then ended up telling me in detail how he wanted to end these two guys and rob them for reasons unknown. I ended up recording the conversation. Six months later, I was woken up by a phone call from a friend of mine. She called me to tell me that he was arrested for attempted murder. It was all over the news. I called the police and testified to put him in prison. I still have the recording. He got six years in prison.


#31 Fishing For Sympathy

A girl (maybe 18-19) I used to work with at a shop acted all sad and mopey until you were basically forced to ask her what was wrong. She said she was probably pregnant, so then everyone would give her loads of attention. Then, about 2-3 days later, she would casually tell everyone she had a miscarriage. She did this twice.

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#32 Princeton Pomposity

This kid at my school who got accepted to Princeton. It was a small school of 500 so everyone thought he was hot stuff. He was a stuck up jerk who thought he was better than everyone else because he was intelligent. He had that standard "I'm better than you" pompous attitude. Last I heard, he was failing classes due to the difficulty.


#33 I Spy

I worked at a call center. A woman called in and asked about getting more security cameras, which was normal, but she seemed pretty tense. I asked her what they were for as a matter of conversation, and she said: "My Husband likes to keep tabs on me while he's at work."

She relayed to me that he had all the cameras in the house streaming to his phone and iPad, so while he's driving or sitting at his desk he knows what she's doing at all times. He thought he didn't have the best view of the kitchen, so he wanted two more installed. I was taken aback and a bit naive at the time, so I didn't ask any other questions. If I had that job now, I would have reported it to the local authorities. I hate that guy.


#34 Watching Your Every Move

A lady went into a computer store saying her husband was tracking her and she needed them to search her car for a tracking device. She parked a few blocks away so her husband couldn't be able to track her to a computer store. They didn't believe her of course and quoted a price to just look at the car. Surprisingly, she agreed, so they searched inside her car. Nothing... oh wait, there was this one weird small thing... Oh wow! It was a tracking device. Eventually, they discovered he was literally monitoring almost everything including her phone and computer.


#35 Secretly Crushing?

Maybe my ex-boss' son. The miserable human hated me from day one. I have no idea why... I got along great with his dad and bent over backward to be nice to him, but he never had a good thing to say about me. It wasn't just me either. There were like two people at that job that was on his good side. I now hear he is in PR.


#36 Totally Faking It

My oldest sister is one of the worst I have ever known. She has faked multiple pregnancies and then blamed being hit by a car to lose the "baby." When she found out my significant other was pregnant, she freaked out and started yelling about how we didn't ask her permission first and put cleaning supplies on my significant other's toothbrush.


#37 The Phone Call

My ex-boss once yelled at a client who was an injured veteran over the phone while he was on vacation in Washington, D.C. because he thought she was trying to cheat him. She wasn't... She wanted to ask to pay us in full once her next check came in. We found out later he was making the phone call from the bathroom of the Holocaust museum.

#38 Bad Vibe

I met a guy years ago who just gave me a really bad vibe. I told my ex (we were dating at the time) that I didn't ever want to go back to his house. He thought I was being weird. Two weeks later, that same guy was on the news and was being arrested. I flipped my lid when I saw it on the television and immediately rubbed my ex's nose into the fact that I was right about that weirdo.


#39 The Crime Of Doing Nothing

My 4th-grade teacher knew I was being bullied by two girls I had to sit next to and did nothing about it. I know she knew this because, for one, the two girls bullied everyone, and she had no problem moving the new French girl who also had to sit near them when she was getting bullied. She replaced her with the new Hawaiian boy who she also did nothing about when he, of course, started getting bullied. The second reason I know this is that when my parents finally found out and decided to ask her if she knew this, she said she lied to my parents' faces.


#40 The Horrible Guest

"I know she's fat, ugly, and stupid, but she's on disability for being slow, so it means I can do whoever I want. And when she catches me, I tell her whoever told her is just jealous of our love and she buys it. Plus, I don't have to work. If we have six kids, we max out her payments!" I just turned to my ex and said, "Get this... person... out of my house. Now."


#41 The Worst Dad

My dad. Not because he’s mean or abusive, but because I have never come across someone so cowardly in my entire life. He has four children, all by different women, and he left them all because he could never handle the responsibility. I’ve never even met him—I found him online and that’s our only form of contact. He lives somewhere up north now. His license has been revoked due to child support fees that he won’t pay. He won’t get an actual job... because of child support fees. I’m the only child of his he will even speak to because the rest don’t fit his bizarre Christian beliefs. One is gay, one is disabled, and the other is trans. What a freaking loser.


#42 Out With The Old

I would say, my uncle. He actually started in my life as a good guy. My mom had a severe accident when she was a child that left her brain permanently damaged. He not only helped her after my father broke up with her, leaving her with three children (one of them mentally and bodily, another only bodily disabled), but he also took us in together with his fiancee when I was six and my mom became unable to care for us.

We were a nice little family. He had a successful company that was just to start at the stocks, his fiancee (who he only married after 11 years because his daughter from a first marriage was against it) was a wonderful woman and it was pretty perfect... That is, until the day of his 59th birthday when he opened up to his fiancee that he was cheating on her with a 26-year-old girl (his own daughter was only 25). After she worked a week to make his birthday perfect, he just simply said she should leave now and that the new woman would move in the following week.


#43 Pathological Liar

My first girlfriend. She was a violent bully. There was this really awkward kid we went to school with and she had her friends film her kicking him. She also dumped a bottle of Coca Cola all over him. She uploaded it to Facebook and tagged him in it. Then, she claimed he attacked her when his parents and the school got involved to get out of trouble. She's a pathological liar. We got caught fooling around and she told her mom that I was forcing myself on her. She later admitted that it wasn't true.


#44 A Two-Faced Liar

This one guy I know gossips about everyone. We're both attorneys. One time, someone important called him to ask about me. He said some snide stuff (as he always does) and it negatively impacted my career. The whole time, he was acting all buddy-buddy with me. After I found out what he said, he invited me to lunch, and I confronted him about it. His response (via text message) was something like: "I'm sorry you feel like what I said wasn't truthful." Over time, people have wised up on him a bit, so I think I'm getting the last laugh. But I have had dreams where I beat the heck out of him. Two-faced people are the worst.


#45 Cut Off

My stepfather. My mom suffered a few small strokes, and that combined with other medical problems (early-onset dementia) caused her brain damage. While my mom has passed away, he still lives. He did much more inappropriate things when I was a teenager, but I will never get over this. The level of hate I have for this man increases daily. None of us speak to him (biological and step-children), nor do our children and extended family overseas. I made this happen and didn’t even tell my family about this... I just told them many other stories of growing up with this thing who calls himself a man.


#46 Kendall Francois

Probably my middle school hall monitor who turned out to be a notoriously dangerous criminal. It was Kendall Francois. He chatted with my lunch table once or twice a week during the fall of '96 when he was a cafeteria monitor, and I'm pretty sure he was let go by the school by mid-1997. He lived with his parents (and sister, I think), and he buried his victims' bodies in the house and yard.


#47 Bad Neighbors

Probably the neighbors I had for a while as a kid. They were an old couple, either retired or close to it. The husband would rile up our dog, an excitable Boston Terrier, from the other side of the fence by kicking it, yelling and throwing stuff, then he'd call the police about how our angry, barking dog scared his poor little wife and stupid little poodle half to death.

The police just let us off with a warning first to keep our dog in line, but after it kept happening, they figured out they just wanted attention or something. The cops apologized about the disturbance and stopped showing up. The husband would then repeatedly threaten to end our dog if he ever caught him barking again. He let his grandson and another neighbor regularly torment the dog through the fence and would yell at us as though we were the problem. I'm glad we moved.


#48 Jewelry Thief

Grandma had a live-in nurse after grandpa had a few massive strokes. Grandma always thought that she was stealing jewelry from her. The nurse eventually quit. We found out later that a few necklaces were missing from grandma's jewelry case. We also found out that the nurse was arrested a year later for stealing from another client of hers. Jokes on her though. Grandma only ever kept costume jewelry in the jewelry box. The real stuff, she kept in a box under her bed. Still, though, that's a screwed up thing to do.


#49 True Vampires

It really is an amalgamation of every single fat middle-aged manager I worked with at retail jobs in college. These men were all the same. They had given up on life, married young to their first lay, gave total obedience to the corporation, and HATED anyone young energetic and happy. Their one goal in life was to suckle at the teat of whatever nameless soulless corporation would have them and spread their black hole of despair to anyone who believed their life might be worth more than a chain retail career. You can still find these men stalking aisles day by day. They are the true vampires of the world, dead before they had a chance to live, and they will take anyone down with them.


#50 Negative Nancy

When my coworker isn’t obsessing over her love life, she’s constantly trying to redirect work requests that come her way by saying it isn’t her job. She’s the worst person I’ve ever met and her pettiness has made my job more difficult at times. I’m in the middle of interviewing to work somewhere else and I am so excited to leave.

I’ve worked with a few other women like my coworker before, and the thing I’ve always found amusing is that, as much as they moan about their job, these people never leave on their own accord. They have to be fired to get them to budge. I’ve never had the good luck of having any of them leave and make my life easier.


#51 The Sister-In-Law

My sister in law. At our wedding, she did everything she could to steal attention away from her sister (my wife). She wore a dress that she had altered to be both low-cut and short-skirted. Then, when no one was paying her attention, she kept "accidentally" dropping things so she'd have to bend over to pick them up. Also, hen her dad remarried, she was telling people at the ceremony that she had cancer, but had come to terms with it. She didn't have cancer.


#52 A Truly Crazy Ex

My fiance has been my best friend since we were kids. Once, in high school, he was dating a girl who decided that after scaring the heck out of him by trying to cuff him to the bed against his will, she was going to threaten to end herself if he dumped her.

About ten years later, I ran into her at a party. She was there with her husband and infant son (not the kind of party you take a baby to, but okay). She proceeded to tell me how they never technically broke up since, being 15 years old, his answer to "If you dump me, I'll end myself" was to just stop talking to her.

And because of that, they were technically still together and she was "cheating" on him with her husband, making her son illegitimate. She was 100% serious, and she also told me to tell him she wanted an apology. This was in front of a lot of very stunned people.


#53 Stolen Thunder

My roommate's cat passed away last week. When she told her coworkers, one lady proceeded to start telling a story about a cat she kind of owned that never even lived with her. It passed away 5+ years ago. She got so worked up that she started crying and the entire office started consoling the coworker instead of my roommate whose cat had passed away the day before. Unbelievable.

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#54 The One-Upper

My grandma has to make everything about her. Literally everything, no matter the person or situation. And if the conversation switches to a topic that's not about her, she gets visibly annoyed and you can see the gears turning in her head as she tries to figure out how to get the conversation back onto her.

She constantly re-tells stories she’s already told 1,000 times back from when she was younger if she can’t think of anything recent. If I have to ever again hear about how she was prom queen back in 1951, or valedictorian of her 10-person 8th-grade class, or how whenever she goes anywhere, everyone just LOVES her (she literally says: “And you know, they just loved me,” all the time), I’m going to lose it.


#55 Obsessed With The Spotlight

It's fun watching people like that when there's a toddler or pre-schooler in the room. Little kids constantly clamor for attention. It's what they do, and people forgive them because they're little kids. An adult trying to wrestle the spotlight away from a kid is so pathetic, it can be entertaining to watch. It happens more often than you think, too.


#56 Obnoxious Bragger

There's a girl in my college classes who claims her dad owns a huge soccer team but doesn't know the name. She's also apparently dating one of the LA Lakers but can't give his name out either... though, she's talking to someone who's in the NFL to "keep her options open." She says her dad works at a local steel factory and has no idea where his extra money comes from because he gives her hush money. Yet, she called another girl out in class for "lying to fit in."


#57 In Her Dreams

I went to high school with this one girl. She was Indian and her parents owned a cheap motel in my hometown. They would take trips back to India to see their family, and she used to tell all of us she had this huge mansion in India and that she was friends with some Middle Eastern prince. However, she could never provide any pictures of these belongings or these people she knew. Her family lived inside the hotel they owned and drove moderate vehicles. There’s no way in heck they were wealthy. Middle class probably, but not wealthy.


#58 A Rude Interruption

There was a girl who used to be part of this group of friends that I saw on the odd occasion when I was a teen. I only met her twice, but on both occasions, she started to full-on sing super loud whenever everybody else was talking and she was not involved in the conversation. People in her life encouraged it for years and she just won't freaking stop. She's terrible. She's also a total weeb and sings mostly anime intros, pronouncing every word wrong.


#59 The Show Mom

There was this British TV show about bad moms and one of them made her daughter dress way older then she looked (the daughter wanted to wear a T-shirt and jeans to go out to eat,  but her mom made her wear tights, a mini skirt, boots, a tight T, a sleeveless overcoat, and a boatload of jewelry. The kid basically looked like she was in a Disney show). She would make her daughter randomly sing and do her cheer routines in public because: "You never know who's watching, people get discovered on the streets every day!"


#60 The Worst Kind

There was a girl in my college who would constantly make up stories. During orientation, she told people she was recovering from brain cancer (she never had it) and that she was partially deaf (she wasn't). She then found out my friend had epilepsy so she started doing these exaggerated tremors. She would fake seizures all the time for all the years she was there, which was a pain in the butt because I would have to treat them like real ones. She did it once during a power outage for the most attention possible.


#61 Cutting Ties

A girl in college would constantly try to be the topic of the conversation.  She'd say, "Oh, my boyfriend dumped me," or "I'm gay, but I'm not gay," or "I own a signed Kurt Cobain bass guitar," etc. But by far the worst one was: "I was attacked by a guy and he got sent to prison." I tracked her case down using Google and found it actually happened to some other girl and she just used her story to get attention. We all cut ties with her after that...


#62 She Got Shot

Alright! In high school, my buddy was dating this girl who told everyone she got shot. I asked her to see the bullet wound and she pulled her shirt down a little so I could see her shoulder. Do you know what was freaking covering her wound? One single bandaid. Then I thought about it for a while and realized that she technically did get shot... with a vaccine...


#63 Drama In The Philippines

A "friend" joined me and two others in the Philippines for a couple of weeks despite her never having traveled before. About five days in, she went storming off into El Nido in the pouring rain. We told her not to go, but she went anyway, despite having been crying and complaining about the trip all week.  She stayed in a different room the next day. Reception told us that she had checked out but left her wristwatch behind. She wrote on Facebook that we had been leaving her out (not true) and had not been considerate towards her injury (a small graze on her leg). By the way, we're all 26 years old.

photo-1529686342540-1b43aec0df75 (1)Unsplash

#64 How Far Would You Go?

This girl in 8th grade claimed she had life-threatening depression. She was popular, so everyone believed her and felt bad for her. She got all kinds of attention for it. She would take things to really extreme, dangerous levels just so that she could keep the attention on her. At one point, she even ended up in the hospital. That takes some commitment.


#65 Arresting The Officer

Back in middle school, we had a school police officer who would come and talk to the kids. He would play basketball and he was just cool—I even missed him when I went to high school. In my freshman year, he was arrested. He had apparently abused his stepdaughter for two years plus. After his arrest, many girls my age came forward accusing him of wrongful deeds.


This kid who I’m good friends with now was once was a huge attention-seeker. One day, he walked up to our table while we were peacefully playing Smash Bros. and he pulled out one of those rolls of minty tape. You know, the ones meant to make your breath minty. He then said, “I’m going to eat this whole roll and none of you are ever going to stop me.” So we didn’t.


#66 The Act

In college, you'd often see girls and guys who would act tipsier than they were at parties or bars to get more attention. They had worked out the kinks after having attended so many parties that it was harder to tell if they were faking it or actually just hammered. I have used the excuse myself, on some occasions. It's amazing how people actually buy that when you are young.


#67 Munchausen Syndrome

I have a friend who actually can't help but lie for attention (in her case, medical attention). She has Munchausen syndrome: “The affected person exaggerates or creates symptoms of illnesses in themselves to gain examination, treatment, attention, sympathy, and/or comfort from medical personnel. In some extreme cases, people suffering from Munchausen syndrome are highly knowledgeable about the practice of medicine and are able to produce symptoms that result in lengthy and costly medical analysis, prolonged hospital stays, and unnecessary operations.”

#68 Sibling Rivalry

My sister came out as a vegetarian during a dinner with extended family... at a steakhouse. This dinner had been semi-regular for years. The same sister brought her home-sewn crafts to the family dinner the evening before my wedding to show off. That one's on film. On the day of the actual wedding, she snapped off a chunk of my hair while using a curling iron (she's a licensed hairdresser, by the way) and spent the reception wailing about how I was getting married first.


#69 Intentional Self Humiliation

This girl I know would trip on purpose and make a big scene about it. She'd even quip,"Wow no one saw that?” if people weren't paying any attention to her. She'd also talk about how no one in our town liked her and that the only time people talked to her was when they needed her help. Well, she is extremely obnoxious, so I don't blame them for being like that towards her.


#70 Hyperbolic Storyteller

My grandma will tell absolutely crazy stories about me and my entire family. When we leave, my mom is always dumbfounded and tells me that whatever my granda was saying never happened at all. Now that I'm old enough to have been there for several of the stories, it's like... wow. She replaces herself with anyone in the story not doing something negative.

A 30-second event of my mom showing me how to collect eggs from chickens turns into a five-minute epic tale of how the coop would have burnt down and all the chickens would have lost their lives if my grandmother hadn't shown me how to collect eggs.


#71 No Humility

I had a very good friend who was an attention-seeker. He left on summer vacation to visit his family in Vermont. I called him a few weeks into his trip just to catch up and see how it was out there. He said, “Pretty good. I donated my liver to my dying grandmother two days ago. As a thank you, my grandpa bought me a dirt bike.” I said, “Nice... If you bring it back we can ride together.” He replied, “I can’t, I already wrecked it and it’s in the shop.”


#72 It Wasn't Me, It Was Patricia

I knew a girl in high school that claimed to have DID (dissociative identity disorder). We all knew she was faking because there were ALWAYS holes in her stories. She would mix up details with the different personalities she created. We just gave her the benefit of the doubt. 10 years later, she never mentioned any of them again. Oh yeah, and she told me that in the 10th grade, she got paid to train horses to do tricks for a circus. Then, she forgot about it the next day when I brought it up. As a cringy ex-horse girl, this one was the worst lie of all.


#73 An Insensitive Lie

I know a kid who faked terminal brain cancer. He posted on Facebook about his cancer. Everyone in school thought he had cancer. Even his closest friends. He was living in a friend’s house whose family bent over backward for him. A friend of his checked his laptop while visiting him at the hospital but it was just FULL of searches about how to fake cancer. I just feel so sorry for everyone involved in that situation.


#74 A Hurtful Prank

Some guy in high school faked his death to see how people would react. I don't know all the details because we weren't on speaking terms, but I know he had his girlfriend tell everyone (their parents included) that he had been in an accident. I remember seeing his parents at school the next day and they were devastated. Then he showed up two days later or so, surprised that people were not more excited to see him.


#75 About A Boy

The worst, and the best. We were young kids together in London, back in the day. George O Dowd a.k.a Boy George. Hey, I was an attention-seeker too; the best thing about him was that early on, he became a pop star and stayed as one. There was no other possible world for him to thrive in. I'm extremely proud of him.


#76 Ice Cold Blood

My father will talk for hours and hours just so people will pay attention to him. He will also yell at nurses and claim that they won't listen to him. I didn't choose him as my father, so I refuse to play his mind games. My mom continues to stay with him, even though he makes my life, and everybody else's lives, a complete misery. He really thinks he's a perfect human being when, in fact, the world will be a much better place without him.


#77 Personally Victimized

A girl in the same section as me would fake panic attacks whenever something mildly inconvenient happened. She also would laugh out loud obnoxiously in order to get people to look at her. Not only that, but she would make rumors of guys “liking” her in order to attack them in front of everyone. Sadly, I was one of those guys.

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#78 The Bargaining Chip

This literally happened a few hours ago. A kid at my school was at this party and he basically used driving under the influence as a bargaining chip. He got into his car and pretended he was going to drive away because he wanted pizza. We all were trying to stop him but we all caved in to get pizza so he wouldn't freaking drive. He was annoying the whole night.


#79 The Tupperware Party

Our boss was throwing a Tupperware party at her house and those who were invited had to keep it on the down-low since not everybody was. A few of us were talking about it in the break room when a woman we knew was not invited walked in. As soon as she realized what we had been talking about, she immediately doubled over and clutched her stomach, crying "I'm in so much pain!"

I thought it was interesting that this woman was totally fine throughout the day but was in "so much pain" whenever the party she wasn't invited to was mentioned. It gave her an excuse not to go, but also made sure all eyes were on her. Maybe this is why she wasn't invited.


#80 The Memorable Mormon

I worked with a crazy Mormon girl who was an aspiring “actress.” She claimed to be epileptic and would fake passing out in front of groups of people. They'd eventually come to her side. She wouldn’t really “seize,” just faint. It made me smile how she’d roll her eyes before she dropped and always manage to fall safely. What a dumb attention-seeker!


#81 They Love Her, They Hate Her

I once knew a woman who would come to our all-male dorm room. She would bring brownies and cookies that she just baked. Then, she would insist that we all try one, including the women we had over. After everyone had had one, she would refuse to try one and say she couldn't because she was “trying to lose weight, despite not being able to go down a bra size.” All the men liked her. All the women hated her.


#82 A Really Bad Lie

There was a kid at my school who people liked, but he told a few porkies from time to time. He told us all that his grandad had recently passed from cancer—it was obviously a sad situation so we all sympathized with him. Later on, we found out that his grandad was fine. What made it worse was that one of my mates' dad actually passed from cancer around that time, so we were furious with him. Why would you lie about something like that? Some people man.


#83 The Unshakeable Friend

One of my high school "friends" used to lie all the time. No matter how much you called her out on it or how much proof you had, she'd just ignore you. If she thought you'd forgotten about her lies, she'd horn her way back into being friends. It was an endless cycle. I literally could not shake her. I had been around her since we were kids. She'd say things like she had a brother, that she was adopted, etc. None of that was true.


#84 Spoiled Rotten

This girl who lives a pampered life and is spoiled rotten never had a bad thing happen to her; yet, she claims to have every mental illness in the book. Whenever something is trendy, she has it. Like her therapy dog, for example. She got one because of her alleged mental illness, but then abandoned it two months after getting it because she didn't like taking care of him.


#85 A Scientific Explanation

I think a lot of these examples are directly related to Munchausen Syndrome, a factual,  mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick. Munchausen Syndrome is considered a mental illness because it is associated with severe emotional difficulties.


#86 The Horrible Boss

My old boss always was an attention-seeker. One time, he burned his foot on a George Foreman grill and got mad after no one paid attention. One of the worst instances was when he got really mad during a Christmas party of ours because he dressed up like Jesus but failed to be the center of attention, as no one was paying any mind to him. It was ridiculous.

photo-1507679799987-c73779587ccf (1)Unspalsh

#87 In The Loco Bin

My stepdad is pretty crazy. He likes being the center of attention and being right about everything. He lies all the time and constantly insults people he doesn't agree with. He told me I would be nothing in life when I was 13. He outed his daughter to her religious mother to brag that she loved him more. After that, she stopped talking to him. He told his daughter she was the reason I was depressed and that she tore the family apart. He told her to end herself. He even lied to her and said he was going to pass away soon just to get her to contact him. He's done plenty of other things, but that puts him in the loco bin for me.


#88 Sister In The Spotlight

My little sister. She cannot be in a room if everything isn't about her. She always talks about herself and struggles to pay attention to others unless what they say is about her. Shes easily agitated and thinks highly of herself while everybody else is below her in maturity and intelligence. When she started losing attention in the family, she popped out a baby and now she's back in the spotlight full-time. She's gotten a bit better recently, but I prefer to not be around her too much because she drives me nuts.


#89 A Funny Coincidence

A girl at my high school passed away in a snowboarding accident. The whole school got together and made T-shirts, buttons, etc. in her memory to raise money for her funeral costs. Coincidentally, another girl had a skiing accident the following weekend which resulted in a concussion that left her unable to write, walk straight, or put together complete sentences.

She made sure that people noticed her stumbling and stuttering. Oddly enough, the accident occurred on a day she was spotted with her family in town, a good hour and a half away from where the incident took place at the moment she said she was skiing. After a week of nobody caring, her motor skills miraculously improved. What a funny coincidence that is.


#90 Faking Health

A girl I know is always sick with something or other. She is also always whinging about how the surgeons tell her she doesn’t need operations. She persists, though, until she gets them. It’s not a pain pill thing, it's purely attention-seeking. All she talks about is how terrible her XYZ is and she can’t work because of it. Then, a month later, we never hear about the first problem again because now she has ABC.


#91 Lost Without Him

When I was in high school, a girl from my class who had just been dumped by her boyfriend posted lots of black and white selfies on Facebook of herself crying with "sad quotes" as captions. She wasn't generally someone who craved attention, so it was just more odd than anything. She also didn't have many friends, so she must have been pretty lost when her boyfriend left her.


#92 Weekly Meltdowns

Every other week, this girl would say that social media is depressing, then proceed to delete her account. She would be off of social media for a maximum of two days. She would delete her account and make another one at least three times a month, sending friend requests to everybody again each time. After the fifth or sixth time, she added me, I stopped accepting her friend request because I was sick of her weekly meltdowns. She also was either asexual, bisexual, lesbian, or 100% straight depending on her mood.


#93 The Pervy Server

I worked in a remote restaurant somewhere in England. Unfortunately, I had to live in a confined area with eight other people. One of them, the jerk in question, would constantly walk into people's rooms without knocking, yell in people's faces "as a joke" in Polish, and constantly make explicit jokes to the waitresses. He always had to be the center of attention.


#94 Just Not Worth It

I know a girl who tripped and claimed that someone pushed her when she was walking behind everyone. She played guys hard as well—I took a twenty-minute nap after she broke up with a guy because she didn't like him and she had a new boyfriend when I woke up. I can't make this stuff up. She was literally all over the place and not worth being friends with.


#95 You Got Lucky

A girl in my school started VERY LOUDLY crying because the substitute teacher wouldn’t let her do a math test during lunch. She only wanted to do it during lunch so she could cheat. She ended up throwing a tantrum in front of the whole class and the teacher eventually had to give in to her demands. That tactic won't work later in life, girl.


#96 Three Gems

There was a girl in my sorority who was apparently allergic to water, even though she was in a swimming class with another one of my sisters. But that doesn't top the girl that apparently had brain cancer and would take any given moment to talk about how she'd been repeatedly assaulted. And look, I'm a victim of childhood abuse... In my experience, survivors don't just wave it around like a flag to get out of stuff. She definitely used it that way. There was also a girl in my sorority who claimed to have a phobia of the color yellow...


#97 Like A Scene From Bridesmaids

At a friend's wedding, someone asked my sister, a trained singer, to sing a song at the piano in the resident's bar. One of the bridesmaids tried to join in. She tried to sing over her, yelling the lyrics louder than my sister. She was awful and everyone was feeling so awkward. It might have been one of the most cringey things I have ever witnessed.


#98 For The Street Cred

A had this one attention-seeking friend in middle school. On the playground, there was a larger spinning contraption that a bunch of kids would get on while it spun it really fast. He would grab on the outside while it was at top speed and be flung into the air. Often times, he’d let go and be thrown away from the equipment at about 20 mph. He would risk his own health so that people would notice him.


#99 Prisoner Ping Pong

I met a California prison guard. His first assignment had been to a medical facility that, among other things, did psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Mr. Guard's first day on the job started with a recreation area for psych prisoners, where an inmate named Charlie challenged him to ping pong. They played until lockdown time. Charlie, Mr. Guard said, was definitely "off," especially with the way he stared at people. After lockdown, Mr. Guard got his clipboard with the list of prisoners and went down the cells doing bed checks. That's when he discovered, "My God! I just spent the evening playing ping pong with Charles Manson."


#100 Adult Temper Tantrum

My aunt deliberately lost her benefits card to a grocery store just to scream about it to other customers and get the cashier fired. She was feeling lonely because her husband wouldn't get her a new dog, so I guess that was her way of reacting. It's so embarrassing to see an adult throw a temper tantrum, especially when you know it's completely staged.


#101 A Fortnite Jerk

His name was John. What a jerk John was. Back when Fortnite was still a thing , he would constantly lose his life and blame us for it. It was never his fault. He would randomly jump into a full team while we are still trailing behind trying to catch up. "Guys, I got one, what the heck were you doing???" Well John, if you would have just waited until we got to you before you jumped into them, we could have actually had a shot.

In real life, he would constantly fail all his classes and then blame the teachers. "They are terrible at teaching all they care about is money." Yet, he would never study at home or do homework. I was in the same class as him as a freshman and he would always be on his phone or be watching RuneScape compilations. I could go on but remembering all this is making me physically mad.


#102 Respect My Property

My roommate's sister is so disrespectful of other people's property. We both came home from work and she had re-arranged nearly all of our furniture. My roommate was so embarrassed! Since the nutty sister was leaving the next day, we just looked at each other incredulously and said, "Oh, okay," and then we put it all back the next day after she left. She was not allowed to visit again.


#103 Messy Friends

One time, I invited a bunch of friends over and went to print something out for about a minute. In that time, they had taken all if my dad's Magic: The Gathering cards out without asking. Also, one of them kept taking food and drinks without asking, and he made a massive mess that I had to clean up. I know that a bit is okay, but they did it so much and were confused when I called them out on it.

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#104 Self-Proclaimed Empaths

People who describe themselves vocally as "empaths" frequently tend to be narcissists. I used to be "best friends" with a self-proclaimed empath. It’s been a year since we last met—he orbits me on social media and doesn’t respond to my messages anymore. Yeah, he was a narcissist. He no longer responds to my messages, but he’s still acting like we’re best pals on Facebook.


#105 Unfairly Judgmental

The worst people are those who laugh at or make fun of other people's interests and hobbies. I hate this. My favorite thing in the world is watching people’s faces as they explain something they love (for example, my coach at my gym has explained this one thing to me like eight times, but I never stop him because I can see how much he loves coaching). When something makes someone happy when it makes their whole face light up, it’s wonderful and anyone that tries to extinguish that is a garbage person.


#106 Don't Be Rude

It seems to me that those who are critical of other people's hobbies generally think TV is their own hobby. This is a big one for me. Everyone likes their own stuff. Why do people feel the need to belittle other people’s interests? It doesn’t do anything but make you look like a jerk. I have former friends who did this all the time. They were then perplexed when I stopped calling to hang out.


#107 Invalid Justification

Some people I've met think they can be a jerk to everyone else, then trying to excuse that behavior by saying "I'm just brutally honest." They're always upset that other people get "triggered" or "offended" by things they say, but then other people turn around and keep saying things that make them get ticked off or angry as if these are completely different flavors of emotional reactions.


#108 Pure Trash

I went on a first date with a girl and we just finished playing laser tag. We got Blizzards from DQ, and when she was done, she just threw hers out the window. Instant deal-breaker. Why do people do this? I just don’t understand. I should've pulled over and kicked her out, but then I'd be no different than her.


#109 Karma Will Come Back

Some dude who is always tipsy in his early 40s worked at my job for a few months and he was telling me and my coworkers how he saw this guy's wallet on the ground who was in line in front of him. After realizing it was his, he took it.  He bragged about getting $300 because he's a jerk and wouldn't return the guy's wallet.


#110 A Precursor To Worse Things

I worked on a dairy farm for a while and learned that cows are stubborn and sometimes they won't move without a smack on the butt. My coworkers and I really loved the cows and would only use this method as needed, never in a malicious way... except one guy. He was calm and talkative most of the time, but if something went wrong or slowed us up, a switch turned inside him and a monster emerged.


#111 Words Can Leave Scars

I remember going to an amusement park when I was younger that also had a pool. I had a decent overbite that I was painfully aware and self-conscious of. I was walking around in the water and there was a group of three teenagers. One of them, a boy, said, “Hey, is your name Roger Rabbit?” I said no, and he said, “Are you sure?” I just nodded and continued on. I’m 37 and I still remember that and it still hurts. Words can leave scars.


#112 Just Say Sorry

Being too proud to apologize. This is the worst. I have a buddy who never apologizes. I understand if it was an accident and you didn’t mean to spill your drink on me, but at least give a “sorry” instead of just saying “Dude that sucks,” or “Well, I didn’t think it would hit you.”


#113 Your Worth, My Worth

I had a best friend in high school (now an ex-best friend) who yelled at me that I didn't deserve to get a flute solo in our marching band show because I was a drum major. Believe me, I didn't want it or ask for it—I have bad anxiety. Anyway, what makes it worse was that she had a major solo (the whole ballad one year) every single year. She just didn't know how to celebrate anyone but herself.


#114 Guilt Trip

My friend played the victim whenever she was confronted about something she did all the freaking time. Needless to say, we’re not really friends anymore, but if you told her that she really hurt your feelings she’d deny everything and walk away. Then she’d come back and try to guilt-trip you.


#115 It Felt Like An Insult

I was at a convention for my job's industry where there are a ton of booths with smaller companies that are pushing their services. Basically you walk up and down and see what kind of companies may help enhance your business. Some regarding shipping, some with online checkout stuff. But the major point of this, besides seeing speakers about different topics, is to mingle with companies and see if anything might work for you.

I knew we weren't looking for anything major when we went but would just collect business cards and company info for what seemed decent and discuss it later.

My boss was leading me and my co-worker as we walked down the first lane. We saw a few things that were neat. At some point, we're going and a guy hands a flyer or one-sheet thing about their company. This was common. We take a few steps and my boss just starts crumpling it up and then drops it on the ground.

It was a combination of "Really, dude? You're not going to wait until we at least get around the corner before just throwing that out?" and also "Really, dude? You're just going to drop that on the floor for someone else to pick up when you could have put it on your pile or tossed it in the can over there?" that made me really dislike my boss. I don't know if he was trying to seem cool or whatever but I felt insulted on behalf of the employee just handing out the info at the trade show. It just felt like such a bad person thing to do. I have a pet peeve about people who litter. This was indoors at a convention center but it still felt like an insult.


#116 She's Trash

A few years ago my brother had a girlfriend that treated him great, but was a horrifying witch to waitresses at restaurants, and employees in general. He didn’t think it was a big deal, but I warned him that if she’s treats other people like that, she will eventually treat him like that. Took about a year before he saw it and broke it off.


#117 Blatant Litterbug

I was walking on the sidewalk around my place (area with a few shops etc). and there was a car that just pulled up slightly in front of where I was heading. as I was walking past a middle-aged lady got out of the passenger side of the car, and whilst she did she flicked one of those mint aluminum containers out onto the sidewalk. I was gobsmacked as I don't really see that level of blatant littering much, and by the time I wanted to say something she was across the road. so I went back and put it on the windscreen "ditch" (between the hood and bottom of the windscreen). I just don't understand! it's not like it was huge or annoying, it's not like a bin would have been far away. and it was in a public area.


#118 Burning Bridges

My uncle was known to be a kind, down to earth kind of guy before he met her. Now, his wife has tainted him so badly that now he's just as bad as she is. It has become obvious at this point that he only married her because he did not want to die alone because I cannot understand who the hell would support her. In general, she is a jerk, and even seeing them once a year is too much for me. As sad as I am to lose an awesome uncle, I moved on. People come and go out of my life and family is no exception to the rule. I got so accustomed to it that losing my uncle didn't hurt me as much as I thought it was going to.

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#119 Not A Single Tear

My best friend's dad growing up. He was an awful man. He had the most blood-curdling yell I'd ever heard. It's been 25 years since I've heard it and I can still remember it. My friend would tell me about the violent outbursts but I didn't tell anyone about it. It got so bad that my friend would show up to school with bruises. Once, he even showed up in a sling and tried to blame it on me saying he fell out of my tree. He even called my dad and yelled at him saying he was going to sue him. I got word he died about ten years ago and I didn't think anyone shed a tear for him.

Professional bad guys: Space aggressors prepare Airmen for the ...AFSPC

#120 My Biological Father

My biological father. He was emotionally and mentally abusive to my mother and me. They divorced when I was seven, then he got remarried to a woman who already had a son. He and his new wife blackmailed the father into signing away his rights so that he could adopt him. I was treated so poorly by them. I decided at 13 to stop seeing my father. I neglected to mention that my father never wanted me; he wanted a son. I haven't seen my biological father in 10 years now.

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#121 To His Defense

This stupid woman I used to work with. Not only was she a jerk at work, but she was also a jerk at home, too. Her teenage daughter accused her stepdad (my co-worker's husband) of being a creep and coming onto her and making passes at her. Rather than investigate, the woman got so mad at her daughter and swore up and down that she was making things up for attention. The girl's school got involved and so did the police. When it came up that the guy was guilty, the fool still defended him and was like, "He did 'that stuff' ONCE."

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#122 Missing Money

My coworker's kid was doing a fundraiser, selling cookies. The money the child collected was "stolen" at the school and it was the weirdest thing. Even though all the kids' orders and money were together, only HER kid's money was stolen, out of a locked box that wasn't broken into... imagine that. But Mom-of-the-Year assured everybody that she totally put that money in that box, she didn't just pocket it because she's a horrible human being.

The Ellsworth Spouse’s Club arranges homemade and store-bought cookies for the Cookie Drive at Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., Dec. 9, 2019. The Club received roughly $277 in monetary donations and packaged more than 12,000 cookies, spreading holiday cheer to more than 700 dormitory single Airmen. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Quentin K. Marx)Ellsworth

#123 Deliver Us From Evil

Father Oliver O’Grady. He was the priest at my local parish growing up. I remember that I had spent a summer in Colombia with my mom and her side of the family. When I came back, he was the new priest. The first time I saw him, I thought to myself, “This guy is evil.” I even told my dad that. He was a little taken aback because he had spent some time with him that summer (he was all alone), and didn’t see anything wrong with him. A couple of years later, the cops came and arrested him. You can watch the disturbing documentary, Deliver Us from Evil to learn more.

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#124 Scum Of The Earth

My mom's ex-boyfriend. They had two kids that I had to raise. He was constantly tipsy. One day, it got so bad she locked herself in the closet just to get away from him. I tried to protect her, but I was so little. He constantly tried to blame what he did to my mom on me, saying I was making her life difficult. He survived, regrettably. That's the worst person I've ever met.

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#125 Get Rid Of Her

My brother's girlfriend. He let her move in. She stopped paying rent and tried to get me kicked out of my house. Then, sprayed Armor All inside my wipers. I commute four hours a day. She uses her daughter as a pawn to get things from my parents. She's using my brother and I finally kicked them out. My brother can't see it. When she's done with him, she's going to break his heart so freaking bad.

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#126 Big Mad Ladies

One PE teacher back in elementary was the worst. She was really rude to kids, was grossly overweight, and would make kids stand for hours in the sun without water or bathroom breaks. Basically a giant jerk. Also, my last supervisor was pretty bad too. She really reminded me of the PE teacher in every way. She was just as dangerous because she would try to sweep work injuries under the table and throw people. Also, she was a pretty big lady too. What’s up with big, mad ladies???

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#127 Lost Passion

My old boss. He hired me as an intern under the pretense that I'd be working on mobile games as a designer. Instead, 99% of the work resulted in me cleaning up Photoshop drafts, pirating software and assets (yes, I was TOLD to do this), updating the databases of Ukrainian websites designed to target American consumers (though in actuality they were all covers for other businesses) and other shady activities. I was incredibly misled as to how the industry worked and I'm still in a rut even now. They kind of killed my passion, even though I know that's not the norm.

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#128 Twos A Package

I have to say the worst person I ever met was actually part of a unit. A married couple. The female would recruit my boyfriend at the time to meet her female friends. She even went as far as setting up a blind date and preventing me from knowing (while we were dating). Her husband, I learned sometime later, had been creepy toward one of my other friends prior to the two terrible people being married.

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#129 The Unfair Arrangement

My ex-wife. She badgered me into allowing another girl into the relationship for her, but I wasn't allowed to look or participate. I literally had to leave the house whenever she came over. Eventually, she moved in and I had to move out of our room so they could share a room. I literally got shoved to the side and ignored despite busting my butt paying the bills and trying to be a good husband.

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#130 Still Got An A+

My stats prof. He treated me like I was an idiot because of my appearance since I don’t look like a stereotypical “scrawny nerd.” He always said stuff like, “You’re not going to look like that forever” while comparing my intelligence to other smart kids who were laser-focused. He always hit on the girls and made them uncomfortable to the point that my friend didn’t even want to show up to class anymore. Well, the reason I was bored so often was that the class was easy and I got an A+. After convincing my friend and a few other classmates to say something, we found out next semester he was no longer teaching.

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#131 We Don't Stan Joey

I’m going to introduce you to a certain someone called Joey. Joey is his real name, which I will not edit because I don't care. So for context, he was one of my housemates in my dorm in my first year of university. Here is a list of stuff he’s done off of the top of my head. He got rejected by so many girls that he decided that he was bisexual. By his logic, he wasn’t getting rejected by girls, he was the one rejecting them. After getting further rejected, he decided he was full-on gay. This year, he has magically become not gay and is now stalking an Asian girl. He also claims that he’s a vegan.

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#132 Boy Scout Bullies

Collectively, the bullies in my Boy Scout troop. There are a few scout troops in my hometown, but for some reason, mine had a rep for getting all the bad apples. There was a culture of bullying that didn't seem to exist in the others from what I could tell. There was always a kid with a learning disability or speech impediment or autism getting picked on. Some kids would also hurt animals for no reason other than entertainment. Real psychopath stuff. I remember one time I was at summer camp, and we got the news that Michael Jackson died, and they didn't buy me a Slurpee because I didn't want to celebrate the death of MJ.

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#133 A Secret Life

Through my work (which is a security firm), I met a nice and friendly 50 something-year-old man who would be in charge of the shopping mall's contract guards. Frank was very friendly, pleasant, and seemed like a nice guy. Frank turned out to be Frank Walmsley who is now known as New Zealand's most wanted offender. I had drinks with this man.

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#134 Lady With The Hat

We had an event once at a bar during the day. This group of bikers rolled up and defaced some of the artwork we were making. Then, one chick with a hat said, "This is our bar." They'd literally just left a bike polo game. Almost ten years later, I was at a women's protest in the same city. I'd left some years prior, but was back in town for the event. As things were dispersing, the same lady with the same hat was harassing a toddler who couldn't decide which way to go to get out of her way. "Are we doing this?" She asked the two-year-old, with no sarcasm or humor in her voice. Long story short: if you're going to be a jerk, don't have some kind of easily identifiable feature.

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#135 No Lyft

A Lyft Driver refused to drive me to my destination. He told me: "Your destination is under a kilometer, so I'm not going to get paid for this. I don't drive for free." This was after I loaded all my groceries in his trunk and sat in the passenger seat to wait for him to start the ride. I then unloaded my belongings and just walked home in the cold with a bunch of heavy groceries. I didn't want to waste my breath trying to reason with someone who didn't want to do his job. My Lyft ride would have cost $3.69 with the promotion but he refused to drive me because he wouldn't be paid. Talk about horrible customer service...

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#136 All Revealed

Cardinal Bernard Law. I was an altar boy, as well as part of the next Confirmation class, and met him a couple of times when I was a teenager. He was going around from diocese to diocese prior to the big "Jubilee 2000" Confirmation ceremony. Then years later, all of his cover-up stuff came out, and I still can't believe I shook the guy's hand.

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#137 The Exploiter

A guy I know who runs a home for disabled people fraudulently inflates the number of employees and clients he has so he can get increased subsidies from the state. Then he keeps most of the money for himself, leaving the house dark, rotting, and in squalor. He finds homeless people to come work as PCAs, making them sign contracts with a separate agency, makes them open a joint checking account, and then pockets their salaries for himself. If they complain he threatens and evicts them.

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#138 Swindler Scum

There was a point where my family was homeless for three months. When we could finally afford to get a small apartment, the realtor who was helping us would ask to meet nearly every week and had my mom sign all the paperwork over and over and over again. It turned out, he was stringing her along trying to sell an apartment that was already sold to someone else. When we found out, he was gone with her money.

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#139 Stone Cold Bully

My middle school bully. His name was Stone and he looked like a mix between Donald Trump and Mickey Rooney from Breakfast at Tiffany's. He'd pick on me all the time and was the biggest jerk I've ever met. He'd say to the girl next to him, "You should date me." Real casual-like. He's exactly the type of person who would live at a mansion and constantly be asked to stop kicking the pet cat. He was a snob, a jerk, and the worst person I've ever met.

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#140 Worst Guy Ever

A bully was trying to end me in many different ways. From subtle manipulation to straight-up trying to destroy my sense of reality. But I was used to this stuff since I had abusive parents. The thing that set me off was when he told a friend (whose parents were getting divorced) to choose between me or him. The exact ultimatum his parents gave him. That was the first and last time I ever yelled at someone.

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