Unbelievably Dumb Patients

Being a doctor isn't for the faint of heart, especially when you have to treat dumb patients who have no clue how to take care of themselves.
July 8, 2023 Eul Basa
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Nurses Share Something Their Patients Did That Left Them Speechless

The following stories reveal that both nurses and patients alike can see some memorable events in hospitals and institutions.
June 26, 2020 Maria Cruz

Doctors Recount The Patients Who Almost Lost Their Lives Because They Didn't Listen

Doctors pledge to give the best medical care to their patients and help them with their health concerns. Unfortunately, some patients refuse to listen.
March 26, 2020 Melissa Budish

Paging Dr. Google: Tales Of Misguided Patients And Annoyed Medical Professionals

Medical professionals share their most outrageous stories about patients who attempted to figure out their own medical problems and the consequenes of such.
March 12, 2020 Casey Fletcher

Doctors Share The Patients Who Surprisingly Survived A Dire Fate

There are some patients who defy the lousy odds and make it out of dire situations alive. Here are their unbelievable stories.
March 5, 2020 Samuel Ira

Patients Reveal The Most Hurtful Thing A Medical Professional Has Ever Said To Them

Being a patient is hard enough, but when the medical professional you are seeing is insensitive, it makes the already unsettling experience even worse.
April 11, 2019 Molly Seif

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