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Ikea Employees Share The Family Meltdowns They've Seen At Work

The furniture is bright and beautiful—and the meatballs are delicious—but there's just something about IKEA that makes people want to rip their hair out.
October 12, 2023 Casey Fletcher
high school students

Students Reveal The Things Popular Kids Did To Go From Cool To Outcast

Being popular is like being a celebrity: Everyone is watching your every move, and if you make a mistake, you fall hard—especially if you're a total jerk.
June 27, 2023 Casey Fletcher

Married People Share Things They Didn't Know About Their Spouse Until After The Wedding

Sometimes, there are secrets kept between a couple that remain hidden even after they say "I do."
June 21, 2023 Casey Fletcher

People Share The Genius Lies Their Parents Told Them As Kids That They Still Believed As Adults

We were raised to believe that our parents know best, that is, until we grew up and realized all of the nonsense we had been fed over the years.
June 21, 2023 Casey Fletcher

People Reveal The Best Questions To Ask On A Date To Get To Know Someone Better

You've exhausted conversation about the weather, their favourite color, and what they did on the weekend. So, now what?
June 21, 2023 Casey Fletcher

Handymen Reveal The Common Things People Pay For But Could Easily DIY

Save the money you spend on uneccessary services. These people let us in on the things we often buy but we could definitely do ourselves.
June 19, 2023 Casey Fletcher

People Reveal The Most Horrific Dates They've Ever Been On

Dating sites give us plenty of opportunities to find people to date. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case.
June 14, 2023 Casey Fletcher

People Confess Their Family's Horrible Thanksgiving Incident

Every family has at least one story of a Thanksgiving that went wrong. Whatever happened, it's a story worth sharing. Just remember, we've all been there.
June 14, 2023 Casey Fletcher

Parents Share Stories About That One Friend Who Will Never Be Allowed To Sleepover

From destructive children to terribly-mannered parents to bratty kids, these parents share why they said "absolutely not" to their children's sleepover.
June 13, 2023 Casey Fletcher

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