5 Things NOT To Do Before Taking Your Exams

Part of the stress of being a student is having to take exams that will determine whether you will pass or fail. But exams don't have to be stressful.
January 17, 2023 Eul Basa

People Share When The Child Of A Couple Was Obviously Not The Father's

Perhaps the most inopportune time for the truth of legitimate paternity to be revealed is during the birth of the child itself. 
March 26, 2020 Samuel Ira

Annoyed People Share The One Thing They Will Never Be Able To Tolerate

Whether it's the sound of nails on a chalkboard or people who chew with their mouth open, we all have that one thing that we absolutely can not tolerate.
January 29, 2020 Casey Fletcher

Doctors Share Their Experience With An Not-So-Smart Patient

On top of dealing with very serious medical cases, doctors also have to deal with patients who aren't even sure why they're seeking help in the first place.
January 6, 2020 Melissa Budish

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