January 29, 2020 | Casey Fletcher

Annoyed People Share The One Thing They Will Never Be Able To Tolerate

We all have pet peeves. Whether it's the sound of nails on a chalkboard or people who chew with their mouth open, we all have that one thing that we absolutely can not tolerate. From anti-vaxxers to LED headlights to people using astrology to solve life's problems, these things drive people up the wall. Do these things annoy you, too?

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#1 The Sound of Your Own Voice

The sound of my own voice on a recording.

#2 Slow Internet

When the page doesn't fully load by the time you click on something then BAM it does and everything was shifted and look you just clicked on an ad and you're being redirected to a new page.

#3 Standing in the Wrong Place

People that enter somewhere busy like a Costco, find the worst checkpoint like the exit then stand there and go through their bag looking for a napkin or something. MOVE TO THE SIDE! THERE ARE DOZENS OF PEOPLE TRYING TO PASS YOU.

#4 Borrowing and Never Returning

People who borrow stuff and never return it.

#5 Cutting in Line

People who cut in line—impatient, inconsiderate people that they are...

#6 Belittling People

People in a position of power being nasty to people below them for no reason.

#7 Coughing Openly

Not covering your mouth when you cough...

#8 Not Taking No For An Answer

People not respecting a clear NO.

#9 Not Indicating

People who don’t indicate when driving.

#10 Being Rude to Employees

Being rude to employees. Look, the 18-year-old kid working at McDonald's is not the one setting the price for your nuggets. The Geek Squad technician would probably prefer to not be here right now. You are not the most important person in the Applebee’s waitress’s life today and you will likely be forgotten about once you leave. You, as a customer, aren’t that important. And you being pissed off about anything is likely out of the control of anyone who makes minimum wage.


#11 Being Spacially Unaware

People who are completely unaware of their surroundings. I'm talking about Karen who puts their cart diagonally in the aisle and blocks you from getting through and makes it seem like a huge inconvenience that they had to move their cart.

#12 Littering

Littering. It makes me sad and angry at the same time.

#13 Impatient Drivers

People who zip in between lanes of traffic during heavy periods of traffic. Like dude, we are all getting to where we want to go. Stop putting everyone’s life in danger and just go with the flow of traffic. Those people are often a cause of slower traffic in the first place...

#14 Rude People

Unnecessarily rude individuals.

#15 Slow Walkers

People who walk slowly in front of you on the sidewalk or in hallways.

#16 Animal Abusers

Animal abuse. There is a special place in hell for these people.

#17 Making Fun of People Who Exercise

People who make fun of overweight people exercising. Of course, people shouldn't judge others by the way they look. So making fun of an overweight person is already bad. But when I hear someone making fun of an overweight person who's exercising, it makes me really angry. I usually feel the need to give a "lecture about life" to the wannabe joker.

I am not here to "protect" overweight people or advocate FA. I just know that in my country, life is better for you if your BMI is somewhere between 19 and 25. And I know that while almost always possible, it's not easy to lose weight. So why the hell should people make fun of someone who's engaging a tough journey to get better?


#18 Not Scooping Dog Poo

People that don’t pick up their dog’s poo! Sometimes, I get it, your dog is off-leash and you didn’t see it. But keep an eye on your dog and pick that stuff up!


#19 The Dutch

People who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch.

#20 Chewing Loudly

Loud chewing.


#21 Driving While Intoxicated

Being intoxicated/distracted/under the influence while driving. Yeah sure put your life on the line, it's your life. But eff you once you willfully put someone else's life at risk!

#22 Wet Socks

Wet socks are pretty darn terrible.

#23 Entitled Brats

Parents who raise their children to have the mindset that they are entitled to everything.

#24 Rubbing Polystyrene

Rubbing two pieces of polystyrene together. It makes my teeth feel like they want to shatter.

#25 Not Fact-Checking

People who mindlessly repost things without fact-checking.

#26 Being Rude to Staff

Being rude to a cashier/server/cleaning people. You wouldn’t speak to them like that if they were on the other side of the register so why would you do that when they’re at their job? The frustration is towards a company but it’s misplaced on the person providing the service. If they’re bad at their job, respectfully tell them you’re unsatisfied and leave.

#27 Hurting the Vulnerable

Hurting the vulnerable: children, the elderly, the infirm, the vulnerable, the helpless, animals, bullying, etc. They can't fight back. You want to lay hands on something, I'm right here. I can fight, I volunteer. But it's not the same power trip when what you hit hits back, is it?


#28 Not Using the Left Lane Properly

Slow car on the left lane.

#29 Willful Ignorance

Willful ignorance. We have more knowledge at our fingertips now than at any other point in our history. There is no excuse for ignorance anymore.

#30 Texting in Theaters

People talking/texting in movie theaters.

#31 Hypocrisy


#32 Loud Chewing

Loud, wet chewing and lip-smacking. My old roommate used to eat like a camel and I would lay in a ball on the couch trying my best not to just supernova right there in the living room. I swear to God that sound haunts my dreams. I hate conflict so I never knew how to explain why I was folding in on myself like an envelope every time he had dinner. So yeah, that. And obnoxiously loud motorbikes.


#33 Anti-Vaxxers

Anti-vaxxers. Their stupidity creates a health hazard for all of us.

#34 Talking Loudly in Public

People who talk very loudly on the phone and play stupid clips and videos on it, again very loudly.


#35 Teachers Taking Their Life Out on Students

Teachers/professors/instructors who are really insecure and take it out on students. Like you ask a question about the way they did something (why did you take points off for that, don't we have to move 20 yards during that choreography, etc) and they take it as a personal offense and get defensive. I instantly lose all respect for people like that.

#36 Hacking Up a Loogy

The sound of someone hacking up a loogy. That big ball of phlegm they draw up from the back of their throat like a sticky demon from hell.


#37 Being Stubborn

For me it is people who refuse to accept that their world view is wrong or based on an incorrect assumption. If someone comes to you with irrefutable proof that there is some form of flaw in your logic then all I ask is that you sit down and consider the possibility of you being wrong while having a civil conversation.

#38 No Salt or Pepper

Unseasoned food.

#39 Dirty Roommates

Who doesn't keep things clean when living in a shared house? Wash your darn pots and dishes after use!

#40 Shopping Carts in the Parking Lot

People leaving shopping carts in the lot. How far is it to the cart corral?

#41 LED Headlights

LED headlights. Especially ones installed in housings not designed for them. I've tried to accept that being blinded by every third car I meet is now somehow 'normal', but it still fills me with a rage that I struggle to keep contained sometimes.

#42 Flat Earthers

Flat earth society.

#43 Not Taking Out the Garbage

Where I work. We have bags that are set up for rags we use around the kitchen. NO ONE SETS UP NEW BAGS WHEN THEY GET FULL!!! So of course. I'm so good at my job, I get to do other people's jobs.

#44 Astrology

People using astrology to explain my mood or to give advice.


#45 Being Rude to Service Staff

People being rude to service staff.




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