Women Confess The Most 'Crazy Girlfriend' Thing They've Ever Done

There are many women who will admit to playing the role of a "crazy girlfriend"—or, at least, engage in a few behaviors that would warrant such a label.
November 8, 2023 Melissa Budish

Tattoo Artists Confess Their '...Are You Sure?' Stories

Having open reign to put whatever ink you want on your skin is cool. But many people forget that tattoos are a kind of art that is permanent.
June 27, 2023 Molly Seif

People Confess The Most Horrible Cheating Stories They've Ever Heard

Finding "the one" could be the most beautiful feeling in the world. That's until you find out your so-called "lover" has been cheating on you for months.
February 7, 2023 Andie Wood

Dishonest People Confess The Most Unethical Way They've Made Money

We searched the web for the most unethical ways people have made money and the answers have been both hilarious and frightful.
February 1, 2023 Daniel Swift

People Reveal Their Worst Infidelity Stories

We all make mistakes in relationships at times, where many people go to where they think that the grass might be greener. That's right, infidelity.
January 24, 2023 Casey Fletcher
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People Share Something They Would Never Confess To Their Family

Thousands of people have secrets they would never confess to their family members. Here, these people share what exactly those secrets are.
January 2, 2020 Maria Cruz

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