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Cursed Relationships

No relationship is perfect. They all have their ups and downs. But, at what point is enough, enough? Reddit users have opened up about their relationship breaking points and some are downright shocking.

1. 5 AM Drives

For five long years, I was in a committed relationship with a woman. Together, we built a life, owning a home and raising a child. One night, as we had a few drinks, she suddenly left at 3:00 AM. She was spotted with some guy, roaming around until 5:00 AM. I woke up startled to find her missing, and immediately called her. However, she reacted aggressively and abruptly disconnected. After that, she didn't pick up my calls. Her absence was frightening since nothing like this had ever happened before.

On our phones, we had the location sharing set up, and my heart sank when I found that she was on a lonely dirt road miles away, a place we usually visited for thrilling off-road drives.

She later claimed that she needed someone to talk to, someone who was not me. More than disappointment, the incident shattered my trust in her. Post this, our relationship deteriorated and I distanced myself even more. It truly broke my heart.

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2. Suspicious Soup

Let me paint you a vivid picture. After a long day at work, I found my girlfriend cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Midway through washing my hands, I had an interesting thought that I felt the need to share with her. As I rounded the corner, just fleetingly, I caught her dropping something into my soup. She was sneakily cupping her hand over my bowl, ushering something into its contents.

She didn't catch my arrival, so I quietly retreated back into the restroom, puzzled by her actions. I thanked her for her culinary efforts but politely declined to eat. I passed the night in restless contemplation, wracking my brain over what I saw, until sleep finally overpowered my wild thoughts around 3 a.m.

I woke up and hit the restroom, only to notice that I had developed an itch. Off to the clinic I went, and my fears were confirmed—a positive result for chlamydia. In that moment, the realization hit me. An antibiotic; that's what she had slipped into my soup!

Following the shocking revelation, I reached out to my sister and informed her of my sudden plan to bunk with her. I rushed back home, grabbed some essentials, hastily threw my clothes into a trash bag and stowed everything in my car. I confronted her, stating that she knew from the start that cheating was my deal breaker. I reminded her of our agreement, that if she ever cheated, I would leave without any further discussion. I asked her to relay whatever explanation she deemed fit to her children from her previous relationship.

I blocked all her attempts to contact me as I drove to my sister's place, where we spent the night sharing tears and laughter over the absurdity of it all. Her plan was clever and would've worked if I hadn't stumbled upon her scheme!

Can you believe the twist of fate? What kind of person abruptly leaves the bathroom midway through cleaning their hands to share a thought? It's mind-boggling to ponder that I was actually getting ready to propose to her.

People often say that there are defining moments in our life. But for me, it was that one-second window that determined all. In that tiny window, I saw her adding the drug into the meal, and if timing had been different, my life would definitely be a polar opposite now. It's pretty astonishing when I think about it.

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3. Life Is Like A Box Of Crayons

During our college years, we were in a relationship that lasted almost two years. We experienced our fair share of breakups and, unbeknownst to me at the time, he often instigated fights just to end things before spring or summer breaks. Apparently, these were the times his ex-girlfriend would return home. His dating games were wearing thin on my patience.

One day, he showed up with the intent to reconcile, and for the first time ever, brought me a gift—a pack of glitter crayons. Frankly, the gift held no special meaning and left me puzzled. Nevertheless, I thanked him, although not quite meeting his expectation of my response, which prompted him to react oddly.

In an irrational fit, he snatched the crayons back and smashed them. That was the turning point—the final blow.

After that episode, things escalated. He took to lurking behind the building across from my job, then followed me home at night. Plus, despite claiming to have lost my spare car key during our breakup, he mysteriously managed to move my car while I was in class one day. Having had enough, my dad confronted his parents and threatened legal action. Thankfully, this was enough to get him to back off.

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4. Paint Away

We started living together in a new house and things were a bit shaky. I was convinced we both just needed to try a bit harder to get along. But, it wasn't easy; she was a bit of a control freak and didn't seem to take my opinions into account. Our arguments reached a peak over a petty issue—our living room's paint color. She despised it, described it as an over-creamed coffee color, and made it clear that it was unbearable.

After about a week of relentless discussions, I decided to compromise and let her choose the living room color, provided I had the final say on the bedroom color. So, there I was on my day off, standing exhausted in the paint aisle after a grueling week of work and house renovation.

She was energetically flipping through paint samples, and eventually found her choice. We got it mixed and headed home. But, the disagreement continued in the car. She wanted to start painting immediately while I longed for some rest. I advised we should paint during daylight, enabling us to air out the room better. But the rain outside ruined that plan as I worried about potential water marks.

The argument spiraled, and she ended up storming out angrily. Trying to be considerate, I decided to tackle the wall opposite the window. Stirring the paint, I dipped the roller and applied a coat. That's when it all came crashing down on me.

I found myself fed up with her domineering nature, tired of always being the scapegoat, and weary of living her ideal life instead of mine. And do you know what the straw that broke the camel's back was? The new paint color she had chosen was the same as the existing wall color.

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5. Double Date

I was seeing a guy for a period of time that let me build quite a close relationship with his family. One evening, we were enjoying a meal at his place, and his mom directed a question towards me. She wanted to know what I thought about this new restaurant in town, assuming I'd already tried it out. When I told her I hadn't visited it yet, she seemed surprised, mentioning that she thought we had gone there the previous weekend. My heart sank instantly.

The reality was, we hadn't gone out that weekend, and right then, I discovered he had been seeing other women, while lying about it to his mom by saying he was spending time with me. What really put the final nail in the coffin for our relationship, was how easily he could deceive his own mother, and that she was so readily trusting him. If a man could treat his mom that way, it's unlikely he'd show true respect to his wife either.

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6. No Gratitude

For around five years, my girlfriend was a goth woman who had a strong penchant for drama. After her father's death, he left her a significant inheritance and she decided to put it into organizing a large-scale family reunion. She booked 10 rooms at the San Diego Marriott, with a pair of luxury suites reserved for her and me. She also flew her entire family to the venue.

The reunion was also a memorial party for her father. Since she didn't drive and only recently got a bank account due to her inheritance, I was on tap to coordinate everything. From handling unexpected issues to multiple shopping trips for food and decorations, I was her right hand. All this, even when she was too overwhelmed to help.

With all the preparations done, we only needed to drive to San Diego and get everything in place on Friday. Unfortunately, I had to work. Despite her anger, I promised to leave work early and drive straight to the venue. She'd already left with her friend "R" for a quick Costco stop.

The reunion was a hit, everyone arrived and we all enjoyed. Late into the night, she gathered everyone for a toast, around 40-50 guests in our suite and patio. She thanked all, one by one, starting with "R", then many others. I was there, waiting for my turn, but it never came.

She moved from one side to another, intentionally avoiding my gaze as she thanked everyone else. Finally, she thanked the entire crowd but didn't mention me.

I spoke to her in private and asked why she'd done that. She feigned ignorance. When I explicitly inquired why I was overlooked despite all my efforts right from her father's sickness, she apologized and said she just forgot.

That didn't sit right with me. I didn't sleep, instead, I drove my truck without a word and headed home to OC around 3:00 AM. The fog was dense, forcing me to drive at a snail's pace, but I didn't care. When she called, I told her she'd crossed a line by disrespecting me in front of friends and family. I asked her to move out by Feb 1st and stayed firm.

Eventually, karma caught up. After 13 months, the hefty inheritance her father left was fully depleted, and she was jobless, living with "R". It leaves me wishing her father had passed sooner and spared me a few wasted years.

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7. Acting Cool After An Outburst

A bunch of bad things had happened, but this was the breaking point for me. I had secured the door before heading off to sleep one evening when he was out with his buddies. He had misplaced his keys and for some reason, he thought it was my doing. He rudely awakened me by pounding on the window and as soon as I opened the door for him, he started yelling and hurling objects at me.

He asked me to gather all my things and get out. He even locked me out of our bedroom, leaving me to sleep on the sofa for the night. The next morning, he behaved as though nothing was out of the ordinary. But I left that day, removing myself from a situation where I didn't feel safe anymore.

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8. Don’t Owe An Explanation

Back in 1999, my third girlfriend and I set a routine to spend our weekends together. Once, I showed up at her place on a usual weekend, and to my surprise, the house was empty. I tried to reach her via phone the next day and found no response, even after multiple attempts throughout the day. The story was repeating like a broken record for a week. Initially, my worries were about something unfortunate happening to her—then, the truth revealed itself.

After a silent week, I concluded I was being ghosted and stopped trying. Unexpectedly, a couple of days later I received a call from her. Apparently, she and her family had taken off for a trip to Chicago without notifying me. I questioned her for not letting me know beforehand.

She came back at me stating she wasn't obliged to fill me in with her plans. My immediate reaction was, if she genuinely cared about me, she would have informed me to prevent the unease of her vanishing act for a week. Unsettled by her behaviour, I decided to end our relationship and firmly refused any possibility of reconciliation.

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9. No Soap

This guy never touched soap. Not even soap for your hands. In his mind, just water and a good scrubbing were enough to stay squeaky clean. And he thought it was critical to keep your body's natural oils. I have to admit, his skin and hair were quite a looker. But, ugh, his smell. It was hard to ignore. Plus, he wouldn't even use soap in the restroom, of all places.

If his hands ended up sticky or covered in dirt, I don't know what he'd do. I didn't stick around long enough to uncover that mystery. Luckily, our relationship was pretty casual—no serious physical interactions, no official status. Our fling lasted a month with some dating and chit-chatting here and there. Even so, thinking about him makes me cringe to this day.

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10. A Little Too Late

I had just finished my workout and informed her that I'd drop by her place post-shower, roughly in 45 minutes. Believe it or not, she was sending annoyed texts precisely at 45 minutes. I apologized, mentioned a quick bathroom pit-stop, but assured her I was on my way. I made it there around the 50-minute mark.

She just about cracked open the door—the security latch still in place—only to tell me to leave. So I tried, for about five minutes, to convince her to admit me. Her reply? She didn't want to meet me anymore because I was late, probably because I was 'chit-chatting with some girl at the gym'. So I decided it was time to leave.

Back at my place, I thought, why not relax and have some fun playing video games? Around 40 minutes in, she decided to pay me a visit, banging on my door. Seeing her there, I thought she had changed her mind and warmly, opened the door. But when she witnessed me gaming and sipping wine, her response was to snatch the wine and smash it on the floor.

She was enraged because I found something enjoyable to do rather than sulk over her refusal to meet. But the drama didn't end there. Spotting my shocked expression, she attempted to clean up the shattered glass barehanded. Seeing her bleed and sob, I was stunned and begged her to stop as she was hurting herself.

I suggested she leave, marking the end of our shared space and what a rollercoaster of a relationship that was!

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11. The Heart Wants What It Wants

We were together for about three and a half years. The first twelve months were fantastic, but then her true character began to come to light. Whenever things didn't go her way, she could turn nasty and behave quite immaturely. During a time when we were taking a break, which seemed more like a big argument, she cheated on me.

I ended up getting back together with her two months later. I was lonely and staying at my parent's place while going to college. In my heart, I was still affected by her cheating, especially since she had been in touch with the other person even before our "break". A year passed, and our relationship turned into a stormy one, with squabbles every other week. I was downright exhausted.

She also had a penchant for grand celebrations during holidays or on special occasions. I was okay with spending on gifts, but she would often insist on extravagant plans. A trip to Boston was a typical example, costing each participant at least 300 dollars. We would share the hotel bill, but apart from that, everyone had to fend for themselves. Her friends seemed to love these outings as much as her.

Then her birthday rolled around, and she wanted both the customary Boston trip and a bespoke necklace. I went to a store to get an estimate—without a material downgrade from gold to silver, it would've cost me 600 dollars. After the change, the price halved. However, when she saw a photo of the necklace (she hated surprises), she told me it wasn't what she wanted.

At that moment, I had enough. I called the hotel, cancelled our group reservation, ended our relationship, and returned the necklace. This all occurred two days before her birthday, and I can honestly say I've never felt more relieved.

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12. No More Work

Just two weeks before our wedding, my soon-to-be wife shocked me with some unexpected news. We'd discussed our dreams and aspirations, including her desire to switch from her current job back to nursing, and so on. However, she abruptly informed me that she had turned in her two-week notice and had quit working altogether.

She rationalized it by reasoning that she'd eventually have to take a break from work if and when we decided to start a family. She decided to become a stay-at-home wife for now, handling the household chores like cooking and laundry—tasks that I'd been happily doing on my own for years. Throughout our relationship, we had coped with a significant amount of mental health struggles and emotional manipulation—and this only escalated from the moment we committed to marriage.

I clung onto the naive hope that things may improve post-wedding, and that nothing irreversible had taken place. However, her decision to quit her job and disregard our collectively laid plans for the future was a wake-up call. In retrospect, she did me a favor with her revelation.

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13. Secretive Girlfriend

I used to date a girl who lived far away. However, we managed to keep things going by regularly taking turns in covering her travel costs to my tropical home island.

Despite our relationship, she wasn't keen on our "Facebook official" status. She always kept her 'About' section vague, which I understood. We also shared a small tribe of mutual friends, about fifteen in total.

One day, I decided to upload a sweet picture of us on my Facebook page. Suddenly, she freaked out—catching me completely off guard. The moment the picture went live, she called me—a rarity because we usually communicated via video calling—and she was a total firecracker. She kept yelling at me, insisting that I removed the picture instantly.

I tried to soothe her, to understand the issue but she was having none of it. Once I assured her the picture was taken down, she hung up abruptly, choosing to message me instead. She was quite vague about her reasons, only repeating, "I just don't want people knowing my business", and skillfully side-stepped my queries.

I won’t paint her as the villain; however, I‘d noticed her secretive tendencies earlier too. For instance, she was prone to hastily turn her phone face-down whenever I was nearby. I found it rather suspicious, especially considering my phone didn’t even have a passcode back then. I sensed she was withholding some significant truth and not just keeping things from me but also blatantly lying.

I made it clear that if she was in danger, I would be there for her, offering her a place to stay with me indefinitely. But she denied it. In the end, I just felt like I didn't really know this woman after all.

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14. Not Getting Rid Of The Cat

Our relationship was already heading towards a breakup. But, what got me was what happened one day when he invited his friend to my house (without telling me). When I came home, they started talking about my cat. They thought she should be put down because she was 'feral' and given the chance, they would do so.

They claimed she was feral because she spent the first weeks of her life outside, before she had her leg amputated and found her way to me. My now ex-boyfriend didn't like her because I'd gotten her when I was with a previous ex, and because she was mean to him. She didn't like the way he handled her and never listened to her warnings to leave her alone.

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15. Vacation Over Pets

Just recently, I discovered that my pup had a tumor and required surgery to get it off. A couple of hours after passing this information to my ex, she grabbed the moment to push for us to sort out some spring break vacation plans. Her holiday was a few months away, and we were quickly running out of planning time.

At the moment, I was unsure about the full expense of the surgery, or whether there would be additional treatments apart from the surgery. Given that she was in grad school and I was earning considerably more, it was expected I would foot the bulk of the vacation expenditure. There was a point when I couldn’t hide my frustration anymore, and I firmly told her that her spring break had no importance for me at that time.

I made it clear that my priority was ensuring my dog's welfare and health. Now, she's out of the picture, my dog is in good health, and I feel more content than I've felt in a long time!

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16. All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go

A couple of years back, during the onset of a brutal winter, my girlfriend was under the weather. Thinking to cheer her up, I grabbed some flowers and soup and strolled over to her apartment for a surprise visit...only, it was I who ended up surprised.

Just as I arrived, I spotted her stepping out, all dressed up. In a hurry, she explained she was off to buy milk for her stepdad and unfortunately, could not drop me back home (even though my place was just three blocks away). Knowing her stepdad was lactose intolerant added to my astonishmen.

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17. Dinosaurs Were Real, Right?

She is quite devout, whereas I'm not. We found ourselves in a pretty intense chat about dinosaurs. She made it clear that she didn't buy the whole dinosaur concept, and I expressed that I can't be with someone who rejects what is real. That very evening, we ended our relationship of around a year. Apart from this, everything else was wonderful, but I just couldn't tolerate that aspect.

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18. Man-Baby

I once dated a big kid of a man. He practically lived at my place and I was taking care of his every need. Despite dining on my dime for every meal, he didn't contribute a single cent toward groceries. Mind you, we were both students, so my budget was pretty tight. And it's not like he didn't have the means; his dad was a big-shot CEO or something.

He'd sit around all day, gaming on my laptop, etc. Then one bright morning, he asked me for breakfast. I was at the end of my tether and firmly told him to whip up his own meal, reminding him I'm not his personal butler. His response? In this infantile voice, he cooed, "Aww, are you PMS-ing? You might want to be nicer or else, I might just dump you." That was the last straw.

I burst out laughing within moments and countered, "You? Breaking up with me?" Fast forward thirty minutes and there he was, stuffing his belongings into his bag. As soon as he left, all I felt was sweet relief and happiness. We had been together for just under a year.

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19. Sleep On The Floor

There's one instance that really made me reevaluate my relationship. She punished me for spending time with my buddies by making me sleep on my own bedroom's cold floor in November. I wasn't allowed to use a pillow or blanket—all I had were heaps of my own clothes for warmth. Despite seeing how chilled I was, she even turned on a fan.

To my own detriment, I didn't walk away immediately. The final straw that broke us up came when she dumped me because I didn't have the funds to take her to Iceland. I was broke from spending all my money on her other demands. Boy, am I glad that part of my life is in the past.

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20. Cookie Cravings

The moment that really got to me was when I plucked an Oreo from the box. He posed a very thought-provoking question: "Do you genuinely believe you should have that?"

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21. Backseat Rider

This girl always preferred the backseat of my car whenever we travelled together. At first, I found it amusing and endearing, but one morning we planned to get breakfast. I asked her to ride shotgun, so it didn't seem bizarre, like I was her chauffeur joining her for a meal since we were parking directly in front of the diner.

She declined, so I decided to hoof it. I left for the eatery and took a seat. Shortly, I received a text questioning my seriousness. My response was a snapshot of my breakfast pancakes. I expressed to her that things just weren't clicking between us anymore and called it quits.

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22. Cleaning Lady

As we were caught up in a disagreement ——mainly due to his insistence on me wearing a long-sleeved shirt despite it being the peak of summer—my beverage tumbled following a sudden gesture of his. A mischievous grin formed on his face as he said, "Go ahead, clean it up now."

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23. No Empathy

I'd been involved in a car crash with my buddy. I immediately rang up my partner and let him know about the accident, explaining how the car was beyond repair. I also mentioned that I'd just stepped out from the emergency room. Instead of expressing concern, he found humor in it, stating that it was unfortunate, especially since my friend hadn't finished paying for his car yet.

Absolutely not. No way.

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24. A Whole New World

I'm uncertain if you can call it a relationship, but here's a tale from a first date I had with a man. He arrived to fetch me from my place, and as I was gathering my jacket and bag, he began professing about all the wisdom he could impart to me. According to him, he could "mentor" me in life due to his vast experiences. However, I ended up showing him my world—which in this case was my front door, and what lay beyond it.

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25. Gold Digger

Every time we hung out, she'd subtly ask for my money. It wasn't a lot, just a few bucks here and there, but it slowly began to pile up. It felt like my wallet was perpetually leaking. Since I had a decent income, I didn't pay much attention in the beginning. In fact, it became such a habit for me to ask her how much she needed whenever we met.

One day, it felt as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes. As per our usual routine, I asked her how much money she needed. "Roughly three and a half bucks," she answered. In that moment, I recognized, bizarrely, that my girlfriend was actually an enormous crustacean dating back to the Paleolithic era. Jokingly, I said to her, "Scram, you old Loch Ness Monster! You're not getting my three and a half."

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26. Five Dollars Short

Once upon a time, I was queuing at a food fair, eagerly waiting for a French toast delicacy. The guy in front of me ordered before I did and quickly got his breakfast, but when I got to the counter, I realized it was a cash-only place. Unfortunately, I only had my debit card with me. He looked at me and practically screamed, "Well, what's your plan now?"

We'd been together for almost a year, living under one roof, always evenly splitting up our expenses, but he wasn't prepared to concede me the price of French toast. To make matters worse, he made sure to make a spectacle out of it, the whole queue of people listening in on our conversation. The next thing I knew, we were walking away from the food stand. Him relishing his French toast while I had nothing.

It might sound petty, but if it had been me with someone I care about or even a good buddy, I would've easily paid for them. This incident made me feel like he wasn't someone who would support me unconditionally. My perspective of him changed drastically after that moment, and a month later, we had a mutual parting of ways.

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27. Restaurant Rules

We decided to dine at an Italian eatery. Once done eating, I shifted my empty plate to the right, hoping to make it more accessible to the cleaning staff. Suddenly, she seized me, sternly saying "Never do that again." Her tone implied that assisting the cleanup crew was beneath us. Remember, I'm a waiter. Despite this incident, we continued dating for several additional months. But that moment was a clear warning sign for me, forever etched in my memory as the point I realized she wasn't the one for me.

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28. Adventures Abroad

So, his dream was to go, explore different lands and learn, while I was supposed to stay at home, taking care of however many children he decided we should have. That summed up his perfect life vision—leaving his wife and kids behind for extended periods, then popping in on occasion to expand our family. That was a big no from me. Absolutely not.

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29. Socks

What was the last straw for me? Socks. His temper was a constant issue. Each time he got mad over something I found trivial, I felt like it slowly wore me down.

There was this one incident when I was tidying up the laundry. He instructed me to dump the socks on the bed, pair them up, and then put them all away. Instead, I dumped them straight into the drawer and started pairing them to skip one step. This set him off and he yelled accusingly that I never listened to him.

I retorted, "Does it matter if the end result is the same?" Amidst his rant, all I could think of was how I could never bring a child into this situation. I imagined him losing his cool over some minor mistake our child could make, and I couldn't bear that thought. As an adult, I can cope with his temper, but a child wouldn't stand a chance. I couldn't allow a child to bear the brunt of his rage.

That's when I realised that the relationship had to end.

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30. Door Puncher

My old boyfriend wasn't exactly pleased when his mom rang him up at 10 AM, rousing him from sleep. So, after hanging up, he lashed out by punching a hole through his door, flinging his phone at the window, and even woke me with a startle. And then, he shouted at me to get a new door, hoping this would prevent his folks from showing him the door.

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31. No Anniversary Celebration

She chose to go to a festival with a friend (making sure I knew I wasn't invited) instead of celebrating our two-year anniversary with me. This particular buddy has had feelings for her for a decade and stopped communicating with her when she and I started dating.

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32. Bro

He broke up with me just because I called him "bro" unintentionally while I was engrossed in a story I was excited to share. He thought it meant I didn't love him, even though it was a total accident.

Honestly, it ended up being a blessing in disguise—this is because of his severe addiction issues, which were growing problematic. It was hard for me to see him harming himself, and he just wouldn't accept any help.

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33. Nap Time

I was seeing this guy who loved snoozing for at least five hours straight. There was this one time when we had planned for dinner at 7:00 PM, but he decided to extend his nap time till 9:00 PM. Surprisingly, when he woke up, he was under the impression that restaurants were still welcoming customers. Quite expectedly, nothing was open at that hour and you can imagine, I was pretty annoyed. The argument that followed about him not valuing my time made him drop his pretenses.

He then said, "Why can't you tolerate me like my friend tolerates her less-than-ideal boyfriend?". In other words, he was suggesting that he wasn't much of a good boyfriend. That remark didn't sit well with me at all.

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34. Poor Me, Indeed

One morning, as I was on my way to a childhood friend's funeral, my former wife picked a fight with me. I asked her if she could avoid arguing at that moment. She sarcastically replied with, "Oh, poor you." That marked the start of our relationship's final downfall.

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35. Ashamed To Be Seen

He never did bother to introduce me to his buddies. Whenever we were around people who knew him, he deliberately tried to keep me out of sight. Soon enough, I confronted him and asked what was bothering him. His response? He insisted that I alter my looks, because he didn't want others witnessing him dating an odd goth girl. At that moment, I broke up with him.

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36. Arguments About God

I'm a person of faith, while she didn't believe in God. I thought our relationship could endure despite this difference, but it couldn't. Oddly, it was usually her making critical comments about my faith. The last straw came during a tough time in my life. Instead of offering support, she saw it as a chance to 'demonstrate' that there was no God by citing the bad things happening to me.

It wasn't her simplistic argument that bothered me. What really stung was her adamant forcefulness about her own belief, even at inappropriate times.

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37. Vacation From You

He wasn't truthful about taking a holiday with another woman. He told me he was at home feeling unwell. I was there at his place, attempting to deliver some home-cooked soup for him, literally right there in his bedroom where I frequently spent time and even had my own key. This was following numerous lies I had forgiven him for. But this particular untruth was so incredibly absurd that it didn't even make me mad.

I eventually chose to move on and doing so has made me a thousand times happier.

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38. Silent Treatment

The girl was pretty tight-lipped. I did my best not to hog the spotlight, but she never really did anything that caught my attention. Whenever I attempted to spark a conversation, she just wouldn't engage. Naturally, the topic fell back onto me and my activities, which seemed to annoy her. Eventually, I'd had enough. I decided to step away from that relationship.

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39. Control Freak

He was quite domineering and didn't want me to have a job. There was this instance where I informed him about an upcoming job interview I wanted to attend. His reaction was intense and alarming—he lost his temper, spat out terrible racial insults towards me, and started flinging items all over our home. At that moment, it dawned on me that I had to get out.

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40. Condiment Cover Up

He slathered ketchup on a meal I'd been cooking for over four hours. But here's the thing that got to me—he didn't even sample it beforehand. This incident pretty much encapsulates our numerous squabbles. It feels like a disrespectful, ketchup-drenched insult. I am so done with him and that nauseating saucee.

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41. Luck Of The Draw

Just to kick things off, I have to admit I'm someone with high ambitions. As for him? Not so much.

Every step I've climbed on the success ladder, he'd credit to my good fortune, and often used bad luck as his own excuse. The thing is, my wins and losses come from relentless effort, not some mystical force. The way he dismissed my hard work as mere luck really ticked me off. My ambition and the work it involves are vital to me, and he knew that.

On his end, he was cool rolling with whatever came his way, and that's perfectly fine. To each their own, right? But when he threw those words at me, it hurt. It turned out to be the last straw and we split up. Our relationship was rocky from the start though, so can't say I'm shocked with how things ended.

Awful RelationshipsFlickr, Nenad Stojkovic

42. You Used To Call Me On My Cellphone

She dialed my number 72 times in a single day. Normally, it was more like 15-20 calls each day, alongside heaps of messages. She expected me to reply instantly, no matter if I was in the midst of a workday or hanging out with my pals. If I couldn't pick up, she would shoot me a text demanding to know why I was ignoring her, what I was up to, where I was and who was with me. If I didn't reply, she'd become extremely upset.

In addition, she was incredibly possessive—I wasn't even allowed to talk to other ladies, not even old friends or colleagues. If anything upset her, she always acted like the victim. I made attempts to correct this behavior, to no avail. I even tried to adapt to it, but to no success. Despite being quite attractive, her mannerisms tarnished the affection that I once held for her.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

43. Chatty Cathy

She wouldn't quit gabbing. As if she was allergic to being quiet. Totally sucked the life out of me emotionally and mentally. I had no choice but to break up over text, couldn't bear being in the same space as her. It felt like a strange sensory overload. It's tricky to put into words. But, I simply couldn't go on like this. My current girlfriend is chatty too, but at least I manage to fit in a comment here and there.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

44. Puppy Love

He kissed with the enthusiasm of a puppy. His only desire? To consistently lock lips. If I need to clean my face post-smooch, that's a clear sign something isn't quite right.

Awful RelationshipsPxhere

45. Took My Car

She swiped my vehicle and took it for a long ride all the way from Washington to Las Vegas. After that, she tied the knot with some dude she got to know while gaming on X-box Live, just so he could establish residency.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

46. Sneaky Girlfriend

I had been in a relationship with a lady for three years before it came to an end. Near the last days of our bond, arguments cropped up most of the time, so much so that just to maintain peace, I'd find myself agreeing with her. One morning, as we lay in bed, she suggested that we should have a baby. To avoid yet another dispute, I concurred.

Her eyes welled up and she hugged me tight. I returned the embrace and gently reminded her that we would have to wait for a while as she was on birth control. What she disclosed next left me deeply shaken. With a starkly serious expression, she informed me that she had discontinued her birth control a month prior, even though we were intimate almost every other day. That was the tipping point for me; I chose to terminate our relationship immediately after.

It's of the utmost importance to remember not to make impactful choices for your partner before having a thorough discussion with them.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

47. Liar Liar

Honestly, this story is quite unconventional. After I was honorably discharged from the navy on medical grounds (not really relevant to the story, but it may help to set the mood), I began to date a girl I met shortly after coming home. Fast forward to about half-a-year into our relationship, she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and I took on the responsibility of driving her to her radiation treatments and medical appointments, which were scheduled about twice or three times a week.

Though we were living an hour's drive away from each other, we made it work somehow. My routine consisted of driving her to her appointments after my college classes, attending another class, and then picking her up to drive her home. However, a year down the line, her younger sister blindsided me with a shocking revelation.

She disclosed that my girlfriend had been deceiving me all along.

The truth is, she didn't have cancer. She was merely using me for rides to meet up with her secret lover who worked at the hospital. What's more shocking is that both her parents were aware of this deceit but hadn't deemed it necessary to tell me anything. After that, I never saw her again. We never formally broke up; I just stopped showing up. Since then, my life has improved significantly.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

48. His Heart Belongs To Another

For 11 years, I was wedded and in the final few years, I suspected my husband's infidelity. On Valentine's Day 2011, he called to inform me he had to work late, canceling our dinner plans. It was a blow, but I coped and spent the evening at home with our two young sons, watching The Lion King.

The following morning, as we prepped for the day, he asked me to get his iPod from his car so he could give it some charge before heading out. Though I didn't spot it at first in his car, I searched. During my search, I stumbled upon a Valentine's day card from another woman tucked in the back pocket of the passenger seat.

I re-entered the house, card in hand, and his reaction was of sheer shock. He didn't argue or comment, simply walked out the front door. That was the last straw for me—I relocated to my sister's place that day and lodged divorce papers by the next week.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

49. Extra Key

Once, I discovered a coffee mug oddly out of place. As a solo resident, I knew that the mug should've been on the drying rack—but it was in the sink! I soon realized other things were subtly amiss around my apartment too.

As it happened, my then-girlfriend had sneakily duplicated my key and had been spending time at my place without my knowledge. Honestly, it gave me the chills.

Awful RelationshipsPexels

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