Women Confess The Most 'Crazy Girlfriend' Thing They've Ever Done

There are many women who will admit to playing the role of a "crazy girlfriend"—or, at least, engage in a few behaviors that would warrant such a label.
November 8, 2023 Melissa Budish
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Women Share Behaviors That Men Think Are Attractive, But Really Aren’t

It’s hard to know what will woo future partners, but some actions aren’t half as attractive as you think. Here, women describe the worst things men can do.
October 18, 2023 Maria Cruz
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Women Share Their Cringiest “Nice Guy” Story

Try as we may, some ladies are doomed to encounter a nice guy. Wherever you meet them, “nice guys” want it known that women owe them… something or other.
October 10, 2023 Maria Cruz

Men Who Were Rejected By Women They Proposed To Share The Aftermath

There's nothing more life-shattering than proposing to someone and getting rejected. Men who have experienced this tell their cringeworthy stories.
September 1, 2023 Melissa Budish

Women Share The Obvious 'Romantic Hints' That Went Unnoticed By Oblivious Men

While some people are gifted at picking up those subtle hints that indicate if he or she is into you, it seems like others could be hit in the face with a frying pan of clues and still not get it.
August 24, 2023 Casey Pino

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