People Share The Rules At School And Work That Backfired Horribly

From no water in classrooms to getting fired if you take a sick day, these are some of the most backwards rules people have seen at school and work.
November 8, 2023 Casey Fletcher
high school students

Students Reveal The Things Popular Kids Did To Go From Cool To Outcast

Being popular is like being a celebrity: Everyone is watching your every move, and if you make a mistake, you fall hard—especially if you're a total jerk.
June 27, 2023 Casey Fletcher

Students And Teachers Share Their Wildest Experiences At School

School can be a truly strange place. With raging hormones abound, emotions run high... and inevitably, things get a little tense.
June 21, 2023 Samuel Ira

Teachers And Students Recall Their Strange Encounters With The "Weird Kid" At School

Everyone knows a "weird kid" from school who just didn't seem to fit in. As odd as they were, one thing is for certain: they sure were memorable.
June 14, 2023 Jess Silverberg

These Utterly Insane High School Stories Take Drama To The Next Level

High school can be the best time of our lives—or the very worst. Insane pranks. Indecent affairs. Chilling disappearances. These stories are full of drama.
June 13, 2023 Samuel Ira

Students Share The Stupidest Reason Why They Got In Trouble At School

We've all gotten into trouble at school at some point during our academic careers, whether we intended to cause a problem or were completely framed.
June 13, 2023 Jess Silverberg

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