People Share The Scariest Thing They’ve Ever Seen That No One Will Believe

Whether or not you believe in ghosts and the supernatural, most of us have had at least one experience that sent chills down our spine. Maybe you thought you saw a ghost, heard someone whispering your name, or were visited by a tall man at the foot of your bed in the middle of the night. What makes these moments even worse is if you were alone when it happened. Without someone else present to witness what you saw, there’s no way to verify that it actually happened. The scarier the story, the less believable it seems. Just take it from these people who recently shared their terrifying (but unbelievable) encounters. Use the buddy system and let a friend know you’re reading this, so if anything creepy happens to you, you’ll be able to verify your horrifying story.


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#1 Aliens, or Stars?

As my friend and I were walking down toward his car I looked back at our house and that’s when I saw it. There were maybe 10-15 orbs flying over the house. I said to my friend, “What do you think those are?” He turned and looked up at them and just stared without saying anything. They were slowing moving in the same direction over the house but not moving very quickly. At first, I thought they were those flying fire lanterns people release for celebrations but those would be very odd to see in this area.

We walked a little closer to the house to see them better and that’s where we noticed that it was way darker between the lights than we originally thought. At first, we thought we were looking past them into the night sky, but since it was a cloudy night, we could tell they were all connected but in an odd pattern. The black between them was also way darker than the sky. I ran inside and called for my roommate to come out quickly. He ran out of the bathroom half-dressed and joined us in the front yard and we all just stared in silence as it passed over the house. I’ve told plenty of people since then and no one believes us.

#2 The Doll And The Door

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I would have a reoccurring nightmare that one of my dolls came to life, played with me, and then would try to pull me into my closet with her. I’d follow her into the closet at first, but then she’d show me this little door at the back of the closet, and my heart would start to race. I don’t know what it was about that door, but I knew something bad would happen if I went through it.

I’d start to struggle and try to pull away, but the doll was too strong and would start pulling me through the door. At this point in the dream, I’d always wake up screaming. The worst part was I had night terrors, so sometimes I’d wake up standing next to my closet. Every night before bed, I’d make my parents check that there wasn’t a little door at the back of my closet. There never was.

Anyway, I was talking to my mom the other day and this dream came up. I was laughing about it and about how ridiculously paranoid I was about dolls and that closet, but then my mom got really quiet. She told me the creepy part of that dream wasn’t the doll, it was the fact that there used to be a little door at the back of the closet. When I was one, they remodeled the house and put a wall where the door used to be. There was no way I could have remembered that door, but years later, I kept dreaming about it. None of my friends believe this story, but I swear it’s true.


#3 The Disappearance Of Adam

Growing up, I had a friend named Adam. He was never able to come out during the day. He only came out right before we all had to go home for the evening. Adam lived a few houses over, in a house with an overgrown yard. I met his parents once. They were very strange, they didn’t smile, and they obviously didn’t want me there. I remember Adam telling me that he was sick, and that’s why he couldn’t play that much.

He was a small boy; pale with dark hair. Eventually, Adam stopped showing up altogether. And I eventually moved on, though I do remember going to his house a couple of times to see if he could come and play. His dad just gave me this look before closing the door in my face. Later in life, I asked my sister if she remembered him. She didn’t, and according to my parents, that house was empty the entire time we lived there. I don’t know who Adam was and I don’t know why I so vividly remember him and his parents. As far as I can tell, he wasn’t real, and yet I have perfect memories of him and his parents.


#4 Standing On The Stump

I grew up on a two-acre home with plenty of trees and room for an eight-year-old kid to run around. Our house also was heated in winter by a wooden fireplace, so we would periodically cut down one of our own trees to save money. Well, for about two years, there was a stump less than a foot tall near the house, and at least once a day, without fail, I would see someone standing on the stump. Usually, it was out of the corner of my eye, but once or twice I would look directly at him. I always looked away quickly, because it startled me. When I looked back, he was gone. My sister says she experienced the same thing. Nothing ever came of it though.


#5 Fishing

My neighbor had a serious heart condition about six years ago. He knew he was passing, so he was giving away his valuables to people he trusted with them. He gave me his tackle box. He loved to fish. I would see him come home from fishing every day and he would just sit on his porch and skin the fish he had caught. I just put the tackle box in my closet and didn’t really do anything with it since I don’t fish. Soon after, he passed away in his home.

Exactly one week after that, I woke up to the tackle box at the foot of my bed. It was weird, but my stepdad likes to joke around, figured it was him. I put it back. The next morning, I woke up and it was at the foot of my bed again. So, I asked my stepdad what the deal was and he had no idea what I was talking about. To test this, I put the tackle box in a spot that he wouldn’t find. Under my bed, all the way in the back against the wall. I also put stuff in front of the box to conceal it.

The next morning, the box was still where I had put it. I didn’t give it much thought after that. Three days passed, I woke up one morning and there it was, at the foot of my bed. I started to freak out. So I did what any rational person would do and I went fishing with it. After I went fishing, I put the tackle box away, and it hasn’t moved since. It’s still there.


#6 The Walking Woman

This happened to me last year and I fully understand why no one believed me because it sounds ridiculous. Every morning, I need to wake up at 5 a.m. to get the 5:30 a.m. bus to the train station. I had to be at university by 8 a.m., but I like to get there half an hour early. To get to the bus stop, I have to walk down a bike path and under a bridge to get to a quiet backstreet road. There is no light on the bike path. The street is quiet.

On the right side of the road there is a continuation of the bike path, and on the left there is a normal footpath with a long green hedge. One morning, I was standing there waiting for a bus and this old woman walked out from under the bridge. I didn’t see her at first because, as I said, it was pitch black on the bike path. She crossed the road and walked up to me. She asked me if I knew where a specific road was. I turned to point in the direction of the road she was looking for. I turned back and she was gone. This old woman, who was walking at a snail’s pace, disappeared within three seconds.


#7 The Crosstown Bus

Just after high school, maybe six months or so after 9-11, I was a van driver. I drove the meals for Meals on Wheels to the place where they get packaged. Anyway, the delivery van only had AM/FM radio and I was listening to 92.5 FM when, all of a sudden, the station cut out and a transmission that I can only describe as an American version of a numbers station began playing. It was seemingly random numbers followed by a long period of the same phrase repeated over and over again. The phrase was, “They took the crosstown bus,” over and over again. None of the other drivers heard it but man, it was creepy to hear. Eventually, the regular radio station came back on and they never mentioned anything about it.


#8 Strange Star-Gazing

My husband and I were laying on our trampoline one night looking up at the stars when, all of a sudden, a chunk of the sky started moving/billowing. It looked like a green screen shifting and it had to be a few miles wide. We both saw it and we still have no idea what it could have been.


#9 Stabbing And Smiling

This was four years ago. As I was walking on the sidewalk on a busy afternoon, I saw a suspicious man. He was 10 meters away and walking towards me. I kept my eyes on him despite the fact that he wasn’t looking directly at me. His eyes were roaming, jumping from object to object. As we approached one another, he took out a pointy object and tried to stab me in my left side. He wasn’t really fast, so I easily dodged it and immediately turned to see who the person was.

To my surprise, he continued walking. After a couple of meters he stopped, turned around, smiled, and gave me a thumbs up. Then, he continued walking in the opposite direction. Until this day I don’t know who he was or what he wanted. Even my family doesn’t believe me.


#10 Giggles The Ghost

I spent one summer in high school living with my aunt and uncle and I would often babysit their seven-year-old daughter while they worked. I was up late one night watching TV in the living room. The living room was right off of the kitchen, separated only by an L shaped bar. I saw my cousin, out of the corner of my eye, walk down the hallway from her room into the kitchen. It was way past her bedtime, so I told her she needed to go back to bed.

When I didn’t hear her answer, I got up and walked around the bar and into the kitchen. There was no one there. I checked under the bar to see if she was hiding from me, and there was no one there and nowhere else she could’ve gone from the kitchen. I walked down the hallway to her room and she was fast asleep, snoring. It baffled me. If I didn’t see my cousin, who was the little girl that walked into the kitchen?

Several years later, I was talking to my aunt and she nonchalantly brought up the ghost in her house. I laughed it off and she said, “No, I’m serious. We have a ghost. Your uncle and I both have seen her and heard her. We call her Giggles because we hear her giggling. We usually only see her in the hallway before she disappears.” All of a sudden, I remembered the disappearing girl in the kitchen. I asked her what her ghost looked like. She said she had blonde hair with braids and wore a white dress. My cousin is a blonde. On the night in question, I thought I’d seen my cousin in a nightgown walk down the hallway, but apparently, it was the ghost that resides in my aunt’s house.


#11 Giant Fireball

I once saw a giant fireball in the sky. It was enormous, bigger than anything I have ever seen and it kept going north across the hills into the horizon. I turned around to talk to my neighbor, who also saw it. We had no idea what we were looking at but suddenly, it was gone. I don’t know what it was but I know what I saw. This was around summer 2001.



#12 Babysitter In Bed

I’m not quite sure how young I was at the time, but I was probably between five and eight. I was in my babysitter’s bed at the time in her trailer park. It was 3:00 a.m. and I had woken up. I looked down the hallway to see my babysitter leaning against the wall like one of the stereotypical cool guys in movies. I made eye contact and I felt my body go cold because she was still sound asleep next to me in bed.

I went under the blankets to try and hide and when I looked back, she was gone. I didn’t want to sound crazy so I’ve never told anyone. I just sat in her bed watching infomercials until 6:00 a.m. when she woke up. I never even thought about sleeping there again. I honestly forget how much this affected me until I started writing this. It really, really freaked me out.


#13 Trapped On Campus

I was walking to class from the dining hall on my campus when I saw a lady yelling for help and banging on a window of a nearby building. Lots of people were walking past but I was the only one who seemed to acknowledge it. I went to the window to help and she told me she was locked in a room in the building and that she needed me to come in and open the door. Now, I didn’t know the layout of this building and where she was located. So I decided to call campus security for help despite her pleading with me not to call them.

I called them and when I heard them coming, I went to greet them so that I could take them to the window. I left for maybe a maximum of 15 seconds, and when I returned with campus security, she was gone. We couldn’t see her at the window and campus security went inside to double-check. There was no trace of her. Campus security definitely thought I was crazy and I’m sure my professor thought I was lying when I explained to him why I was late.


#14 Baffling Battery Removal

I had my laptop in my bed just before going to sleep. I made an offhand comment on some website about how I wasn’t scared of ghosts and didn’t believe in them. Then, I turned it off and went to sleep with the laptop beside me in my bed. The next morning when I tried to turn it on, nothing happened. But the laptop felt unusually light. That’s when I realized the battery had been physically removed and placed in the kitchen. I was alone in my apartment and do not have a history of sleepwalking.


#15 Floating Face

In my old house, I would often see a convulsed face floating outside of my room’s window. My brother had seen it, too. The same face would always appear, smile, and float closer, then further away from the glass. A few years later, our youngest brother complained that he didn’t want to play with the boy in his room anymore. There was no boy. This was in the same room.


#16 George The Dragon Head

We used to have this punching bag. We took the bag off of it, leaving only the spring. We were wondering what to do with it. Over the next few days, my mom was doing some arts and crafts project and made this dragon head. She called it George and hung it on the punching bag spring. When I slept, it was directly in my eyesight if I looked through my bedroom door. Sometimes, when I was having trouble sleeping, I could swear that the head turned 90 degrees to look directly at me. When I blinked, it was back to normal. This happened many times over the course of four years before George started falling apart. I was happy, but my mom was sad. Even when I told her what I saw, she thought I was just having bad dreams. I’m sure that dragon head was looking straight at me.


#17 Flying Frying Pan

After coming home from work one day, I was walking through my kitchen towards the living room when a frying pan just flew across the room and hit me square between the shoulders.


#18 Flashing Lights

When I was about eight or nine, my brother and I were laying in bed ready to go to sleep. Then, all of a sudden, our room was illuminated with a bunch of flashing lights. It was probably around 10 p.m. at the time and we were scared. The lights went on for a good minute and afterward, we immediately looked out the window and we saw nothing. There was no car, no random person playing a prank on us, nothing. So we ran to our mom and told her what happened. She didn’t believe us. To this day, my brother and I vividly remember this, but no one ever believes us.


#19 Something Is Coming

I was eight and my brother was 10. It was sometime in the middle of the night when my brother went barging into my room and said, “Something is coming! Something is coming!” I went under my bed to hide and my brother went under the sheets on my bed. I laid there, and I kid you not… the door opened. I saw a pair of legs and feet that did not look human. I don’t know how to describe it. It stood in front of my bed and I don’t remember what happened next. I went to sleep under my bed and my brother fell asleep on my bed. Both my brother and I remember this to this day. I’m unsure if it was our wild imagination or what. But for both of us to remember, it makes me feel like it may have happened.


#20 The Weird White Van

When I was nine, I was home alone at 10 p.m. and this white van just pulled up in my driveway. The van had tinted windows. It was in the dark so I couldn’t see the driver. I was scared because I thought a stranger was going to break in and kidnap me. But it just sat there for about 20 minutes and drove off. To this day, no one believes me.


#21 Lady In The Bathroom Mirror

When I was little I was taking a bath with the help of my mom. A few guests came over so she left me alone for a bit to talk to them. Personally, I was always scared of being alone in the bathroom. Anyway, I remember looking at the mirror and I kid you not, I saw a woman in there with black hair and white skin, staring at me. It’s very cliche: Black hair, pale skin, looking at me in the mirror. It could have been my imagination, but this wasn’t the first time I have seen crazy things.


#22 Harmless Stalker Calls

For about a year, I would get these phone calls. They would always come at the same time (2 or 3 a.m.), and the caller never spoke. Just… breathing. Then, the time changed and the calls were coming at about 11 a.m. The calls stopped for about a year. Then, they started coming in again, regularly. Around the same time of day two or three times a week. So I started having fun with it.

I would answer and say, “Hey buddy, haven’t heard from you in a while! I’ve really missed our little chats.” I started collecting cat facts to recite to whoever was calling me. Or I would discuss current events. I think the longest I was able to keep them on the line was about a minute and a half. I ended up getting a new phone number but I wonder about my harmless stalker sometimes. Hope you’re doing well, weirdo.


#23 Visit From A Labrador

In December, I was visiting my host family in the U.S. My host brother and I went to an outlet center to pick out some new clothes. I was just minding my own business when, out of the blue, a black Labrador came running at me. While petting him, I couldn’t stop noticing that it looked a lot like my old Labrador back home. He even had the same white spot under his belly. Eventually, it ran back around the corner and we continued shopping without thinking about it. Fast forward a couple of hours and I got a call from my mom back home. She was crying and she told me they had just put down my Labrador a couple of hours before. I still believe he came back to me to say his goodbyes.


#24 Hippie

I was seven years old at the time and walking home from a friend’s place late on a summer night. I had walked past a parked VW Beetle when I noticed a man sitting in the driver’s seat, staring at me. He had long, thin hair and a tie-dyed bandana around his head. He smiled widely and lifted his hand to make the peace sign. As I looked closer, I noticed his skin was coming away from his face as if he had passed away months ago. At this point, I started running home.


#25 Frightened In The Fields

Years ago, I was riding my bike home. I was on back roads with lots of fields and as I passed one field, something caught my eye. As I slowed down, someone came running out at me yelling and started to chase me. I started pedaling fast and didn’t stop until I got home. The next day, I went to show my friends where it happened. There were absolutely no houses near this field! No one believed me, but someone was there that night.


#26 The Voice Of Gasman

When I was about three, I kicked my ball into my neighbors house. Nobody was living there at the time and the front door was open. I kicked the ball further into the house for no reason and it went into a room. I remember hearing a voice and then seeing a gas cloud in the room, just staying still. The voice was coming from that cloud. I have no idea what I saw but my brothers remember me trying to show them the “gasman.”


#27 Static And Shh-ing

When I was four, I fell asleep on the couch next to my mom. I woke up later in the night and the television was static and silent. It lit up the dark room. I saw a woman walk out of the basement and into the kitchen. She turned to me with her finger to her lips and told me to be quiet. She slowly walked to the other side of the room, motioning me to follow her. When she turned the corner where I could not see her, I woke up mom who told me I had a bad dream. This has always stuck with me. It happened in the ’70s.


#28 The Man In The Shed

When I was about five, I was spending a week at my grandparent’s house. There was a sort of small shed in the front yard that they used to keep brooms and the gardening tools. One day, I saw that the door was unlocked and slightly open. I opened the door more and there was an old man inside. He was dressed in a white shirt and pants, had a long beard, and just kind of stood there.

He didn’t say anything. I ran back inside to tell my grandparents, but when they went outside, he wasn’t there. They didn’t believe me. The only evidence I had was that the shed was unlocked. I had nightmares about that old man basically every night I stayed there from then on. The fact that he didn’t seem fazed at all when I opened the shed door is what freaked me out the most.


#29 Visits From Grandpa

When I was a kid, I used to tell my mom that a man would come in my room at night and sit at the foot of my bed. My mom always thought I was just letting my imagination run away with me. Then, sometime later, she was going through old photographs. I pointed at a man in one of the photographs and said, “Mommy, that’s the man who sits on my bed.” It was her father. He had died when she was eight so I had never met him nor did I even know what he looked like. My mom always said she believed in ghosts after that day.


#30 The Lost Lightswitch

When I was around 12 years old, I woke in the middle of the night. My room was unusually dark so I quickly got up and walked over to my bedroom door. When I reached for the light switch, my hand touched the window, which was on the other side of the room. I began to feel incredibly disoriented, so I stood still for a minute to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. For some reason, the room became darker. I’m talking absolute blackness.

I thought that maybe I’d somehow turned around in my sleep and woken up with my head at the bottom of the bed, which is why I had walked to the wrong side of the room. I took a breath and walked to where the door should have been. I reached for the door, but could only feel wallpaper. This went on for what felt like half an hour. No matter which direction I went in, I kept ending up on the opposite side of the room to where I should have been.

So there I was, sliding my hands around the walls, frantically trying to find my bedroom door. At this point, I was terrified and crying. I stumbled back into the middle of the room and got back into bed. After my heart stopped racing, I decided to try again. This time, my bedroom door was right where it had always been. I turned on the light, my pillows were at the correct end of the bed, and everything was in its place. It was the freakiest experience. I slept with my door open for years after.


#31 Frozen In Time

When I was about 12, I was in a living room with a bunch of family members. There were people talking and music playing—even the front door was open so you could feel the airflow and hear the noises outside. All of a sudden, everything went still and quiet. Like time itself froze for everything but me. It took a second or two before I clued in that something was wrong, and I could see people around me looking exactly as they did.

My grandpa was in the middle of a story with his mouth wide open. I walked a few steps forward to try and figure out what was happening and really to just see if I even could move. And then, like a switch, it all started back up again. Absolutely no one believed me and I don’t blame them. To this day, I’ve only told maybe three or four people in real life.


#32 The Devil In Moonlight

When I was about seven years old, I went to the province with my family where we had a party. I decided to walk away from the party to look at the full moon on the driveway and I saw what I believed to be the devil: horns, red fur, cloven hooves, and a tail. I stopped for a second and when I stared at it, the creature started to retreat slowly into the woods we live in front of.


#33 Slippery Spoon

I once dropped a spoon from my lunch sack onto the floor of an empty cubicle office. There was only carpet for about 10 feet in every direction. I felt the spoon hit my leg and heard it hit the floor, so I turned and bent to pick it up. But there was no spoon there. I thought maybe it had gotten caught in my boots or pants. I walked around in circles and got low to the floor to see if perhaps it had bounced (inexplicably) 10 feet under the edge of one of the cubicles.

It hadn’t. I spent about five minutes looking, basically because it was amazing to me that I couldn’t find it. I even told a few of my lunch mates. Odd. A week later, I walked through the empty room and the spoon was lying on the floor right where it should have been. I walked up to it and looked at it lying there, trying to think of how I may have missed it. Absolutely no way. I don’t know.


#34 Punch On The Wall

One night, I decided to grab a cup of red Hawaiian punch and just set it on my nightstand next to my bed. After a bit, I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I came back, there was red Hawaiian punch spilled all over my wall. Not my floor, not my table, not my bed, but my wall. It was also all over my closet, which was on the other side of my nightstand. It was easily a good eight feet up on the wall too. Almost to my ceiling. I found the cup sitting upright on the ground, between my bed and the nightstand. It scared the heck out of me. The physics are so bizarre. No one believes me and I sometimes don’t believe it either.


#35 Boy Scout Spirit

When I was about 10 years old, I went to my cousin’s boy scout retreat and they danced around a fire and did a weird chant to a spirit. It creeped me out. I went home, went to sleep, and had a nightmare that I was being pulled to the abyss by this spirit. I woke up and my legs were completely off the edge of my bed up to my abdomen and being pulled towards my closet with my hands gripping the sides of my mattress. It was crazy. I went running to my parent’s room and, I kid you not, I heard the word “someday” whispered into my ear. I don’t believe in spirits or anything and I think it was just an overactive imagination.


#36 The Haunted “Help Me”

When I was in college, my friends heard about a house that was supposedly haunted, so a bunch of us went there in the middle of the night. We found items that had the name “Agnes Jones” on it, but other than that, it was just an empty house. One of my friends had a camera, so we brought it and recorded the whole thing. We moved through the house and, at one point, someone said they heard something and to be quiet. In the video, there was about 10 seconds of silence and then you could hear me say, “Oh, it’s nothing.”

Immediately after you could clearly hear, “Help me.” I didn’t hear it when we were at the house, but the video was clear as a bell. I originally thought that it was one of my other friends messing around, but about two to three months later, we went to show the video to someone else and the voice was replaced with static. The rest of the video was perfectly fine but the part with the voice was just gone. The camera had been sitting in a box under my roommate’s bed so no one had manipulated the tape. Later, we found out that the house had been destroyed by the town while the video sat in the box. We still have no explanation for what happened that night and what happened to the tape. So now, whenever something unexplainable happens, my friends and I just say it’s Agnes messing with us.


#37 Black Cloud

I once woke up around 4 a.m. to what I can only describe as a large black cloud, inches away from my girlfriend and I. I pointed at it and as I did, it moved back from my finger, avoiding it. After that, it started flowing towards the ceiling. I woke up my girlfriend and said, “Look!” We were both watching at this point. It spread itself up on the ceiling and moved towards the air vent. It wasn’t smoke. It looked like a very dark, fluid-like cloud that looked and moved around like it was alive.

We both saw it. I have no idea what it was. I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and hallucinating, and that’s why I woke up my girlfriend to see it. I didn’t give her any details on it and asked her exactly what she saw and she described exactly what I saw. Needless to say, I don’t sleep very well on my own anymore.


#38 Confusing Creature

I live in the woods of Howell, New Jersey so I see a lot of weird things walking around through the trees. Usually, it turns out to just be a deer or a turkey or a hunter who lost their way. So anyway, this one time in high school I was coming home from a night out and I saw what I thought was a deer standing between me and the door to my house, maybe 15 feet away. I was a little scared. Well, the deer stood up on two legs and activated a motion sensor light. What I saw next terrified me. The first thing to hit me was that the deer didn’t look comfortable on two legs or four, like its legs weren’t the proper length. Next, I noticed its leathery horse-like face. The whole creature looked like it was thrown together by someone who didn’t quite know what animal they were trying to make. After a second or two, it ran off on two legs, dragging the feet instead of picking them up between strides. The thought of it still freaks me out to this day.


#39 Bathroom Stall

I work the graveyard shift at a college campus and it’s been pretty well-rumored that the library is haunted. One morning, around 5:30 a.m., I was in there before the end of my shift. I went to use the bathroom, and as I was standing at the urinal, the stall door opened and slammed shut a few times. I hurried up and finished what I was doing and grabbed a huge old flashlight. I opened the stall door and saw that it was completely covered in red liquid. The floor, the walls, and the toilet had red stains on it. Oh, and no one was in there. I stood there for a few seconds registering what had happened and took off. I told my boss and coworker about it. None of the custodians ever reported anything. I was the only one who saw it.


#40 What’s Floating?

I was riding a bus home one day and I saw someone in the river. Floating away. I clearly saw an arm and a hand. The side of his chest too. I called the police and they said it was probably a tree trunk. They found someone a few days later in the next dam.


#41 The Hill And The Horseshoe

When I was way younger, I had this dream about me and my mom walking down a hill next to our house. I carried a horseshoe that I had found and decided to throw it away. It stuck in the ground in the raspberry brushes underneath a tree. For some reason, many years later, the dream came to mind and I decided to investigate. I actually found the horseshoe right where it was in my dream. I asked my mom if I ever had one like this when I was younger but she said no. So I gave the horseshoe to her and she still has it to that day.


#42 Man In The Cow Suit

When I was maybe five or six, our house had a very long driveway. I looked out the window once—it was either early in the morning or late at night, I can’t really remember—but I saw a man in a cow suit walking up our driveway. I told my mom and she just ignored me because I was a little kid and it sounded fake. But I still swear to this day that is what I saw. It still freaks me out.


#43 Mysterious Maydays

My friends and I got a cheap set of walkie talkies from Walmart. We were playing around with them in the middle of the day. There was a bit of silence as we were trying to figure out the volume and, out of nowhere, there was a male voice that said, “Mayday, mayday, mayday.” It definitely sounded like it was from one of those aircraft headsets. We tried to answer back but there was no response. I called non-emergency but they said there weren’t any reports of distressed aircraft or ships, and even if there were, they couldn’t do anything about it. A couple of months later I saw a plane with an engine on fire go over my campus but apparently no one else did.

#44 Rocked By Robbers

When I was four years old, I woke up to a noise in the kitchen and thought it was my mom. I went to get her and there were four people going through the kitchen cabinets. They were wearing all black, with masks and gloves. One picked me up gently, put his hand over my mouth, and sat in the rocking chair with me until I fell back asleep. My family still doesn’t believe me 30 years later.


#45 Trash Pick-Up

Many years ago, I used to drive a 1964 three-quarter ton Chevy pickup. The suspension was shot but it got me around town. Like a lot of old New York vehicles, it had a lot of body rot as well. One day, I was taking the garbage out. There was a can at the foot of the steps, so I just tossed the bag in. I looked over at my parked truck and for whatever reason, I yelled at the truck, “You ready for the garbage pile, you heap of junk?” I kid you not, it blew its horn. One single note lasting at least five seconds. I stood there staring at the truck for about half a minute. Then I just simply shut the door and went back about my business.