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The Wildest Karens

Karens are a truly interesting breed. Irritable by nature, these troublemakers are always on the lookout for an innocent bystander to prey on, whether it be the lowly laborer at a supermarket or the overworked cashier at the drive-thru window. Observe these wild Karens in their natural habitat and prepare to be fascinated:

1. Telling On Yourself

I work IT at a small non-profit. We have a kitchen/ staff room and supply free coffee, tea, milk, sugar etc. During the pandemic all staff were working from home but, for the past few weeks, some staff have been coming back gradually (most for just 1-2 days a week) including myself… and, unfortunately, Karen. Now Karen and I have had many run-ins over the years and suffice to say we don’t get along.

It's mostly because I can’t tolerate her bad behavior. A week or so after being back, Karen sends a condescending email to the office manager, CC’ing all staff. In which she says that, while she accepts that the office kitchen had not been stocked while everyone was on lockdown, she is appalled that there is no bread, bagels, yogurts, etc. for staff that have returned.

The office manager replies, adding CC’ing all staff: “Karen, As a courtesy to staff, we provide free coffee, tea, milk, and sugar, all of which have been stocked. We have never proved free bread, bagels, yogurts, or other food. However, staff do keep personal food items in the refrigerator". Yup, she outed herself as the office food thief.

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2. Award Winning Wiseguy

I managed an upscale steakhouse in a resort town. This couple, who had been there before and always caused trouble, walked in. We sat them at a table, but no one wanted to wait on them. I put up an offer to my staff to try and entice them, and my best waiter took the deal. The meal seemed to go without a hitch. The waiter dropped the check, picked up the credit card, and a few minutes later ran it. The couple signed off and left.

The waiter showed me the credit card receipt. Above the signature line, where it says, "Tip", the guy wrote a rather rude statement, and it was completely uncalled for. "YO MAMA!" I congratulated him on doing such a good job with such a lousy customer. I took a copy of the receipt, framed it, and hung it on the office door with a note that said, "Congrats, Steven! You win the Biggest Idiotic Customer Award!"

A week later, the couple came back. They put their name on the list and had a seat at the bar. The bartender, who was a BIG guy, came back and informed me of their presence. I told him to let them know that they were not welcome at our restaurant in no uncertain terms and to get out now. I watched as he told them. The guy turned two shades lighter while his wife got a look of shock on her face. They walked out and were never seen again.

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3. Leave Us All Alone

A few years ago, I was the cashier at a retail store. A pregnant woman came up to me and said that she was trying to leave but couldn't get into her car because a truck was parked very close to her. I paged the driver of the truck up to the cash desk. The truck driver, a middle-aged woman, came up, and she and the pregnant woman got into an argument.

The truck lady didn't want to leave her shopping to go move her truck. I didn't get involved and continued to cash out customers, but eventually, the truck lady moved her car so the pregnant lady could go home. Later, as I was cashing out the truck lady, I was blindsided by her next move—she asked to speak to my manager. Afterward, my manager told me that she was complaining about me.

At some point, she said it looked like I nodded, which must have meant I was clearly siding with the pregnant lady. My manager said, "I told her I'd talk to you about it, so here I am talking to you about it", and just left it at that.

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4. The Alph-la Gamma O Fraternity

Some guy from a frat at my college was dared to sneak into the zoo at night and take a selfie with a flamingo. Not only did he not take the picture, he flamingo-napped it, accidentally breaking its leg in the process so that it had to be euthanized, indirectly ending the life of the flamingo's mate because flamingos pass when separated from their mate. Also, I just found out that the entire fraternity was suspended because of this guy's actions. I have a good friend in this fraternity, and I know he's peeved. He doesn't deserve to be punished for this.

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5. When You’re Here, You’re Family—As In, Annoying

So, first off, it's 9:45. We close at 10 PM. This table of three walks in, and they’re in my section. I greet them, things start as usual. I'm just upset they came in so late, but whatever. They end up wanting a Tour of Italy, which comes with fettuccine alfredo, lasagna, and chicken parmigiana. We had been out of lasagna since 8 PM, so I asked her if she wanted to substitute it for something.

She mumbled that she should get it for free since we were out, but she subbed it for something. About 30 minutes pass, I had already brought out their food and such. She wanted to try all of our soups as she had also bought the soup/salad bundle. We have four soups. Minestrone, chicken and gnocchi, pasta fagioli, and zuppa toscana.

The last soup she hadn't tried was the minestrone, but we were completely out. I told her this and she got very, very upset. At the end, she asked for extra alfredo sauce to take home, and I told her we didn't have any more alfredo. This was now 40 minutes past closing. She freaked out and demanded to talk to my manager.

I got him, laughing with him about her behavior, and he went to talk to her. She flipped her lid, going off about how we shouldn't be open this late if we can't offer full service. Excuse me? We AREN'T OPEN. We closed FORTY minutes ago. She went on about how her meal should be free because we were out of everything, and how we handed her a full menu but we didn't have it all.

My manager didn't give her a single free thing off of her ticket, because he realized how entitled she was sounding. When I walked over at the end to hand her change back I heard her mumbling about "the terrible service," and prior to that she had said "guess we shouldn't come here again before closing". Good, please don't ever come back.

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6. I Wanted To Throw The Book At Her

When I was in high school, I worked in the children's room of my local library. The library had an amnesty month every year. People could return overdue books for one month with no fines or fees. Of course, on the last day of amnesty month, the library was packed. People were coming in and returning bags and boxes full of books. It was an absolute mess.

I was scanning books when the phone rang. A woman called and asked if I could renew her books over the phone.  If the library wasn’t crowded, I would've been able to. However, the library was packed, and people just kept dumping books on the counter, so I didn't have time to renew her books over the phone. At the time, the computer system wasn't capable of renewing a bunch of books all at once.

Therefore, if you didn't have the physical book, you had to manually enter each book's title, author, or ISBN number. I told the woman that I just didn't have time to return her books over the phone. She started yelling about how it was amnesty month, how she couldn't afford to pay her fines, and how I had to renew the books for her because she couldn't come in.

I was getting frustrated but tried to remain calm and polite. She kept yelling and cursing at me and finally said, "If you don't renew my books, I'm never coming back! You'll lose a valued customer!" To which I replied in the most epic way possible: "You're not a paying customer. The library is free. If you want your books renewed, you have to come in yourself". And then I hung up. Later, I got yelled at by my supervisor, but it was worth it.

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7. It Doesn’t Matter Whose Fault It Is

I work for a relatively small floral company in a rather wealthy area of Illinois. We have a regular customer who has us pick up her orchids and rearrange them to look better. We do this every two weeks without error or complaint. Well, she called us, so I assumed she wanted us to pick up her plants. But her reaction completely threw me off—she started giving us heck fos moving her massive cement decoration in her front yard.

I double-checked with dispatch, and the driver we sent over there to deliver her orchids is 83 years old, therefore absolutely incapable of moving a 300-pound cement cherub. One long-winded conversation later, we sent four drivers to move this thing the way she wanted it, which turned out to be no more than a foot from where it was.

A week later, she called again, this time saying it was her lawn service that moved the decoration and not us. Yeah, I knew that. She didn’t call to say sorry though. She called to tell us that we need to be extra careful not to move her lawn ornaments.

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8. Not Stuck, Just Stuck Up

The place I work has two diesel pumps with one on each side of the pump island thing. There was a guy with a diesel truck and trailer attached pumping $130 of diesel and another truck waiting after him. This lady comes in screaming that she's blocked in and can’t leave because the second truck is blocking her, and he won’t move. At this point, his only option to move would be to back up into one of the exits and into the main road. Not happening at 9 AM when everyone is rushing to get to work. The lady kept screaming at me telling me to make him move because she, "DOESN’T HAVE TIME TO WAIT!"

Blah, blah, blah, we go through 10 minutes of me telling her he is NOT blocking her or anyone else because traffic is clearly moving through the parking lot and finally have to get another manager to say, "Ma’am, if you turn your vehicle left instead of right, you can use the left exit. If you back up four feet, you can go out the exit you claim is blocked. I’m sorry you cannot use the four feet of road you want, but short of me physically picking up his truck, there is NOTHING we can do". So, the lady is calling corporate on us both.

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9. Over There, They Call Her Karine

I work at a company that has over 300 sites globally. I work in the only plant in the UK (we have 22 people working here). I was asked to join a call with our other European sites, as I also speak German fluently, and can understand/speak Italian to a level about the industry I work in. So we have this call and we have English (me), Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Italian, German, Spanish, and French on the meeting.

Everyone other plant has management, and all can speak English. So we go about the meeting, and the German starts talking to me in German, I'm translating, and it’s all going well, we all know each other well, as we have regularly visited each others’ plants. Apart from France, they have a new woman, Karen, who keeps trying to be center of attention.

She’s been speaking fluent English all through the call so far, I'm translating for German and Italian, it’s all going well. Until Karen starts speaking French, I told her I didn't know French—it’s already confusing enough with three languages—the conversation goes as follows. Karen: “What do you mean? You're the translator”!

Me: “No, I'm a chemist, I know German fluently, and Italian to a level that is relevant to this call”. K: “Well why are you making me speak a second language, but learning everyone else’s!”? M: “I'm doing the company a favor, otherwise they would have to get a translator”. K: “Oh, I get it, it’s because I'm new and a woman”. M: (I'm also a woman), “No, I just never learned French”.

Here’s where I really lost it. She yelled at me: “Oh, so it’s a race thing now”?! I replied, “You speak English, you don't need it to be translated, or it to be all about you”. Karen hung up, and the next day reported me to HR for discrimination. I don't think she realized that the call was recorded, So I sent a copy to HR.

Unfortunately for her, at my company, you have a six-month probation. She’s only on month three. Throwing out stupid accusations like this means you're probably not going to make it.

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10.  Motherboard Mangler

I worked for a company that made computer gaming cases and accessories. A guy claimed that one of the internal fans in one of our cases caused his motherboard to explode. He shouted at me, demanding a refund for all the components he purchased. I was cool-headed and didn't yell back. I tried to understand his situation as best I could with his bad temper.

He called himself a "computer god" and said he knew our fan somehow caused it to explode. After about half an hour of putting up with his excessive shouting, he yelled at me that he was coming to our office since he lived nearby. We thought he was joking, but we were so, so wrong. A half-hour later, he stormed into our lobby and slammed his burnt-up computer on our receptionist's desk.

We noticed that it was not our computer case or fan, there were pencil shards inside the power supply, and the PCI-E power cord was jammed into the motherboard’s four-pin power port. There was also goop seeping into a few of the pin ports. We attempted to explain to him that what he brought in was not one of our products.

However, he was stubborn and insisted that it was. We even pointed out the manufacturer's website that matched the logo on his case and fan, but he still refused to believe it. After an hour or so of him shouting nonsense, we had to call the authorities. When officers arrived, the guy quieted down. They took him outside to question him about the situation, and things took another turn.

The guy immediately became furious again and started shouting complaints to the officer. After five minutes of questioning, we showed the officer that this wasn’t our product. The officer already knew the guy wasn’t exactly "stable," so he warned him to go away and not bother us anymore. The guy shouted threats and eventually drove off.

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11. Get Dressed, Then Make The Call

I started in a new company, got trained, then manned the phones, no big deal. It was my job to field customer complaints, which were reasonable for the most part. The first call of the day came from a man who purchased an industrial heater from us. He spent about $60 on it. It was the type of heater you would put in your garage to take the chill out of the air.

He called to complain because he was using it in his bathroom after his shower. His vision was that this heater would wind dry his body dry after the shower; kind of like those fancy heat bulbs at a hotel. Well, I tried to explain to him that was not the intended use of the heater...but he was not having any of it. 

He literally put the phone up to the heater so I could hear the lack of forced air that was coming out of the heater. I ended up refunding his money, but I still laugh to this day thinking about this undressed 70-year-old man's first-world problem.

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12. Litter-ally Unnecessary

I was out for a motorcycle ride yesterday. I stopped at a spot off the main road to stretch my legs a bit. I noticed in the bushes that there were bags and bags of garbage all dumped in one spot. It wasn’t like a McDonald's bag that someone casually threw out their window. It was more like someone loaded up with what could possibly be months’ worth of household garbage and dumped it in the woods.

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13. Finders Ain’t Keepers

I am both autistic and have severe PTSD. I'm on a few different medications for depression and migraines and have to live in section 8 housing that I just moved into a few months ago after being on the waiting list for years. I don't like being touched or loud noises. And I certainly don't like seeing anyone take my stuff.

When I moved to this city for the section 8 housing I'd been gifted a brand new razor kick scooter by a friend to get around my new area with. And I love it. It's black and made a bit sturdier than typical ones for an adult to ride and has bigger wheels. It also isn't sold in the local stores, but they have similar-looking ones in the bike department.

Obviously, I don't just leave it outside when I go into a store. I fold it up and put it in my cart while shopping. I look kinda twitchy so most people leave me alone. And I'm just fine with that. But touch me without consent or take my stuff and be ready for a massive freakout. I went down the canned food aisle and started browsing the chunky soup.

When I picked what I'd wanted and put the cans in the cart, I noticed my scooter was gone. And there was a woman with a kid fast walking away while carrying it. I shouted after them to return my scooter. But they ignored me so I abandoned my cart to give chase. When I caught up to the lady and the kid I tried to take my scooter back and the kid screamed so loud my eardrums felt like they were gonna pop.

The Karen mom shoved me down while yelling something I didn't hear because my ears were ringing and my brain just stopped working for a moment. A manager noticed the commotion and came to see what the trouble was. I didn't even get a chance to speak when the Karen mom started calling me a creep and was demanding I be thrown out.

I kept trying to explain what really happened, but the Karen just kept yelling over me. We were separated and I was made to sit in an office. The manager approached me and I asked him where my scooter was and he admonished me and said it was sold to the Karen, and I shouldn't have tried to take it from the kid when they were just trying to buy it from the store.

Then he pointed out he had to give the Karen a discount just because of the situation. I understandably freaked out and told him that the Karen had taken my scooter that I came into the store with. And it wasn't sold there. The manager just looked confused and I nearly broke down. Then I pulled my phone out and showed him a picture a friend had taken of me with the scooter right after I'd gotten it.

The next thing I knew he was running out of the room. And when he finally came back he said that the Karen was long gone. I pulled out my phone back out and started frantically calling 9-1-1. I couldn’t believe what the manager tried to do. He put his hand over my phone to stop me from calling and I freaked out from him touching me. He backed off because I'd nearly kicked him and was panicking and saying he'd buy me another scooter from the store.

I told him that my scooter was expensive and didn't come from their store. And I wanted mine back. Well, it turned out I had managed to dial 9-1-1 because the operator was already listening in on the line and was trying to get my attention. I just told them to send someone over because my property had been taken. I had to wait for another hour at least while authorities showed up and then went through the CCTV footage.

It clearly showed me entering the store with the scooter, and showed the Karen and her crotch goblin taking it from my cart. And the mess that followed when I tried to get it back. I wanted my scooter back and officers had to find the Karen from the camera footage of the parking lot. They found her address by running her plate number they got from the camera footage and I got to ride in the back of their car while we went to her apartment.

The officer knocked on her door and I didn't hear the situation because I was still sitting in the back of the car with the windows closed. But the Karen mom looked really angry and eventually brought out the scooter after some back and forth. She practically had to wring it out of her kid's hands. I got let out of the car and they asked me if I wanted to press charges for assault because the mother had shoved me.

She looked ghost white when I said I did want that. But the Karen started crying and begging me. She said that she honestly thought it was something the store was selling and it was her kid's birthday. I yelled that didn't excuse her stealing from someone else's cart, let alone from a legally disabled man. Her kid was also loudly crying and my ears were hurting again.

So I said I wouldn't press charges on her if she didn't come near me or my stuff again. But I wanted something done about the manager at the store for letting this happen. And I was ready to ride my scooter all the way back there. But the officers convinced me that it'd be better if I just went home and calmed down.

I later learned on my next visit to the store a couple days later that manager was fired over what happened because he already had a few complaints against him and didn't bother to check that the scooter wasn't one of theirs. And the store gave the Karen and her kid a replacement razor scooter that they had in stock because she'd already paid for one. But it didn’t end there. 

She was also banned for six months from the store for shoving me and stealing my property. I was also given a $50 gift card for some free groceries since I wasn't able to buy anything the day that mess happened. Now every time I go into that store a few of the employees know me by name. And one actually told a random kid to leave me alone when he asked about my scooter.

I certainly keep a better eye it now too. I've also since added a name tag on the underside of the scooter with my full name on it just in case this happens again.

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14.  I Got Tipped Off

When I was in college, I worked at an Italian restaurant. A family of five came in and ordered appetizers, some drinks, and food. When I brought out the bill, the wife took it and paid in cash, leaving me a tip of $3 and some change on an $80 bill. The service was good, so I was pretty angry about the tip. A minute later, I noticed the husband and kids standing by the front door.

They were waiting for the wife to use the restroom. I walked up to the man, said, "Excuse me, sir, you forgot your change," and held out the $3. The husband looked at me and took me by surprise. He said, "Is that all that woman left you?" He then reached in his pocket, pulled out $30, and said, "There you go, sorry about that".

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15. Beyond Used

I was working retail one afternoon and this middle-aged woman came in with a return. At first glance, it was no big deal; she said she was just coming in to return a shirt. She walked up to the register, handed me the receipt to start processing it, and we exchanged a pleasant greeting. I took the shirt out of the bag to examine it and it was beyond disgusting.

There were brown sweat stains all over it, from the pits to the stomach to the shoulder. It looked like whoever wore it rolled in mud or some nonsense. I proceeded to tell the woman that I could return the product because it had clearly been used and only unused or resalable items could be returned for any sort of refund.

Well, the customer threw a fit. She started screaming at me and accusing me of calling her a liar and whatnot. I held up the shirt and pointed to the brown pit stains, saying, “Can’t you see this stain”. Man, did that make it worse...She continued making a huge scene and demanded to see the manager. News flash, I was the manager and I did not plan on budging.

After 20 or so minutes of complaining, she finally left the store, saying she’d be complaining to corporate. Fast forward a few days—another guy walked into the store, looked for the first store associate he could find, and immediately asked for me by name. Uh-oh, here we go again. Anyway, my associate brought the guy over to where I was standing.

I politely greeted him. The guy spent the next 10 minutes apologizing for his wife verbally accosting me a few days prior. Apparently, the guy went to the beach and did some type of CrossFit training class IN THE SAND. His wife knows all of this; she was at the class with him! The guy ended up not liking the shirt for some reason and his wife thought she could pull a fast one on us by making a scene.

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16. Way Out of the Way

Last Saturday, I was walking along a vacant sidewalk when I was approached by a middle-aged couple. They were in jogging suits and walking considerably faster than I, so I moved onto the grass to give them space. When they got closer, the woman started yelling at me that I wasn't far enough out of the way. I apologized only to be intentionally clipped by the man following her and landing on my back. I got back up and laughed it off only to hear the man yelling, "You're not the only one in this city, jerk!" At that point, I was pretty amazed at how somebody can be that angry at someone they don't know. I hadn't said anything to them to start.

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17. Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

There were a bunch of flashing lights and loud sirens on the street behind mine last night. I just found out why and I'm gobsmacked. The family that used to live in the house behind mine who ever so helpfully called the authorities on me after I gave them a heads up about their wi-fi has moved out. A new family has moved in—and they’re even worse than the previous neighbors.

Our houses are separated by a couple hundred feet and a brush line. I found this out because they came to talk to me last week about me having a smoke before I go to bed on my porch, and how the smell is terrible and it's bothering them and I just need to not do that. Note: I smoke for a minute or two on my screened in porch before bed perhaps 3-4 times a week.

The likelihood that ANY of the smoke from that is going anywhere near their house is slim to none. I told the new back neighbors I'll turn a ceiling fan on to thin out the smell, but I'm not going to get eaten alive by bugs just before bed because they don't want me to smoke on my own property. The porch is screened in.

I guess this answer didn't satisfy them, because last night one of them came up with a cunning plan to get back at me. They dug a hole in their lawn, built a fire with a bunch of green pine wood so it'd be extra smoky, started the fire, and THEN PUT A BOX FAN POINTED AT MY PORCH NEXT TO THE FIRE AND WENT INSIDE. Three guesses what happened.

If you guessed they set their own house on fire you would be correct. One of their next-door neighbors called 9-1-1 because some cinders from the fire set my back neighbor’s house on fire. I have no idea how much the fire damaged the house, only that the people who lived there got detained and given an impressive set of fines for negligence and a bunch of other things.

Did I mention my county is under a fire weather warning and all of those fines are multiplied?

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18. He Was Bad Till The Last Drop

I went to clear a guy's glass that had about seven atoms of booze left in it. I grabbed the glass and he called me a slur and screamed. I had already moved past him when he bellowed at me again. As I began to turn around and return the drink to him, he was glaring, his face red, and he was clenching and unclenching his fist.

As I always do in this situation, I returned the glass to him and watched him pretend to "drain" it into his mouth even though there was nothing more than a microscopic patina of fluid left within it. When he held up the glass, having "finished" it, I pointedly turned away from him without taking it. That's when things immediately escalated—the glass clipped my shoulder and smashed into the wall in front of me.

The guy had just hurled the glass at me, full strength, for having the audacity not to grovel in response to his rudeness. The glass shattered with incredible force against the wall in front of me, and shards of glass went everywhere. It was a crowded balcony, and it was an absolute miracle that no one even got a minor cut. Security wrestled him out.

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19. Operating On A Whole Other Frequency

I worked at Best Buy customer service for two years in a college town. There were generally technologically smart kids, but the surrounding area was full of country bumpkins. One customer came in to return two HDMI cables, both male to male ends. One package was for a 3-foot cable, the other package was a 6-foot cable. When he started explaining his situation, all I could do was shake my head.

The gentleman was upset that he had purchased these cables, and he wanted a refund so he could switch them out. The cables weren't working and he said that it must be because the frequencies are different. According to the packaging, the 3-foot cable operated on a 1M frequency, and the 6-foot cable operated on a 2M frequency.

According to the customer, it was because they just weren’t talking to each other. I said nothing, apologized for the issue, processed his return, and told him they might be able to help him back in the home theater section. In retrospect, I could have quietly taught him what a meter is, or that you can’t daisy-chain male-male plugs, but he was so sure of his own explanation he made my brain turn off.

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20. Chicken Heads Will Roll

I recently bought a few chickens. The second day they were here, the usual neighbor kids come over to play. I sit down and feed the baby, and about 10 minutes in, I have to get up because I hear kids screaming and chickens losing it. I walk out back to a DOZEN children I do not know, four of which have busted my hen run and are in with the chickens. One kid has a hen by her wing and when she flaps, he let's go, and then he kicks her!

Needless to say, I was upset. Without leaving my porch, I said, "Get out! All of you! I don't know what makes you think it is appropriate to hit someone else's animal. I don't know what would make you think it is okay to do that to any animal in general, but it is in no uncertain terms not okay. I don't know who you are, but get off my property".

I tell my kids and the neighbor kids they were playing with that no one is allowed in the back yard. I go back inside to feed the baby. I am not even sat down yet, and I hear the fridge open. I say, “[Toddler's name], no snacks right now". Guess what? It wasn’t my toddler. Some neighbor kid I don't know just walks in and opens my fridge.

Now he wasn't the brat that kicked my chicken, but he was in the run. I kick the kid out. As I open the door to walk the fridge raider from my home, chicken kicker shows up with his mommy who starts to scream, "You witch think you are sooooo much better than my son! How dare you tell him what to do? I am going to call 9-1-1 on you".

I tell her, calmly, that I probably could have not sworn at her son, but he can't just go around kicking animals. She leaves to call 9-1-1. She comes back 15 minutes later, and says she wants to settle this like adults and will consider $100 to cover mental anguish from my yelling at her son. I tell her to just call the authorities and have them deal with it.

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21. Turning The Tables

My wife and I are "senior citizens". In other words, we are OLD. My dear wife is a strong, independent, take no guff from anyone, type of woman. I adore her for it! She keeps me in line pushes me to be a better man, and is the reason behind my (modest) success in life. She is sarcastic, is wicked smart, can swear like a sailor, and as she gets older, her filter is practically non-existent!

A few months ago, we decided to treat ourselves, we made reservations and went to a rather high-end restaurant. They had a maître d’, sommeliers, highly trained wait staff, etc. My wife, even though she is in her 70s, has very little grey hair and can pass for 55. She was wearing a very pretty white, lacy blouse, very flattering black pants, and black flats (she looked GOOD!).

When we arrived, there was no line (surprisingly) and the maître d’ had apparently stepped away from the podium where he stands. We were waiting there and my wife was right next to the podium and I had sat down at one of the benches provided by the entrance, when another couple came in. Without missing a beat, the man walked up to the podium and told my wife, "Rockefeller (not the name he used), we have reservations for two".

My wife said that she was sure someone would be with them shortly. The woman huffed a little and the man said, "Please seat us NOW!" My wife told them that she is waiting to be seated but the man said again, "Seat us NOW!" My wife knew just how to deal with them. She said, "Right away, walk this way, she walked away with them behind her as she walked around the partition separating the entrance to the dining area, circled around to the other end and led them back to the entrance and, pointing to the bench, said, "SIT DOWN!"

The man looked like he was going to lose it, and my wife repeated, "I don't work here you moron, you wanted me to seat you, so sit right down!" As the couple were sputtering, and before it could escalate further, the maître d’ arrived, we gave our name and he lead us away. There was no yelling and no threats of calling the authorities.

We had a wonderful meal (over-priced but, oh well) and the other couple was several tables away from us. We didn't interact again with them, but they did shoot us dirty looks now and then.

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22. I Checked Out After This

I worked at a home improvement store. One night I found myself with a line of five or six customers, each with a sizable order. There were no more available cashiers. I was busting my behind to get everyone checked out quickly. When I got to the last person in line, I relaxed slightly and proceeded to scan all of their items.

When the lady tried to pay, she wrote out a check that had obviously been printed at home. It wasn't necessarily fake, but we had a policy not to accept computer-printed checks. I told the lady such, and she threw a fit. She started yelling at me. She told me that she had to leave because she was already 30 minutes late to pick her children up in a town that was 30 minutes away.

She accused me of deliberately slowing down and scanning her items as slowly as possible. I tried to calm her down. She didn't. She was absolutely raging. She said, "Don't you know who I am? You'll never work in this town again!"  She yelled at me to get my manager because I still wouldn't accept her check. The newer assistant manager came up and told me to go ahead and take the check.

I tried to remind her of the store's policy. She then talked to the lady in front of the store for another five minutes or so. After that, the manager came back, gave me a look, and went back to her office. She promptly came back with a slip telling me that she had written me up. I quit not long after.

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23. It Kind Of Does

I was a pump attendant at a gas station in high school, and let me just say—if some of these people can’t handle getting gas, I can’t even imagine what they are like when given an actual task. We had to put pylons at one of the pumps to block it off when the fuel truck came to deliver fuel because cars were still passing through, hindering the fuel truck guy.

Once, I had a lady come up to me and ask why it was blocked off, so I told her. What she did next made my blood boil—she got out of her car, went over to the fuel truck guy, and started yelling at him, saying things like “The world doesn’t revolve around you”. Little did she know, it kind of did because nobody was going to get gas if he couldn’t make his delivery.

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24. Never Heard a Chance

I was verbally abused by a customer over the phone for something that isn't my job or department. I was the one answering the phone and could barely get a word in. And coworkers at a different store threw me under the bus by telling this customer later that our store is full of idiots and incompetent people.

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25. Time Isn’t On Your Side

I work as a receptionist at a medical clinic and it is not my job of choice. Even though I don't love my job, I take it seriously, as other people's health is not a joke, in addition to having the job policy of doing the best job possible at the moment—and then having to correct later what is much more work. I have seen many patients who are rude or disrespectful, including an elderly lady trying to beat my co-worker using a cane. That became the unit's internal joke for the month.

But there’s one patient who topped them all. They arrive with three pages of exams to take (big but not the biggest I've ever seen). As always, I added each exam to the system. Keep in mind that it is not the only step in the work, it is still necessary in some medical plans to make additional requests and add each individual code back to the health insurance system.

As the patient was on the phone, the first part was very quiet, but when she finished the call she started complaining and insisted on being in a very loud tone for the whole place to hear, talking about how long I was taking and how much time she needed too much to be there. As professionally as possible, I explained what I was doing.

I was attaching the order to a fixed agreement and waiting for the return from the insurance company. The client asked to speak to my supervisor, who was already coming to see what had happened. My supervisor knows this type of client very well, and he knows that it is not possible to do all the procedures magically quickly.

He used all the professional words he explained to the client. The client did not accept what my supervisor said and demanded that my supervisor replace me for opening the record. My supervisor, being responsible for the area, had to resolve the situation Now comes the part that the client does not know. All the forms have to be opened under the login of the employee who was making the request.

That meant I was no longer responsible for her. With a big smile I erased everything I spent almost two hours doing, and bonus—I had to cancel the request for medical insurance. Good luck having to wait another two hours for a completed medical record to be done again—in addition to the time it takes for the exams to get approved by the health insurance.

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26. Girls Gone Wild

Back in high school, I was delivering pizza. I got this delivery about an hour before closing. I pulled up to this house, and four girls answered the door. They were about 14 to 16 years old, and I had just turned 18 at the time. They started flirting with me. I was pretty shy back then, so I just smiled, handed them their pizza, and waited for them to get their money.

They came back with a check but no tip.  One of the girls said, “Wait, let us get your tip". They came back with a huge jar of change, and what they did next completely disgusted me. Three of the girls took out a handful of change; the fourth one grabbed my belt and started to pull me in the door while the other three put change into my pockets and down my shorts.

I broke loose from the one holding my belt, and they just started grabbing at my shorts. They were all giggling, change was going everywhere, and I heard a man's voice say, “What are you girls doing?” One of them said, “Nothing, daddy". I freaked out, ripped their hands off of me, and ran back to my car. However, my shorts started falling off due to the weight of the change.

I got in my car when I saw the dad was walking towards my car. I got out of there ASAP. On the way back I called my manager, to warn him about what had just happened. He ended up having to give these people free pizza due to my supposed harassment of the girls. He also had to tell the guy I would be fired.

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27. The Unwilling Accomplice

My dad is an actual nightmare when it comes to complaining for stupid reasons, usually in restaurants. The other day, he sent me this message about how he had to go talk to IKEA customer service and he needed a ride to the store. He was complaining about how there were too many digits in his customer loyalty number and that it was hard for him to remember.

For whatever reason, he seemed so proud of himself for standing up for his rights or something, but all I can think about is how it was a waste of everyone's time and such a stupid thing to get worked up about. When we arrived at the customer service desk, my dad started up his nonsense. After seeing his behavior, I immediately regretted going with him.

He said, "Hello, I recently purchased a lot of kitchen stuff and decided it would be a good idea to join IKEA Family beforehand. The membership number issued is 19 numbers long. I would like to point out that the estimated world population is around 7.8 billion people. Written in longhand, 7.8 billion is 10 numbers in length”.

He continued, “So my question is, why do you need to create a membership number which has approximately eight hundred and two million, five hundred and seventy-six thousand, five hundred and seventy-six more variations than would be necessary for the whole world population"? The service representative just stared wide-eyed.

She then slowly explained that she, a minimum-wage worker who was hired four months ago, has absolutely no say in any aspect of the customer loyalty program.  I could see my dad was going to ramp up into a long speech so I just had to walk away.

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28. No Sign of Weakness

My mother is in a wheelchair now, and I take her to the store or mall to get her out of the house. What frustrates me the most is that she's fully capable of moving herself, but people will push her out of the way unless I'm right behind her. It's happened a few times. What I notice is when you have a disabled person in a wheelchair, they suddenly become invisible.

I remember once I was pulling her wheelchair from my trunk, and this other woman pulled into the spot next to me on my mom's side and got so close, she nor my mother could open the door all the way. I asked for her to move. She ignored me, and I ended up having to park elsewhere. I love the times the parents got upset with me asking that their children not play on her chair while she was using the bathroom. People, all the time as I'm pushing her, will suddenly stop without warning, and I've run my poor mother into people because of it, and they look at us like we're the ones in the wrong.

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29. The Man In Me

This happened last weekend. On weekends I work part-time delivering food with Doordash, in my area I make good side money. Last Saturday my wife texted me to stop by the store after work and pick her up some tampons and she sends me a photo of the box that she needs. I'm a guy, never used one so I would be clueless without that info.

So here I am standing in the aisle looking at all the female products still confused and lost even with the photo because well I don't see it on the shelf. Then I hear a lady pipe up. What she said was absolutely vile. She told me: "See no matter how you dress, you're still born a woman". I look up to see who is talking to who and I see her, Just standing there glaring at me.

She’s a Karen, I'm guessing in her late 40s, not much older than me. I respond with, "I'm sorry, were you talking to me?" as I look around and notice her and I are the only two in the aisle. She just rolls her eyes and starts a rant about transgender people and so on, she's being very insulting to anyone who is transgender. So, after she finishes, I just start laughing. 

Her face turns as red as my Doordash mask that I'm wearing in the store. She starts to scream then I interrupted. I'm 6'1, 280 pounds "Look lady, if I was born a woman would I look as clueless and lost as I do right now? Have you not ever seen a man by tampons for a woman? See this is called being a good husband. My wife wants tampons and I'll be darned if I come home empty-handed”.

I hold up my phone and point at the pic, "Now do you see this brand on the shelf?" She backed away eyes big, face drained, and walked pretty quickly down the aisle tearing up. I finally found the brand, checked out, and made my wife happy.

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30. He Sang The Wrong Tune

I worked at a small electronics retail store when I was in high school. A guy had come in asking me to give him a quote for a couple of different karaoke players. One was $249, and the other was $374. I gave him both a printed and verbal price quote. He came in the next day with his family and talked to one of my co-workers, who proceeded to tell him the same thing I told him the day before.

His eyes widened, and he blew into this raging fit. I was stocking CDs when he pointed at me and shouted, "HE SAID IT WAS $249 and $274 YESTERDAY! HOW CAN YOU FORGET THE DARN PRICE! IT'S NOT LIKE YOU SELL MANY THINGS IN THIS DARN STORE. I WORK AT COMCAST, AND I GET MY PRICES RIGHT ALL THE TIME! IT'S NOT RIGHT!"  My manager knew I could not have made such a stupid mistake, and the written quote proved it.

She still told the guy that "people make mistakes" and "maybe one of us misheard each other". The guy kept going on about how staff should be properly trained in a store with such little inventory.  At that point, his wife was mouthing apologies to my manager.  My manager quietly told him to take his business elsewhere, and he stormed out.

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31. It’s A Basic Concept

I’ve worked at a few call centers, and at one of them, I could see the customer reviews. I was already on the phone with this lady for a long time—she was having trouble using a coupon. It was downright baffling. She had to have a minimum of $20 in her cart to use it, but she wanted to use it without buying $20 worth of stuff first. 

She was being a huge problem already, but I was keeping my cool until I misheard what she said. “Sorry, could you repeat that”? I asked her. She then started railing against me for not speaking English (I was born and raised in central Florida and English is my native tongue). At that point, I sort of half-jokingly offered to switch to Spanish if she’d be more comfortable with that.

It ended up with my supervisor being the one to calm her down and hang up, and her review said, “Representatives don’t speak English! Disgusting!!!!!”. The worst part is it still counted against me even though it was a flagrantly nonsense review. The lady still ended up getting her way in the end, just for being unnecessarily mean.

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32. Diaper Flight Change

I was on a flight last night, and the woman in the row next to me changed her baby's diaper on the seatback tray without putting down a towel or anything. When she was done, she just closed the tray without even wiping it down and stuffed the dirty diaper into the pocket in the back of the seat. We were only like half an hour from landing too.

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33. Keeping It OUT Of The Family

My parents and sister are trying to stop me from taking an incredible job overseas because of my daughter. There’s a really mind-blowing reason why. See, biologically she is my sister’s—but I adopted her. Earlier, I got a call from the school that a woman not on the list had come around and tried to pick up my daughter claiming she was the mother.

She had claimed there was a family emergency and she needed to take my daughter home early, now only myself and my best friend are marked down as able to pick up my daughter. When they wanted to see her ID she got cagey and claimed she forgot it and when they told her she couldn't pick her up without an ID she shouted at them before storming off.

I have spent all day on the phone with my lawyers and my boss, and my schedule is being moved ahead. I’d wanted to give my daughter a final Christmas in our current home but it's clear that's not a safe idea anymore. Our move has been brought forward and my company is putting us up in a hotel until they help us find a home.

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34. She Was No Bed of Roses

I worked at a small, family-owned pizza place in the suburbs that was fairly popular. For some reason, Mother's Day was a BIG day for this place, and as a thank you to the moms, we were supposed to give every mother, grandmother, or special woman a rose with their dinner. One Mother’s Day, I opened the restaurant with only one other server, two cooks, and no highchairs or tablecloths because a sister restaurant had borrowed them.

I hadn’t had a food break, so by the end of my seven-hour shift, I was pretty beat. I had a table of two adults, who seemed totally pleasant and lovely...until I brought them their check. The woman looked at me and asked why so many people had roses. I explained the whole Mother's Day thing, and she got a look of total rage on her face. Her response was totally unexpected: "How rude of you to assume we don't have kids!"

It had honestly slipped my mind to ask.  She continued, "I can't believe you would be so horrible! I want to talk to your manager". At that point, she started yelling loudly, and people were staring. I apologized to her and got my manager. He tried to appease her, but she started yelling how she wanted their meal comped.

My boss wouldn't comp anyone's meal short of it coming out on fire or something extreme, so he politely refused. He offered to comp their drinks, but that's it since I had apologized and didn't mean to be so thoughtless. I brought her a rose and apologized again, but she just wouldn't let go of her hatred. She proceeded to throw it back at me and declared she didn’t want it. She said that they were leaving and never coming back.

She stormed out, leaving her husband behind to pay the bill. He paid it and left me no tip, pointedly telling me that I had completely ruined Mother's Day for his wife. He said he hoped I was happy being a worthless person and that he would call the owner and tell him just what a horrible waitress I was. I spent the rest of my shift crying in the back hallway between serving tables, convinced I was going to be fired.

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35. A Little Common Sense Goes A Long Way

I used to drive a taxi and I knew the city like the back of my hand. In my line of work, more trips equal more money, but every dummy thinks we rip them off with purposely longer trips. The stupidest thing people would tell me to do is take the freeway instead of the direct route because they didn't want to get ripped off.

The freeway takes just as long because it's 3 am, not rush hour, so the direct route means clear streets and easy lights. And sure, you can drive faster on the freeway; but that means the trips now cover 120% of the distance and it will cost more. But hey, the customer is always right...

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36. Don’t Flush Me

I was taking a dump at my school once, and about halfway through my business, some guy walks in the bathroom, waits outside the stall door, and proceeds to sigh in annoyance over and over again. He even let out a "Hoooooooly". I finished what I was doing and walked out, and there’s this guy was standing there. I walk past him and start to wash my hands. He walks in the stall, takes five seconds, and walks out WITHOUT washing his hands. There are two other urinals in the washroom. What are you doing, man?

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37. A Crown Vic And A Clown Sib

I have an older brother Dave that has always been a jerk to me. There's only a one-year gap between us. But he liked to beat me up when we were kids, and he always acted like anything that was mine was also his. He was also somewhat the golden child. Which made me miserable. So no surprise I moved out at 18. My uncle was in law enforcement, now retired, and he took me in after I left home.

He even hooked me up with a decommissioned Crown Vic. I absolutely love that car. I don't know why—but Dave hated the fact I had that car. He drove three beater cars into the ground while my Crown Vic kept chugging along. Well after his third beater finally got totaled when he drove it into a pole, he asked to borrow my car.

All of a sudden, a terrible feeling washed over me. I told him I wasn't gonna do that. He called me entitled and said he needed a car to get to work. I told him to take the bus because I know how he drives and my Crown Vic was off-limits. My parents called me after that and told me to just lend him my car. I said I won't no matter what they say.

I rely on the car and need it as well since it's my personal transportation. Dave wasn't the only one in the world with a job he needed to get to. My uncle congratulated me for standing up to them and gave me a high-five. A few days later when I got off work the car wasn't where I parked it. I called my brother's cell, but he didn't pick up.

Then I called my parents and asked them if he took my car. They denied it. So I said I was gonna call the authorities and report it taken. What they said made my blood run cold. They admitted he'd "borrowed" it because he needed it. I told them he better bring it back right now or I'll have authorities looking for him. They called me a jerk and then phoned Dave to bring my car back.

He showed back up in the parking lot in my car 20 minutes later. I demanded to know how he took my car, and he held up a set of  Crown Vic keys he'd bought online. Some were made universal. I told him if he ever took my car again, I'd have the authorities deal with him. Then he had the audacity to ask for a ride home.

I told him he made me wait in the December cold after stealing my car, so he could walk. He called me a jerk before I drove away. After that my uncle installed a tracking device in the car. But my nightmare wasn’t over yet. When Christmas Day came I was celebrating with family like every year. The roads were cold and icy. So I had to be very careful while driving.

By now you're probably clued in. Yeah, Dave "borrowed" my car again during the Christmas party. Apparently, he decided he was gonna go pick up a friend and figured I wouldn't notice. But I did when I looked out the front window and saw my car was missing. I pulled up the tracking app and saw he was a few miles away. Then called his cell to yell at him.

Everyone at the party saw this and asked what was going on. I said Dave took my car without my permission again. And my uncle confirmed it wasn't the first time. Dave told me over the phone to screw off and he'd be back soon. I said he better not have been drinking. But he just hung up on me. Well, while I was watching the tracker app the dot stopped and didn't move for a while.

Soon we got a panicked call from Dave asking for help. He'd crashed the car because he couldn't handle the icy roads and he wasn't used to a rear-wheel drive vehicle. So we piled in my parents' minivan and followed the tracker. We found Dave by the road and my Crown Vic nose deep in a snow-filled ditch. My uncle was furious as it was his old department's car.

I was furious at Dave for jacking my car again. My parents wanted me to let it go. But I said enough was enough and was gonna call the authorities. Dave begged me not to because he really had been drinking before he set off and would get in trouble. I said he was gonna pay me back for my friggin’ car then or I'd sue him.

Well as luck would have it the authorities were already aware of the accident and were driving in to check on the scene. Someone else had called them I guess. My parents tried to say that I was the one driving the car and they were just there to help me. I said that wasn't true, and my uncle backed me up. In fact, one of the officers that was there recognized my uncle and they had a chat.

Then they went to Dave and asked to see his license. Well, we were all in for a surprise. I then found out his license had been suspended after he'd crashed his previous car. Then they breath-tested him. He wound up with cuffs slapped on his wrists while my mother was crying and begging the officers not to take him away.

But the officer just said that she and my dad could get detained too, for lying to them. That shut my parents up. And we got back in the minivan. The Christmas party ended early and my parents drove me and my uncle home since he rode with me. They didn't say much to either of us the whole drive, and just sped away as soon as we were out of their van.

They nearly slipped off the road themselves doing that. My brother was let out the next day. And he looked so scared that he was practically crying. The officers there had roughed him up a bit while talking about lock-up and the bad stuff they'd seen go on there. Dave had actually wet himself during that and they let him take a shower.

That's when my uncle started cracking up and revealed to us that his friends in the department never filed the D-U-I and just the charge for the suspended license. Which was about a six hundred dollar fine. My uncle said he just wanted to teach Dave a lesson. And this would be the one and only time he'd ever get his help. Dave then apologized to me and said he'd pay to have my Crown Vic fixed and would never touch it again.

When it got pulled out of the ditch the front end damage was actually minor. It needs a new front bumper, a headlight, and a grill. The damage was just superficial thankfully. My parents have pretty much glossed over the whole incident and act like it didn't happen. Dave gave me the extra Crown Vic keys he'd bought online and said this has taught him a lesson he won't soon forget.

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38.  Petty Princesses

Three girls came in a few hours before our dining area was about to close. They were all in their 20s and they looked prissy. Even though I had just finished a long day, I toiled for a good two hours, getting them food and drinks. I was kind to them, tried to crack a few jokes, and made them feel at home. It was rearing down to the last half hour, so I let them know that our dining area was closed, but they could feel free to move to the bar.

A half an hour later, I realized that they had no intention of doing so, so as the cook left and the lights were dimmed, it was just me watching these girls and bringing them drinks. At this point, it was about 11:30 pm, and I was tired. However, we are expected to stay and serve until the last group lets out. The three girls were joined by their two friends, who promptly ordered drinks even though we had already closed the dining area.

They finally called me over to let me know they were ready to pay. This is when they really got on my nerves. Their bill was over $50, and they paid with a credit card. When I got the receipt back from them, next to the tip was written $0.45. I was so furious I wanted to smack them all. I expect that kind of behavior from kids who only have a few quarters in their pockets, but not from five 20-somethings with credit cards and designer purses.

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39. That’s Not How Any Of This Works

I worked for a wireless ISP, meaning point-to-point wireless with a big antenna on your roof pointed to our tower. A lady called in and complained that her PC could not get online. After talking to her, we realized that she had no router and no WiFi adapter. But she figured that since it was 'wireless', it should work.

The next day, she had her daughter call in to say they bought the 'WiFi' device and installed it on the PC, but the internet still wasn’t working. I asked some troubleshooting questions and it turned out they bought a PCI Wireless card (something you put into older computers so that they can hook up to the WiFi). But that's not even the craziest part—they screwed it into the case without mounting it on the PCI slot at all, and again, they assumed it should work because it was "wireless".

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40. Can’t Do It Without Mommy

My supervisor at work is insane. Recently, she pooped her pants and called her mom to bring her new clothes so she could change and finish work. She's 55. She would not have gotten in trouble if she had just gone home, and her mom lives more than an hour away. My supervisor sat in soiled pants for over an hour waiting for her mother to bring her new clothes.

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41. I Do & You Don’t

I'll start this off by saying my wedding is scheduled for April because my fiancé has always dreamed of a spring wedding. And I really like the idea too. I have an older brother though. And last Saturday I was called over to my parents' house to talk about something. But they refused to tell me what until I got there. They then sat me down with my brother and told me that my brother wants to use my wedding as the perfect day for him to propose to his girlfriend.

I was instantly mad and told them ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I couldn’t believe their reaction. They all ganged up on me. I ended up so enraged to the point that I, one man, somehow backed all three of them into a corner. I told them that if they want to do this, then not only will they all be uninvited, but I'll also put a stop to the financial support I've been giving monthly since they paid to have my golden child brother go through college by taking out a second mortgage.

I landed a decently high-paying job and have been sending five hundred dollars to my parents monthly to help ease their mortgage. And I didn't ask for a stake in the ownership of their house either because I really don't want it. It was entirely goodwill. And I can stop it any time. I left without speaking anything more to them.

But my brother came to my home the next day to yell at me that I ruined his big chance because now our parents are siding with me and say they'll evict him if he tries to propose at my wedding. He said I was financially blackmailing our parents, and that he just wanted a good chance to propose because he was afraid his girlfriend might leave him soon.

I said that was his problem, not mine. Because my wedding day is not about him. That’s when I laid down the law. And if he tries to propose at my wedding, I WILL have him thrown out. That's not a maybe, but a definite. And I doubt his girlfriend would appreciate her proposal followed up with being tossed out by a bouncer.

He yelled a few choice words at me, then went crying to our only surviving grandparent. Our maternal grandmother. And she called to try and ream me over the phone. No surprise my brother heavily embellished the version of the story he told her. But she still sided with him after I gave her the real story. She tried to hold her ground, but the verbal backlash I ended up giving her left her crying.

That got back to my parents, who were furious at me for taking things so far. But I told them I only went that far because I had to when they were all trying to get me to let my brother use my wedding as his springboard for a proposal. They ended up agreeing with me, but still stated they feel like I'm crass. And my brother showed up at my home again to scream at me that I'm a jerk, and I hope I'm happy with myself for not allowing him the opportunity.

My fiancé knows what my brother tried to do. And she's very angry about it. She's almost ready to have him uninvited if he pursues this any further. Normally I have a very mild temper. But when it comes to certain people like my brother, parents, and grandmother, I can easily get short with them because of all the past favoritism.

My grandmother especially. She always sided with my brother and believed his lies no matter what he did. She's the biggest reason my parents favored my brother too. She kept trying to convince me over the phone to let my brother propose at my wedding, so much that I ended up losing it on her. I ended up speaking with my brother again and said he'd tell his girlfriend if he was still intending to propose at my wedding without permission.

He took it poorly and called me an awful person. So I pointed out that my wedding isn't about him. Our parents were there for this, and they backed me up. I think my brother did a double-take when they did that. My dad pointed out that he'd raised my brother wrong, and that was on him. So from now on my brother was to show them real respect.

And they wanted to get an official lease drawn up for him to pay proper rent and utilities. He was only paying them $300 a month without contributing to any utilities or food. And if he doesn't want to pay, he can move out and they'll rent his room to someone else. My brother turned to our mom for help. But she just agreed with dad.

He looked like he was having a conniption and then left the house. He came back a couple hours later, but spoke to no one and locked himself in his room. Two days later my brother announced he was moving in with grandma because she invited him. And our parents basically told him that if he wants to live with her, then to go ahead.

My brother responded to this by saying we all hate him for just wanting to propose to his girlfriend. My parents pointed out that it's not that he wanted to propose, but where he wanted to do it. And he'd get no support for it. He's refusing to talk to our parents now. My grandmother did try to call me again. But it ended up with me telling her that my brother will not be allowed to propose at my wedding, plain and simple.

So he can get over it, or not come. And the same goes for her. I ended up calling her out on her favoritism towards my brother since we were kids. Which she tried to deny at first, but couldn't keep doing so because of how much I'd pointed out. She ended up crying again while I told her that if she keeps trying to insist on this, then she won't be coming to my wedding.

She begged me not to rescind her invite. But still said she doesn't understand why I couldn't let my brother have his way before ending the call. My fiancé is 100% on my side. And is fully ready to remove my brother and grandmother from the wedding. My grandmother hasn't called again. And she's not talking to my parents either.

My guess is my brother went crying to her again to tell her mommy and daddy weren't enabling him anymore. So she offered for him to move in with her. But there's literally nothing she can do to sway me. And I think my last conversation with her made her realize that. But then, something happened that made everything 1,000 times more complicated.

My brother’s girlfriend saw my post about the issue on Reddit and she called me up. She realized it might be me with the way I described my brother and grandmother. So yeah, now she knows. She ended up tearing my brother a new one. And he still tried to justify himself to her. That's when she told him they were through and end all contact with him.

My brother, of course, blamed me. Even though his girlfriend said that she's been ready to leave him for a while now, and if he'd tried to propose, no matter where, she'd have told him "No". So that's it. My brother showed up at my place one more time to have a fit, and said he is boycotting my wedding. He actually thought he had leverage that he and grandma won't go.

I said I wouldn't miss him, and that he's in his 30s now and needs to grow up. Our parents are no longer supporting him. And they're already repainting his room to rent it to someone else. And they plan on renting out my old bedroom as well because they need the money after the financial hole he left them in after dropping out of college

They spent the world on him and he wasn't the least bit grateful. That made my brother just shut down and leave. And since then we've not heard a peep out of him.

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42. Their Attitudes Were Out Of Focus

I used to work at a camera store. I had customers who would come in, listen to my assessment of their camera's problems, and then ask to speak to a male salesperson instead. The men would then tell them exactly the same thing I said. I guess it's just easier to believe a man knows how cameras work than a silly little woman.

Helicopter Parents factsPixabay

43. He Made His Bed

I work for a company that sells Powertrain products. A guy from AutoZone called in looking for the estimated delivery of a unit he ordered. It got delayed in transit but it was going to be delivered the next day, which was still faster than the original estimate we gave them. Now, remember this guy works for an auto parts store, so he himself is in customer service.

The dude told me that was unacceptable, which blew me away because again, it was being delivered the next day and was ahead of schedule. I asked if he was joking. He proceeded to yell at me. Finally, I asked him if he wanted me to call his customer, something I had offered to do before but was rarely taken up on. I ended up calling the customer. That's when I discovered something fishy.

He told me the AutoZone employee told him he was going to see it a week ago. So I was honest and said, “Oh, no idea why he lied to you that was never the case”. Usually, I would let the customer be mad at us instead of the place where they buy their parts from, but since the AZ employee yelled at me and never said he was in a jam because he gave bad information, I refused to be helpful.

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44. Can I Get a Lick?

About three months ago, I made a move from San Francisco, California to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although the two cities aren't as dissimilar as I had initially expected, there have definitely been some moments of culture shock. For one thing, there's a Walmart on every corner out here. I was quite accustomed to seeing a Starbucks every time that I turned around, but Walmarts are few and far between in the Bay Area.

Since my arrival in Louisiana, I've discovered that the convenience of shopping at a Walmart doesn't manifest as a result of their product selection or prices, but rather because you'll probably wind up walking into one by accident if you don't watch where you're going. On one such occasion, although, I confess, I may have gone inside on purpose. I decided that I wanted to stave off the Southern heat with some ice cream.

Immediately upon entering the frozen foods aisle, I was stopped right in my tracks. In front of me was of the most unbelievably obese woman I'd seen in recent memory. Watching her move was like witnessing an unruly mass of chocolate pudding in its struggle to escape from a bright pink sweat suit. Also, as misfortune would have it, the woman in question was standing directly in front of the ice cream selection apparently delighting in the cold air that was escaping from the door she had propped open with her enormous posterior.

There was a brief moment where I considered feigning forgetfulness and making an abrupt about-face, but my desire for ice cream was compelling enough to keep me there in the aisle. I waited patiently for the woman to make her selection and move away, but sadly, that opportunity never came. She stayed planted there looking for all the world like she was caressing each carton in the plexiglass cupboard.

Eventually, I decided to take a more active role in my pursuit of dessert. "Excuse me," I said, "may I grab something from there?" No response was forthcoming. The woman stayed fixated on the freezer with her hand, which I saw was festooned with remarkably gaudy fake nails, resting lightly on a quart of cookie dough ice cream. "Excuse me," I said again a bit louder this time.

At last, the woman started to move, but it wasn't to make room for me. Instead, I watched in horror as she pulled a carton from the freezer, opened it pausing briefly to cram the plastic "freshness seal" into her pocket, and then licked the contents. Only then did the woman speak. "Naw," she said more to herself than to anyone else. She replaced the lid on the carton, put it back into the freezer, then selected another. Once again, I looked on as she opened the ice cream, dragged her tongue across its surface, pondered for a moment, then closed the carton, and returned it to where some unwitting future shopper might stumble upon it. I did not get ice cream that day... nor any day since, come to think of it.

Dumb Students FactsWikimedia Commons

45. The Bad Wedding Hall Of Fame

So this happened yesterday and I'm at a loss for words. I proposed to my now-fiancée back in 2018 and other than initial decisions on which venue, we haven't made a single step in further planning our wedding. With the pandemic going on we decided to hold any future wedding plans off until this situation is 100% solved.

Well, yesterday I was on a Zoom call with several of my cousins just catching up on things and whatnot. At some point on the call one of my cousins' wives barged into the conversation and pretty much took over it. She's not well-liked at all in our family so the call ended soon after she invited herself in. Anyways, about 30 minutes after the call had ended, my cousin's wife called up my phone.

Before I could even say hello, she just started interrogating me about my wedding and when I said that we haven't planned anything yet, she began gushing about how we should hold it at the venue she held hers along with catering, DJ, and so forth even as going as far as to "donate" us her playlist. She said she'll get right to it and she'll handle everything for us.

Now, if there was an award for the worst wedding ever, this one would be in their hall of fame. First, the venue was a dump; in the middle of nowhere with no roads connecting to it from the highway. It was so bad many of the guests weren't able to find it so a lot of them were extremely late or ended up getting frustrated and traveling back home.

Furthermore, the venue was not handicap-friendly so it wasn't fun for the more elderly and wheelchair-bound guests including this woman’s own brother. Also, the venue had no restrooms available and the only ones that were available were located about a 30-minute walk away. Seriously. Adding on, when we got to the venue we saw that there were a lot of cats literally on the guest tables and some guests were horrified to find cat poop at their designated seats/tables.

The staff took their time to do something about it so those guests left soon after. Next, the food. The food itself was horrible, the deserts were in a horrible shape and were nothing but a crumbling crust and fruit paste that had to be scraped onto the plate, the cooked dishes weren't properly stored beforehand and a lot of it smelled spoiled which later turned out to be true since people began complaining about stomach pains.

Third, wedding ceremony in the midst of summer at an outdoor venue = NOT A GOOD IDEA. The wedding ceremony was INCREDIBLY long (about two hours). Again it was the middle of summer at an outdoor venue so it was HOT. Not only staff had closed the bar for the two whole hours of the ceremony, we weren't even able to get glasses of water.

Fourth: the staff, they were highly unprofessional and while they did have fans set up at the beginning around the tables and dance floor, they were later picked up and the owner refused to get them out even though people were starting to fry. Finally—the music/DJ. The music was ridiculously loud.

While of course it's only natural for people to have a different taste in music, let's just say that the playlist my cousins had chosen didn't fit a wedding at all. If anything it was more suitable for hotel's kids pool gymboree. Needless to say, with the lack of any ventilation and the extremely loud volume, other than my cousin’s wife and her few sisters and friends, the dancefloor was mostly deserted.

I didn't stay long either and left right after my fiancée began complaining about severe stomach pains which later turned out to be from the spoiled food. We spent the night at the ER, so that was fun. Back in the present, my cousin’s wife kept running my ear off how amazing hers was and how ours could be just as amazing if we stuck to her plan—meaning, copy-paste hers onto ours.

When she had noticed I was silent she was about to pitch her idea to me again but I quickly shut it down. I reminded her how a good chunk of her guests ended up with food illness, my fiancée included, as well as that several of the said guests later on sued the venue. I then informed her that my fiancée and I have already decided our venue.

I basically informed her that while I appreciated her willingness to help out, our tastes do not match and would prefer to consult people who are more familiar with my fiancée and myself. I was furious and wanted to rage on about how her wedding sucked and our grandfather (mine and her husband's grandfather) nearly ended up dehydrated but I held it in and simply ended the call.

I knew she was upset because this was a woman who has rarely heard the word "No". throughout her life so I was mentally preparing for whatever hostile fire coming my way. Sure enough, cousin hits up my phone and demands to know what I said to his wife because she hasn't stopped crying since we ended our conversation.

I told him she decided upon herself to plan our wedding but I refused. He was a bit over the top at first but calmed down a bit after I explained myself, he knows I wouldn't make stuff up. His wife on the other hand said I called her names, that my fiancée hates her, that we're going to sue her and that my family can't wait until cousin divorces her. Sigh.

I chuckled a bit and told cousin exactly what I said and even offered to send him a recording of the call (all of my calls are recorded, trust issues). He said he'd like to listen to it so I later sent him the recording. He later called again and said that they had a big argument and she went to spend the night at a friend's.

Later that night it was brought up to my attention that CW went on to social media to say how I'm a horrible person who hates her and is the sole reason why her marriage is crumbling. However she soon removed the posts when people who know better came to defend me and I even made a reply that I can share the recording with whoever's interested.

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46. What’s Wrong With My Money-Eh?

I was working the register during a fairly normal Sunday morning. After ringing up this guy's subs, he tried to pay with Canadian money, while the shop we were in was in the United States. I refused the foreign currency, and the guy threw a hissy fit. I tried to calm him down, and he started ranting about everything that could be ranted about. He knocked over the cookie rack and left. The other customer in the line left me a few dollars as a tip and made sure to tell me it was the correct currency.

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47. We All Need To Follow The Rules

I used to work in a public night shift service, which was kind of like an emergency room but for non-emergencies, to keep the hospitals clear of white codes (so anything from a fever to a sore throat, to prescriptions for urgent treatments). This lady walked in at 3 m. asking for a prescription for hypertension meds, which wasn’t unusual.

The law states that our service can only write prescriptions for potentially life-altering conditions and for a maximum of 72 hours of coverage (so if you take one pill a day, I can only prescribe you a single blister). While I was writing the prescription, the woman casually made a disturbing remark that made me stop immediately.

While cleaning the medicine cabinet, she realized she was down to her last full blister. My pen stopped and I ask her to repeat what she just said. “Full blister”? She confirmed. So I took the prescription, tore it in half, then threw it in the bin, explaining the law to her. She got mad, started yelling, and then naturally said that she'd call the authorities.

I told her to go ahead and she did. When they arrived, she triumphantly announced that I was refusing to treat her. I explained the situation, and they asked her if it was true that she still had a full blister, and she, of course (being a narcissist who is always right no matter what) confirmed it. The officers looked at her with disappointed expressions.

They then asked her politely to leave, as I was in the right. She was livid. The day after, my boss called me and cracked up because apparently, the same lady went there during the day to talk to “the manager”, and she (my boss) told her the exact same thing. I never saw her again in there, weirdly enough.

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48. Wrong Kind of Homecoming

Recently, we had our homecoming dance, and worse than the bad Miley Cyrus imitations and short dresses, I saw a couple doing it. On the dance floor. It just looked like they were grinding grossly, but I SAW FAR, FAR MORE THAN THAT. Later, my date stepped on a used rubber. Now, the couple I saw wasn't using one. So, there were at least two couples doing it on the crowded dance floor.

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49. Not Such A Mystery After All

For those not in the know, a mystery shopper is a person assigned by the company to make random unannounced inspections with regard to customer service and in general, the well-being of the company employees and the store. Also, it is customary for the mystery shopper to BLEND in with everyday customers and NOT bring attention to themselves, in a way that can be misconstrued as just another obnoxious and rude customer. i.e act like a jerk, get treated like a jerk.

This woman didn't get that memo. One day around lunchtime, my boss was in the back having her lunch. I was out on the shop floor and serving customers—an unusually high amount, but nothing that I couldn't handle on my own, since my co-worker wasn't going to be in later, when in walks this Karen. As I was serving the queue of customers, I half-heartedly said, "Hi, welcome to "... ( I was hungry) while still serving and ringing through items.

She gives a harrumph and says, under her breath, that it’s polite to make eye contact. Alarm bells. She hums and haws while I'm making my way cautiously and correctly through the remaining customers, all the while she's making daggers, and eventually storms off in a huff looking around. Like I can come away from paying customers, just to help her.

As the last two customers make their way to the till, she joins the queue with a whole two items, with an audible "Oh, for heaven’s sake!" The customer I'm serving looks at me with a confused expression and I nod. Then she mutters: “This is freaking ridiculous”. Finalizing the payment before moving on to the next customer, the till decides to freeze and it takes a few minutes for it to re-boot.

I make my apologies, and the customer I'm serving is fine with it, along with the other customer behind. But the horrible Karen keeps muttering and at one point she says, “Ugh. The service in this establishment is absolutely RIDICULOUS”. I had enough. With my best passive-aggressive customer service voice and smile, I replied. 

I say: “Listen, as you can clearly see I am dealing with other customers. I am the only staff member on the floor as my boss is at lunch. The till has decided to not play nice, and to be perfectly honest with you, I am well within my rights to refuse you service and ask you to leave as your attitude absolutely stinks”. She says: “WHAT?! YOU CAN'T TALK TO ME THAT WAY!!! DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM”?

I told her: “I really don't care to be honest, now I am once again asking you to leave”. She storms off in the foulest mood you ever did see. The customer I am serving says, "Thank the lord you said something, I was ready to smack her". We both laugh and I finish both services and thank them for their patience. They both worked in another store where we were based.

My boss has finally finished her lunch at this point, and has come through the front. That’s when my boss drops it on me. She says: “Oh, I meant to say there's going to be a mystery shopper in at some point. Don't know who, but please be on your best behavior”. I think oh noooo. I quickly tell her what happened and explained that I was busy but not too busy that I needed to involve her and the conversation as it happened.

And lo and behold just as I'm finished telling her, in walks the Regional Manager for the company. He yells at me to go to the back office now. I know it’s bad. Now, knowing that the RM has a tendency to be a hot-head in these situations I was losing my mind at this point. Thankfully, I have had a reasonably good working relationship with him up until this point, so it really could go any way.

I tried to stay unusually calm as he asked me what happened. I explain EVERYTHING. From the moment she entered, to the moment she stormed off (almost taking the door with her) and the fact that I had witnesses that worked in the immediate vicinity. The full shebang. He sighs and nods. But I still can’t believe what he said next. He tells me: “I'm finally glad that someone else has the balls to stand up to my wife”.

WHAT?!?!?!? The look on my face said it all and he starts to laugh. He says: “Please, accept my apologies and I will let your manager know that there's not to be any repercussions of this. And I think it's time to let my wife know it's time to find more suitable employment”. I was speechless. He hands me a £20 gift card for the mall's cafe and said lunch was on him.

That was the best coffee and chicken/bacon club sandwich I ever had.

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50. This Customer Got Served

I worked as a supervisor for a company that sold party stuff and costumes. A lady called in, and the call escalated to me.  While I was on the phone with her, she told her kids to get a good education so they wouldn’t end up working in customer service. I handled this in the pettiest way I knew how to—by conducting the entire rest of the conversation using the highest vocabulary level I was capable of. She wasn't exceptionally bright and could not understand what I was saying.

It wasn't too extreme. Probably the most complicated term I used was “fiduciary capacity". She explained that she was confused by the words I was using.  So, I suddenly went from being extremely patronizing and asked her. “Is perhaps someone there that might be better able to understand the nuances of returning an order, like perhaps your husband or a parent? Do you have any neighbors that might be able to explain things to you, or perhaps a social worker?" She was mortified.

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51. They Weren’t Cold When She Got Them

I had one lady complain that her pancakes were cold. Granted, that is a valid excuse for a complaint, however, she ate them last and when she asked about them, she gave the waitress a bad attitude about it. She then demanded to talk to a manager. Sadly for her, her waitress was the person in charge that night. She was NOT having that.

Now, we remake pancakes all the time and we're more than willing to redo them, but she needed to make a scene. She took her pancakes up to the host stand, waved it at everyone, and said, "THIS IS COLD"! She then threw the pancake, causing a pancake explosion all over her and her party of five, and she walked out without paying. People never cease to amaze me.

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52. Bad Drivers Really Are Everywhere

One summer, I was a camp counselor, and I was in one of those 15 passenger vans packed with kids. We were coming back from a trip in North Carolina, and we were on a curvy mountain road. A woman in an oversized SUV was coming up the other side of the road, and we slowed a little to make sure she could pass. She was obviously angry that we were there and that she couldn't fit.

At that moment, a small portion of the road gave out under one of our tires, and our van fell off the side of the hill and rolled twice. We weren't going fast, and no one was very injured, which was good, but everyone was shaken and a little hurt. What topped it off was that the woman in the SUV came back, we thought to help us, but she rolled down the window and screamed at us to watch our driving and then drove off. To this day it baffles me that someone could do something like this.

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53. The Ballad Of Officer Nephew

I live in one of those middle of nowhere desert towns where almost everyone knows almost everyone and it's hot as heck, but dirt cheap to buy a home or land in. And it's not uncommon for old cars to last out here as they almost never rust and people keep fixing them. After high school I worked my behind off at a local job to get my own place.

I ended up buying a small plot of land with a trailer on it off of a local guy. Ten years have gone by since then. And for a while, I spent a lot of my time tinkering with an old 87 Monte Carlo that I bought super cheap as it was without an engine or transmission. I loved that car as an older cousin of mine had one when I was a kid and I always wanted one of my own.

I spent two years fixing up the one I got with help from some friends and finished it in 2019. The car was fun to drive and looked good. And I kept it in good order. That is, until this mess went down. Now I didn't really trust some of the local law enforcement out here before. And this gave me even more reason not to.

A lot of the guys around here are barely qualified for the job. They are practically hired with a handshake and just told to play Doom for training. Granted though many of them are really nice. The sheriff is even kinda a friend of mine. But he's really one of the only competent ones there. Most of the rest really don't do their jobs very well.

Especially whenever a new one gets hired on. Like a guy that went out of his way to move to my town just to get to be a cop. In this case, he was the nephew of the sheriff. He even brought his own Crown Vic with a loudspeaker to drive around town in. Let’s call this guy Officer Nephew. He and I didn't know each other personally yet. But I was aware of him.

One Saturday morning I took my Monte Carlo out to meet a friend. But they ended up bailing because of a last-minute issue with their girlfriend. I thought "Meh. No problem. I'll just get some fast food and go home". I went to the local burger place and got a meal to go. And as I was walking out there was a lady outside looking over my car.

People would stop here and there to ask me about my car and where I got it. I usually don't mind talking so long as they are polite. Though this woman ended up anything but. I asked her if she liked my car. She stood up, took one look at me and snickered. I asked her what was so funny. I guess she figured I was poor or something. So she was probably judging my appearance.

She looked me up and down in a very obvious way. And then said "There's no way this is your car! You couldn't possibly afford something this nice!" Now I have a tendency to get sarcastic or snide when people make assumptions about me. So I said back "Oh really lady? The title is in my name. And these keys right here in my hand say I'm the owner too".

The Karen just glared at me as I put the keys in the lock and began to open the door. I looked behind her and noticed a beige 90s Volvo with a missing headlight and had out-of-state plates on it parked not far from me. I put two and two together and laughed. "Let me guess lady? That's your car over there?!" She started to turn beet red.

I laughed and said "Oh don't be ashamed. Those things aren't lookers but they'll run forever!" I figured this was over, but as I was opening my car door, I suddenly felt her nails digging into my shoulder. She was screeching so loud my ears were hurting. And before I could turn around she kicked me between my legs from behind with a high-heeled shoe so hard I collapsed in agony.

And true to my luck, Officer Nephew drove right up because he'd heard her screeching from down the street during his noon patrol. As soon as Officer Nephew was out of his car the Karen ran to him crying and saying that I was a carjacker that was attempting to take her new car. I wasn't looking at either of them as I was on the ground wincing in a fetal position from the pain.

The next thing I heard was Officer Nephew yelling "PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!" And then I was being pinned down by his knee on my spine and forcibly cuffed. I tried telling Officer Nephew that I knew his uncle and can prove I am the real owner of the car. But he called me White Trash and told me to shut up. That’s when it really spiraled out of control.

He picked my keys up off the ground and actually handed them to the Karen. Then he seemed to do a hero pose while she gave me a hideous grin. No matter what I said Officer Nephew wasn't listening to me because he fully believed her. And then I had to see Karen start up my car and drive off with it. My heart sank as I watched it sail down the road with her flipping me off.

Then Officer Nephew dragged me back to the sheriff's office. I'd hoped his uncle was in. But just my bad luck he was out to lunch. So Officer Nephew put me in the cell and told me to keep quiet. I was furious! But I knew I wasn't gonna make my situation any better, so I just waited. And during that time Officer Nephew kept giving me looks of contempt.

At least an hour went by and the sheriff finally came in through the door nursing a big gulp. But froze the second he saw me. "What are you doing here?!" he asked. I was about to speak when Officer Nephew jumped in and said, "I caught this lowlife creep trying to take a lady's car! So I hauled him in!" That's when I finally got my chance to speak and said "Yeah! Only it was my car! The one you know I spent so long fixing up!"

Officer Nephew just rolled his eyes and said not to listen to me. But the sheriff silenced him and asked my full story. As I tried to tell it Officer Nephew was making dismissive looks and kept repeatedly interrupting until the sheriff told him to sit down and shut up. Then when I was finally able to say everything that happened—he was furious.

The sheriff laid into Officer Nephew, who was cowering in a chair like a little boy and saying that it indeed was my car, and he stupidly gave my keys to a thief that had hit me. Officer Nephew started frantically apologizing and trying to say he was just trying to help. But the sheriff called him an idiot that just wanted to play hero by saving a damsel in distress.

And now the whole department would be in hot water for his unlawful detainment. Then he finally let me out of the cell. I got some ice for my crotch and got taken home. The sheriff and Officer Nephew went back to the burger restaurant. But the Karen's car was no longer there. They got the CCTV footage from the camera the restaurant had looking outside.

It caught everything minus the audio. The Karen came back riding piggyback with a guy on a motorcycle over a half-hour from the time she left with my car. She blew him a kiss and then drove off in her Volvo. The sheriff scrambled everyone, even Officer Nephew to try and chase her down. But they couldn't find her as she'd already driven out of the county lines.

Some phone calls were made to other departments to look for her. And I had to sit at home with an ice pack on my crotch all evening waiting for news on what happened. A couple days later my car was found just a few miles out of town. The Karen had broken all of the windows with what I'm assuming was the tire iron and then put the car in neutral and let it coast down a deep rocky hill, which rolled it into the bottom ditch which smashed the front end and warped the frame.

It was completely totaled. I wanted to cry from the sound of metal grinding on rock as the tow truck pulled it back up. Officer Nephew was there too. And he couldn't even look at me the entire time. My insurance also didn't wanna cover the car. So the sheriff's office was made to pay me the value of my Monte Carlo instead, since Officer Nephew let it happen. Which was only about five grand.

Though that was honestly close to what I had into it since I did almost all the work by hand with the help of friends. Officer Nephew also paid me another two thousand for my trouble and said it was most of his savings. The Karen was caught at a motel a state over some time later and detained for a bunch of reasons. Grand theft auto was just one of many things she was charged with.

I got on a video call just to see her in court and testify. She looked like a wreck the whole time because she knew she was screwed. And it wasn't long before she was pronounced guilty. She got ten years behind bars with no possibility of parole. As for Officer Nephew, the sheriff all but begged me not to sue him because he was his nephew and he promised his sister he'd look out for the guy.

I'm not a sue-happy person, so I let it go provided Officer Nephew actually take some sort of course on how to properly do his job. And so the incident was more or less rug-sweeped and Officer Nephew was demoted to sitting at a desk all day answering phones, and they would be docking part of his pay until every penny was paid back.

He's still regulated to desk duty half of the time these days. And he still avoids me any time I'm near him. Arguably he's a better cop now though because he mellowed out. As for me, it took some time, but with help, I finally located a replacement Monte Carlo project car with a clean title. The sheriff personally came by to help my friends and I build the new car in his downtime.

It took a year, but now I've got a fresh-looking Monte Carlo that looks just like my old one. You'd never know they weren't the same car. I've made sure to have better insurance this time around, and I'll be darned if I ever let a Karen near my car again.

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54.  She Was Half-Baked

When I was in high school, I worked at a supermarket bakery. A woman came in and started looking at the pastry case. I came over and asked if she needed help, and she looked at me and smiled.  Then her smile changed to a look of pure horror. I got scared that maybe there was a spider on my face or something and asked, "What?"

She demanded that someone else help her. I thought, fine; she is just kooky, and I'll get someone else. After she got her pastries, she walked right over to the store manager, and I could see her pointing at me. After a few minutes, she left, and the manager came over to me. I knew I was in trouble. He said the woman had told her that I walked right up to her and said, "What do you want?" in an angry tone.

She also said that I refused to help her and insulted her children and her parenting skills. The manager let me know that he knew I hadn't done that because SHE DIDN'T HAVE KIDS WITH HER. Of course, she had demanded I be fired, and when the manager said he wouldn't fire me, he had to appease her with free merchandise and coupons.

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55. Respectfully Disagree

I work for a company that sells mobile accessories like portable power banks and wireless earbuds. We had a customer complaining that her earbuds were faulty because she can hear her own chewing. Another one came in with a power bank that he claimed did not recharge to 100%, so I told him I needed to test it and that I would change it for him if I found it faulty.

I managed to recharge it fully, explained the possibilities that caused the issue to the customer, and told him that if he wants me to, I could retain it to test for a few days. But I stressed that I would not replace it for him if it was not found faulty. The guy got mad, cursed at me, and claimed we promised to exchange a new one for him when he came. He then called the authorities. That's when things got interesting.

The officers arrived, listened to his complaint and our explanation, and gave him a good telling off. We still retained the power bank for testing just to be sure. Nothing wrong was found with the power bank, and I enjoyed informing him of that. We sent the item back to him and washed our hands clean of that entire situation.

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56. The Driver on the Bus Says Move on Back Away

I got on a late bus which had the seats full of people. There were people standing in the aisle from the front to the middle door. A lady in that group moved to stand past the middle door, and I followed her so I could have some space and not be so crammed in. The very next stop, a bus on the same route caught up to us and unloaded all their passengers onto our already very crowded bus.

It was jammed from me to the front, so I looked to lady that I followed at first to see if she was going to move back to clear for some needed space. She looks me right in the eye and said "You. You move to the back. You keep hitting me. I moved back here to get away from you and you followed me. Please go. Go. Just go".

I just looked at her with shock wondering what in the world was she talking about, as I just got on the bus and any contact would have been because the bus is moving and we're standing. I just gave a "whatever lady" and moved past her. I won because someone at the back got off right away, and I snagged a seat. Though I did sit there stewing hoping she'd say something else on my way out so could call her something mean.

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57. Now That’s What I Call A Secret Weapon

When my now-adult daughter was almost three, we had a regular monthly family dinner plan. We would go to a used bookstore that was near a Mexican place we liked and a McDonald's which our kids liked. The Mexican restaurant would let us sit on the porch and bring Happy Meals there for the kids. One night our son (older than our daughter) was at a sleepover so we were a party of three.

After eating, we went to the used bookstore. We had a stroller with us so that our daughter could sit in it if she got too tired. She was an easy kid who would just climb into the little stroller and chill or snooze if we were not done browsing. I was looking at cookbooks while my husband was in the kids' section with our daughter. I noticed some redheaded chick talking to my husband.

I went back to the books for a couple of minutes and when I look up, the woman is still talking, but more talking AT him than TO him. He was starting to look VERY uncomfortable. I can tell she is hitting on him by the way he held up his hand and pointed to his wedding ring. Being me, I let this play out for a few minutes. Mostly to laugh about with him later.

As I watch, my daughter goes to him and wraps her arm around him. She gives this woman the nastiest look I had ever seen on her face. I start walking over because I can tell that my daughter is about to say something to this woman that I will either laugh at or need to intervene because of. As I get almost to them, my daughter tells the woman that "her daddy" already has a mommy for her and if she doesn't get away from him, she is going to puke on her.

My daughter has ALWAYS had the ability to vomit at will. She had already used it against one of my male relatives with a weak stomach. The woman, not knowing I was behind her, told my daughter that her daddy didn't have a mommy to go with him, and daddies NEEDED mommies. My daughter looked at me with a look that clearly stated "She is an IDIOT. Get her away from me NOW".

I walk past the woman and up to my husband. I put my arm around him and lean into him. Then I put the hand wearing my wedding ring up on his chest as I look at her. The redhead doesn't have the sense to just leave the area—but that’s not the worst part. She had to start a rant about how I should have been right by him if I wanted to keep him.

How he should go with her and divorce me because she would NEVER be away from him, and how I don't deserve a man and she does, so she is just going to replace me and raise my kids as her own. I looked up at my husband and asked how he kept getting the weirdos that have elevators that don't go all the way up to want to replace me?

Redheaded chick loses it and starts saying she wants to fight me over him, that whichever one of us wins will get to keep him. I asked her if she SERIOUSLY thought that I would bother with a fight? He was already mine, and I don't believe in fights. Then this lunatic starts screaming that I am trying to end her. At that point, my daughter had enough.

She walked over to the lady and waited until the stupid, stupid woman bent down to talk to her. Then my daughter puked all over her. And sort of up onto her neck so that when she stood up, lots of it ran down her shirt. Staff was already on the way over, and wanted to know why the lady was screaming? I told them she was hitting on my husband and then wanted to fight me for him.

I didn't know why she suddenly started saying that I wanted to hurt her, to shoot her. She was just being an idiot, then she got my daughter all upset so my daughter puked. I cleaned our daughter up and had her rinse out her mouth. On the way home my husband insisted we stop and buy her some ice cream. When I asked my daughter why she thought she needed to puke on the lady, her reaction was legendary. 

My daughter told me that we had already spent enough time talking and it CLEARLY wasn't going anywhere. So she ended it. My daughter has always had a way of cutting through the garbage in life.

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58. No Cents In Figuring This Out

I was serving a table with two people—one was a woman, and the other was a person whose gender I couldn’t quite determine. I took the woman's order and turned to the person of indeterminate gender, and they said nothing. Not a word. I asked, “And what can I get for you?” I waited, but there was no answer. I figured I had a 50/50 chance, so I said, “Sir?”

That was a huge mistake on my part—it was a woman, and now she was angry. She proceeded to tell me just how awful a person I was. They stayed for the whole meal, saying terrible things to me the entire time. They tipped me six cents—in pennies. The girl I was working with that night had been into Wal-Mart and told me that the same woman worked there in the women’s clothing section. So, we went, took clothes off the hangers, and put the six pennies she left me on her fitting room desk.

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59. Just Trying To Be Difficult

I worked at a General Motors dealer in the early 2000s. We had this guy ("Sweater Guy" was his nickname as he always wore them, regardless of season) come in occasionally. He would never want to give us his VIN# out of fear that we’d obtain his identity via his car. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, his final trip to our shop was an absolute doozy.

As usual, he wouldn’t give us information on his vehicle but he expected us to get the right parts for it the first time, despite knowing there were variations of his model (Pontiac Bonneville). Providing us with the information would help us get him exactly what he wanted. So we finally got him to cooperate after 10 minutes of back and forth, and then we handed him his parts. He just stood there, staring at us.

The parts manager asked, ”Is something, wrong sir”? Sweater Guy then said, ”I want the freshest parts on the shelf. These are dusty and have obviously been here forever”. Flabbergasted, the parts manager responded, “Well, there’s no expiration date on these, as they don’t expire. It’s just kind of dusty back here, which is why there’s dust on the boxes”.

This explanation caused him to turn a deep red. “I don’t care, I want a fresh product or I’m going to the business manager”. The parts manager offered to call him up himself and then does so. The general manager comes in, already aware of this guy, and tried to rationalize with him. Unluckily for him, he got the exact same horrible treatment from Sweater Guy.

He left for a couple of minutes, then came back with a piece of paper in his hand. He said to Sweater Guy, “Please read and sign this. It states that you are no longer allowed on the premises seeing as you continue to harass my employees each visit. If you return, we will call the authorities and have you escorted off the property. Understood”?

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60. In the Trucking Way

My town is well known for having a ton of construction companies, and every company has an oversized pickup truck that is far too large for our small congested streets. One day, a construction truck ran me off the road, bending my rim and popping a tire. My car just happened to stop in front of an empty driveway. Just as I start change wheel, some old couple pulls up and starts yelling at me for blocking their driveway.

I tried to explain that I had no choice and it would only take a minute, but they could care less. Apparently parking on the street and walking an extra ten feet was too inconvenient for them. The conversation ended with them ranting about how America was going to the dogs and how people like me have no respect. Sometimes it’s better to ignore oddballs like these. Trying to bring rationality to some people is just a waste of time.

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61. My Drinking, Not Your Problem

I drink privately, I would NEVER drink and drive, I am quiet and respectful. I have a job, I have friends, I have a nice apartment, I've never hurt anyone. Most nights, I like to chill out on my couch with a drink. Thus, I often walk into my apartment building with a case or bottle of whatever I decide to hurt my body with that night.

Many of those nights, I've run into a certain middle-aged woman on the elevator. Well, yesterday I got a phone call from my landlord. Here's how the conversation went. Me: “Hey Ray. “What's up”? Landlord: “Uhh. I got something awkward to tell you”. Me: “Okay... what is it”? Landlord: “Someone made a complaint about you”. Me: “What? For what”?

Landlord: “Another tenant called to say that you're an out-of-control drinker, and you always walk into the building carrying drinks. She wants you out of the building”. Me: “Umm... okay”? Long pause. We both start laughing. Landlord: “Yeah, she said the next time she sees you with any drinks, she's calling the authorities”. Me: "Tell her I said good luck with that, and to tell me how it goes".

You can't get me in trouble for being drinking in peace, Karen.

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62. The Calm Before The Storm

I was a cashier at Walmart, working the late shift. It was around midnight, and the store was pretty empty. An Amish family came through my line. They bought a lot of groceries, and the total was well over $200. When it was time to pay, his credit card was rejected. Upset, he asked me to try it again, so I did. No dice. At that point, he started taking out his frustration...on me. the guy started yelling at me, telling me that I must be doing something wrong.

My manager, who had been watching the whole thing unfold, stepped over to the man and tried to calm him down. The guy wasn't having any of it, and I just stood there helplessly as I watched him get angrier.  He was in my manager's face screaming at him and calling us all idiots. The next thing I knew, this Amish dude punched my manager right in the face.

They started brawling, and his wife and daughters were horrified, screaming at their dad to stop, one of them began crying. My manager's glasses flew off his face at one point. Finally, security came and broke it up. They held down the guy until he was tired of fighting. The authorities showed up not too long after. A stocker had to come and put all of those groceries away.

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63. Well, That Backfired

I once lived on a cruise ship working as an indentured waiter. We did five-month contracts where you worked every day for 5 months with no day off. There were 1,000 employees who lived on the ship in tiny metal cabins deep in the bowels of the ship. We usually worked 70 to 80 hours a week. The guests often asked us ridiculous questions.

It was fun to kind of misinform them. One time, a lady asked me where the employees lived while we were out at sea. I told her an outrageous lie just to mess with her—that helicopters fly in every day and ferry all the employees to the nearest island. When she checked out, she asked for a discount because she said she couldn't sleep because of all the helicopter noise.

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64. Toilet Stalling

I went to the bathroom at a public coffee shop today. It's one of those public bathrooms with a tiny sink and a mirror over it and two little stalls. People wait inside to use the bathroom; there's not really a hallway in front of it. Both stalls were occupied, so I waited. There's another woman in there talking on the phone in one of the stalls. On speakerphone.

She's talking to someone that I presume is her boyfriend. She's complaining about some "so-called friend". She gets out of the stall and gives me a look and says, "ew, someone in here is listening to my conversation". She puts the phone on the ledge of the sink and starts doing her hair and pulls a makeup bag out of her purse.

She's still talking on the phone when I get in the stall. I wait for her to leave. She doesn't leave for another ten minutes. I sit down and finally pee. Hooray. How rude, I think to myself. What kind of a person thinks it is acceptable to talk on speakerphone in a public bathroom? I go to grab some toilet paper, and… there's none left. She had taken the last bit! And of course, she didn't let me know so that I could grab some from the basket by the sink on my way in to the stall because she was too busy complaining on the phone.

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65. Playing Favorites

I have a young sister that has honestly been the golden child to my mother but not my father for as long as I can remember. My parents divorced when I was a teenager because my mother cheated with an old high school ex-boyfriend and has always been controlling, manipulative, and narcissistic. And sadly my sister was like her little Mini-Me.

Our mother also seemed to believe she had total authority over me any time she so much as snapped her fingers. She'd snap them and order me around like a dog. It was demeaning. And my sister always backed her up too. So no surprise I went to live with my dad full time after our parents split while my sister stayed with mom.

The two of them were very alike. And both pretty much stopped speaking with my father unless it was about money. Though I'm more like my dad. My father was very business-oriented and started teaching me how to do his line of work as soon as I was 16. I got pretty good at it. And after 12 years of working for my father I was made a partner in his company.

Things were great. But then, about eight months ago tragedy struck. My father had become somewhat immunocompromised due to being a heavy smoker for much of his life and passed on at only 60 years old after he caught C19. I met my mother and sister for the first time in years after we had a socially distanced funeral for my father over video call.

My father was cremated by his own request and buried in a local cemetery. So there was no body or casket. My sister seemed to grieve, but my mother looked indifferent the entire time. Though I honestly was not surprised. The last time she saw my father she screamed at him that he owed her more money, and then said she'd sue him. To which he just laughed at her.

He'd paid alimony and child support as long as he was legally mandated to, and no more than that. And he even put 30K toward my sister's college fund. But ten years after the divorce he was no longer legally required to send mom money anymore because of the judge's ruling. And she's by no means broke. She works the same job she has had for nearly three decades, fully owns the old family home we used to share, and even rents out two of the rooms in it to Air B&B regularly.

She's by no means hurting for money. Some time after the funeral, my dad's will was read. Apparently, he'd figured that if his bad habits didn't eventually do him in, something else would. And even joked about it in a pre-recorded video. I was pretty much willed nearly all of his assets from most of his money to his business and home.

He left my sister a car (2015 Nissan Altima) and about 10K in cash. My mother only got one grand and a few other items that she'd been claiming were rightfully hers since the divorce. Beyond that, I got the rest. And my girlfriend now lives with me in the house my father passed down to me. My sister pretty much went from finishing two years of community college to living off her boyfriend and only working part-time online for several years.

But she didn’t have it easy. During that time she got pregnant but suffered a miscarriage. I wasn't aware till after the funeral because we were practically no contact and no one else told me. When lockdown hit her boyfriend's job started downsizing little by little and eventually he was only able to stay on part-time. Which hampered hers and his finances to the point he was finally telling her she needed to look for better employment as well since he was trying to find a second job.

Then, she got pregnant. She claims she and her boyfriend were careful, but calls it her miracle baby. Recently, I got an unexpected knock at my door. And when I answered I was unpleasantly greeted by both my mother and sister. They both walked right in without even asking and made themselves comfortable in my living room.

My girlfriend and I shared a look of confusion and I asked why they'd come by. My sister was giggling and looking all over, opening doors and seemingly giving herself a tour of my home. My mother had just plopped herself down on my sofa and snapped her fingers while demanding a cold bottled water. My girlfriend got the water for her and I asked what they were here for.

My sister seemed all giddy and just ignored me to continue snooping around my home. And before long I heard her yell from down the hall "Mommy, it's perfect!" (Yes... She still calls her mommy...) My mother finally spoke up and said "Well. I think it's time to did your brotherly duty". To which I was like "What?" What my mother said next was seriously twisted. 

My mother then proceeded to tell me: "Now that your father has passed, this house should have gone to me since I was his only spouse. But you can still fix this. You make plenty of money and could just buy a new house. Your sister needs this one so much more since she's the one with a baby on the way. But if you're so determined on staying, you could just keep to one room and cover all of the bills until you decide to move out".

My GF and I know exactly where this is going. And how it'd play out if I let it go on. So I guess you could say we were mentally prepared. I took a deep breath and stated aloud, "That's not happening! You don't order me around! Especially not in my own home! Yes I make plenty of money! But like dad, I'm gonna save it for when I really need it! Not that you care!"

My mother started snapping her fingers at me like she used to and loudly stated: "Stop! I am your mother! And you will do as I say because I brought you into this world, and I'm the one in charge here! And as far as you're concerned, I Am God! That means when I say 'Jump', you say 'How High?'! This house is rightfully mine! And your sister will live here! Consider this your formal eviction! But since I'm gracious, I'll give you two weeks to pack your bags and transfer the deed to me!".

In the back of my mind, I'm thinking "This can't be real!" But then I just grabbed my cell phone and started dialing. My mother quickly stood up and yelled "What are you doing!" And I retorted "I'm doing what I should have done as soon as this started! I'm calling the authorities to get you out of my house!" She started swiping at me and managed to knock my phone out of my hands.

Then she proceeded to try and stomp on it. But I was quick enough to snatch it up before she could. "That's it! If you don't leave I will force you out myself!" My mother proceeded to smack me across the face. And I returned the favor. So much so I ended up knocking her back down onto the couch. She held her hand over her reddening and smeared makeup face in total shock. And then yelled "How dare you”!

I went back to dialing on my phone and said that if she didn't leave, I would have the authorities come and remove her by force. My sister came barreling in between us holding her arms out and saying that I should just do the right thing for once in my life and be a good big brother. I snapped and said "Oh really? I'm the bad sibling?! Last I checked I was the one who's had to work for a living since I was a teenager!"

"I had to do all the chores in the house while you just sat playing video games or talking with your friends all day! And you used to take my hard-earned money just to go out shopping after you spent all of your allowance! You're a complete mooch and thief! So I don't owe you anything! Now both of you get out before I decide to dial this last number!"

My sister started to tear up crying like a baby and said "Mommy make him stop!". My mother began hugging her and kissing her cheeks while giving me a  glare. Then she seemed to think she'd gotten smart and said, "You know. If you do call 9-1-1 I can just tell them that you hit me. And who knows, I could maybe say to everyone you wanted to do a lot worse to a poor pregnant girl in need. I don't think that'd be very good thing for your—".

I interrupted with a raised hand. There was one crucial detail she didn’t know. I said "Just stop! If you haven't noticed my girlfriend over there has had her phone out recording almost this whole time! And that means we have recorded evidence of you assaulting me first and openly stating you'd lie to the authorities! I don't think that'd be so good for your reputation at your job, or your little Air B&B!"

If looks could end lives my mother would have blown me up like a tactical nuke. But she quickly deflated and started dragging my crying sister out by the arm. My sister was somehow acting like a complete toddler and broke loose of our mother's grip to sit down on my porch step and have a tantrum. I just gave my mother a look and said "Do you see now! This is the result of the spoiled way you raised her!"

She glared at me again and then I was treated to a show of my mother trying to drag my sister off of my porch steps. But she latched onto the porch handrails and kept saying "YOU PROMISED MEEEEE!" over and over again. I let out a cackle and told them both from the door to never come back. My mother flipped me the bird and then went back to trying to drag my sister off the porch.

It took a few minutes, but she finally got my sister to get up and leave with her by saying I am "a cruel heartless jerk who will burn for this!" I laughed some more and said that there's also a special place for liars and narcissists who try to manipulate others to get their way. My mother clenched her fists and was about to say more when I just held up my smartphone again with it recording.

I said, "The clock is ticking mom! Get off my property!" My mother then walked my sister to the car, gave me one last snooty look and drove off. I thought that was the end of it. But letting things go was never something my mother would do. After a few days I started getting messages from people I know and some relatives online.

A lot of them were furious with me. But others just had questions about what was going on. I tried to check my FB, but couldn't see anything they were saying because my sister and mother both blocked me on their social media. But my girlfriend could still see everything because they kept their profiles set to open. We screenshotted everything and then printed some of it out.

Both of their profiles had posts that called me a greedy heartless jerk who took the house that was meant to be my sister's inheritance right out from under her by paying off the lawyer who handled dad's will. Which is a complete and utter lie and they both know it. I called my lawyer, who was also my father's lawyer and a trusted family friend, and gave him copies of all the screenshots from FB and the video my girlfriend had recorded the day my mother demanded my house.

He wanted to just write a formal C&D. But I wanted to take it further than that. And he sent them a letter I told him to write via express mail that had to be signed for. So I know they got it. My mother called me in an absolute fury the same day the letter was delivered. I told her that if she and my sister didn't redact all of the untrue social media posts they made about me and tell the absolute truth, I'd send all of the information I have to the whole family, her boss, and upload the videos we'd recorded of her online. And then I'd sue her on top of it.

She called me unreasonable, and that she just did what she did for my sister's sake. And then went into a full-blown lecture reiterating her belief that my sister still needs my house more than me. I bluntly stated I didn't care what she thought. And if she didn't redact everything and tell the truth I'd make sure her career would be over.

She begrudgingly said "FINE! You win! Have it your way and keep the house!" before hanging up the phone. That very evening all of the lying posts disappeared from both their profiles, I was unblocked, and my mother gave me and everyone else a half-hearted apology claiming she was too impulsive with everything she said because she thought my sister needed my house more than me because she's broke and pregnant.

But the house was rightfully mine according to my father's will, and she knew that even before my father passed. So she had no right to try and claim it. As for my sister, she also apologized, but more or less just parroted everything our mother said while claiming she just went along with her ideas. And then she blamed what she did all on our mother and her pregnancy hormones.

The replies poured in for some time on both my mother and sister's profiles. Many were furious with them for trying to take my house. I got a lot of "sorry" and "my bad" messages from those who'd previously believed her. But all it really did was show me who was more on her side to begin with since they all believed her nonsense so quickly.

They were mostly people from her side of the family anyway. No one on my father's side believed her at all. And openly said so. My sister and her boyfriend ended up moving in with our mother to save money. But she put them in the basement to keep her Air B&B running. And my sister started crying on social media that she can't live upstairs.

I'm pretty sure the two of them were fighting with each other because all my sister did after that is complain online, and my mother barely posted anything on her social media anymore because of the previous stunt she'd tried.

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66. Insta Embarrassment

At the end of Black Friday, someone came up to the service desk with an Instant Pot (which is a brand of pressure cooker) from the shelf and asked if we had any "Insta Pots" left instead. I told him the brand he was looking for was the one he was holding, but he was adamant that his friend told him he should get an "Insta Pot," not an "Instant Pot".

I looked up what he said on the store app, and Instant Pot was the only thing that showed up, so I showed it to him. I could see the anger building up in his face. He got all huffy and said, "Well I know what I'm talking about,  so if you don't have what I'm looking for, I'll just go elsewhere". Good luck with that, buddy.

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67. In-Flight Meal

I used to work at a Papa John’s Pizza. One day, this crazy lady came in and ordered a pizza. When asked if she wanted another one for half price, she flat out refused, paid, and left to go to the shop next door.  I thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong—Ten minutes later, she was back, moaning that she didn't get a second pizza. She said that she had ordered one, which she hadn't. I was chopping a pizza on the table when a pizza box came flying through the air. It opened up mid-flight, and I got a whole scalding hot pizza down my front.

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68. Professional Fecal Matters

I work with a disgusting human being. He is in the bathroom constantly pooping his brains out. He must have IBS. He never washes his hands. I often hear him constantly clacking away on his laptop in the stall next to me as if the stall is his own personal office. time he, let's call him Mr. Poopy pants, and this guy, Joe, walk into the bathroom while talking about work.

Mr. Poopy pants proceeds to continue his conversation with Joe all the while running to the stall, dropping his pants loudly, sitting down on the toilet yelling "ahhhhh" in the middle of his sentence, and continues to talk as he blows up the toilet. We're talking plopping sounds, violent pushing, farts like air horns, every conceivable sound revolving around exploding out of your backside. I got a look at Joe's face, and it was extremely similar to the face of the awkward seal. Mr. Poopy Pants just continued to talk as if this was part of normal bathroom etiquette. And he didn't wash his hands after. What is wrong with people...?

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69. A First Class, One Way Ticket Back To The Gate

I’m an airline captain, and I was commuting to work. I purchased a full-fare first-class ticket to get there. I lived in Atlanta at the time, but was domiciled in Houston and commuted. Normally, I could get a jump seat in the cockpit, but on this auspicious day, that was already taken. Pass riding wasn't an option because there were no seats in coach and only one in first.

See, pass riders can be bumped for fare-paying passengers. And I needed to get to work, so I plunked down my credit card and bought the last seat in first. Boarding has occurred and I am peacefully in my seat, waiting for pushback. That’s when this woman comes up and says to me: “You are sitting in my seat. You'll need to move right now”.

Just to be nice, I double-checked my boarding pass and replied: “Nope. This is my seat. Not going to happen. Sorry”. She replied: “You're an employee. You're sitting in my seat. Move now”. Me: “May I see your boarding pass? Clearly there's been some mistake”. She said: “You may not see my boarding pass. I showed that when I boarded. I've upgraded to first class. Now move”.

That’s when I decided I’d had enough. She said: “You'll need to resolve this with the flight crew. I'm a passenger”. She stomps off, resembling an irritated Dolores Umbridge and returns with a flight attendant, who says: “Good morning Captain! May I see your boarding pass”? I show her my pass and she tells the awful lady “Ma'am that's his seat. He paid for it”.

Her reply was infuriating. She said: “Well, then throw him off dear. I've upgraded to first-class and that is now my seat”. The flight attendant asked to see her boarding pass. The lady replied: “You will not! I showed it when I boarded. I've upgraded to first-class”. The attendant says, “How did you upgrade to First Class”? The lady replied, “I upgraded to first class. I'm more important than an employee. Now get him out of my seat”.

Someone had called the cockpit and now the captain had left the flight deck to deal with her. He knew exactly what to say. He told her: “Ma'am, I'm the captain of this flight. I've just spoken with the gate agent. We certainly apologize for this awkward situation. The agent has corrected your paperwork, and has a voucher for future travel for you as well. Please go fetch your new boarding pass and your voucher and we'll be on our way”.

She thought she’d won—but she was so wrong. She departed up the jetway, a triumphant smile on her face. That’s when the captain turned the attendant told her to prepare the doors for departure. The doors close. The captain returns to the cockpit and as we push back from the gate I can see the entitled woman pounding on the glass next to jetway. It was a nice ride to Houston. The coffee was wonderful.

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70. This Woman Needs To Get Carted Out

When I was a kid, I worked at a local grocery store. I had to bag groceries and help people take them to their cars. This notoriously rude woman would always come into our store and treat everyone like trash. One day, I had to help her take out her groceries. It was pouring rain out, so she ran to her car, jumped inside, and popped her trunk without saying a word to me.

So, I loaded up her car while getting soaking wet, and I brought the buggy back to the lock-up. I figured she had left by that point, so I pocketed the quarter from the cart like I always did. As I walked back into the store, I heard a car horn BLARING behind me. I turned around and saw the woman still parked there, honking her horn and flashing her lights.

Once she had my attention, she stuck her hand out her car window with her palm facing the sky, wanting her quarterback. So I took the quarter out of my pocket and tossed it as hard as I could right at her windshield, and went back inside. I was shocked she didn't come back inside to chew me out. She had made a few cashiers cry in the past.

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71. Would Love To, But Can’t

I worked for a website-based company that sold things. Our competitor had some features on the website that we didn’t. A customer called me asking where that feature was. I told him we didn’t have that feature on our website. He got mad and said that we should. I agreed with him and said I could pass along the suggestion so that maybe they’d add that feature in the future. I thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong.

He asked, “Well when will it be ready”? He was expecting an answer between “right this minute” and “8 pm tonight”. When I told him it didn’t quite work that way, he screamed at me, a call center employee, to change the website. His specific instructions were “just code up some HTML and put it there”. Then he hung up.

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72. Declining Behavior

My roommate and I were running errands at Target. Oftentimes people will stand outside the entrance asking for donations and such, and one girl was there that day for an organization. As we were about to go in, this mother and her son walk out, and the girl politely asks if they have any spare change—little did she realize, she'd made a horrible mistake. All of the sudden, they both EXPLODE on this poor girl, yelling at her to stop trying to sell them things, calling her all kinds of bad names, telling her to go back home, etc.

It was so strange to see. Of course, she wasn't going to take any of that, so she calmly but firmly responded saying she wasn't trying to sell them anything, not to call her such names, and that she was staying right there. The son kept calling her a bad name, so she finally said, "I can't believe you kiss your mother with that mouth".

The way he rushed at her, I swear I thought he was going to attack her, but he just got super close to her face and yelled, "YOU’RE UGLY," and knocked her papers/clipboard out of her hand. Finally, security came out, and they ran for it with the girl calling after them, "I think I'm actually very pretty, thank you very much!" While we helped her pick up her things, I still couldn't fathom that two people would randomly do that. Man.

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73. Susan Steals Spanakopita And Succumbs To Shame

I used to work with this super-entitled woman once upon a time. Her name was Susan. Susan liked to get to the office way earlier than everyone else, but I didn't find out why that was until I'd worked there for a few months. She was the sort who liked to help herself to the snacks people had stashed in the communal fridge.

She'd also take individual sodas from the case my cubicle neighbor kept under her desk, and had a real thing for stealing either my chocolate or my good granola bars, depending on what I had stashed, right out of my desk drawer. But she got her comeuppance one year at the office Christmas potluck. We had a lady who did Greek cooking and was magnificent at it.

This particular year, she'd brought in an enormous tray of mini spanakopita, the spinach and feta cheese in phyllo dough. Each roughly the size of an Oreo cookie. Literally hundreds of these little beauties, stacked two high on the tray, just waiting to be devoured. And then along came Susan, with the Tupperware of Holding.

I kid you not, she scooped fully 1/4 of the contents of that tray into her Tupperware, looking around furtively to make sure no one would try to stop her. She brushed the phyllo crumbs from her fingers, popped the seal on her massive Tupperware, and turned smugly away from the buffet table...and every single person in the office was glaring at her, fit to set her permanently ablaze.

Our office manager was particularly salty, because she, dear reader, was the Greek chef who had provided these delicious morsels. She spoke, and it was with the voice of a vengeful Goddess. "SUSAN, WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Crickets.  And then, the foot-tapping began. Tap. Tap. Tap. And the hand on the hip.

And finally, the FINGER OF DOOM did aim at Susan, Thief of Treats, Hoarder of Spanakopita. And Susan did meekly open her Tupperware, and return unto the tray roughly 90% of the 'pita. Thus was the Office Manager appeased, and thus was Susan forever sneak-shamed.

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74. Can’t Touch This

I used to work the late shift at a bar on Friday and Saturday nights. I had several tattoos, one being on my chest. This guy came in with his girlfriend. I walked up to the table to get their drink orders, and he noticed the tattoo on my chest. He asked me what it was, but before I could even say anything, he did the most abhorrent thing—he sat up and proceeded to try and rip my shirt open!

I jumped back and told him if he touched me again, he would be out of there. I stood about five feet back from that table for the rest of the night.

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75. Keeping Up Appearances

I have dealt with some fairly entitled people as a claims adjuster. I once had the misfortune of taking some high-end insured's claim. When our richer insureds hit someone or get hit, they typically get a personal adjuster who does everything. However, they sent it off to me this time, and it was something about vacations.

In any case, the best part about these claims is how easy they are. You basically say yes as long as it is not completely bonkers, then write checks later. So our insured hit this lady's Ferrari. The claimant, Mrs. Ferrari Lady, wanted to take it to the Ferrari dealership. I said fine. She demanded a rental. I told her that was not a problem.

I told her to take the Ferrari over there and we'd get her another Ferrari. I called the dealership and explained to them how to proceed: "Make sure to get her into a rental, make it nice and easy, send me the bill, and we'll get it handled". At that point, I was basically telling the dealership to proceed as they saw fit; to shoot first and ask questions later.

The last thing I wanted is problems with one of these claims. Our insureds paid a lot for the extra service, even for their claimants. The guy on the phone told me he'd make sure everything was good. I just gave this guy a golden ticket. He can hand her a 250-dollar-a-day car rental, and we'd be writing the check, no questions asked.

I get a call two hours later. The woman was mad. Maybe she got a dumb tech who didn't hear the news. Nope. Even I couldn't get that lucky. She was out of her mind, so I talked to a rep that was capable of conversing without screaming like a banshee at everything. He explained that she had refused to take the rental. I asked why. Apparently, she wanted the same year, color, and model.

He told me he just spent thirty minutes calling every dealer in the city, knowing full well I would pay the markup for having the dealership rent a car from a competitor. There were no rental Ferraris in the area that match that request, and none in the nearest three cities either, apparently. I asked our manager, and my manager refused to ship in another Ferrari.

She went bonkers and nothing was accomplished. I couldn't even get a word in. They took the phone conversation into the dealership service manager's office. He asked her why she would not take the rental. After all, this should be easy. Her next words made my jaw drop: "I need the exact make and model of car. I am going to the country club this Saturday and cannot let everybody know I was in an accident".

I was in such a state of shock I said nothing. The level of entitlement was so great I could not even process it.

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76. Land Overlord

I was working in a hardware store when a man came in and asked where the thermostats were. I walked him over, showed him the three units we carried, and then asked if it was for his home or an apartment. He asked why that was important, and I explained that if he was renting and depending on the apartment type, altering an apartment's heating system may be against the rental agreement.

For instance, it's against mine without express permission. So I suggested that he should just check in with his landlord before starting. At this point the conversation stalled. The man got this strange, angry look on his face, and he leaned in and growled into my ear, "I am the landlord, and I hope they all burn". He then stormed out of the store without another word.

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77. Leaves A Bad Taste In Your Mouth

So almost a year ago, I was working as a hostess at a fine dining establishment. We had just opened our doors after Covid and I was excited to be back. I was outside taking temps and asking the mandatory questions due to Covid restrictions. Then this couple walked up. I was asking them the questions and then took their temps.

The man, who was in his mid-30s, had a fever that was 104°. I thought maybe my thermometer was messing up since it was about 100° out. I tried again and then tried with a thermometer that was inside. They all said the same. I try his wife’s and hers read 102°. I calmly told them that although I’m very sorry they can’t come in and I would recommend staying home.

The man requested I try one more time and I do. I would like to say I was wearing a mask and they were not. Since they were still outside I wasn’t going to tell them yet. The temp comes out the same again and he starts screaming in my face. Yellin how I’m a jerk and I’m stupid. As my manager starts coming out, he spits on my face. I had no idea just how bad it would all turn out.

I instantly freak out and run inside and my manager locks the door behind me. I ended up going home the rest of the day. About four days later I felt terrible. I go and get tested for Covid. I had it. I stay home for the appropriate amount of time. I had lost my taste and smell during that time. Once I go back to work my taste and smell start coming back a little.

But the thing is, nothing tasted right. Everything tasted like rotten meat. It has taken a year to get the ability to eat food again. All I could eat was bell peppers. I lost 20 lbs. I had to go to specialists. I had to go thru a few surgeries because of all the things Covid did to my body. I even now have a thyroid issue that is assumed to have been brought on by Covid. All due to the entitled jerks who couldn’t handle that I wouldn’t allow him in.


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78. Blockbuster Blowout

I worked at a small Blockbuster Video, so we knew the regulars pretty well. One busy night, we had a large group of thug-looking guys show up who I had never seen before. Luckily, as the manager, I had to deal with them. They were incredibly loud and obnoxious. They were the type of customer you knew would be a problem before they even utter a sound.

They snuck to the front of the line to say they wanted to rent a bunch of movies. Fine. The account wasn’t in any of their names, but we could work around that. None of them had any sort of ID. I informed them that to rent, especially on an account that is not theirs, they have to have some kind of valid ID. I told them that I would hold their movies for them if they wanted to grab some ID.

They freaked out and puffed out their chests, looking for a fight. As luck would have it, the salesperson next to me was letting an old lady rent on her daughter's account without the old lady having any ID. The guys picked up on this, and it set them off even more. They began yelling and screaming at all of us, telling us how discriminatory we were.

I informed them that the sales rep had made a mistake and should not have rented to the lady, but it was too late, and I would not let them rent. After a warning to call the authorities, they left the store. Minutes later, as the same sales rep was pulling movies out of the dropbox, the plate glass in the front of the store by the dropbox shattered.

Glass flew all over the checkout desk. The sales rep got hurt to the point where his hands were bleeding steadily. We looked out the window and saw the guys piling into a truck and leaving the parking lot. At this point, I began a search and saw that nothing had entered the store, so whatever broke the window was still outside.

After getting things settled, we closed the store and waited for the authorities. While waiting, I looked outside. There was a well-kept lawn with no rocks or loose objects. The shape of the hole in the glass made it look like something hit it straight on, leading me to think that the guy who broke the glass more than likely did it with his fist.

Customer Isn’t Always Right facts

79. Proof Of Idiocy

I worked at a large pet supply store. A customer had brought in fish equipment with no receipt; I'm talking everything you need for fish. I think the tank was about 50 gallons. There was a lot of theft in this store, specifically in the fish department, so I couldn't take the return. We couldn't find his transaction on the computers either, so it was very obviously taken. When we confronted the customer, he totally lost it.

He threw a fit and yelled at me. My manager was at the register right across from me, but the man would not talk to him. He continued to yell at me, then pretended to slip and fall so he could warn to sue me if I didn't give him money. I pointed out the cameras and then he left a short while after. I don't understand people.

Obvious Lie

80. Obstructing Nature

Ok, so I live in a fairly wealthy town where everyone's really self-absorbed and materialistic. I had a tree in my backyard that had been there for quite some time that began to lean over the fence over the neighbor's property. Now, it wasn't covering a window or casting a shade on any part of the house that might anger someone in any way whatsoever. It was barely over their fence with its branches sagging down, but nowhere near touching the ground.

The neighbor apparently was angered by our tree ruining their perfect view of my garage and decided to pay a tree cutting company to cross the fence, enter our property, and cut down the entire tree. Not to mention it was a beautiful oak tree, and that they could have just cut the branches that were over their property. In the end, the company reimbursed us for $500 or so, but I would have rather had that tree standing there. I just can't imagine what was going through their head when they decided that they could decide to remodel my yard to their liking.

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81. What’s Mine Is NOT Yours

I was on the government waiting list for a house/flat for over eight years when I got a call asking me to go to a viewing. I went to see the flat, it had a small bedroom, a tiny bathroom and sitting room and a kitchen. It wasn’t much but it had CENTRAL HEATING!! (My old place was one room with high ceilings and no heating) I took two seconds to think about it and signed the lease.

A week later I got my keys and started moving a few things in. My “friend”, who I’d stay with sometimes on the weekend, wanted to come by to see the place before I moved everything in. She lived up the street from me now so I told her to come and take a look. She walked in and started telling me how I was going to repaint and decorate. Huh?!? And it continued on like this.

First, she said the bedroom should be Hello Kitty themed. I said no. Then, she said the bathroom should have racy Victorian wallpaper. Again, I said no. Then, she said: “You’ll also need to change your bedcovers every Friday by 5 pm and you can’t use your bed until Sunday night/Monday morning, depending on when we leave”. What? Did I miss something?

That’s when it all became clear. She said: “Well you know how much I hate my housemate”. Side note: he’s a good friend of mine. She continues: “Well, my boyfriend and I hate seeing him so we’re going to take your place from Friday until Sunday, and you can sleep at my place on the sofa. We need somewhere nice and private to sleep without my nasty housemate. You’ve slept on my sofa before, it’ll be fine”.

She gives me this obnoxious, huge grin and followed it with “Or we could move in here and pay your rent and you can sleep on my sofa and pay my rent”. Hers was not a government flat and she paid at least 10x more rent for her place. I put up with her ranting about how she was going to "properly decorate" for a couple of minutes.

She was sure to tell me not to move anything else in until she could inspect it and see if it was on her approval list before it came into the flat. Needless to say, I kicked her out and blocked her number, social media, etc. She spent a while badmouthing me but thankfully enough people knew how crazy she was and probably still is.

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82. She Was A Whiner

I worked a 13-hour shift catering to more than 6,000 people—all bankers and their families. Towards the end of my shift, I was going around collecting all the glasses from the tables. I reached forward and picked up the glass sitting in front of an unhappy-looking granny figure. Her head snapped up, and she started shouting that she hadn't finished her drink.

When I offered it back to her, she claimed that I had touched it with my fingers,  so I offered to get her another glass of red. She agreed. So I brought it over and set it down in front of her, smiling amicably. But no smile could appease her—she started shouting again, this time that I had taken too long to get her drink and that she wanted to talk to my supervisor.

I walked around to look for one, but they were all busy working. Hence, I came back and told her that they would come and see her as soon as they could. Without a word of warning, the old woman threw the contents of her glass at me.

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83. Signs, Signs, Everywhere There Are Signs

I used to run recovery tests for companies and they would send their workforce to our facility for a day or so for work. We had signs clearly posted that it was a secure facility and they should wait for accompaniment. The entrance of the building had a sign to wait there, and just around the wall was a long hallway leading to a locked elevator.

A group of people entered the front of the building, ignored the sign, and walked down the hallway. Once they realized the elevator was locked, they could have gone back to the front to wait, but they literally went back and forth through the hallway until I came down. When the elevator doors opened, I was so confused. But that was the least of my problems.

They complained that the building was way too confusing and that we should have more signage. They seriously got lost in a hallway and complained. It was a hallway. You just either turn around or walk backward from where you entered. I never understood.

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84. It’s All About Where You Live

My friend lived in a duplex with her roommate next to this uptight couple who had a son around 4 or 5ish. The duplex was owned by my college, and their house is literally surrounded by college-owned buildings. Every time my friend walked to class, she made the mistake of waving to the kid. The mother glared and yelled for her not to look at her kid. My friend is a complete girl next door Mary Jane type. This is when the trouble began.

Basically, this uptight couple would just look for excuses to call 9-1-1 on us. The first few times they called and complained that we were lighting up. The house was searched with no illicit substances found. Later, they called 9-1-1 on us for excessive giggling. Apparently, we were giggling so much, so obviously we are on substances.

This is when the local authorities and campus security began to get annoyed. "So, the neighbors complained about noise, specifically laughter...I stood outside your window, and it wasn't too loud, but hey just try and keep it down so they stop calling us". After another few drug calls, officers stopped searching at this point. They would just come to the door and ask, "Are you high?" My friend and I would say, "No, " and then they would then leave.

We ended up having a last-minute party of 10 people, and honestly most of the group other than my friend and another was underage. We were drinking and playing apples to apples and other games. Again, we here a knock, knock. It was the authorities. My friend and I tell everyone to hide in the kitchen, so everyone piles in.

We answer the door. "Hi officers, is there a problem?" Both of our cheeks are obviously flushed, and we probably didn't speak that clearly. Officer asks, "Any underage drinkers?" We say, "Nope!" Then the officer tells us, "Neighbors complaining again. You guys aren't really that loud. As long as y'all keep this volume, we won't bother you again tonight". We continued partying through the night uninterrupted.

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85. She Said Yes To The Dress—Twice

Back in 2016, my brother John announced that he and his girlfriend Jane of many years were engaged and were planning on having a wedding the following year. They gave nine months’ notice at least to people who would be invited and also told them what the color theme for the wedding would be (purple). In that time between the announcement and the wedding date, I was easily able to order a dress from an online retailer in London, have it sent to me, and still had time to replace if I needed.

2017 comes and the wedding weekend has arrived. I live in a different state from my brother, as my mum and I moved from our hometown back in 2013, so we both had to travel across the ocean back to the mainland to attend the wedding. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Sunny day, on the beach, I couldn't help but cry because my piece-of-work of a brother was actually marrying the mother of his children and love of his life.

He had never seemed happier. John and Jane had three kids together already, and the older two were flower girls which was sweet. Now, John is technically only my half-brother, we share a mum but not a dad. Yet growing up, it was my dad who raised John and me, so to him, my dad was his dad. My dad, prior to marrying my mum, had a first wife and a couple kids with that wife, including Susan.

John and I have always had some issues with Susan. She was only my half-sister, not John's, but he still included her in the wedding and such as a family member and guest. I hadn't noticed at the time, as I was too caught up in the whirlwind of my brother's wedding ceremony, but Susan wasn't wearing purple. No, no. She was wearing white. To be specific, she was wearing HER WHITE WEDDING DRESS to someone else's wedding.

John and Jane were furious. Especially Jane. Cue reception, some people have changed clothes, it was my first ever wedding so I didn't think that far ahead and still wore my soft lilac dress without a problem while everyone ate and shared some drinks, interacted with the bride and groom, what I assume to be normal wedding things. But Susan. Oh, Susan, Susan, Susan.

She was feeling extremely sad and lonely because no one was paying attention to her: the 30+-year-old woman who wore her wedding dress to someone else's wedding. I wonder why no one wanted to interact with her? So she began acting out. Susan began crying maybe halfway through the reception.

Openly, loudly, and in a way that clearly begged for someone to come notice her. I'm a nice person, so I tried to be the good half-sister I should be and took the L to go sit with her for a little while, ask her what's wrong. Susan: "No one is paying attention to me!" Me, while staring at her confused a little: "What do you mean?" I couldn’t believe how clueless her answer was.

Susan: "Everyone is talking with John and Jane but no one is talking to me! And when I try to speak with John and Jane, they don't talk to me!" I sighed internally, and couldn't help but wonder how she didn't connect the dots. Me: “Susan, it's their wedding. Of course everyone is going to be talking to them and they're going to be busy". Susan: "I don't care! I'm John's sister, so he should talk with me more".

Actually, lady, you're not his sister. I am. But okay, whatever. I was able to slip away and spent time with some other family who weren't acting as if this day was all about them. After the ceremony, Jane admitted to me she was livid about how Susan wore the wedding dress. She had plenty of time to plan for the wedding and get appropriate attire but when finally confronted, Susan said she had no other dress she could wear.

Even three, nearly four, years later I'm still angry at my half-sister for doing that. My mum, John, and Jane are also angry about it still. I've since stopped contact with Susan. Her and I never had a good bond anyway and as far as I could see it, we just shared a dad but I almost never had to deal with my dad's previous family.

As far as I know, John and Jane have limited contact with her but that can't be helped as they live in the same city as her now while I happily live in a place where an ocean is between me and her.

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86. He Was A Dog-Gone Pain

I used to work at an office that had an obnoxious guy come in. We openly advertise that we offer free water and coffee/tea to our customers, as we have a huge fridge at the reception and a coffee machine just behind it. He walked in demanding to speak with the most senior person. Unfortunately, that was me. He sat down, and I came over to introduce myself.

He straightaway handed me his coat to hang up without even saying anything. That was his first strike. Then, as I went to go behind the reception desk to hang up his jacket, I heard a whistle. I didn’t think too much of it as I was trying to make room for his coat. Then I heard it again, along with a click of his fingers.

I turned around and saw this guy beckoning me over, and now he had my attention. He said, “Oh, and I wouldn't mind a cappuccino while you're up". I stormed over, gave him back his coat, and ushered him out the front door. He demanded to know what was going on, so I told him, “If you are looking for your dog, you ain't gonna find it here".

The look on his face was priceless. The complaint that came in afterward was hilarious, and my telling him off was completely worth it.

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87. It’s A Store, Not A Library

The one that stands out most in my mind is the guy who complained that we weren't stocking a particular book anymore. For context, it was a $90 art book; we had never sold any copies of it, so we had returned our one copy to the publisher to avoid eating the loss. I explained this to the gentleman and offered to order a copy for him if he wanted.

He explained that he didn't want to buy it, he just liked coming in to look at it sometimes. I did my best to explain that we were a retail establishment and couldn't afford to keep expensive books on our shelves if no one was buying them. Unpleased with that, he took his frustration to the next level—he wrote a letter to the owners complaining about me.

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88. Burning Sense of Urgency

I used to work in banquet service, not serving food, but setting up tables and such for a large hotel chain. I worked a late shift, so I was the only one from my department on staff. I was never very busy. I was mostly there in case someone needed an extra table or chair, etc. So, I carried a walkie talkie in case I was needed somewhere.

One day, I get paged over the walkie talkie, “Can you swing by the front desk when you get a chance?” I had already finished all of my tasks for the day, so I was watching Law and Order in the break room. On a commercial break, I saunter up to the front desk and ask, "Hey, what’s up?" The front desk clerk says, "Oh hey. The banquet table is on fire". I reply, “Um.......What?!" And the clerk goes, “Yea, look".

I walk around the corner, and sure enough the buffet table we had set up outside a conference room is on fire. One of the burners used for keeping dishes warm had tipped over. I grab a nearby table cloth and smother the fire. I walk back by the front desk and impart this wisdom, "Next time something is on fire...try to convey a sense of urgency," He just stood there and blinked at me. Also, he had a fire extinguisher behind the front desk.

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89. Bad Samaritan

So about 10 months ago I was there when this guy collapsed outside a strip mall store. He had a medical alert bracelet on about a heart condition. The paramedics get called and they arrive QUICKLY. They showed up in a four-door pickup with bed shell, all fire engine red, flashing lights and sirens, fire department and paramedics all over the truck.

They jump out and start hooking this guy up to a blood pressure cuff, sticking the heart monitor pads to him, etc. I’ll never forget what happened next. Karen rolls up behind the paramedics' truck and starts screaming the truck cut her off at the intersection…once again, they had lights and sirens on. Then she demands the paramedic LOOK AT HER as she melts down while he is starting CPR on the victim!

The paramedic is ignoring her entirely, but has to get something from the truck, she blocks his way and gets moved aside, as he goes to the truck. But Karen wasn’t done yet. This is where she pulls out pepper spray and hoses the standing paramedic directly in the face. She's STILL not done, and she sprays the second paramedic on the ground.

Then, just for the trifecta, she hoses down the heart attack victim—while screaming he is too young to have a heart attack!. I took it as my cue to remove her pepper spray, and hold onto her (with others) until the authorities arrive. Still, others are trying to help with CPR while some try to help the paramedics wash out their eyes.

Amidst all the chaos, the authorities arrive, Karen goes immediately into handcuffs, and then attempts to bite/kick the officer, which results in getting hogtied and her shirt pulled over her face. And then, she somehow made it worse. As they arrest her she starts shouting, “Do you know who I am?” Ultimately, she got what she deserved.

They charged her with two counts of aggravated assault (with a weapon) on paramedics, two counts of assault on the officers, one count of aggravated assault (with a weapon) on the heart attack victim (who survived), and resisting arrest. She also is being sued by the heart attack victim for $10 million, which she apparently has...

Her trial is coming up. I bought a new suit for it and I will be there to testify with bells on! Since the entire event is on video from two cameras (and who knows how many cell phones) it will be interesting to see what her high-powered lawyers are going to cook up, but ultimately I hope she will be convicted. She’s facing a possible 65 years, but practically will only get about 10 maximum, if any.

But she’s already started to pay the price for her terrible behavior. I later found out that her husband is a bank vice president and refused to make her bail. It took her 13 days to get her family to bail her out!

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90. This Was Not A Barrel Of Laughs

There were two gay guys who worked at a Cracker Barrel in the deep South with me. None of the staff had any problem with them; they were just ordinary guys who happened to be attracted to other men. The managers were sort of prejudiced, though, and didn't like them. One day, two regulars came in to eat.

These regulars were notorious for requesting a million things before the meal even got there. They were annoying, but at least they tipped decently. One of the gay guys accidentally told the regulars something about his boyfriend. They went ballistic and asked him if he was gay. He told them he was. Then, one of the two regulars grabbed his hand and forced him to sit at the table. They then crossed the line—they proceeded to lecture him for about a half-hour about how he was going to the underworld for eternity.

I was watching this from another dining room and could not help him out because we were swamped. So, I got my girlfriend to help cover his tables because every time he told them he had to go, the man would grab his arm and physically force him to stay put. I finally got the manager, who simply said,  “Well, he needs to hear this stuff anyway". and refused to do anything about it.

Eventually, after about a half-hour, once the regulars realized they couldn't convince him to give up his "sinful" ways, they said, "Well, we're going to need back every tip we ever gave you. It's okay if you can't remember exactly how much; just give us back an approximate amount. I think $200 should cover it. We can't be supporting gays".

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91. A Lot Of Effort For A Small Reward

In Ireland, there's a 22-cent government tax on plastic bags. It wasn't shop-specific, it's a nationwide surcharge (at least in the republic, not sure about the north) Anyway, there was a group of about seven of us, all in college and working in the shop, and we were all from the town that the shop was in so we had our own rules.

We'd only charge this 22-cent bag tax on annoying customers or people who had been rude before. This particular customer kicked up a fuss that he had to pay 22 cents for a bag after he spent his whole visit being condescending to the staff. Anyway, he paid for his stuff (bag included) and left. We thought that was it...until 30 minutes later, when he stormed back in, huffing and puffing. He had the empty bag in his hand.

He was looking for a refund on it. He had gone home, put his shopping away, and then he had traveled back to the shop to try and get his measly 22 cents back. Needless to say, he was laughed out the door.

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92. Not-So-Hot Mom

In the summer of 2008, I was visiting Chicago for orientation. It was a particularly hot day, bright, cloudless, and humid. Due to my mom's physical situation at the time, as soon as we found out there was a secondary line for people with strollers and physical disabilities to move out of the sun sooner, we went around the building to find it.

There was a long line wrapping around the area by this fountain, which was notable to me at the time mostly because of how surreal it is. Man hugs giant fish, which spits water endlessly—well, alright. My attention was caught by the weird, skipping, mincing, steps of a kid who looked too young to stand on their own as they "stood" on the black stone ring around the fountain, being held up by one arm as their mom talked on her phone.

The sun was blazing that day. Anything lighter than a gray had a painful glare to it, and you could see heat shimmering off of everything. The child whining and crying quietly, was barefoot, and looked just too young to be able to say the words "Too hot!" Whenever the child began to whine or cry too loudly, the mother would give her a short shake of the arm, shush her, and continue talking.

People immediately around her were giving her dirty looks as she used her cellphone, oblivious to her child's pain. "Really?" I thought. "No one has said anything?" I was still several yards off, but we were at a standstill, and I wasn't going to wait until we got closer. I quickly walked over to the fountain, trying to act like I was just checking it out, then bent over a bit to put my hand on the stone".

Ah! Oh my goodness, it's so hot!!" I cried. I had barely touched it, but I had made sure to stand directly next to the woman who instinctively swept her baby up when I shouted. Looking confused, she bent to touch the stone quickly yanking her hand back. I remember her murmuring something along the lines of "Oh my god," as if amazed that, yes, rocks do indeed get hot on bright summer days. I quickly resumed my place in line with my parents, and that was it.

Worst People On Earth facts Shutterstock

93. Safety Last

I'm allergic to hand sanitizer, wipes, generally anything that has a booze base. I even bring my own soap because I can have a reaction to some soaps. I can't even drink the stuff without my lips swelling. My old boss was my cousin, so when Covid hit I didn't really have a problem until, my cousin got promoted and got transferred to a new office.

Enter our new boss. We got a mass email going over our new safety procedures and one of the new procedures is that we all have to use hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes. I sent an email to HR telling them about my allergies, with medical documents. They sent back saying that I don't have to use the hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes and that they put it in my file.

However, they then sent the exact email to my new boss. His reply was infuriating. He said that all employees have to follow the new safety procedures, with no exceptions. When I replied that if I use those products I will need medical attention, he then sent me another email saying that if any employee doesn't follow the new safety procedures correctly that they would be fired.

I sent copies of the emails to our union rep and HR department to which they replied that they would talk to him and kinda told me to ignore him unless he tries to actually fire me. So I go into work and my new boss is literally waiting for me at my desk with a bottle of hand sanitizer in his hands asking me to hold out my hands. I did reply saying "No thanks, I’d rather not go to the hospital today".

What he did next was so twisted, it’s unforgettable. He got mad and literally grabbed my hand and squirted sanitizer on it, then rubbed it in. He then said "See, that wasn't so bad". I tried to go to the bathroom to wash it off but he blocked me. Well, I had a bad reaction—thank god I had an EpiPen in my desk. My boss kept saying “I thought he was lying” until I was put into the ambulance, but I couldn't hear him.

A member of HR department came to visit me in hospital—probably making sure I don't sue—and informed me that he was fired. The woman from HR department also said that they called the authorities on my behalf and, I should be getting a visit from them soon.

Entitled peopleShutterstock

94. He Was A Regular Creep

I had a repeat customer who started watching me for hours at a time as I worked. He walked over to me one day, told me how beautiful I was, and asked about my love life. I decided to transfer to another store when he started asking me to come over to his place for the weekend because he would be alone. When he found out I was leaving, he did something I'll never forget—he grabbed my hair and started to cry.

Memorable Strangers factsShutterstock

95. Why Not Order Two?

My friend and I once went to a chain restaurant in my area. It wasn't the location that we normally went to, but we were familiar with the menu. We each ordered a piece of lasagna, and when my friend got the slice, she immediately started complaining to the waitress that the slice was "too small", especially compared to mine. When I looked over at her plate, I raised my eyebrows. To me, they looked identical.

My friend said that when she went to our other location, she could easily get three meals out of the slice, and with this one, she could BARELY get one and a half meals. When she was told this is a standard slice of lasagna, she was OUTRAGED, and told everyone in earshot that she will NEVER go back to this location. And I will never go to any restaurant with her again.

Worst First DatesShutterstock

96. Double Knock Out

My dad and I once witnessed an old man get hit by a car at a crossing. The driver gets out and starts yelling at the old man who is lying on the road in shock, crying, obviously in pain. My dad calls an ambulance immediately and then calls the authorities. The driver starts yelling at my dad about how he doesn't need to call the authorities and that the old man shouldn't have been walking across the street—but he had no idea who he was messing with.

My dad hands me his phone and says, "Hold this". He walks over to the driver who is still yelling and asks for his licence. The driver then shoves my dad and then tries to get back in his car. My dad reaches in the window and drags the guy out of the car, punches him in the face, and knocks him out. Dad then walks back to me, asks for the phone, and calls the authorities. He waits until the officers and ambulance arrive, tells them the whole story, and then the officers let my dad go. All before the driver woke up. That was the coolest thing I ever saw my dad do.

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97. If You Can’t Take The Heat…

While my brother Kyle and his friend Josh were surfing, Josh’s girlfriend Luna and I were sunbathing on the beach. It was hot and about a hundred degrees, so we were in bikinis. We were talking about the usual stuff when I noticed some teenager, who looked like he was 15 or 16, watching us. Luna and I ignored him, but only until he started getting closer and closer to us.

Luna is short, but she's incredibly muscular from working out hours every day, so she seems intimidating to a lot of people. Anyway, when the guy was too close for comfort (arm's distance away from Luna and me), I asked if there was something he wanted from us, because he'd been watching us for at least 15 minutes. The guy never looked at my face, just my chest.

Yeah, I was in a bikini, but I was covered. The guy's mom (our Karen) came over to Luna and me at this point, then asked if we could cover up. Luna looked at Karen with a “Really”? expression, and Karen had that entitled face. "It's only fair. You're distracting my son, and I'm afraid you'll seduce him with your bimbo wear". Luna and I looked to each other and burst out laughing.

I know it was kind of rude, but when would you hear “Cover up”! at the beach during a heatwave? Kyle and Josh came back to us, and Josh asked if everything was OK. Karen pitched a fit that Luna and I were seductive and flashing her son. "Only in your son's dreams, lady. We were not flashing your son". Karen looked like she was going to smack Luna, so Josh stepped between them to keep them apart.

Kyle saw a patrolling cop on the boardwalk and waved him down. The officer had red hair, like my brother and me. He waved to Kyle and me, then came over and asked if everything was alright, and if there was a problem. Karen looked smug. "These harlots were trying to seduce my baby boy! Arrest them for exposing themselves to a minor!" The officer just looked from Kyle and me back to Karen.

What he said next was epic. "Lady, my cousin is not a harlot, your son isn't a baby, and if you had any brains at all, you'd teach your son to respect women and not see them as 'scantily clad objects' during a heatwave. By the way, do you see the ocean? We're at a beach. My cousin can wear anything she likes". Karen's jaw dropped, then she grabbed her son's arm and pulled him away while Kyle and me, Josh and Luna were just grinning.

I didn't just soak up the sun, I basked in the awesomeness of my officer cousin!

Building Beside sand beach ShoreTyler Lastovich, Pexels

98. What A Hot Head

I was working at a restaurant when a nice-looking family of four came in. The parents ordered a sizzling fajita plate for two. When I brought out the fajitas on the skillet, they were sizzling like they are supposed to be. That wasn't hot enough for them. They asked me to go back and make them hotter. So, I took it back to the kitchen where the kitchen manager decided to pull out a flame torch.

He heated the iron skillet up to burning red, then threw the fajitas back on the skillet and sent me back out with them to the table. The father at the table was not very pleased with the profuse amounts of smoke billowing from the plate, and his next move was absolutely appalling—he decided to throw the thing at me. Luckily he had bad aim and missed me. He just broke a window. The manager got his information, told him to get out, and we would be contacting him about replacing the window he broke.

Bilingual Awkward FactsShutterstock

99. A Startling Lack Of Human Emotion

Our parent company said that a portion of every purchase goes towards the So The World May Hear Foundation which helps poor kids get hearing aids. This one customer had an outrageous request—he wanted that portion of his purchase refunded to him. I told him that the parent company had every right to do what they wanted with the profits they made from every purchase.

I told him some more information about the charity and I said that most people were happy that instead of making 100% profit, the company made a donation. He didn't care. He was mad that his money was helping kids that he didn’t know.

Lawyers Expose The Worst Clients EverPexels

100. One Per Person

I was recently on a Megabus from DC to NY, and a family with several young children was trying to find the last untaken seats. There was clearly a seat open, but when they asked the girl, she was like, “Sorry I want to leave this seat open so I can sleep". The family was like, “Uh, no, that’s not how it works". They had to go get the bus driver and bring him to the back. The lady said the same thing to the bus driver. And the bus driver was like, "Uh, no, that's not how this works". So, the kid ended up sitting next to this girl. How did she think this was going to slide?

Worst People On Earth facts Wikipedia

101. The Dangerous and the Oblivious

Two college students were standing in the middle of a busy road this morning talking to each other. They were nearly hit by every car and didn't stop their conversation.

Worst People On Earth facts Shutterstock

102. Prime Prejudice

I was waiting tables at a popular steakhouse when I got a party of six seated in my section. There was an older couple, who sat nearest me, and two younger couples. The older gentleman requested an eight oz. prime rib. I asked him how he would like it cooked, and he gave the most shocking reply: "I want it your color". His wife gleefully laughed as if it was the joke of the century, but I was taken aback.

My immediate response was, "So you don't want any pink on it?" I informed my manager of this offensive remark, and he asked if I wanted to kick them all out. I told him that I would let it go this time, but I wasn't too happy to serve anyone who would think that was an acceptable answer. I believe they knew they offended me because they ended up leaving me a 30% tip. I guess taking the high road was the best road in this case.

Customer Isn’t Always Right factsShutterstock

103. Sharing Isn’t Caring

Okay, so, this happened a few years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday and to be honest, still can't understand what my sister was thinking. A little backstory: My sister and I had to share EVERYTHING as kids. Not to mention I was forced to be her and our younger brother's "second mother", but that’s a story for another time. For some of my childhood, I was happy to share things with my sister.

Sweets, snacks, toys—the normal kid things. There are four years between us, I'm the oldest and as you can probably guess, when I reached my teen years I wanted my own things and to spend time alone. Nope. She wanted me to do everything with her. I could barely spend ten minutes in the bathroom before she would start banging on the door.

Unfortunately, when I was around 15, my siblings and I were taken into foster care. We were separated from our brother which was difficult for both of us and for a while I didn't mind my sister wanting to spend all her time with me. Shortly after my 16th birthday I wanted to have my own space and things that are, well, mine.

She would argue with me over not sharing MY stuff and of course, typical sibling fights and yelling happened almost every other day. We sort of grew out of our sibling squabbles over the years but she kinda developed a "the-world-owes-me" attitude which drove me crazy. I did my best to hold in my frustrations but I'm human and sometimes…I kinda snapped. 

A couple of years after my daughter was born, my sister and I weren't really talking much because of her selfish attitude towards me spending most of my time and income on my daughter. During one of the times we were on good terms, she was over for the weekend and everything was okay. Until a conversation lead to her telling me she was going to take my daughter for a week because she wanted to spend time with her because it was "her turn".

I said, "Not gonna happen. She is MY daughter, not a doll or pet we share”. She gets mad and starts yelling. I told her to leave and she argues how "she had parental rights" and "social services will force me to allow her to take my daughter whenever she wants". I laughed, told her to get out and don't come back. Honestly, I don't know if she seriously thought that it was her right to have my daughter.

Entitled peopleShutterstock

104. There Is No Such Person

I was a supervisor at Cost Plus World Market. One day, a customer came in pushing a cart full of obviously used throw pillows and she asked to return them. Of course, she had no receipt, and instead, she wanted us to just look her up in the system. The only problem was she refused to provide any of her personal information for us to try to look her up.

She then started yelling at my cashier and that's when I knew I had to shut her down. I stepped in to tell her very politely that she either needed a receipt or she would have to provide us with her name and phone number. She then started screeching and screaming about how we were terrible to her and that she'd get us fired one way or another.

She asked to speak to the president, and I'm certain she meant the president of World Market, but in her bleached hair fury she said, "The president of the world". I barely held it together as I calmly offered her the corporate feedback number. She wouldn't take it and instead walked out of the store still throwing a fit.

She returned about 20 minutes later, quietly apologized, and took her pillows with her, and we never heard from her again.

These Karens Had It ComingShutterstock

105. She Took Matters Into Her Own Hands

I worked at a popular restaurant. During dinner service, we usually had 30-40 minute long wait times. People were told about this by the hosts. There was this lady who got fed up with the wait after 10 minutes. She stormed into the restaurant, stood next to a table of four people, and literally asked them, “Are you guys done? We’ve been waiting for a long time now and would like to have the table if you guys are just chatting".

Entitled Parents FactsShutterstock

106. Room Service

For a full year, my college roommate secretly slept with my boyfriend while I was at class. I routinely took more than a full course load and was in math and science classes or study groups every morning. One day, I walked in to see a horrifying sight. They were just fully in the act after I came back early from a cancelled class.

I moved out. I was more angry at her than heartbroken. I also lost most of my friends through the breakup, and they stuck together for a good while. Fast forward five years later. Those two throw a crazy expensive engagement party at the guy’s parents’ beach house, which was attended by some still-mutual friends who told me everything.

At the party, she caught him sleeping with one of the waitresses from the catering company in a bathroom. They still got married. I feel a little bad for her despite the karma balance. She feels like she can’t do better than being with a cheater.

Delayed karmaUnsplash

107. Sounds Wrong

My uncle is a deputy sheriff, and one time, he was at an airport speaking to my aunt over the phone in Spanish. Once he was done with his call, some nearby Karen who overheard him went up to him and started demanding to see his green card. Huge mistake. My uncle decided to mess with her and said he didn’t know what a green card was.

He told her he had never even heard of it. She became more upset and kept demanding to see it. He messed with her more and then eventually went, “Well, I don’t have a green card, but I have this,” then brought out his wallet and showed her his badge. She immediately walked away while my uncle just kept laughing at her.

No power hereWikipedia

108. Hotel Havoc

I used to work as a front desk agent at a boutique hotel. A guy who was obviously very full of himself came in with an online reservation that he had booked at a shockingly cheap nightly rate. He proceeded to give me a hard time about EVERYTHING, from telling me he shouldn't have to give me his credit card info since he had prepaid his reservation, to telling me "Um yeah, I'm pretty sure I can find the elevators, I'm not stupid".

He was just being an all-around jerk. About 10 minutes after checking him in, he came down and demanded that we give him a bigger room with a king bed and a view, even though he had booked a standard queen bed online. I complied, as we had extra king beds available. 10 minutes later, he came down again to complain about the size of the room.

He told me, "I'm only going to give you one more chance to make me happy," and asked for the general manager. After much arguing between him and my manager, we ended up giving him our nicest suite AND free parking since we had "Given him trouble". He got all this for a way cheaper rate, like $40 per night! Oh, but he outdid himself.

Get this: He informed us shortly after the ordeal, while on his way out to dinner, that he was not even going to be in the room for the majority of his stay, as he was visiting friends and would be staying at their home. What the heck! So I made it my personal mission to make his life a living nightmare from that point on.

I reset his room keys every time I saw him leave the hotel—which was quite frequently, 3-4 times a day. It was particularly funny when he came back tired from a night out and had to come all the way down to the front desk to get his keys fixed. Needless to say, he was very frustrated by the end of his stay. I doubt he'll be staying with us again.

Ruined Jerk's Day FactsShutterstock

109. Front Float

I was a lifeguard at a lake. There was a mom with a baby and a toddler, and the mom had a friend with her. She was sitting in the shallow water with her newborn, talking to her friend and facing away from the water toward the beach. I had an eye on her toddler because it was driving me nuts that she wasn’t paying attention to him.

He dropped his ball and the small waves started taking it out. Of course, he reached for it and fell over. He slowly started floating and struggling, face down, getting father and farther away. I jumped down, ran in and grabbed him, and probably terrified him as I patted his back over my knee while he vomited out water.

The poor kid kept trying to look at me. His mom noticed nothing until I was carrying him back over to her. She casually thanked me and I tried to warn her of the possibility of dry drowning. Her response made me so mad I wanted to scream. She snapped at me, yelling that she was a nurse and that her son would be fine. I saved her son’s life, and she repaid me by yelling in my face.

Related To A KarenPexels

110. Every Office Needs An Otis

A while back I was working in an office that allowed dogs. It was an open floor plan and since customers never came into the office, we kept the dog food and water bowls right by the front door, just because it was the most convenient space and no one else would see them but us who worked there. Of the six of us who worked in the main office area, I was the only one who didn’t have a dog and I always felt horribly left out.

To make matters worse, across the way was a doggie daycare. One day, a very frantic woman came in and she had an absolutely massive Basset Hound with her. Usually, the only people who came into the office were associates who had appointments with someone working there, but it was rare they brought their dogs. She ran up to me and said, “Do you work here?”

I said, “Yes, how can I help you?” And she said, “I wasn’t sure if you took walk ins but I read online I could just drop him off? I tried to call but no answer". I didn’t know what she was talking about at that point and I said, “Come again? Who did you call exactly?” Thinking if I could just saddle her off to whoever she came to see, I wouldn’t have to decipher her problem.

She said, “Well it doesn’t matter now. Look, something urgent has come up and I really need to leave him here. Here’s his food he likes and I’ll be back in a few hours and—” At this point I wasn’t thinking of the doggie daycare. I thought maybe she was a friend of someone here. I said, “Well alright, can I get your name please?” And she said her name and then asked if I needed her to sign anything.

I was so confused at this point I just said, “Why would I need you to sign something?” And she left almost immediately. So I took Otis (the dog) to the back and showed him to my coworkers and no one knew the woman or dog. I was worried she wouldn’t come back, but at the same time, my wish for an office dog had been granted! And Otis was supremely chill.

All he did all day was lie around and drool onto his own ears. I just freshened him up every now and then, took him out every couple hours, and he was happy as a clam on a big cushy dog bed we thankfully had an extra of. He just loved attention from anywhere he could get it. At the end of the day the woman, thank God, came back. She said, “Thanks, you’re a lifesaver. How was he?”

I said, “He was a champ". And was about to say “But why is he here” when she said, “That’s a relief. Most kennels say he gets anxious around other dogs. I heard you operated at a much higher capacity, I was thrilled to see you had so few clients in the room at one time. So, how much do I owe?” It honestly took me this long to realize what had happened.

She thought we were the dog daycare. Now, I probably should’ve corrected her. But I loved my day with the office dog and I did want to get paid for supervising this strange dog all day. I just threw out the number that sounded fair and appropriate “That’ll be $20". I said. She replied “Reaalllly?!” In this very high tone, and I couldn’t tell if I’d overshot or undershot.

But she paid me and left. My coworkers were laughing hysterically when they realized what had happened and we thought it would just be a good story for the future. Wrong. The next week…she came back! She said we were so much more affordable and less overcrowded than her other place, and that she was happy to use us. I was glad for the company so just took him.

I didn’t think there was any way she couldn’t have at least some idea we weren’t a dog daycare. The whole ordeal was so strange I just figured, “don’t question a good thing". I was much younger and dumber then. Not long after, Otis started getting dropped off two, sometimes even three or four days a week. I was in heaven. He was such a love. And he made fast friends with the delivery guys and visitors.

One day, we took our office Christmas card photo and Otis was over that day, so we included him. In a Santa hat. It was pretty great. But it turns out Otis’ owner was friends with one of our clients who I guess happened to have the card out on her table or was kind enough to display it alongside her other holiday cards. Because one day, Otis’ owner came in holding the card and walked up to me and said, “I can’t even believe I’m asking this but… is that my dog in this photo? This isn’t a dog daycare at all. This is just an office, isn’t it". I froze in my tracks.

She said it with a note of surprise, as though she was looking around and putting it all together for the first time. No coincidence that this was the first time she wasn’t in some crazy rush either. She was like, “Then who are all these other dogs?!” And I explained. I was terrified she was going to demand her money back, or worse, take some sort of action against us for misrepresenting ourselves as a dog care business, or complain to corporate.

Instead, she basically said, “Why didn’t you ever say anything!” And I explained we just really liked having Otis around. She stopped for a minute and seemed to be thinking and said, “Is that right?” And I said yes and told the story of how I was the only one in the office without a dog so loved the company. She seemed a little flummoxed or hesitant, understandably, because the whole thing was so weird.

She turned to my coworker and asked if I was telling the whole truth. I don’t know why she thought my coworker, also a stranger to her, was any more trustworthy than me, but hey. Strange times. Coworker backed me up. So she said, “Well, I wish you’d said something sooner. Could’ve saved me a lot of embarrassment with my friend back there. Alright, I have to get going. See you at 4:00". And she left Otis!

I couldn’t believe it! I said, “So he can stay?!” And she replied, “Where else could I find someone to watch him one on one all day for $20?” And off she went. Otis stayed my office dog until his family moved away, luckily right around the same time I took a new job.

I don't work hereShutterstock

111. Their Stay Went Viral

We had some good friends stay at our house while we were out of town for the holidays. We came home to a clean house, maybe cleaner than we left it. Two nights later, our toddler woke up and couldn’t stop throwing up. We took her to the emergency room. She stabilized after about five hours or so, just enough time to ring in the New Year under the fluorescent lights.

But then, things for weirder. A few days after, I started feeling like I had a kidney stone or something. I had pain at first, then fever and chills started up. I ended up going to the emergency room as well. I had a bunch of tests done, multiple IV bags of fluid, etc. They hadn’t figured out what was wrong when my wife called saying she wasn’t feeling well either. I knew it all had to be connected.

After about a week or so, we were all better, so we went on with our lives. About a month later, we were recounting our illness events to a mutual friend. That’s when we finally learned what had really happened. He said, “Oh, wasn’t that right around the time our friend was in town? We never got to see them because they all had Norovirus that week".

That sure explained the number of sheets that were changed at the house and a couple of not quite dry spots on the bedroom carpet. A heads up before we got home would have been appreciated.

Worst planePexels

112. What A Beautiful Sight

Over the course of six months, through countless phone calls to different union offices and the department of labor, I eventually got my boss fired for changing people’s time-keeping information to take overtime from them. During those months I was treated like dirt by this guy, but I never actually did anything wrong so I couldn’t be punished.

At one point, management—against contract rules—denied my time off request to be at my best friend’s wedding and my boss brought me into his office and said he'd fire me. At this point, I had called the northeast district business associate on him, and I will never forget the look on my boss’s face when he realized I knew he couldn’t do anything to me.

Disastrous Job Interviews factsShutterstock

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