February 22, 2023 | Casey Fletcher

Students Share The Best Thing The 'Quiet Kid' Has Ever Done Or Said In Class

A lot of interesting things happen at school. While some kids are loud and rowdy, others are as quiet as a mouse. There's a chance they're not fond of being the center of attention. They could also just be socially awkward. Oddly enough, constantly being quiet will unintentionally make them a constant target for everyone in the class. When it comes to handling the situation, many will often do something that classmates will never forget. The stories below are about the wildest things the quiet kid in their class did. If you run into a quiet person, it's best to not think the worst of them. You might just unleash their hidden wrath.


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#1 Winner For Best Roast

The quiet kid in the back of the class, named Zoey, hadn't spoken for like, six years. She was super smart but also introverted. The whole year, Zoey had been gathering information on the bully at school and nobody knew about it because she never spoke. On her last day of fifth grade, Zoey stood up in front of her class and roasted the heck out of this guy, spilling years worth of information and dirt on him. After that, Zoey became a school legend and she put the kid in his place. The next year, Zoey just went back to being her quiet, introverted self, but everyone knew not to mess with her.


#2 A Class Stopping Joke

In eighth grade, I was friends with a pair of twins. Both were super quiet, although one of them, Sarah, was a bit older than her sister. Her legendary moment came when our class was talking about how plastic six-pack rings are dangerous for sea turtles. An annoying kid spoke up and started asking, “But why does it matter? Turtles are useless and don’t even do anything, how do they even stay alive?”

Sarah got triggered, turned towards him and muttered something inaudibly. Nobody heard her except for the girl sitting behind her, who started DYING of laughter. Everyone looked over and asked her what happened. Still laughing, she repeated what Sarah said: “YOU don’t do anything but YOU’RE still alive!” Like any 14-year-olds, after hearing a good roast, especially from one of the twins, the class went crazy. Even the teacher was cracking up. The annoying kid just sat there, dumbfounded. Hopefully, now he knows not to underestimate the quiet kids.

110513-f-rz955-095-1556766876430.JPGFairchild Air Force

#3 No Gift For You

When I was in second grade, there was a girl who was always quiet. It was the last day before Christmas break, and we were doing a gift exchange. We played a game to see who would get each gift. For some reason, everyone was being mean, saying they didn't want her gift. She was clearly upset, so I took it. It was a Polly Pocket. They were popular at the time. I hugged and thanked her several times. I had a lot of kids try to trade me for whatever they got. I calmly said, "If you all weren't a bunch of IDIOTS, maybe you could have gotten this." That was the first time she laughed out loud. We became good friends, and everyone stopped picking on her. Sadly, she moved away a couple of years later.


#4 Trying To Talk To My Buddy Here

In middle school, I was friends with a kid who had Aspergers. He was quiet but pretty interesting. He LOVED fish and loved to talk about them. We would chat in art class (while he drew biologically accurate pictures of fish) but his aide would always be shushing us, saying we were distracting him. One time, he told her, "She's not distracting me. You are. Shut up."



#5 Cheers, Love! The Cavalry Is Here!

So this happened a few weeks ago. I am in seventh grade and I knew one quiet kid named Alexei. He usually spent most of his time sketching pictures of cars and planes and stuff and would occasionally talk about video games (usually Tetris). Anyway, one day we were in an important math exam and I looked over to him. He was looking around and grinning. I turned back forward a few minutes later and he yelled, at the top of his lungs, "I'M ALREADY TRACER!" The whole class broke out laughing because it was so unexpected and random.


#6 Keeping That Recorder Handy

A kid said pretty much nothing throughout the entire year. Some heard him say a couple of things, but I never did. On the last day of school, like five minutes before it was over, the teacher asked why he was so silent. He just said, "Why not," and left class. He just walked away. We were just surprised that he even said anything. Next year, he did the same thing, but instead of answering the question, he pulled up a recorder of him saying, "Why not," and left again.


#7 The Truth Will Set You Free

One of my friends (I'll call him Jeff) was pretty quiet and I think he had some family issues. One day, I could see he was having a bad day and another kid (I'll call him Bob) shoved him while we were playing tag. Later in class, the teacher asked him who shoved him and Jeff said Bob did it. Bob completely denied it, so Jeff just put Bob into a headlock and said, "Tell the freaking truth." Jeff got a five-day suspension.


#8 She's Not A Fan

Last week, we analyzed a contemporary novel and everybody really hated it. When the teacher asked us what we thought about it, the quiet girl said, "It was stupid." Everybody heard it except the teacher, and we all laughed so much because the teacher had no clue.


#9 Show Me Your Teeth!

I was friends with the quiet girl of the class and one day a bully wanted to "look" at some cards we had. We had some problems with that kid, so she made a sound that seemed like it was from some kind of horror movie. She also started crawling creepily while showing her teeth. He immediately got scared and said he didn't want to "look at them anymore.


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#10 Sing Us A Song, You're The Piano Man

One time, the class was in the gym setting up some chairs and stuff for an event. The quiet kid walked over to the piano (that we were not supposed to touch) and started playing it like he was Beethoven. Everyone started gathering around him in amazement, and I remember thinking how what a Hollywood moment that was. The quiet kid had this insane talent that nobody knew about, and everyone was taken back. It was impressive, to say the least. Even the teacher encouraged him to keep playing the piano because he knew what a great moment it was.



#11 More Important Issues Out There

During freshman year, this girl and I were in a junior-level math class and we were both super introverted. Neither of us said much but she was especially quiet. One day, this girl in our group said, "Wow, I haven't gotten a new phone case in a few months. I should go get a new one." The girl in my grade straightened up and said, "Funny how your phone has more clothes than some children in living in our country." That shut her up pretty quick.


#12 Dream A Little Dream

I had a friend who was definitely the quiet kid in class, mostly because he spent most of his time sleeping. One day, we were treated to a movie and he took the opportunity to rest his eyes. About 20 minutes later, in a completely silent class, he jumped from his seat with his eyes wide open and flipped his desk, scaring half the class to near-death, including the teacher. Later that day, he told me that in his dream, he had fallen from a rollercoaster.


#13 Unlocking Someone's Madness

There was a quiet kid who no one really paid attention to because he never really reacted to people giving him heck. One day eighth grade English class, a bully used a combination lock to lock his backpack to his desk. It was a dumb prank he mostly did for the approving nods of his friends in the class. The quiet guy realized his bag was locked to the desk and he absolutely lost it.

First, he yelled at everyone, then he started violently yanking at the lock, as though it would somehow come free. The bully and his friends were kind of giggling uncomfortably at this point, then the quiet guy got up and knocked his desk halfway across the room. He started knocking stuff off of nearby desks screaming, “Who did it??” while pacing around with his hands in his hair just screaming at the top of his lungs, over and over. It was completely silent.

The teacher ended up having all of us go into the hallway while she called for backup to handle the quiet kid. We all just stood in the hallway staring at the bully, who was trying to make light of it. After that, the quiet guy was mostly left alone, though the few times people bothered him, he never reacted like he did that day again. I guess that day he had just had enough of everyone's stupidity.


#14 Radio Ga Ga

In French class, we would listen to a CD and answer questions. She had this pretty chunky radio which she kept on a little table near the door of the class. One day, when class was over, the quiet kid's bag smacked the radio and it fell to the ground. Giggles followed. But then he kind of stared at it, picked it up and threw it against the wall, smashing the thing. It wasn't even badly damaged from the drop, but he decided to fully break it. We all went silent. He just walked out of class mumbling to himself. He turned all of us into the quiet ones.


#15 Holding It Down In The Marching Band

In high school, there was this one really nice kid. He was a quiet clarinetist with a quiet voice... that is until he became our drum major (the student who conducts and leads the marching band). He did a complete turnaround and was very effective. He was still quiet when he wasn’t on drum major duty, so he was kind of both our leader and our mascot.


#16 No Need To Yell!

The teacher was collecting the homework and the quiet kid said he hadn't done his. The teacher went nuts about how it was unfair that she was working late last night marking homework, while he didn't even bother doing his part. The quiet kid instantly shouted back, "Well I didn't do mine, so don't shout at me." The entire class started to laugh and the teacher stormed out to get the head of the department.



#17 No Sympathy From Him

In computer class, some kids were talking about one of the students who got hurt over the past weekend. It had been talked about all day at school and it was starting to get old... so finally, the “quiet kid” turned around and said, “You know what, I’m about to say it...” They all told him, “Say it.” He replied with the seriousness of 1,000 heart attacks: “I don’t care that you broke your elbow.”

121102-m-th981-002b-1556769023492.jpgDoD Live

#18 Worry About Those Grades

Every year, there’s one loud-mouthed kid in class. One year, near the end of the semester, this kid was spouting off about how he couldn't believe all the requirements he didn't meet to get into college after a counseling presentation. The quiet kid looked up next to him and said, “You’ll be lucky to pass the 7th grade.” For once, the loud-mouthed kid didn’t know what to say back. Glorious.


#19 Year Of The Snake

Towards the end of primary school, students would go up to their high school for a few days to get shown around. They'd have a chance to see what the classes are like and get introduced to their new classmates, etc. This one kid had been quiet for every assembly, every class and every conversation we had to get to know each other. It was a little weird but whatever, he was probably just shy.

There were over 150 kids all in a hall on the last day. The head of the school giving the standard, "We look forward to you all joining us" speech when this little basket case walked to the middle of the hall, dropped onto his stomach and started slithering around like a snake while hissing at students and teachers. It wasn't really that funny, just seriously bizarre.


#20 Way Up High Or Down Low

It was in Spanish class. We were learning subjunctive tense. The teacher was putting some practice phrases on the board for us to translate, and one of them was: “If I could... then I would...” The quiet kid immediately started singing, “I’ll go wherever you will go!” That song was all over the airwaves back then, so of course, we all laughed. Except for the teacher, who was in his 40s and didn’t get it.


#21 Get It Off Your Chest

My brother's best friend, who was a grade under me, was typically super quiet and chill. I never heard him speak up in front of people about anything. But one time, when I was in 8th grade (he was in 7th), he raised his hand during a school assembly (at a time when they weren't asking for questions or comments, mind you). The teacher in front awkwardly called on him.

He stood up and went on an angry rant about how stupid it was that we all had to be there when it only applied to a select few people. He went on and on airing his grievances until another teacher came up and escorted him out. His mom was a teacher at our school and was visibly humiliated. He got in a ton of trouble...but it was pretty awesome and 100% unexpected. It still makes me chuckle thinking about it.


#22 Almost Lunch Time!

In high school, when we did a written exam, my friend used his phone to cheat. The teacher noticed how he looked down with one of his hands in his pocket and asked, "What are you doing there??" He just stared at her for a few seconds, then said, "It's 11:30 a.m." in the most nervous way possible. Everyone laughed, even the teacher, and surprisingly she just let it slide and didn't punish him for that.



#23 Watch Out For Droppings!

In seventh grade, a new kid named Nick started school halfway through the year. He sat next to me in English class and didn't say anything ever. One day, we were reading poems out loud and critiquing each other. One sorry fella read his poem and every line started with, "If I was a bird." It would be like, "If I was a bird, I'd live in a tree," or "If I was a bird, I'd fly to school." A few people offered polite criticism. The teacher called on Nick for his opinion, and he said, "If I was a bird, I'd go #2 on all of you." He got kicked out of class and I still laugh every time I think about it. We became friends and he was actually a pretty nice guy, I think he just couldn't resist making that joke.


#24 What's In A Name?

I remember going to junior high in this small hick town in Texas while I was on probation. There was a quiet kid who was actually really popular—not bullied at all like most quiet kids. Anyway, I was new and had only been going to school for about a month when this happened. We had a substitute teacher for one of our classes. She was doing a quick roll call and got to his name..."Piojos", she said.

"That's an interesting and beautiful name, what does it mean?" He replied, "Lice." There was dead silence and confused looks all around. This kid had been going to this school since kindergarten and had ALWAYS gone by Piojos, which was his nickname. Nobody had a freaking clue what it meant, let alone that it wasn't his real name. All of his paperwork at the school had to be updated and everything. I thought it was hilarious.


#25 That Fly Was Minding Its Own Business

There was a fly in the room. The quiet kid threw his pencil straight up and it freaking SKEWERED the fly, with the pencil stuck in the ceiling, in one of those really weak plaster tiles. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I wish I could go back in time and record it.


#26 Don't Look Up!

The smart, nerdy, and quiet kid in the front of the class always answered questions correctly whenever he was called on. One day, the teacher called on him and before he even answered, the teacher just lazily said, "Correct." The second the teacher turned around, the quiet kid just rocketed his pencil upward into the ceiling like an arrow. The teacher didn't even notice.

It was just such a sudden, unexpected act of rebellion from the quiet kid who never said anything. The whole class saw it and by the time the teacher turned around the quiet kid was playing it cool as ice, taking notes again. The teacher still didn't notice. Finally, the teacher turned around again to ask another question and the entire class was trying not to laugh. A couple of people broke character, and every time the teacher asked, “What is so funny,” the situation became even more hilarious. Finally, the teacher turned around again and continued the lesson, completely oblivious. It was a boring math class and it was the funniest thing that happened all year.


#27 Home Of Annette Bening

The professor was talking about the personalities of different cities, saying something like, "Some cities have a lot of personalities, some cities whisper, and some cities don't seem to be saying anything at all..." at which point this quiet kid, who had never uttered a word said, almost under his breath, "TOPEKA." That was all. The kid had some feelings about Topeka, Kansas.


#28 What A Screwy Thing To Do!

The quiet kid was part of my group at school and even then, I don't think I ever heard him speak. He was a nice guy still, somehow, I think. Despite his total not speaking, there are two things he did that stand out. On one occasion, he just straight up fainted in a science class. There was nothing said class that would have triggered it. Unfortunately, our labs had those high stools so it was quite a fall.

The second time was at lunchtime. We were at our usual spot by the benches, doing whatever we always did, and at some point, we realized he was holding a hand full of screws and nuts. After a minute, we realized he'd taken all the screws and nuts out of one of the picnic benches, but it was still totally intact. We had no idea why he did it, but it was outstanding work, especially as we didn't know he was doing it until he did it. We were laughing when some idiot leaned on the bench, instantly flat packing the bench in one fluid motion, just as the caretaker walked past.


#29 Someone Had To Say It

I'm friends with a kid who's so quiet, it's like he can turn invisible. People just forget he's there. I was in art class and the stereotypical problem girl of our grade, let's call her Jane, started yelling about stupid stuff no one cared about; just being a terrible person overall. I had one earbud in and was just tuning her out when the quiet kid suddenly looked up and said, "You know that no one cares about what you're talking about, right? No one's listening to you." The entire class was SILENT. I've been friends with him ever since.


#30 A God Amongst Men

There was a kid who was relatively quiet throughout middle school. For some reason, on one of the last days of our 8th-grade year, he wore a pink beard to school. We were playing kickball and when it was his turn at the plate, he shouted, "I AM A BEARDED GOD!" and kicked that green rubber ball with all his might... right back into the pitcher's hands. He then yelled, "Dang it!" at the top of his lungs and the teacher took him to the office.


#31 That's Quite An Accomplishment!

My final year of English class in high school was super tight-knit. We had running jokes and everyone kind of left everything at the door with regards to cliques and stuff. So at the end of the year, the teacher gave out awards, and the quiet kid got the award for saying a grand total of four words in the whole two years we were there.


#32 Someone Always Has It Worse

In freshman math class, there was a popular, annoying girl who would just complain about everything. Everyone just kind of dealt with her because she was hot. But during the last few weeks of school, the quiet kid in the class got fed up with her. She came in complaining about how terrible her life was: her boyfriend broke up with her, she didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, overslept, and skipped breakfast... you get the point.

The quiet kid said to her, quietly of course, “Literally, no one here cares.” Everyone went silent, but then she said, “No, you don’t understand how awful my week has been.” Then the quiet kid said (I remember this word for word), “Yeah? Have you just been diagnosed with cancer for the third time? Because I have. Is it worse than that? Want to shut up now?” The whole class went dead silent. That kid and I actually became pretty good friends after that. Really nice kid. He beat cancer later that year for the third time!


#33 Not Talking Makes Them Smile

At the end of the year, the class made a  video tribute because our teacher was leaving the school. We each had to say what our favorite part of the year was and a kid who I had never heard speak before (I was in his classes since primary through high school) said, "My favorite part of the year was not talking." Got me good for some reason.


#34 What Actually Happened To Ben, Though?

This one kid I know always has his head down. Nobody has ever heard him speak. Never once. One day, a student in homeroom was absent and my teacher said, “Does anyone know where Ben is?” And nobody replied. The quiet kid raised his head and quietly said, “Oh, you didn’t hear?” And that’s all he has ever said. The class absolutely lost it laughing and even the teacher started to laugh.


#35 You Almost Hit Him!

There was a boy in our class who didn't talk much and if he did, he was always quiet and calm, often seeming as if he was going to fall asleep at any moment, no matter the circumstance. Then we had to read a text with different roles assigned in English class. The teacher gave him the role of a cyclist that nearly got run over by a car. He had a single line. Everyone did their part more or less okay-ish, just reading it without much emotion. When it was his turn, all of a sudden he just roars, "YOU STUPID IDIOT!" really passionately and in character. He managed to startle the whole class with it, but it was quite epic. We were definitely all awake afterward.


#36 It's A Bop!

There was a soft-spoken girl I only knew a little in high school choir class. In her senior year, she sang a solo of a song she’d written. It was phenomenal. At least high school me thought so. It’s been 14 years, and it gets stuck in my head sometimes except all I remember now is “Open, unfold, I am better off not knowing, or so I’m told.” Which I think was like the chorus or a repeating bridge? In any case, if you think having a song stuck in your head is annoying, try having a song that you only remember one line from and that you’ll never ever be able to listen to again because some girl from high school wrote it and you don’t even remember her name.


#37 Cover Blown, Dude

We were taking a test in Algebra and this nice but painfully shy kid had to fart. Instead of asking to leave the room or trying to squeeze out a 'silent but deadly', he tried to time a fake, forced cough to cover up his fart. But, he mistimed the ruse. As a result, the cough called everyone’s attention to him and the fart that quickly followed brought down the house (it was a test, so I was grateful for a moment of levity). This dude’s face turned so red (as would any but the most shameless of teenagers).


#38 Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself

I knew this really, really quiet girl in seventh grade. A goody-two-shoes with glasses, etc. She barely spoke. She was in my math class, and there was this really obnoxious girl in our class talking really loudly about something inappropriate. The sudden moment after she stopped talking, the quiet girl under her breath said, “Oh my god, shut up." I didn’t think anyone would hear her, but the whole class heard and it was probably the best “quiet kid” moment.


#39 Everyone's Flipping Out

The quiet girl in high school literally talked to no one. She was extremely shy and never responded to anyone's attempts at conversation. When the senior talent show arrived, she did this really cool martial arts routine to techno music, flips, and everything. Everyone in the auditorium lost their freaking minds. It was so epic.


#40 Saving Their Parents Some Money

In seventh-grade science class, the teacher was lecturing about symbiotic relationships, and he was giving examples. He said, "Your relationship with your parents is ideally symbiotic. They provide you food and shelter. What do you provide in return?" There was a long silence as we all awkwardly pondered whether we provide any value to the world, and then the quietest girl in the class raised her hand and said, "Tax deduction."


#41 So Low We Can't Hear You!

There was a kid in my high school band class who barely ever spoke. He usually kept to himself, playing games on his phone and then leaving as soon as possible every day. The kid's mom taught in the school system and knew the majority of our teachers. In the middle of class, while the seniors were practicing their solos, one of the school bullies, who needed an art class to graduate, started going on about how he should get a solo. That's when the quiet kid finally talked—the first words out of his mouth all year were, "If we need someone to play terribly, we'll know where to find you." The teacher tried to separate them and asked what the kid's mom would say if she had heard him. His response was, "Where the heck do you think I learned it from?"


#42 Finding Their True Path

It's not really what she did in class but what she did for me. I only heard her talk in class like three times. After class one day, I found myself talking to her for the whole lunch period about what we learned, and because of her, I am now pursuing the goal of being a math teacher. So thanks to that girl.

031118-f-0000s-008-1556774206748.JPGAir Force

#43 Not Great At Doing Anything

Our teacher was teaching a lesson. The quiet kid had gotten something wrong and she was correcting him. The whole class hated this teacher, mind you. While the teacher was correcting him, she made a mistake, and the kid said, “Not only are you rude, but you also can’t correct properly.” The next day, the kid moved away.


#44 Not A Good Look

We had this really rambunctious teacher in 5th grade. He was (and still is) a huge high school basketball scout, so imagine that type of personality. He was an older guy, so he didn't really enjoy backtalk very much (I would know, I served many detentions for it). He would punish accordingly and usually on the spot. We also had one kid who was really quiet, kinda chubby, didn't have too many friends at the time. The deck was stacked against him.

Well, this teacher brings the class back inside the classroom after walking us through the school. We were apparently rowdy coming back, because as we sat down he started going in on us, saying how we can't act like that through the school because it reflects on both us and him. The following exchange evolved from there. Teacher: "When you go throughout the halls being loud, it makes you guys look bad, but more importantly it makes ME look bad!" Quiet kid: "YOU ALREADY LOOK BAD!"


#45 Name Of The Game

In my chemistry class, we were talking about other names that people have called us and what we go by. This kid said, "Well, my real name is Brandon but my dad calls me dumb butt and so yeah, I guess that's the same thing right?" The teacher nearly slammed her head on the table from laughing as the whole classroom went quiet.


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