February 28, 2023 | Casey Fletcher

People Share What They Will Always Remember The Weird Kid At School For

We all had that one strange kid in school. Maybe they said strange things, didn't bathe or drank more Elmer's glue than water. Whatever they did, they stood out from the crowd and were known for it. From kids who wear the same trenchcoat every day to ones who pretend to be cats, these people share the things they will always remember the weird kid at school for.

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#1 Cartoon Soul Mate

Dude was in love with Misty from Pokemon. Like, one of the bullies made him cry by insulting her. This was in high school.


#2 Black Trenchcoat

After classes ended, he would full sprint to the buses. He also wore a black trenchcoat every damn day. I live in a very warm place, where the temps in summer are high (80s to 90s) and in the winter, it usually hovers around the 50s at the lowest. So it was strange.


#3 Got Glue?

One day in Language Arts, some random dude said something about glue and then he got up, screamed, "Got Glue?" and then hopped around the floor on his butt screaming for four minutes until he was forced out of the room.

#4 Touchy-Feely

We had this really odd girl who wouldn’t talk to anybody but would instead hiss at them if they got too close to her. On one occasion, she was standing behind me in the lunch line and grabbed my butt. It wasn’t like a quick grope or slap, she full-blown latched on. So I just quietly tried scooting away from her... only for her to scoot with me while still clamped onto my butt. That was the only interaction I had with her besides the occasional hissing if I passed her in the hallway.


#5 He Wrote Pokemon Fan-Fiction

He wrote erotic Pokémon fan-fiction with Squirtle as his boyfriend, including detailed illustrations.


#6 He Couldn't Feel Pain

I remember there was a kid at my high school who swore he couldn’t feel pain. He was in my English class. We were challenging him on this subject... he proceeded to stab himself in the arm repeatedly with his pencil. You can guess what happened. He had to go to the nurse's office. The kid didn’t even flinch though.

#7 He Sang the USSR National Anthem

Getting on the table in the middle of Spanish class and start singing the USSR national anthem with his fist in the air.

photo-1568127703071-9cebb201b6cd (1)Unsplash

#8 He Pretended to Be a Dinosaur

The guy pretended to be a dinosaur when he was 14. Some girl he had a crush on liked my friend, so being the powerful alpha male dinosaur he was, he engaged in 'mortal combat' with my friend on the way home, which ended in him biting my friend on the shoulder, my friend beating him up, and then eventually my friend being suspended for violent conduct and dinosaur boy getting off with a little telling off.


#9 He Sniffed Hair

Sniffing everyone’s hair and guessing their correct brand of shampoo and scent.

#10 He Was a Wizard

In third grade, one of the fluorescent lights was going out and occasionally flickering. Everyone was doing some kind of individual quiet work. Between flickers, this kid would point his arms at the light, wiggle his fingers, and contort his face into this look of extreme exertion. Then it would start flickering, and he'd relax. Never did figure out how he made it flicker...


#11 He Wet Himself on Purpose

He asked to go to the bathroom. The teacher got annoyed (because he went every day for 30-minute bathroom sessions). So she said no. He just starred her straight in the eyes, maintained eye contact and wet himself on the spot.


#12 He Serenaded His Girlfriend

The weird kid was me. I got my first girlfriend when I was 16, and having come out of a fundamentalist Christian home it was my first time out of the bird's nest. I serenaded her in front of the whole class multiple times for 2 weeks until she broke up with me and ran out of the classroom. It was a valuable learning experience for me but still manages to make me physically cringe more than a decade later.


#13 He Ate a Pencil

Eating a whole wooden pencil. He just bit it, chewed and swallowed like it was nothing.

#14 She Was Part Cat

She insisted that she was part cat. On any assignment that had any room for creativity (or even if they didn't, to be honest), she would insert cats into it. One time in the middle of class, she threw herself on the floor and rolled around purring, absolutely refusing to get up.

#15 He Ate Grass

When playing cricket whilst sitting down queuing to bat he'd just sit there eating grass and get mad when he had to field because it would interrupt the grass eating.


#16 He Slapped a Teacher

In the 11th grade, we were doing a science test. This kid wanted to play Minecraft on his laptop and the teacher told him no. She took it away and he stood up (he was about 5'10, 170lb) and slapped her so hard she fell and started crying. He had done many other things, but that was the last straw for the whole district.

#17 He Pretended to Parkour

He would pretend that he could Parkour, but he’d only do it when no one was around. We’d constantly come out of class to find that he’d “parkoured” up to the roof and was sitting in a chair up there.

#18 He Said He'd Eat Her Soul

I asked this kid in my biology class what kind of shampoo he used on his hair. He legitimately had the most beautiful curls I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I had ever heard him speak before, other than the “Here” when his name was called on the roll... He was super quiet, always by himself and wore a long black trench coat every day.

I always assumed he was super shy, and I was trying to be friendly. After I asked him what shampoo he used, he looked me dead in the eye and said, “I’m gonna eat your soul," then he went back to reading the textbook. Twelve years later and I still think about it at least once a month.


#19 He Drank Coca Cola Through His Nose

He opened a can of Coca Cola, put a straw in it, then inserted the straw into his right nostril and plugged the other nostril then took a big sip. HE. DID. NOT. FLINCH. ONE. BIT.


#20 He Gave Inappropriate Love

He would intimately touch the drain pipes and tried to kiss the teachers.

#22 She Was Weird, But Sincere

She was flighty and definitely in her own world. She'd talk to us or eat lunch with us sometimes, but wouldn't really try to be friends. She spent most of her time by herself, watching videos on her phone. Sometimes even ignoring us. As far as I know, nobody was outright mean to her, but it was obvious that nobody was friends with her, either. And probably, nobody wanted to be. It was like this throughout high school.

Anyway, my high school does an overnight trip for the seniors every year. During this overnight, the entire grade has a "campfire" that is traditionally really emotional, candid, and vulnerable. People share some really personal stuff. I will never forget and I'm tearing up just thinking about it: this girl spoke up. Said that in her old school, she'd been bullied all the time, and she loved us so much because we were so nice to her. We were her best friends. I've never cried so hard in public. That utterly broke me and still breaks me to this day. That girl deserved so much better. I pray that she's happy.


#23 He Pretended to Be a Frog

I remember him making a wide variety of animal sounds. His favourite animal impression was a frog. He made the noises and he hopped around. He's an electrical engineer now.

#24 He Was a Trash Mummy

I went to buy a soda from the vending machine and the janitor had parked their big garbage cart right next to it. It was full to the brim with filled trash bags. The dude rose like a mummy from under all the trash and asked if I had spare change. I said no and he slowly descended back into the trash cart. Miss that kid sometimes...

#25 He Interrupted Constantly

He constantly interrupted our math teacher to tell us wacky-tacky tales about his wacky-tacky life. Constantly. My friend did a tally toll once and it went up to 34 in a class. It became an inside joke in the school.


#26 She Was a Show-Off

One girl was pretty weird overall, but I always remember after she got a tattoo on her arm she would walk around holding her jacket or bag at a really unnatural angle so she could have it be visible at all times while trying to look like she wasn't intentionally displaying it. Another time in PE a pair of dirty underwear fell out of the leg her jeans and she kicked them under the bleachers of the gym and tried to say they were her brother's.


#27 He Was Donkey Kong

Dude got up on his desk and yelled, “I AM DONKEY KONG” as he threw pencils at the teacher. This was around first or second grade.

#28 He Couldn't Pronounce "Dutch"

While on the annual thespian trip (I did some of the school plays), one of the theater guys ordered his dessert at the lunch stop. He wanted the Dutch apple pie, but didn't know how to pronounce Dutch. He ordered the "douche apple pie" instead. I still get a kick out of that.

#29 He Had a Weird Backpack

Everyone knew the weird kid from high school because he was the only one who had a rolling suitcase-style backpack.

photo-1495968283540-e1df41995ba6 (2)Unsplash

#30 He Had No Shame

He always picked his nose and farted. No shame. Once in class, he sneezed and there was a huge string of snot hanging from his nose, and he stood in the back of the class trying to lick it while we were all cowering. The teacher had left the room for five minutes and that’s what happened.

#31 She Carved Love Notes Into Her Feet

She carved the names of two of my male friends into her feet because she was in love with them both. She then drew pictures of me hanging from trees and wrote extremely detailed morbid poems.


#32 He Showed Off His Sword Fighting Techniques

One thing I will never forget was one day when I went to the gym for a run and all the treadmills were taken, so I went to the indoor track that was hardly used. About 10 minutes into my run, he comes in with his mom and goes into the middle of the track with her. He starts showing her these various sword fighting techniques that he had learned because apparently he was really into that too.


#33 He Ate Erasers

Eating erasers.

#34 He Thought He Was a Meerkat

We had a kid who pretended to be a meerkat. He would put his hands in a downward cupping position on his face and would make "cheeep!" noises. He acted squirrelly and would bop up and down behind desks. This went on for six years and he would only give out meerkat facts when asked any question. He is now getting his master's degree in business management and did a total 180 in his meerkat ways. As kids, we didn’t make fun of him, but we sure were confused.

#35 He Shaved His Eyebrows

He shaved off his eyebrows because he "lost a bet." But the eyebrows remained freshly shaved for an additional six months.


#36 He Ate a Formaldehyde-Preserved Starfish

Eating the formaldehyde-preserved gonads from the arm of a starfish we were dissecting for some amount of money. CIt couldn't have been more than five bucks. The money was just an excuse; it was about the attention I think. This was in ninth grade biology in 1988.


#37 He Ate Used Gum

Eating gum from under the tables.


#38 She Had 25 Cats

We had a girl in sixth grade who had over 25 stray cats that waited for her after school. No one ever acknowledged her existence, except sometimes when they need someone to laugh at or bully. She was also very pale and very skinny. I decided one day to talk to her because I felt really bad. She showed me her sketchbook where she had drawn all of her cats and gave them names. I also learned she was straight-A student.


#39 He Didn't Understand Rocky

I knew a kid who had this Rocky impression where he would literally start hitting himself in the face as soon as someone said, "Show us your Rocky impression."

#40 He Liked Mustard Too Much

Mustard. This kid always ate mustard. On everything. Even just straight. I watched this absolute monster put YELLOW MUSTARD on CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM. One day a teacher confiscated his bottle of mustard he'd brought in with him (yes to just drink during class) and a few minutes later we noticed he had stashed some mustard packets away, I guess for emergencies like this.


#41 He Ate Fish Eyes

We were dissecting fish in my science class. They were really old, preserved, thawed fish. He ate the eyes. He didn't show up to school for a whole week because he got really sick. Also, he would put both legs behind his head and just sit like that.


#42 He Ate Briefcase Salad

Eating a complete salad out of a briefcase while sitting in the bleachers during one of our high school's football games.


#43 She Was a Witch

We had one in high school that I guess was technically a pair of them, but one stands out more than the other. Lisa the witch. She referred to herself that way, had fuzzy black hair, wore all black and always looked unwell. She had a very large friend we'll call Debbie that was basically her attack dog. She would stalk around the school provoking people and threatening to curse them and then 'sick' Debbie on them. Debbie was at least six feet tall and very nearly that wide. She'd start chasing people around the halls or lunchroom barking like a mad dog. Weird pair.

#44 She Brought Her Pet Hamster to School

This girl was so obsessed with her hamster she brought it to school in her pocket one day and would randomly take it out during class to pet it.

#45 He Would Growl and Snarl

The kid would growl and snarl at you like an animal if you made him mad. Which unfortunately led to a lot of people teasing him to make him mad so that he would growl and snarl.



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