November 19, 2019 | Casey Fletcher

People From Around The World Share The Most Spoiled Kid They've Ever Met

We've all had the unfortunate opportunity to meet a spoiled brat. You know the ones: kids whose parents don't have the word "no" in their vocabulary. They get everything they want when they want it. And if they don't, well, you don't want to be around to witness the consequences of that. From kicking and screaming to full-blown public tantrums, the sight of a spoiled kid is enough to put you off having children of your own. If you plan on having little ones of your own soon, read with caution. These kids could win an Oscar for Worst Spoiled Brat.

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#1 Spoiled Brat

My friend's ten-year-old son is a brat, and always getting sent to his room for one thing or another. The other day, I peeked into the kid's room. Laptop, desktop, TV, and three game systems. Oh my god, what a horrible punishment. Amnesty International is going to write letters about this.

#2 Not Appreciative

I gave my nephew some books and he said "Oh man are you kidding me?" and threw them on the floor.

#3 Spoiled Little Girl

I used to babysit these kids. The one girl didn't feel like doing her homework, so I told her we only have a couple problems left and I had been helping her, so it was gonna go by quickly, and we could play games as soon as she was done. In response, she told me she wished I was dead (this girl was 6 years old), threw a bunch of crackers on the floor, kicked her dog in the nuts, and said she was going to blame it all on me and get me fired. Of course, her parents didn't believe I threw food on the floor and assaulted their dog, but there was absolutely no repercussions for what she did. They just turned their heads, put their hands on their hips and were like, "what did we say about lying?" And that was it.


#4 My Parents Suck

Kid at my school: “Ughh my parents suck, they never get me anything."


#5 Spoiled But Kind

In college, I was trying to work out how I was going to purchase a textbook that I needed for a class. I had come to the conclusion that I had to wait till the next week when my part-time job paycheck came in and I'd try to survive in the class until then. My friend took notice of this and came to me the next day with a brand new textbook that he bought with the credit card his parents gave him. Said he buys so much on the card that his parents wouldn't question him about it even though he didn't get it for himself. He was super spoiled, but also helped me out.


#6 What is This?

Some kid (like 11 years old) that got an iPhone 8 for Christmas and she was like "I was expecting the iPhone X."

#7 Daddy's Boy

Going to high school with the son of the owner of a large TV company. He thought he should be allowed to sit alone in the classroom surrounded by unfilled desks. I had the "privilege" of sitting in front of him and was constantly harassed with attacks from his ruler and pens if he thought I was even remotely leaning back.

#8 Christmas Presents

Years ago, a student of mine was speaking about his Christmas haul. If he was to be believed, he received some "15 games per system." Based on his grades, I believe that he likely did.


#9 She's Above Everyone

I was a camp counselor for a while... had a granddaughter of the man who owns Torké coffee one week. I don't know how materially spoiled she was, but I was baffled that the kid could not understand that having a rich grandpa does not entitle her to get to use the only working tetherball, alone, because she demanded it. I had to have a ten-minute conversation with her during playground time about how, at camp, everyone is equal. Thankfully she was fine the rest of the week!

#10 Sweet 16

All of the kids I knew in high school that got brand new cars on their 16th birthday.

#11 Daddy Never Tells Me What to Do

A friend of mine has a son and he's spoiled rotten, and he's a really terrible person. A few years ago, I saw him in a parking lot at night playing hide and seek. He was maybe 9. I said, "Hey buddy, maybe you shouldn't be playing hide and seek in a busy parking lot at night, you're smarter than that." The kid said to me, "What are you going to do about it? Tell my dad? He never tells me what to do so why do you think you can tell me what to do?"  I laughed, said "Fair enough, get ran over for all I care," and walked away.


#12 Daddy Help

My 11-year-old cousin didn't feel like cutting her food, so her dad cut it for her. Later, she didn't want to read her school assignment, so her father read it to her.

#13 Give Me My Chocolate

My daughter may not be the most spoiled, but I do like to spoil her once in a while. One day I bought a 3 pack of Lindt Chocolate balls, forgot to eat them at work and brought them home. My daughter said that she gets to have 2 of them after supper. Supper is finished and she gets a chocolate for dessert, I had one and half, gave the other half to her younger brother. She freaked when she found out I ate it, she's only 6. Her words went "It's Friday so I was SO VERY ALLOWED TO HAVE 2 CHOCOLATES." I had a sit down talk with her about her attitude. But that "I WAS SO VERY ALLOWED" still cracks me up.


#14 Gets What He Wants

A kid on my son's baseball team struck out and dented/cracked his composite bat having a hissy fit behind the dugout. Coach laid into him. Sat him. Parents complained of course. Next practice he has a brand new composite bat. Those are a few hundred bucks by the way.

#15 No Mustard!

When I was in Cuernanvaca, a suburb of Mexico City, I stayed with a host family. I stayed with another fellow classmate named Tom. Tom was good at hiding his wealth, but it was very apparent he was a preppy, wealthy boy, because he was notorious for saying things that were out of touch with us middle-class kids. But, he was likable enough, and usually caught himself being a rich kid.

He was also a picky eater, which is something of a problem in Mexico, where a good portion of people live in poverty, and wasting food, or not eating food, is considered rude unless you are literally stuffed. Luckily for me, I love Mexican food, and my host family made excellent dishes. I usually ended up eating seconds with comments galore! I ate anything I could, often to the point of ridicule. Though I don't have a spot for this candy made of honey, tamarind, and chile. It tastes gritty and awful and sad.

One night, our host family had us and our other classmates an American themed night. They made burgers and hot dogs. It was OK, but I was thankful, and some of the hot dogs were a bit spicy. But I never forgot how they gave him a hot dog with mustard and he told them straight up he would not eat anything with mustard, because it was disgusting, and how dare they not ask him. I was half expecting him to throw it on the ground. When the host family asked if they could remove it, he told them no it wouldn't matter because the bun was contaminated, and he just dumped it on my plate and said I'd certainly eat it. He took another hot dog without asking. I told him to apologize, and he refused, saying they should have asked him. It was obvious there was to be no reasoning with Tom on this one.

That night I heard them through the window. They were talking mad shit about Tom, calling him a spoiled brat. I chuckled so hard.


#16 Gets Every Game He Points At

My little brother. He has a PS4/Xbone, gaming PC with two monitors, laptop, smartphone, TV, Netflix subscription. He gets every game he points at. He’s 11 years old...

#17 Rubbing it In

Have a billionaire customer with four kids, all of them pretty spoiled but the youngest once said to me spitefully, "We're going on Tiger next week and you're not allowed to come." Tiger is the name of their yacht in southern Italy. It's not just that he's spoiled that gets to me, it's the fact he knows it and rubs it in.


#18 Mansion Worries

A younger cousin was upset when I moved because he was worried that I moved into a mansion larger than his. He lives in a suburb and I live in the city.

#19 Need to Be Nice

Was at an airport in my hometown and I was chilling at the gate with my girlfriend. There was this kid, maybe 4-5 years old who was running around everywhere from our gate to the next one over to the Starbucks nearby. That in itself was annoying but, whatever. Kids are hyper, I'd rather have him do this here than on the plane. His dad is sitting in front of us and while jumping onto his dad's lap, he takes a big step on my girlfriend's foot. She loudly said "Ouch" and glared at the kid expecting a sorry or something. But instead (all in front of his own dad) the kid makes a disgusted face and goes "What". And my girlfriend looks at the dad and he just shrugs.

Not 10 minutes later, my girlfriend leaves to go to the bathroom and the kid is speeding around again and he falls over my duffel bag and knocks over her coffee. I say loudly "HEY, kid. Be careful, watch where you're running" and AGAIN he makes the same face and says "NO". The kid's dad comes to pick him up and says, "What did I say before, we need to be nice to people." He doesn't acknowledge the spilled coffee or tell the kid to apologize, he just walks back to his seat. The coffee was 95 percent finished but it still spilled on the ground. The dad didn't even look at or say anything to me.

Finally, we were about to board the plane but I needed to use the restroom. As I'm washing my hands and leaving, the same kid (who else?) is now running around inside the bathroom. The most appalling thing was when he ran up to a stroller with a baby in it and started staring at the baby. I thought they knew each other or something but the baby's dad came to get the stroller and the kid would NOT let go of it. It was so bizarre. The baby's dad said "Let go, please" very gently and when the kid just wouldn't let go he YANKED the stroller out of the kid's hands and the kid started to cry and yelled at the baby's dad. I've since delayed having my own child for a couple of years after witnessing this.


#20 Spoiled Teenager

I started working part-time when I was 12 to save for a car. By 16 I had $7k saved up. I bought myself a used Pontiac G5 Coupe that I was very proud of. At the same time, a popular girl in school turned 16 and her dad bought her a brand new Mustang GT. She ended up crashing it in winter that year...


#21 New Phone, Please

A girl in my grade broke or lost her phone six times in the past year and her parents replaced every single one. The last time she broke it (like two months ago), she complained because she got an iPhone 6s instead of the new one.

#22 How Dare You!

A kid I was a nanny for in the U.S.: She threw the biggest fit over the fact, that her parents gave a backpack to charity. She got a new one just a month ago. She had a friend who got everything she wanted. No matter what price. I was so appalled. I usually work with kids who have so little and who don’t act like that. But they were just spoiled brats to be honest.


#23 No Rigatoni

I saw a three-year-old refuse to eat rigatoni and make her grandpa cook penne instead. Parents let it happen. I went to the bar.

#24 Bad Gift, Grandpa

I don't know that many kids, but my four-year-old son got a Lion King book for Christmas from his grandfather, and his response was an angry "I already have this book!" and he threw it. I'll spare you my parental attempts to ever-so-lovingly and nurturingly guide him to be less of a brat.


#25 Where's My Pony?

Me. I was eight and no joke threw a long temper tantrum on a flight from CT to Hawaii because my mom surprised us very last minute (like booked it the day before) with a trip to Hawaii which meant I wouldn't see my pony for three weeks. I was a terror.


#26 Not My Breed

An ex-friend of mine was given a puppy at his seventh birthday party. He threw a tantrum because he didn't like the breed. Thankfully, the puppy was given to his aunt and the little brat was told he would never have a pet. Cue epic tantrum saying he changed his mind. Nope. Didn't work.


#27 Mercedes Only

A friend of the family refuses to be picked up in any other vehicle other than the Mercedes her parents own. If someone else is getting her, they park around the block.


#28 Jeep Wrangler

A kid in high school got his license and got to keep his mom's Honda SUV. A few weeks later he’s driving like an idiot and crashes it into a tree and totals it. I remember saying, "Oh my god, he’s never going to be allowed to drive again!” He comes to school a week or so later with a brand new 4-door Jeep Wrangler that his parents bought him.


#29 Stylish Brat

I know this one girl who gets Gucci for her birthday and Christmas.


#30 Mine!

After sixth grade, I went to the same sleepaway summer camp as my friend. I loved camp; he hated it. He had a total meltdown the first night, crying and begging to be allowed to call his parents. I made new friends while he sullenly kept to himself...We began to drift apart.

His parents used to clip comics from the newspaper and send them to him. He would read them and then put them in the recycle bin. One day another kid took one of the thrown-away strips out from the bin and started reading it. My friend started screaming. He ran up and punched the kid, then knocked the strip out of his hands. "Don't read that - IT'S MINE!" Maybe this isn't "spoiled" as much as "pathologically selfish" but it really burned into my memory. We were not friends after that summer.


#31 BMW Only

This one girl claims she will get a BMW as her first car and will not settle for anything less.


#32 Private Jet, Please

My cousins. On my sister's seventh birthday, my cousin called her to say happy birthday. My sister began telling her about the awesome party she was having later that day. My cousin was upset she couldn't go, so my aunt put her on a plane that day and arranged for a driver to take her to our house. They are upper-middle class but by no means rich enough to be doing that kind of stuff.


#33 iPhone Problems

My family friend's daughter breaks her iPhone screen every week (not exaggerating) and her parents get it fixed every week. Once, her phone crashed and she WILLINGLY slammed the iPhone on the table also cracking the back. Refuses to put a case or glass screen protector on it. Throws tantrum when her parents won't fix it for her.


#34 Expensive Princess Party

Worked at a little kids birthday party place. Princess parties are really expensive. Our most expensive package was $50 a kid (before tax) and a family booked a 12 person party with that package. The booking requires a deposit of $25. The little birthday girl comes in and has the party of her life. She keeps talking about a stupidly overpriced makeup kit we sold, cost $50 and was probably $15 worth of makeup. It was one of the most expensive items we had and she was obsessed with it the entire party. Her grandma discreetly paid for her entire party (well over $500) and then asked us to add on the makeup kit and hide it from her. She faked as if the girl was just getting the party.

The little girl started spouting off on her poor grandma saying that she didn’t understand why she didn’t buy the kit. The grandma said that she was paying for the party. The little girl had the audacity to say that her mom paid for it. The grandma said, “Your mom paid the $25 deposit”. So awkward. She returned the makeup kit.


#35 Spoiled Nerd

When I used to roleplay on Gaia Online (god that's a really old sentence), there was a guildmate of ours who tried to bribe the admins to ban my account, since our friends tended to prefer roleplay with myself over him. When that didn't work, he tried to DDOS my computer from his private jet.


#36 Gets Everything

One of my classmates. Through the Spanish program at my school, I got to take a trip to Peru with my class. I made a deal with my dad that I would pay for half and he would pay for half. I spent the savings of two summers' worth of job earnings. This guy though, his mom had clearly paid for the whole thing. Not too unusual, but his parents paid for everything, including paying the school to let him stay when he was caught smoking grass in the bathroom in eighth grade.

photo-1509062522246-3755977927d7 (1)Unsplash

#37 iPhones Galore

There was a girl in my gym class and she talked about how she broke nine iPhones that year. Think they were all iPhone 8s.

#38 Spoiled Child

Me... I don't know why my parents didn’t punish me. I can’t believe a lot of people actually put up with my spoiled little self growing up.


#39 Affluenza Teen

The Affluenza Teen.

#40 Don't Want It

Former friend's four-year-old brat cried all the way down the street after walking past an ice cream shop. I sort of feel bad cause they don't have much money and the ice cream isn't cheap so I treated the kid. He takes two licks, smiles at me and says, "Don't want it."


#41 Only Four Maids

I went to Dubai to visit my mom's best friend. They had a villa, a supercar and some other cool toys. I commented once while in his room saying "you're rich," and he looked at me baffled, replying, "No? We only have 4 maids. My friend has 12."


#42 Golf Course Not Good Enough

I tutored a kid in college who's dad was a surgeon. His dad was a surgeon and had a driving range built in his backyard that teed up on the deck and shot down a large hill onto a green about 200 feet away. It was absolutely incredible. His 15-year-old son was angry because it wasn't built well enough.


#43 Not the Right iPod

My older sister at some point in her life. She threw a fit when my dad bought her a pink iPod shuffle instead of an iPod Nano. She made my dad return it and threw a tantrum. She eventually got a pink iPod Nano. I know this because a year later she stopped using it completely and I inherited it when she decided to throw it away. I still have it. Bear in mind, my parents came from extremely poor backgrounds and we were what you’d consider working class at that time.


#44 Mercedes-Benz Kid

Kid at my high school. When he was 14 he had a learners permit but his parents got him a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Every day he drove it to school and he was determined to park it in the parking lot to show it off. So he had his housekeeper drive to school with him and her son drove a car behind her to take her back home (which was only about two miles away from our school).


#45 Everyone Owes Him

My nephew. My parents had me late in life so I was the same age as him so when we would go over to his house we would play together. His mom's (my sister's) husband was part of a drug cartel in Peru (we are Peruvian) so they were rich AF. Their house was amazing. My nephew got whatever he wanted. I remember for his eighth birthday he got a grand piano that fit comfortably in his room. He literally had everything. He was a jerk and acted like everyone owed him everything.




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