June 12, 2023 | Casey Fletcher

Unhappy Shoppers Share The Products They Regret Buying

If you've ever bought something you regretted purchasing, you're probably familiar with the term "buyer's remorse." Initially, you're happy. But in the following days, you begin to question yourself: Was it worth your $60? Will you actually use it? Was it really the best option? The doubt begins to set in. Fortunately, this hasn't just happened to you—it happens to everyone. From ice cream to houses to spiritual therapy sessions, here are a few examples of products that people eventually regretted buying. You're not alone!


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#1 Ice Cream

One time the grocery store had Breyer's Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream on sale, two for 6$, and I like that stuff, so I was stoked. I stopped in the store on my way home from work a little after 1 a.m. and grabbed the ice cream and went to the self-checkout and rang them up. Apparently, the sale had ended about an hour prior to that so they rang up as $6 and change each. I walked out of that store with two quarts of ice cream for $13 and a bad mood about it that hasn't gone away for years now.


#2 Electric Blanket

An electric blanket. I’m addicted to it now. It’s too hard to get out of bed. Even harder than before.

#3 Custom Skateboard

When I was a child, my mother bought me a $100 custom skateboard after I asked incessantly for it. I never used it, and the first time I did, I ended up leaving it at the skatepark and losing it. It was the first time she hit me with the "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" and it's haunted me to this day.


#4 Family-Sized Chips

The family size cheddar and sour cream Ruffles that I nearly finished in one sitting. I’m disgusted with myself...

#5 A Bad Exchange

One time my mom gave me $20 to spend at camp. I was stoked as this never happened. On the last day of camp I still hadn't found anything to buy. Desperate, I traded it to someone for a $5 so I could buy soda from the vending machine, as it doesn't accept $20s. For a long while, I still thought it was a perfectly reasonable exchange as it wasn't my money. Now I think differently.


#6 Mists and Lotions

Honestly, I went through a phase where I became addicted to buying mists and lotions from Bath and Body Works. About a hundred different bottles later I've realized I'm not even that into them.


#7 1979 Chevy Chevette

In 1979, my wife and I decided that the 1973 Celica I had when we met and married needed to be replaced. We took our savings and bought a 1979 Chevy Chevette. Look it up if you want a laugh. One time I went to turn left, and the turn signal handle broke off in my hand. Most of the time we owned it, it would start okay cold, but if it was warm and say you stopped for gas, it would not start unless you opened the hood and someone held a wire to bypass the solenoid (I think) while someone else turned the key.

Eventually, my wife had to train our child to turn the key while she held the wire in place to start the car. When we could finally afford to upgrade and get rid of the car, it had no value whatsoever. I gave it away to a young man who liked to work on cars. I took no money because I didn't want the guilt.


#8 Don't Do It

My first pack of smokes.


#9 MINI Cooper

My MINI Cooper. I love the car, but I couldn't really afford it when I got it and I couldn't work on it myself because all the parts are so compact and need special tools, and it has been a maintenance nightmare. The dealer said it only needed an oil change every 15k miles, which I followed, which lead to needing an engine rebuild after 90k miles.


#10 Air Mattress

An air mattress which my cat popped on as I was airing it up for the first time...

#11 Overpriced Pillow

When I was 10, my mom gave me 50 dollars to spend at this store that had a lot of wacky stuff. Of all the things I could have bought as a 10-year-old, I chose an overpriced pillow that cost 50 dollars. my mom was not happy and to this day I am made fun of for buying a $50 pillow.


#12 Pokecoins

14,500 Pokecoins for $99...why. Why!

#13 Study Abroad Deposit

$1800 deposit on a study abroad coarse at my university. I ended up choosing not to go because I was rapidly losing weight and couldn’t stop shitting, like chronically. I literally thought I was dying. Found out a few months and one colonoscopy later that it was just lactose intolerance.


#14 Car Modifications

Every aftermarket modification I made to my cars between 2001 and 2005.

#15 A Suit

A $1000 suit that I only wore a handful of times over the years before a) I lost weight and it stopped fitting me well and b) its cut started looking dated and unfashionable. I bought it after college because I'd always heard, "Every grown man needs at least one good suit. You'll use it a lot over the years and suits are timeless so you can keep it forever." I'm sure some guys would get more mileage out of a suit, but not the case for me.


#16 Microtransactions

Microtransactions on a mobile game. Spent 80 bucks in total and within a month then figures I got were obsolete. Glad I dropped it but regret even giving them money.


#17 Online Shopping

I regret online shopping in general after every purchase. For whatever reason, I’ll find something I like, get super psyched when I track it and see that it’s “in vehicle for delivery”. When I open the package I’m like, “Was this really worth what I spent on it?” Even if it looks exactly as I’d hoped, once I open the package the thrill is gone immediately, and it’s just one more thing I own.


#18 Portable DVD Player

Portable DVD player. $450.

#19 Baby Things

Most of the baby stuff I bought when I was pregnant. Used about 30% of it. Changing table? The ground is easier. Pack and play? She co-slept then moved to her crib anyway. Wipe warmer? Battery died. Newborn diapers and outfits? She was in them for a week. The list goes on...

I spent most of my savings on new baby stuff when I should've gotten it used or waited until birth. This was also at a bad point in my life. I was 16! After spending my entire savings I had no easy way of escaping what would become a horrible boyfriend/husband and his terrible mom/my mother in law.


#20 Bachelor's Degree

My bachelor's degree that I still technically haven't paid for.

#21 Reiki Session

Sixty dollar reiki session. She touched my body and told me I was a mermaid in my past life and that was about it.

#22 Bread Machine

Bread machine and other random kitchen stuff I don’t need.


#23 A House

My house. We pulled the trigger on it without looking at a lot of other ones because we were afraid if we passed it up and missed out, we wouldn’t find another one as good. Now two years later I’m finding that I don’t love it as much as I originally thought I did and it needs work that we can’t afford.

photo-1475855581690-80accde3ae2b (1)Unsplash

#24 Trip to Disneyland

Trip to Disneyland. My kid loved it, but we've found ourselves suddenly in a bad financial situation that, had we not gone, wouldn't be a situation at all.

#25 Pizza

Pizza. In my freshman year of college I had a penchant for buying loads of pizza to share with all my friends. I was known for it even. I must have bought almost $200 worth of pizza that year. Mind you I'm very small at only 100 pounds, so that means all the rest of it was going to my friends. Two years later and most of them have ghosted. So I spent 200 bucks on fake friends. Still, I love Dominos though. Dominos will never leave me.


#26 Engagement Ring

My ex-wife's engagement ring... It would prove to be the biggest, most costly mistake of my entire life. It drained me financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Never again.


#27 Rent

An entire year's worth of rent for a terrible apartment. We had no heat, there were cracks and gaps letting bugs in constantly, and we had really bad neighbors that would steal anything we left outside in the back. They claimed they had utilities but they were broken and our half of the front yard was completely ruined because our neighbor used it to play fetch with his dog for years.

When we finally complained about the heat, our realtor suggested we buy a space heater and when we told her that was unacceptable, she had a plumber come out. Turns out the landlord didn't even bother to turn on the boiler and it was December in Colorado. It was $1100 a month. After our lease ended we found an amazing condo on the main street with all utilities, heat, personal parking, and AC for $1100 a month.

photo-1460317442991-0ec209397118 (1)Unsplash

#28 A GTX 1080

A GTX 1080 in March.

#29 A Storage Unit

Putting my personal belongings in a storage unit and then moving 1,000 miles away. “Sure, I’ll come back and get it in a month or two!” I thought. I had that unit for four years and biannually. They would call to inform me that the price had been hiked up another $50. I finally cleared it out this year. Never again.


#30 GoPro

GoPro. I do not have a GoPro lifestyle.

#31 Bad For Your Body

All the alcohol I’ve consumed in my five years of being an alcoholic. It's about $30 a day, sometimes more, for five years. It comes out to over $54,000. I'm four days sober and counting. I’ve got a long journey ahead of me.


#32 Rock Band

Rock Band. The new one. I remembered how much fun it was ten years ago and I wanted that feeling again. I got the deluxe model with the drums, guitar, and mic. That $200 piece of garbage sat and gathered dust for a year.

#33 Another House

This house in December of 2005 at the height of the mortgage boom. Two months later the market collapsed and I lost 30% of the value. I've only been close to being above water once since... I badly want to move, I hate being stuck here. My ex is on the mortgage and won't approve selling it unless there is profit.


#34 Macbook Pro

The 2013 Mac Pro. It cost me about $8,000. I've had to get the GPU's replaced repeatedly. I'm currently on GPU 4 and 5. It constantly has issues mostly caused by overheating, in spite of the fact that I keep it in a well ventilated, cool, air-conditioned spot. Guess what? You can't cram a tower worth of computer parts into a tiny little cylinder and "cool" it with one single fan!

The laws of thermodynamics still apply to you no matter how "bold" and "innovative" you are. I've never been an Apple "fanboy" but this has actually caused me so much frustration that I've built a PC and switched to Windows full time. I have no loyalty to a company that blatantly disrespects their customers.


#35 Laptop

My laptop. It overheats and is beginning to fall apart.


#36 Nail Buffering Stick

A nail buffering stick from one of those vendors at the mall. I paid $40 for that piece of useless garbage. I later found out you can buy the same thing for a couple of bucks at any grocery store. I was fooled once, but never again. Don’t even bother attempting to sell to me, mall vendors.

#37 Coffee Maker

One of those coffee makers with the pods and barcodes.

#38 Clothes That Don't Fit

Clothes that were an exact fit or on the tight side and then thinking to myself, "Ah ill just lose some weight." I never lost that weight so I never got to wore those clothes comfortably after the first or second time.

#39 Video Games

Ninety-eight percent of the video games I buy. Especially Madden and COD series.

#40 An Airplane Ticket

I live on a tiny mountain town with a tiny airport. There was a blizzard the night I was supposed to fly out to see my family for the holidays. The highways were closed, all flights grounded for days. Obviously, I could not use my original plane ticket. My loving family, none of whom live in places with real winters, coaxed me into buying an expensive, last-minute plane ticket from the nearest big city (three hours away) for the day after the blizzard.

They were convinced I would find a ride down to the city. I don't know how they guilted me into it but obviously the roads were still all closed the next day so that ticket was useless. So, that. Partly because it was expensive but mostly because I really should have stood my ground against my family.


#41 An Engagement Ring

I bought an engagement ring for a girl in college I thought I wanted to marry. When I showed it to her she freaked out. I was stuck with a ring that the department store would not take back or refund me. After some haggling, they agreed to exchange the ring for a store credit. I ended up getting a down sleeping bag. Turned out to be a better deal in the long run.


#42 Half-Pound of Oregano

A half-pound of oregano for 600 bucks...


#43 Foam Bed

A $4000 foam bed. I don’t even think it is comfortable. One of the dumbest things I have ever wasted my money on, and it was so much money.


#44 1982 Alfa Romeo Spider

1982 Alfa Romeo Spider. It only had 17,000 miles on it in 2009 and I thought I was getting a great deal. Turns out I was about to develop a deep and expensive relationship with a mechanic who specializes in Italian cars.

#45 Monthly Liabilities

Liabilities that charge monthly even if you don't use them. Gym membership, Xbox live membership, storage, etc.



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