February 2, 2023 | Casey Fletcher

Ex-College Students Share Their Crazy Expulsion Stories

Between wild partying and struggling to make it to class, there are plenty of chances for you to meet trouble in your college years. However, there is one feat which is remarkably difficult to accomplish: getting expelled. Considering the amount of crazy stuff that happens daily on a college campus, getting kicked out of school for good is nearly unheard of! Still, there are plenty of people who have been expelled from their universities for reasons which are both strange and hard to believe.

If you attended college, you can attest to some of the crazy happenstances that occur in dorms, classrooms, and common spaces. But, perhaps you've never seen a student try to spur an exorcism, install bitcoin miners on every school computer, or shoot a firework straight through their pants! Believe it or not, these kids have done it– and many of their tales of woe are almost unbelievable! Here are Reddit users' odd, distressing, and fascinating reasons for being expelled from their universities.


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#25 A 'Video Game' Addiction

I had a friend who skipped all classes and failed everything because all he wanted to do was play League of Legends. He got a warning that if he didn't get his grades up he would be suspended for a year. He got suspended. When he went back to the school a year later the same thing happened again. Now he can't go back to that college again.


#24 Bilingual Cheaters And A Savage Professor

Currently am aware of a group of international students getting expelled from my school. They've been whispering to each other during exams in another language, and as luck would have it my professor happens to speak that language and has been slowly building a case against them without their knowing it.

The kids somehow also got the solutions to every homework and exam last semester which is very similar to what we've been assigned this semester. However, the kids are so lazy they blindly copy whole solutions not realizing numbers are different, sometimes units are metric and they answer in English, and one problem asked for something completely different than they solved for using the exact procedure to solve last semesters homework. They're absolutely [messed up] and I'm kinda excited to see it. One of them had a 3.75 GPA was on the verge of being auto admitted to our MS/BS program. He's probably been cheating his whole college career (were 2 semesters away from graduation). Plot twist: the advisor to that program is the instructor that is currently building the case against them.

The professor is a savage. He's been grading all their homework and exams like everything was fine and one day unleashed a dossier of justice to COAM.


#23 An Off-Brand, Uber-Popular 'Rate My Professor'

I was making a search engine for our school teacher evaluation page. It absolutely blew up in popularity and a large portion of the school was using it (about 5k views per day). Essentially it was like rate my professors except it used the evaluations that they force students to do at the end of the class as data. I also added features that made it more desirable to students.

It became so popular that it was showing up on the front page of Google for certain teacher names. Some of those teachers had low ratings and got [mad] and complained. I had unintentionally violated IP laws because the evaluations were under password protections and my site was not. The only reason I didn't get expelled was because the dean of my department had my back. He did research and concluded the information should not have been private in the first place, then sent a public information request to make it so my project did not break the law. I definitely had people asking for my expulsion for a scary amount of time.


#22 Majorly Rejected From Their Major

Expelled because my GPA dropped below the competitive level for the engineering school at my college. I was given the option of transferring to a different school (they recommended I go into the humanities) or be expelled.

Well, thankfully I had a job from the previous summer that was willing to hire me on full time before this happened, so I took the expulsion and went to work full time. Since then, I've gotten my certifications and work in the trades doing fairly well for myself... So, yay?


#21 Fraternity Brothers Competing For The Lowest GPA

I lived and worked 40 mins away from school, and had a girlfriend back home (so far, right?). I scheduled all my classes from  7-11AM. It was hard to get up at 5AM and drive into school and pay attention in a 10000-seat lecture hall.

So I started to stay at the frat house and blow off my classes.

The first semester I got a 0.0. The next, I got a .33 (one D!) I wasn't the only one expelled from school that year...me and 4 other guys were competing for the lowest GPA.

21-1530124964534.jpgSvitlana Lymar/Staff Photographer

#20 Insulting A Super Rude Professor (In Front Of The Whole Class)

Called the professor who was several years younger than me a little poo (more harsh) head while in class, for cracking a joke about why I was coming back to college after so long (I was in the military serving in Afghanistan).

But I won the appeal.

20-1530125047183.jpgPhyllis Graber Jensen/Bates

#19 Wake-Up Call Hours Before Graduation

I had a particularly rough semester and got D in a class that I had previously dropped after about a week the prior semester because my schedule was too busy then. Department rules say that you can't attempt a class for credit more than twice (including drops) so I got kicked out of my major. I was 14 hours away from graduation at the time. The academic advisor said that I could either change my major, so basically start college all over, or go away for a year and then come back on probation. So I guess I'm not expelled per se but I'm taking an involuntary gap year.


#18 Consistently Stealing Students' Coding

I unintentionally got another student expelled. We were critiquing websites we had built when I noticed one that looked exactly like mine with a few tweaks. I popped open the source and noticed it was a line for line copy of my code with a few changes to the CSS.

I brought it up to the professor to protect myself in case he noticed them, though, I doubt I would have been suspected, mine was more cohesive. The changes he did make didn't make the site appealing. Anyway, apparently, it was his 3rd time plagiarizing after twice you go "on trial" with the school. If you don't get expelled then, a 3rd time is the nail in the coffin.


#17 Stirring Up A Legitimate Riot

I got expelled in 2004 for inciting a riot. Whoooooopsies!

17-1530125562676.jpgEric Schultz/AP

#16 Excessively Brilliant Yet Constantly Absent

Personally knew a bright individual that was kicked out of a prestigious university for skipping too many classes. He showed up for the important classes, got A's on all of the tests. But due to the fact that he had missed too many classes, he failed all of them.

Must not have read that page of the handbook. He now works at the local grocery store and I see him when I come home on breaks.

Too, College was Princeton, He was on a full ride.


#15 (Literally) Walking On Thin Ice

Was expelled my second semester at a northern US school; think Michigan, Montana, North Dakota. It was my second semester being an older transfer student from the mid-Atlantic. I ended up slipping on ice and fracturing my femur, my humerus and two fingers on ice outside my apartment. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital during that time recovering and doing PT. Finally got home (my apartment was 30 mintues away from campus) since I couldn't drive nor did they have cabs I could afford or public transit. Ended up failing everything and having to move back home.

15-1530126097514.jpgWise Geek

#14 A Firework Fiasco

I shot a firework out of my rear-end in a campus-owned house.


#13 Smashing An Ex's Window

Not me, but my best friend in college was expelled. He became a nasty drinker and threw a brick through his ex-girlfriend's window. His rich parents bailed him out and got him into the college that they worked for. Years later, he is sober and recently got married. He's probably still an moron though.

13-1530126595428.jpgMedia Bakery

#12 This Article Looks Oddly Familiar

This is not my story. It's the story of a classmate. We will nickname him The Bozo.

The Bozo was the top student in my promo in journalism school. This was a good school, known to create good journalists. This was because we had four mandatory internships, in four different medias. The school already have partnerships with said medias, and choose the internship for you, based on your preferences, your skills, and your results.

The Bozo got the best internship there was, for my country's most important newspaper (think something like The New York Times).

3 weeks into it, The Bozo is caught for plagiarism. He is fired from the internship and immediately expelled from the school, in shame.

12-1530126675587.jpgWise Geek

#11 Well-Intentioned Exorcism At Catholic School

I went to a private Christian University, and I have a friend who got expelled for supposedly exorcizing a demon out of someone in the middle of a wide-open courtyard.


#10 Hit The Fan...Literally

Not me but happened to a teammate on my rowing team. He got busted for getting tipsy which isn't an expellable offense. But to get back at the RA that caught him, he excreted into a bag, went to the guy's first-floor window, and threw it into the RA's room. What made things worse is that the RA had a box fan in the window. The excrement hit it and sprayed everywhere in the room.

Literally, the poop hit the fan. He was promptly expelled.


#9 A Forbidden, Unsupervised Date

For being off campus with a member of the opposite sex without proper supervision. No, seriously.

9-1530127023787.jpgDeposit Photos

#8 Rejecting A Pushy Professor's Advances

I got thrown out after I graduated from a Master's degree program. The teacher asked me out when I asked to talk about one of my papers. I turned him down. I had to take a class with him in my next to last semester and he tried to throw me out for plagiarism. I tried to press harassment charges and the ombudsman talked me out of it by saying I would be stuck in his class if I pressed charges. The Ombudsman asked to contact administrators at the school and urged me to get an incomplete in the guy's class and just graduate next term. After graduation, I am getting ready to go on job interviews and I receive a letter telling me I have to enroll in 4 courses and get A's to offset the F the teacher in question wants to give me. I follow up and the teacher, who is now the Chair of the program elects himself my academic advisor and takes over the situation. He fakes my grades and tells me I have six weeks to complete the entire course all over again. He tells me if I do my best he will make it possible to graduate as it's mathematically impossible. I can't complete the work in time and he throws me out.


#7 Massive Mine For Bitcoins

Installing bitcoin miners on all the computers in a video editing lab.


#6 An Innocent Movie Date

Not me, but a friend, let's call him Ben, was expelled his sophomore year.

Ben came from a very conservative Christian family. His father and grandfather were pastors. Ben went to the same religious college they did. That college had strict rules about dressing modestly and fraternization of opposite sexes. If I recall, there were different levels allowed that depended on age/role at the school.

Ben was caught off campus seeing a movie with a girl. Apparently, they should have had a chaperone. I think it was also not the first time he had broken the rules.

Ben was promptly expelled. His parents were so upset they sent him on a year-long mission overseas.


#5 A Nearly-Nocturnal Roommate

My roommate got expelled for basically never going to class, not even when there was an important exam. He spent all night playing video games and then slept all day until about 5 PM. Like I would wake up, go to my 8:30 lecture, get lunch, go to lab 2-5, then come back to my room and my roommate was STILL sleeping! I found out the following summer that he had gotten a letter from the university asking him not to come back. Last I heard of him, he had enrolled at a commuter school, where he made the dean's list.

4-1530160514832.jpgPhoto by Getty

#4 Kidnapping Koi For An Illegal Feast

At UCSC a bunch of Porter students were expelled for stealing and cooking a $5000 koi.


#2 Being Friendly To A Bullied Kid

I was a friendless loser in highschool and middle school, so I was very sensitive when I could tell someone else was bullied. There was a kid in my Spanish class who clearly had some autistic/asperger's stuff going on - he would ask really inappropriate questions, and everyone made fun of him, laughed at him, rolled their eyes at him, even the teacher.

I felt bad for him. I asked him to work with me on a project and I invited him to my dorm room. My roommate and his friends happened to be there and were having a drink before heading out.

He gets all perterbed and I end up doing all of the work and letting him take credit because I felt bad. He decides to immediately go to campus security and report me for allowing 'illegal activities' to go on.

1-1530162574469.jpgPhoto by Getty

#1 Skipping Too Much Church

I got kicked out of BYU (the Mormon private university) for not going to church. You have to maintain 80% church attendance alongside a whole slew of things or your local religious leader can "pull your ecclesiastical endorsement" which gives you the ok to keep attending. I had stopped believing in the Mormon faith my senior year of high school, but only applied to BYU because I loved the sports program and thought I could fake it for 4 years so I could get sweet student section tickets.

Only applying to one college, a religious school, entirely for cheap sports tickets was a terrible mistake.

0-1530161478264.jpgPhoto by Getty


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