June 3, 2020 | David Chung

Couldn’t Pay Me To Go Back: Absolutely Wild Stories Of High School Drama

From getting back at the cool kids to embarrassing ourselves in front of the school hottie, we all have wild memories from high school—but we can guarantee that they’re not as crazy as these. Redditors shared their most extreme high school moments and boy oh boy, they prove that no matter whether you were a jock, a weirdo, or a cheerleader, nothing compares to high school drama.

#1 Age Is Just a Number

Two new students who happened to be fraternal twins arrived at our school when they were both 15 years old. One looked older than the other, but that just happens sometimes. Then one day, a rumor began to spread that they were not actually twins, but just ordinary sisters. As far as rumors go, it wasn’t so scandalous—but then, a few weeks later, the chilling truth came out.

The school looked into it and it turns out, one of the sisters was actually 22 years old. The parents had lied about her age to get her into the school, which they had needed to do in order to be allowed to stay in the country. Whoops!

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#2 A Poet Who Didn’t Know It

I wrote a paper, got an A, then forgot about it. Later, a teacher congratulated me for getting my work published in a magazine. I was so confused, but then I realized what was happening—and my blood ran cold. My paper had indeed gotten published in a magazine…under my teacher’s name. She straight up stole my work and got paid for it. I wanted to punch her in the face—but the school’s humiliating punishment was better than any revenge I could have asked for.

She was forced to write me an apology letter and read it in front of the class. It was a truly beautiful moment.

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#3 High School...Love?

This guy from my high school sought out rumors about who was crushing on me. He would then approach them and ask them to please let him have a chance and to not ask me out—but that wasn’t even the weirdest part. I barely even knew this guy, and didn't even really talk to him much to begin with. I didn't even know his last name! Our whole relationship was literally just saying hi to each other during calculus class every morning.

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#4 Joy Ride Gone Wrong

This awful popular girl "removed" people she hated from school. But her worst act was so disturbing, it’s impossible to forget. One day, she convinced this freshman that they should film a fun prank-style video for YouTube. He was supposed to do a "Ghost riding the whip" thing where he was on the roof of the car while no one appeared to be at the wheel.

She was driving it, and while the kid was surfing on the roof, she accelerated as fast as she could down the street, just to be mean. Meanwhile, the kid tumbled off...and fell into a coma. All she said was, "It was his fault. I mean, it was his idea after all!"

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#5 How Do You Say “Yikes” in French?

We had a French teacher we didn’t like. A student used her kettle as a toilet.

We were amused.

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#6 First Time is the Worst Time

In high school, I was on the verge of losing my virginity to my girlfriend of two years when my mom suddenly walked into my room. It was mortifying, but it was about to get so much worse. She went ballistic and screamed her head off at me for what felt like an hour. It ruined my relationship, but that I can deal with—it’s the dark secret she revealed while screaming that haunts me to this day.

My mom went on a rant about how irresponsible I am and how protection doesn't always work, and then drops this bombshell: Apparently, I'm proof of that. I was a freaking mistake. So that's the story of how my relationship was ruined (just got really awkward after that) and I found out I was an accident all in the same single moment.

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#7 Post-Secondary Disappearance

A high school senior in my town went missing; they've never found him. Apparently, he was at a party before graduation, got into a fight with his girl, and walked home. Disturbingly, they later discovered that he’d left his car abandoned, but there was no other sign of him. They've extensively checked all the nearby woods, dredged the rivers and lakes, and it even caught the attention of some TV "psychic." Nothing. I always wonder if it was suicide, an accident, foul play, or if he just took off across the country.

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#8 Poorly Placed Gas Explosion

I remember I used to work with this gorgeous girl when I was a freshman in high school. One day I'd bought some groceries before heading home and she offered me a ride, which I happily accepted. When we got to my house, I proceeded to bend over to grab something while she was doing the same right behind me and I ripped one in her face. After awkward eye contact, we both unloaded the car in silence before saying goodbye.

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#9 Say What Now?

My high school teacher stole my girlfriend. Yup, beat that!

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#10 It’s Not In Your Head

I went to a small all-girls college in Virginia. Our campus was full of beautiful, gnarled oak trees and classic southern charm—but it was haunted by a dark secret that everyone tried to hide from me. The entire student body was obsessed with eerie rituals like wearing all white and having graveyard meetings where we sang school songs. It was a strange group mentality, and it had horrific consequences: in the very first semester, four girls in my class took their own lives. When I went to the Dean to get to the bottom of it, his response made my blood run cold.

If you discussed transferring, the dean of students and the school's counselor would threaten to have you put in a mental hospital for 72 hours. I transferred in secret so no one would find out. I didn't even tell my friends. I would wake up at 4 am and transfer stuff from my dorm room to be shipped home. It was terrifying.

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#11 Suits Don’t Equal Fun

In high school, I was hanging out with my group of friends at lunch. One of our friends walked up wearing a suit and started talking to one of my other friends. A few moments later, he says, "Ok guys, I'm heading out now. I'll be back tomorrow." So I replied excitedly, "Alright man, have fun!!"

He gave me the weird scowl/look of betrayal I've ever seen. Somehow it slipped past my radar that his girlfriend had developed a super rare disease and died, inside the time span of a week. All my friends were looking at me with the widest eyes as he walked away, and in a chorus everyone was like, "DUUUUUUUUUDE."

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#12 Music to My Immature Ears

Every day back in high school, a friend of mine would suck air up his butt like he had a pair of butt lungs, and then would rip out the loudest and longest farts I've ever heard in the middle of class. It was a sad day when he was eventually expelled from school.

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#13 Kids Teaching Kids

I love reading, have from an early age, and I was excited to learn literature in junior high. I had a teacher who just completed her post-grad diploma, and for an entire year in literature class, she would just flip pages and say things like, "Turn to page 88. Highlight paragraph 3. That’s gonna be tested." I was so freaking disappointed.

One day, she had to make up a class on Saturday and started telling us how much she hated her job because she couldn’t go get wasted on Friday night since she had to show up on a Saturday morning and teach a bunch of stinking kids. She then proceeded to ask us to turn to some page, yelling, "Just highlight everything. The entire page will be tested!"

Well, she got what was coming to her. She got fired because she got caught doing it with the IT instructor in the computer lab.

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#14 That’s What I Call Clean Eating

Back in high school, we had this really strange gym teacher, about 6'2” tall and ripped. My friend and I were going to take a dump and thought that the locker room toilets would be clean, since no one used them throughout the day. When we walked in, to our left was one big shower room and there was our gym teacher showering while eating spaghetti out of a Tupperware container. Thank God he was wearing swim trunks, but he turned around and said you guys aren't supposed to be here, so we left.

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#15 Vigilante Justice

One of the funniest, most memorable, and most satisfying moments in high school was watching some new kid who was getting bullied for months finally snap and smash the bully’s head through a door window.

The bully got suspended, and the victim just got a detention.

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#16 The Remains of The Day

I swear this story is 100% true. When I was in high school, our teacher had an assistant who I’ll call “Tim.” During class, Tim was showing me something on his phone when a kid came up to ask him something. Tim left his phone and went to help the student. So of course I check his phone’s pictures folder, expecting to find the usual dirty secrets one might find there. Instead I learned that Tim’s phone was harboring much darker secrets than I expected.

Inside an album with an all-too appropriate name were over 300 pictures of various poops in toilets. Thick poops, small poops, chunky poops, diarrhea... it was all there. I just kept scrolling down and down and it was just all poop. I was honestly just in shock, and as soon as Tim came back I couldn’t just pretend I didn’t see.

I had to know. "Dude. Why do you have so many pictures of poops on your phone???" "Oh, I, uhh, those are all mine...I send them to my friends as a joke sometimes. Nobody’s ever seen that before." And that was it about that. Long story short, I found the poop folder.

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#17 Blood, Sweat & Teachers

My high school teacher didn't let girls in their junior year of high school go to the restroom during class more than twice a semester because he thought they would be skipping class. Multiple people ended up bleeding onto their chairs because he didn't let anyone leave.

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#18 Might Be a Hemophiliac

When I was in high school I got a lot of nosebleeds. Like, a lot. So I got one in the middle of class and I asked the teacher for a tissue, she said she didn’t have any so I asked to go to the toilet to get one and she said no. Soon, I asked again when blood was dripping from my hands. Her response was chilling. She yelled at me for “repeating myself,” which is apparently bad.

Soon, a puddle of blood was on the table and then I got sent to isolation for “disrupting the class.” I was then suspended for “acting inappropriate during class.” She was then fired for putting my life at risk. I gotta say, when you get a nose bleed like that, you really see how much blood is inside of you.

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#19 Dangit Bob

I was in high school and dating an older boy. One day, another girl came to the drive-thru window. I took one look at her, and my blood instantly ran cold. With pure hate in my eyes, I looked at her and said: ”Did Bob give you that ring on your finger?” She looked down at the very distinct ring she was wearing and said, “Yes, how did you know?” “Because he’s my boyfriend and I gave it to him.” She sheepishly took it off, gave it to me, and drove off. I was shaking with rage, but a few minutes later, Bob himself came flying through the doors—and that’s when the fireworks really started.

A few minutes later my “boyfriend” comes flying in the door and starts yelling at me for “getting him in trouble.” Yeah, I know how to pick ’em. As he yells,, I’m just staring at him in rage. A friend of his (Mike) happened to be sitting in the dining room and Mike comes up the counter and whispers something to Bob. They both go outside. Bob comes back in and sheepishly says, “Mike said if I didn’t apologize to you, he’d beat my butt.” I have to admit having Bob’s friend, Mike, who I barely knew, stand up for me was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

And yes, Mike and I started dating. He was a really nice guy.

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#20 Nip It In the Bud

I was put in the cheerleading class by mistake at the beginning of tenth grade. It was glorious at first, because I was the only guy in the middle of 20+ beautiful girls, all in tights, dancing around me. However, I started getting bored just sitting in a corner all class till the bell rang, and so I started playing with my left nipple for some reason without even noticing—till I saw like five of those beautiful girls looking at me and laughing. Then it hit me.

I was holding my nipples with the tips of my fingers.

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#21 And the Rest Is History

There was a rumor that the male principal was hooking up with a male history teacher in his office. Both were married to women at the time. Years later, we found out it was true.

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#22 Opening Up a Can of Worms

One teacher brought vodka to school in a Sprite can. She got caught being drunk three different times before finally being fired. Makes me wonder how many times she did it without getting caught...

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#23 Ding Dong, the Concert Is Dead

When I was in high school, I went with a friend to the Christmas concert, got there late, and the only place we found to sit was way up front, right behind all of the teachers. We were trying to keep it together the whole time, but then the girl's bell choir came out. Someone had apparently switched around all the bells before they went on, and what should have been a beautiful Christmas song was a jumbled mess of random notes.

I lasted about 15 seconds before I felt my friend physically vibrating next to me trying not to laugh out loud. I snorted, then he lost it. All the teachers turned around and glared at us. We could not quit giggling. The poor girls on stage were mortified. A couple of them started crying, and they all ran off stage. I still laugh when I think about it all these many years later.

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#24 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

My friends printed and distributed 5,000 photoshopped pictures of my principal holding a huge sex toy. It was amazing.

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#25 A Toy Story

So get this...I dated this guy in high school who was very reserved and very handsome. It went amazing for 7 or 8 months, but then we decided that we would share out deepest, darkest secrets. Biggest mistake of my life. Apparently he was attracted to his stuffed animals when he was young. I was freaked out when I found out, but I dealt with it. If I’d known what was coming next, I absolutely would have taken that as a sign to get the heck out of there.

For unrelated reasons things got a little rocky in the months after. He became so jealous and overprotective. He would come up to my work and watch me for hours, he would drive me to and from wherever I needed no matter what, he would also get so upset when I spent any time away from him. When I did get the opportunity to hang out with friends, he would always buy me flowers or pillow pets and leave them on my car almost as if he was letting me know he was watching. This just got worse over the next 3 months and I figured it was probably time to end things.

I decided I was just going to drive over and just let him know things weren't working out, simple enough, right? Wrong. When he figured out what I was doing, he completely lost it. Punched holes in everything, broke whatever was in sight, and had a full-on episode. When I got to the house he was waiting for me in his truck which was completely ripped apart, might I add. I figured it probably wasn't the best idea to get out of the car, so I turned around to drive away and he busted out his truck window and then followed dangerously close to my car. After about a half hour, he finally let off and called me claiming he wrecked his truck. I went back to get him, but I'll skip the details on the endless crazy things he pulled that night. Needless to say, it was over.

A few months after the break up I decided it was probably a good time to get all of the things I had left at his house. It was mostly clothes, but I always left the stuffed animals he got me there just because. Long story short, I walked into his closet (The walls were still completely demolished from his episode) and I found some of the pillow pets he had bought throughout the relationship. I grabbed my favorite one (a grey elephant named Charlotte) and on the underside she was just covered in you-know-what. By covered I mean graciously glazed from multiple endeavors.

Side note: It is so weird typing this out. It never seemed as crazy as it actually is.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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#26 Hellfire

I used to be really into reading about the paranormal and my school library actually had a lot of books on those very subjects. I had a teacher snatch a school library book out of my hands, scream at me that I was going to hell for reading it, and start tearing the pages out. She was almost fired for destroying school property, and caught a big dose of angry yelling from both my mother and step-mother at the next parent-teacher conference meeting.

Never had another problem with her after that.

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#27 Having a Blast

I had a science teacher who almost blew up a chemistry lab because she carelessly left the gas on. She then sued the school for alleged discrimination when they tried to fire her as a result of this.

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#28 Really Driving the Point Home

In high school, my crush's mom and my mom drove the exact same SUV. They even had similar license plates. After school one day, I ran up, hopped in my mom's car and started talking. When she didn't talk back and hadn't left the pickup row after about 30 seconds, I looked at her. She was not my mom. I look to my right and my crush is standing outside the car looking at me like I’m crazy. I sheepishly got out and ran a few cars back to my real mom.

A few years later, I had moved back to the area and was a cashier at a local store. My crush came through the line, recognized me and started to say “weren't you that girl who...” where I just interrupted with a "yes," handed him his change and quickly started with the next customer.

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#29 A Message From Above

I went to a Catholic school that had lockers on the second floor. Someone found a hole in the bottom of their locker that went right through the ceiling of the classroom below. He would speak into the hole every now and then, pretending to be God calling out to the class. The acoustics were perfect in that locker. It took the teacher weeks to catch the culprit.

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#30 Remember to Spay and Neuter Your Pets

The weird girl at my high school was a furry who tried recruiting people into her newly founded “Furry Religion” where the type of furry you were spiritually was based on your birthday like some freaking astrology thing. She also had a boyfriend who was into the whole furry thing, but in a really weird intimate way. They’d make out on the floor or in the lounge areas and bark/growl at each other.

It just made everything incredibly uncomfortable for everyone around them. Oh, and this happened in my first year of college, which totally adds to the weirdness. Teachers had to make a public announcement banning people from making out and doing all that romantic stuff on campus because of how bad it got. It didn't make any difference to her.

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#31 Let Me Save You Some Time…I Don’t Know

I had a computer science teacher who didn't really even teach the class. First day of school, he stood up and said, "I'm going to be honest with you guys, we're going to be learning this material together." He then pushed us all into online code camps. The beginning of every class, he also spent the first 20 minutes going over anything under the sun except for programming.

If your phone went off at any point during the class, he said that you had to buy the entire class donuts, but he was exempt from the rule.

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#32 A Hair-Raising Scheme

These two trashy girls at my high school got into a fight. One of them pulled huge chunks of hair out of the other's head as they were going at it. Let's call the girl that lost Sarah. The girl that won made posters saying "Got hair? Sarah doesn't." She taped strands of Sarah’s hair on the posters and posted them all around the school. "Sarah" was a huge bully though, so everyone just thought it was hilarious.

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#33 Moment of Truth

There was a widespread rumor at my school that this one kid secretly liked to remove all of his clothing, suspend his legs above his head using his belt, and pleasure himself in the school bathroom. I had assumed it was just a silly rumor, until I accidentally walked in on him doing it one time. It was then that I realized that this school was not paying me enough for the amount of nonsense that I have to put up with all the time. The stories I have…

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#34 Watch Out for The Silent But Deadly

This wasn’t me but a quiet kid at school one of the bullies was picking on. The quiet kid never reacted even when the bully punched him. This went on for months. and the bully was always trying to get this guy to fight him, but the kid always said, “I don’t want to fight you.” Then one day the bully broke this guy’s art project on purpose, which he was about to hand in to be marked and the kid snapped.

He belted the absolute snot out of this bully. We actually had to jump in and break it up because he was going to kill the guy and didn’t look like stopping. I will never forget the bully turning up to school a few days later. His face was so swollen, and one eye was completely closed and black and blue from all the punches he took to the face.

I learned two things that day: bullies are cowards, and always be wary of the quiet ones.

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#35 Straight up Degradation

A French teacher who made me hate French. She humiliated me in front of the class with an utterly vicious demand. She made me get on my hands and knees and picking up a piece of trash with my mouth. I was being punished for throwing an airplane while she went out to chit chat with another teacher. She was terrible. Always miserable, just a wretched woman.

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#36 It’s Physics, Not Anatomy

I had one girl in my year who had a weird obsession with our Physics teacher. Once in a lesson where we were learning about spinning forces, she asked if she could show a cool video to the class, and he said yes. The video was of her spinning on a pole in her underwear. Yep, she showed the entire class a video of her pole dancing.

When he sent her out, she was yelling the whole way, "WHY, ARE YOU SAYING THAT POLE DANCING IS SEXUAL? CAUSE THAT'S SEXIST." She wore butt-skimming skirts with fishnet tights and corsets on non-uniform day as well. Always got sent straight home. They ended up expelling her when we were about 17. Don't know what happened to her after that...

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#37 A Master of All Subjects

We had a rumor that the art teacher was sleeping with both the history teacher and the religion teacher. She was married to the chemistry teacher, who she had previously had an affair with while married to the woodwork teacher. I believe that she ended up marrying the religion teacher sometime after I left school.

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#38 Read the Room

The class was learning about the legal system and doing a mock trial. The case involved a girl being sexually assaulted. The student who was picked to play the girl, coincidentally, had been a victim in real life. It was a terrible situation. She felt it was going to be too draining on her and tried to get out of the role. The teacher wanted an explanation but she wasn't willing to share, she was just saying it was very private.

It was not clicking in the teacher's head why a girl may have very private reasons not to play an assault victim in front of a class. She kept on trying and finally the teacher raised his voice, "You're holding up this project for the entire class for no apparent reason. Why on earth is this such an issue?" The whole class was looking at her at this point when she said she had been a victim and started crying. As far as I know, the teacher didn't face repercussions but the project was changed.

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#39 The Long Term Plan

Asked a girl I liked to prom, she said yes. Great. Towards the end of prom, asked her if she would go out with me on a normal date. She said no and left with another guy. Not great.

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#40 Not This Thing Again

Didn't have a girlfriend at the time, so I asked a friend from church if she wanted to go to prom with me. Another friend of mine did similarly. Tried dating the girl I asked, but there was nothing there, so we decided to still go as friends. Fast forward to prom night, and we decide to switch partners for a dance, "just to change it up" (You see where this is going, don't you?).

Fast forward to the next afternoon at church, another friend asks if my date and double-guy are STILL dating. Turns out they were dating the entire time, and didn't want to make anything awkward for me (I appreciate it, but it sure as hell made the conversation about how much I'd like to try dating the girl I went with again on the ride home after dropping them off really awkward).

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#41 Playing by Himself

The school weirdo would jack off in the middle of class. He didn’t actually pull it out, but he would aggressively “rub” the side of his pants and his face would get really red while staring at the girls in the class. Everybody noticed but a word was never spoken about it.

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#42 A Silence Says a Thousand Words

There was a kid at my high school who never talked. It wasn’t that he couldn't speak, or that he only spoke to his close friends; he just wouldn't speak to anyone. Teachers didn’t call on him because they knew he didn’t talk. When a substitute would come in and try to call on him, there was always some kid who would have to explain, "Ricky doesn't talk.”

If you asked him a question, he would just look at you. It was weird and some people would take offense to his silence. But eventually everyone realized that was just his thing and rolled with it. The only time he spoke was when we had to present individually in class. On those days, people would get really excited if they had a class with him, because hearing him talk was like seeing a unicorn.

A lot of people have mentioned this possibly being a case of Selective Mutism. I looked up the diagnosis and it seems like a good match. There were also rumors from kids who rode the bus with him who said that once he got off the bus, he would meet up with his neighborhood friends and (presumably) talk to them. When he did present in class, he didn't have a weird voice or any strange vocal qualities.

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#43 Seeing Red

We had a very "urban" element at my school who would go all out at prom. Red suits with canes and hats, the whole thing.
One kid’s mom from that group rented him a Lexus convertible, which he flipped about 30 seconds after leaving prom. Since he wasn't a licensed driver the insurance didn't cover it. They're probably still paying it off.

No costume can save you from that…

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#44 A Chemistry Lesson That Won’t Soon Be Forgotten

Back in the day, when a teacher showed a video because they didn't have a lesson plan prepared, they would have to wheel in a cart with a tube TV and VCR on it. So the teacher brings in a VHS from home that was supposed to show us some chemistry lesson on the formation of elements or something. Instead, the VHS tape starts blasting some very adult videos to a class of 13-year-olds.

Turns out the teacher's son had a previously secret hobby of recording these kinds of “home movies” on his dad’s VHS library.

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#45 I Do Mean to Pry, But...

My teacher had us go around the room and guess whether each student was a virgin or not based on just looking at each other. One girl that most said wasn't a virgin started bawling because she’d been assaulted. Nice going, teacher!

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#46 A Man of Principals

My school had a rumor that the principal had made a dirty tape with a student when he was still just a teacher, and had hidden it somewhere on school property. It all came out when the Vice Principal tried to use it as leverage to steal his job. The principal was forced to resign, but the Vice and the rest of the administration were fired for covering it up.

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#47 Pomp and Circumstance

We blasted the audio of an adult film over the speakers in the auditorium while the principal was trying to give a speech to everyone about graduation procedures. I filmed it too. Truly an amazing day to be alive, watching the principal absolutely lose his mind.

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#48 Oh Just Cheer Up

I missed three months of my last year at school because I was treated for severe depression. School and every teacher was informed. I could finish with a lower degree or retake all the courses. Because I didn't know how I'd feel a year later and I wanted to have a degree in my pocket, I decided for the lower degree. I worked hard, on my health and for my courses.

After my final oral exam the teacher asked me why I missed so many lessons. I was confused and asked him if he did not get the letter I sent, which he said he got. So I said that everything was explained there. That I was treated for severe depression in a clinic several hours away. He looked at me and told me with a disapproving glance, that everyone is sad once in a while. That's no reason to not attend school.

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#49 What’s So Funny?

The year was 2007. It was fifth period, history class. I was sitting in the front row with a clear view of the hallway. It was a mundane lecture until, out of the corner of my eye, I see a moderately attractive classmate walking in the hallway. Two seconds later she intersects with her friend. All of a sudden, her friend "pantses" her, causing her to trip and do a face-plant. I burst out laughing but, to my horror, no one else noticed. As a result, I was forever labeled as the dude who started randomly laughing during a very serious history lecture. Sigh.

Funniest High School Memories facts Reshot

#50 Jumping for Joy

My French teacher threatened to throw herself down the stairs if we didn't shut up. She actually ran out of the room and climbed over the railing, but another teacher stopped her from actually jumping.

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#51 Messed to Impress

This girl Maggie would find someone new to latch onto every month or so. When she found someone she wanted to befriend, she would do crazy, over-the-top stuff in an attempt to impress them. At one point, she was obsessed with a girl we'll call Kat. One day, Kat brought in a baggie of celery and was dipping it in a sauce cup of peanut butter.

Maggie WOULDN'T STOP staring and basically watched Kat consume every last piece of celery....Sure enough, the very next day, Maggie comes into class with, I kid you not, like 6 bunches of celery stalks, and a family-sized tub of peanut butter. She just eats it ALL day, with the biggest smile on her face, all while staring at Kat from across the room.

This is a lighter example of the many off-the-wall things Maggie has done for her transient idol of the month, but the endless bushels of celery is just something I'll never forget.

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#52 Discovering the Underworld

We have a rumor that there is an underground bunker from the Cold War era below our school. Not only did it turn out to actually exist, but we discovered that you can even access it from the gym change rooms through a hidden trapdoor.

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#53 Everyone Has a Breaking Point

I had a religion teacher in high school named Mr. Nguyen, who was working on becoming a Jesuit priest and was a really cool guy. He always had a smile on his face and did his best to make class a fun experience for everyone. There was a kid in my class who was a really annoying smart aleck, but Mr. Nguyen was always really patient with him, until one day he pushed him too far.

I forgot exactly what the kid said, but it definitely crossed the line. Mr. Nguyen slammed his fists on his desk and shouted, “Why can't you EVER shut up!” He then picked up his stapler and chucked it at the kid, missing his head by a few inches and leaving a huge dent in the wall, and then stormed out into the hallway. Even though I wasn't the one that got the stapler chucked at him that was still something crazy to experience. I had never seen a teacher blow up like that and I definitely never expected it from him.

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#54 Finally, Something Positive!

In ninth grade, we were talking about families in religion class when this weird kid randomly spoke up. He started rambling about his family dynamics and ended up telling the whole class about how his parents are still very much in love and often go on dates. Then he told everyone that there's a rule in the house that if the master bedroom door is closed you are to stay far away and never interrupt.

Sometimes they'll be in there for hours! By the change in expression on his face, the whole class could tell he just figured it out.

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#55 The Door Is There for a Reason

He once pooped at school, which is weird enough...but he had the cubicle door open, wiped his butt, and then held the tissue up to his face and smelled it. True story. My friend and I saw it by accident when we turned around the corner from the urinals after we went to the washroom. I'll never forget it in my entire life.

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#56 No Beating Around the Bush for This Guy

I had an English teacher who was always trying to impress students by acting cool. He would pass students if they gave him cigarettes or gin, and he would proudly brag to us about how he beats his daughter.

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#57 Teacher’s Pet

There was a rumor going around at my high school that this senior girl was dating one of the science teachers. She did hang around his office after class a lot, but the rumor was seemingly nothing—just a bunch of kids making up dumb nonsense for whatever reason they do. He was a beloved teacher and she was pretty low key, but a cool girl nonetheless.

I figured that the whole thing was probably just the result of some idiot who had gotten a bad grade in this guy’s class or who had it out for one of them somehow. Either way, nothing ever came of it. Fast forward a few years aaannd...curve ball!  All of a sudden, just a few short months after she graduated, it came out that he was divorcing his wife and leaving his family to be with this former student of his.

He even publicly updated his relationship status on Facebook to confirm it for everyone. She was 18 years old, and he was probably in his mid-40s at the time.  What in the world?? I did NOT see that one coming!

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#58 I Just Can’t Put My Name On It…

I love this story. There was this horrible mean girl at my high school who was just a nightmare to everyone. Unfortunately for her, she was also INCREDIBLY dumb. The best day of high school was when she handed in a plagiarized essay submission from a student from the year before. There was just one problem: She didn’t even bother to change the name on it. Teacher immediately knew what happened and dragged this idiot in front of the whole class for 15 glorious minutes. High school was awful, but that was a beautiful day.

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#59 Birthday Boy

High School French class. It was my birthday and the teacher gave me this small bag of candy and a cute note. I thought it was really thoughtful because you don't really expect teachers to give a crap about your birthday in high school. I thank her, pop a piece of candy in my mouth, and promptly got a detention for eating in her classroom.

I was shocked and nearly cried because it was my first detention ever. Everyone else was just as surprised and started arguing with her but she wouldn't budge. And that's my story of how I got my first ever detention by eating a piece of candy the teacher gave me on my birthday.

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#60 Not Up to Dress Code

My mom's a teacher and in order to talk to a parent about a student that was struggling due to the school environment, she arranged to meet at the parents’ house. Keep in mind this was scheduled in advance with a set time. The dad answered the door 100% naked and tried to make my mom have the meeting with him naked on the front porch.

My mom doesn't do anything outside the school anymore.

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#61 High Crimes and Misdemeanors

The funniest thing that happened to me in high school was when I received a completely serious and legitimate detention for "Attempted Theft of a Pineapple." That is now on my permanent record forever...

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#62 Sex Ed Gone Wrong

There was a rumor that there was a girl in the boys’ bathroom offering sexual favors for ten dollars. It was true, and she got expelled.

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#63 It’s Amazing That You Are Still Friends With Her After That

My date asked me to prom (I'm a guy, but I didn't really plan on going in the first place). We get to prom, she wouldn't dance with me because she "didn't dance," then has the nerve to ask me to take her to a town an hour or so north so she could show her prom dress to this creepy dude who was about seven years older than us, who had a reputation for just hooking up with a lot of underaged chicks.

So I took her to a girl I had been sort of dating at the time’s house, talked with her for two hours, took her to said creepy dude’s house for 15 minutes, and finally dropped her off at home. Worst prom experience ever. I forgave her though, we are still friends today.

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#64 Whip It Real Good

This one weird kid was on a hair trigger, and would easily snap and threaten people. Suspended multiple times. Two memorable incidents were when he freaked out at an art teacher. After he got mad, he went to his locker and came back with a bullwhip. He made that thing SNAP and sent everyone running, while the teacher barricaded herself in the supply room.

Another time someone made the mistake of teasing him about something and everyone laughed, and he pulled a knife and screamed "Who wants to be the first to die?!" He was expelled and I'm not sure what ever became of him. If I had to guess, though, I don't think his life turned out all that well once he became an adult...

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#65 Can’t Gape at This Ape

This weird kid at my school (great guy, really good friend and fun to be around) rode a unicycle every day to school. For the "Talent Show" that the school hosted on the last day before winter break, he wore a body suit and a Gorilla mask and did this dance. The best part is he had really bad social anxiety and he was a mess the entire day leading up to that point.

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#66 Batter Up!

My 10th-grade math teacher was also the baseball coach for our team. He threw a baseball bat at a student after they called him an "Italian Pepperoni." He was suspended with pay and came back around seven months later, acting like nothing ever happened. The school did not bother to find a replacement teacher, so we had a series of substitute teachers that gave us the same worksheet every day for seven months.

We all failed the exam that year and ended up in summer school.

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#67 Your Prom Photos Will Remind You Of This Forever

My friend's date spilled gravy down the front of my dress at supper before prom. It was a pale yellow dress. It showed terribly. The waitress helped me try to get as much off as possible with club soda while I tried not to cry.

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#67 Another Side to Him

My mom is a teacher, and I went to high school where she taught. She had a student who I was also friends with, and I ended up hanging out with him again after a few years. Now, there had been a rumor back then that he had begun to appear in dirty movies—and after a few drinks, he told me that it had indeed been true. My mom couldn't believe it when I told her, because he was—and still is—a really polite, quirky, and socially awkward kid. I guess you can never really know…

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#68 Form Matters

Two kids were posturing, wanting to fight. Neither had ever been in a fight in school before. One of the kids had clearly never done that chest-bumping thing before that people do to initiate fights. He kept ramming his crotch against the other kid's. It was a rhythmic unintentional grind that went on for about ten seconds until a security guard came and broke it up.

Secretly, I thought I was the only person to notice it. Then, the next day, everybody was making fun of it. I guess it was way more obvious than I thought.

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#69 He Loved Me, He Loved Me Not

There was a young girl at my school who once lied on social media about having had an affair with a teacher. She then quickly recanted when it was later revealed that he was gay. First, she explained it away by claiming to have been hacked when the original statement was posted. Then, she claimed that it had never actually happened to her, but rather to another girl who she was protecting.

One full police investigation later, she finally admitted that she had just made the whole thing up because she felt that she needed support from her peers and that this was the easiest way she could get it.

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#70 Love Triangle

I Had a huge crush on one of my friends who asked me to take her with less than a week to go before prom. Holy moly!
My best friend at the time had also invited me to their pre-prom dinner. So excited. Turns out my best friend had been dating this girl for a couple months without making it public, and I hadn't told him who I was taking her. Needless to say we were all pretty shocked and in very different moods after everything came out.

The girl I had been crushing on for some time was using me to make my best friend jealous. She wouldn't even dance with me at prom—ended up pawning me off to her dateless friend. In her failed attempt to win my friend back on prom night she feigned illness and had me drive her home before the post-prom party. My buddy was pretty upset because he obviously didn't want this girl around, but since nobody knew they had been dating he didn't blame me.

Overall it was a pretty awkward night.

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#71 Too Smart, Try Again

I had a 10th-grade French teacher accuse me of plagiarism for writing something that was "above my level of French." I was shy and didn't talk much, but had been in total immersion since grade school. In grades 7 and 8, I even competed in public speaking, winning out of the school and going to provincials.

They put me in the highest level with one other contestant who had just moved from Quebec. Did she bother to back-check anything? Heck no. But that was just the beginning of the nightmare. That jerk screwed my grades up so bad that I went from being an honor student to barely showing up because I didn't know what to do. If I did well, I'd get in trouble, so what's the point?

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#72 Big Things Come in Small Packages

My high school girlfriend asked if she could have some risque underwear she was ordering mailed to my house instead of hers, because she did not want her parents to discover them when they arrived. That was fine with me, my family is very serious about privacy so I thought it would work out. Oh, how very wrong I was. So, so wrong.

The mailman accidentally delivered it to my neighbor’s house—who was not quite as serious about privacy. She opened it not realizing it was addressed to my house. She panicked, not knowing what to do, and brought it to my house. I wasn't home, so my older sister collected it and left it on my bed. When I returned home, all my sister said was "There's a package on your bed, and we're never speaking of this again." I found it hysterical. My girlfriend was mortified.

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#73 Withdrawal From the Spank Bank

This jock plugged in his USB drive to pull up a presentation for science class. But the guy opened the wrong folder and dozens of dirty video icons were suddenly projected on the screen for the whole class to see. The teacher desperately tried to cover the LCD so we couldn't see, but the damage was done. Aaaand that's how we found out the captain of the football team liked other guys.

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#74 Slapping the Teacher

It happened in grade nine. I don’t know why but me and my friends would play this stupid game where we would try to sneak up on each other and slap the back of our heads as “our way” of saying hey. I spotted my buddy Rhys at the end of the hall and snuck up the best I could and wound up a home run slapper. He noticed at the very last second and ducked.

I ended up slapping the heck out of my teacher's boob as she turned the corner. After the slap, it felt like time was frozen. Kids in the hall all just stopped what they were doing and the teacher just kind of stood there in shock. I was so embarrassed I just started to cry. In the hall. Surrounded by kids from my grade. Then I got sent to the principal's office, where I got a one day in school suspension for "hitting a teacher." I think the punishment was so light because the teacher felt sorry for me.

The phone call to my parents explaining what happened sucked. My mom was just disappointed in me—in some ways that just made it worse—and my dad just kept laughing. I got called "boobie" for two years. I'm 23 now, but my friends still bring up that story.

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#75 Cry Me a River

One year, I was crying in class because I couldn’t stop thinking about a serious family issue I was going through at the time. The teacher screamed at me for crying at my desk and then proceeded to march me to the front of the class and yell at me to stop crying. Needless to say, screaming at me just made me cry more. By the end, I was sobbing in the hallway.

Happy ending though—this incident led to her eventual firing at the end of the year!

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#76 A New Kind of Marching Band

A prankster at my school stripped to his underpants, gave himself a wedgie, taped a party hat over his crotch, and paraded through the halls playing the bagpipes. It was his last day before graduating, but I hear he's banned from the property now. Sad, as it really was the greatest thing I've ever witnessed.

Bagpipe Player Free Stock Photo - Public Domain PicturesPublic Domain Pictures

#77 Eye Can’t Believe It!

I’m a former high school band director. We had a color guard girl in our program who COULD NOT CATCH any time that she tossed her flag up in the air. The other kids eventually made up a rumor that she had a glass eye, and that this was the reason why she couldn’t catch anything. Two years later, the girl was about to graduate and came into our office to talk to the staff.

She had never told a soul about this, but she finally decided that she wanted to confide in us. She revealed that her left eye had in fact been glass for years. She had apparently lost it in a car accident just a short time before moving into our district. You could never have been able to tell by just looking at her. So, as it turns out, the made up rumor was 100% spot on.

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#78 Who Says the Classroom Isn’t the Place for Fantasy?

I had a few weird kids. One was OBSESSED with all Asian culture (kind of random since we lived in a very rural community in Canada with little connection to the outside world, let alone to Asia) and would lose her mind if anyone said anything remotely negative about it. It started out as mainly just a fixation on Pokémon, anime, and K-pop, but quickly branched out to all things Asian. She once hit me with a textbook because we were discussing M. Butterfly in class and I said that I didn't like it. This was at age 16.

Another kid used to pick his nose until it bled, and then he would just go home because he had a nosebleed. Guess what? He would also eat the boogers. We were all surprisingly chill about that part of his personality—the thing we all hated most about this kid is that he would lie about the most random stuff, in any situation.

For example, he would deny that he got hit when playing dodge ball or caught when playing tag on the playground. One time my neighbor made me a little inukshuk glued to a piece of driftwood, and I brought it to school to show the class. This kid picked it up in front of everyone, immediately dropped and broke it, and then denied that it was him who broke it, even though we had all literally watched him do it.

He cried when we continuously called him out on it. This was also at age 16.

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#79 She Who Smelt It, Dealt It

Our math teacher constantly passed the foulest gas when she was teaching. Obviously, we couldn't help but laugh which just infuriated the teacher. She told us that if nobody would take responsibility for it, she would keep the class after school because it obviously wasn't her that farted. It was a ridiculous face-off, but the students won: No one took responsibility and we all missed our buses, but after that she never tried to pretend she wasn't the one leaving stink bombs all over the classroom.

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#80 Teenagers are Cruel

Short backstory: I have epilepsy. We discovered I have epilepsy after I had a full-on, tonic-clonic seizure for the first time when I was standing in front of my locker in the sixth grade. It was the first one of my life, and my body didn’t know what to do, so I ended up peeing my pants. It’s the only time I’ve ever lost bladder control during a seizure.

Fast forward to the 10th grade, I was in class talking to a new kid, who I just so happened to have a crush on. I had told him my name, and a girl turned around, took one look at how we were sitting together and said,

“Aren’t you the girl that peed herself in middle school?”

He never talked to me again.

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#81 A Family Affair

We had a rumor that two teachers who were married to each other were cheating on each other, each with one of their students. The husband was the first to do it, and the wife began doing the same once she found out—you know, as revenge. It all eventually got confirmed when they were fired for it.

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#82 Doing the Legwork

So back in high school, there was a girl who sat behind me in Spanish class who loved to put her feet against the back of my chair and push. It was annoying for me, so I would always turn around and slap her legs so she could know to drop her feet. She would do it so much that I got into the habit of just slapping her legs without even turning.

So one day, I feel her feet on the back of my chair as usual and throw back a slap without looking. Her legs felt oddly soft, but I thought I was just imagining things. Her feet remain up against my chair, so I throw an even harder slap. It's still soft. I turn around to see what’s going on.

I had slapped my Spanish teacher's butt. Twice. She stared at me in shock, said nothing, and then just proceeded to act like it never happened.

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#83 Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

In high school, a friend and I were eating at an Italian restaurant. We were splitting a pizza and pitcher of root beer. As we were finishing up, a woman comes over to our table to tell us she is very proud that we were so comfortable being open about our relationship—and said she would pay for our meal. There we were; two straight guys staring at each other while mentally balancing the pros and cons of free food vs. sexual reputation.

Despite being very conflicted, one must never turn down free food. We took the meal and never brought the incident up again.

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#84 Far Away Places With Strange Sounding Names

A new transfer student at our school once enlisted the help of all of his existing friends to spread the false rumor to all of the teachers that his real name was "Mbaku" and that he was born in "Wakanda, Africa." He even tried speaking in a really shoddy Nigerian accent to make the claim more believable, despite his actually being from the American Northeast.

I was hired halfway through the year and by then, it was just assumed that it was true and no one had ever corrected it. Then one day, he was brought up in a teacher's meeting and I was just like "Wait.... Mbaku? From... from the fictional continent of Wakanda?" And no one says anything. Dead room. I press on, "...Black Panther? The movie? Guys?"

That was when the Social Studies teacher stood up, slammed his fist on the table, pointed at the Vice Principal, and just yelled out "I TOLD YOU SO!! WHY DIDN’T ANYBODY LISTEN TO ME??" Good times, good times.

MCU FactsBlack Panther, Marvel Studios

#85 Smurf Life

In high school, I used to have a bad habit of chewing on these pens that had sharp tips and came in red, black, and blue ink. Can’t remember the brand but they had a gray body and a see thru little window to see the ink left. Anyway, what I didn’t know is that the tube/body was slightly pressurized, and one day during class I bit too hard on the pen, making it burst into my mouth. My teeth, tongue and lips were stained blue for days and everyone went around saying I did the dirty with a Smurf.

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#86 Swing Low, TMI Chariot

I was in the back of the room looking for something in a cabinet. Two girls were having a conversation. They were oblivious I was there.

Girl 1: "So they, like have sex at a party?"

Girl 2: "All the time. It's called Swinging. They think I don't know but I found stuff on my dad's computer."

Girl 1: "That's so weird.”

Girl 2: "Right? I have to go spend next weekend at my grandma's because there's going to be a party at my house."

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#87 Last Names Never Lie

Oh man, when I was in high school, this scandal rocked the entire school. Mrs. Spanish Teacher was having a baby, but not with her husband: with another teacher at the school! Their affair became public knowledge when a student caught them going at it...in the freaking library. The saddest part was that they were both married to other people, and Mr. Spanish Teacher and his wife had decided that they weren't going to have children—his wife wanted kids, he didn’t.

The baby had his last name, so any kid who didn't already know knew as soon as the baby was born.

Teachers Reveal Gossip factsVidya Hattangadi

#88 A Different Kind of Graphic Novel

When I was in high school, there was a rumor going around that our French teacher was secretly reading dirty books while in class. I thought that it was just another joke that the students had made up. However, one day in French class, I looked up for maybe a second or two—only to discover that the teacher had accidentally connected his tablet to the projector, and was broadcasting the book he was reading to the entire class.

It was, indeed, quite inappropriate. I quickly put my eyes down to avoid him realizing I had seen it—but it was too late. Judging by the giggles that began to spread across the room, it was clear that I had not been the only one who had looked up at that time.

 School Rumors FactsShutterstock

#89 I Think It's Time to Move Somewhere New

In one school I had heard that three students—all minors—had shot a racy tape and leaked it. In another school, I heard that two kids were called into the office and suspended because they’d shot at each other over the weekend. The saddest was two girls having a conversation about how one girl’s mother had remained dating a man who’d kidnapped and assaulted her (the mother) at gunpoint.

I didn’t go to a good school.

Teachers Reveal Gossip factsWiadomosci - Onet

#90 Not in Sync

It took me a long time to grow into myself. I was bookish, I wore sweater vests, I had one of those sun color change necklaces—I genuinely thought it might make me look cool—and I hairsprayed my Ross Geller hair cut. I was called “helmet hair” due to my overuse of hairspray. I had a crush on this one girl who was very popular, but she was nice to me a few times so I kept up the dream.

One day she has a note passed to me in class, everyone saw it, and I hid it in my desk until I could get home and read it alone.

I raced home and rushed into my room, then opened the note. In the note she said she wanted to ask me something but was too embarrassed, so could I come talk to her? My heart fluttered, and for about 12 hours I believed I was this close to having a girlfriend.

At school the next day my friend told me it was probably a trap and to forget about it, but she was nice to me, so I persisted. I walked up to her and said we should talk, she motioned that we should go talk in private away from her friends and our classmates, but I insisted she just ask me.

Her: “So I heard you really like NSYNC.”

Me: “Yeah! I love them, I just got the CD last weekend.”

Her: “So do you want to go see them with me?”

Me: “I'd love to, I'd been wanting to ask you out.”

Her: “... Wait... You’re not gay?”

She wanted me to be her gay friend. I was not/am not gay, I just liked NSYNC.

NSYNC at Madame Tussaud's New York | Five-member boy bands … | FlickrFlickr

#91 Voicing Some Concerns

I go to many schools, so I have heard several rumors—but this particular one stuck in my mind more than any others. I went to an extremely sketchy school for the first time. Apparently, the substitute they had the week before had left the classroom in tears and was unable to substitute ever again due to emotional issues as a result.

They told me that one of the students had stolen her brand new iPhone, and she had run into the bathroom crying. I asked the student if it was true and he verified that it was. I asked him why he did it. He said it was because he hated her voice.

 School Rumors FactsShutterstock

#92 You Really Let the Cat Out of the Bag On This One

Two girls in the back of the theater class would not stop talking and the teacher was getting ticked. She asked them to keep it down, but they kept going, so she really strictly told them to pay attention. The upset girl promptly freaked out, said "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? I'M PREGNANT!" The entire class's mouths dropped and the teacher couldn't think of anything to do but send her to the trauma counsellor. Sure enough, yep—she had a baby the April before she became a high school junior.

Teachers Reveal Gossip factsCas

#93 Lunch Is No Break for Some

A younger male teacher was rumored to have been hooking up in his classroom during lunch with an older female teacher, who was married and in her mid-40s. A student caught them and filmed them in the act, pretty much blackmailing them from that point on.

 School Rumors FactsShutterstock

#94 Doing His Duty

I had a student who was rumored to have eaten a piece of poop. He was out of school for about a week or two around the time that this rumor was spreading. Sadly, this rumor turned out to be true. When he came back to school, he was charging kids a buck per view to watch the video of the incident on the camcorder he kept in his locker. Amazingly, his girlfriend didn't dump him after this.

Disturbing Retail Moment FactsShutterstock

#95 Hug of Embarrassment

So, I had a crush on a girl back in 10th grade. We pretty much flirted with each other and she told me via MSN that she she would like a hug when she came back to school—she was sick for like 2 weeks straight. So when the day came, I hugged her. It...did not go well. It was super awkward. I hugged her for like a minute straight and she calmly asked if I would let go of her. That minute felt like an eternity and was embarrassing as heck.

After like 11 years it still makes me cringe when I think about it.

Ground Had Swallowed Them factsjo-h Wikimedia Commons

#96 Daddy Doesn’t Know

When I was in high school, my best friend had just moved to town with her family, including her older sister who had a baby when she was 17. I spent a lot of time at her place and babysat the baby occasionally. She moved away a couple years later and we eventually fell out of touch. Cut to 2015, I meet a guy online, we hit it off and became friends with benefits and hang out quite a bit.

In 2017, he gets a Facebook message from a young man claiming to be his son. The time frames and people involved all add up and yes, it is indeed his son. He is telling me the story—he mentions the kid’s mother's name and holy crap, it's the name of my best friend's older sister. Turns out I was babysitting his kid he didn't know he had back in 1995. I had pictures of me with the baby and everything.

shutterstock_330353657 man surprised looking at mobileShutterstock

#97 Fast Friends

In middle school, our quarterback had brain swelling and got brain damage. There were donation events held for him and his "friends" were very supportive…for about two weeks. Then his girlfriend broke it off with him while he was in the hospital and he pretty much disappeared. The guy was the "coolest": an absolute jerk, and had personally picked on me, but I don't think he deserved what happened to him.

After taking a year off of school, he comes back a completely different person. None of his old football or cheerleader friends talked to him or visited him anymore. He needed a special education teacher to accompany him in many classes and got genuinely depressed and angry in class because his brain wasn't what it used to be.

One day, he approached me and said “Hi” like we were old friends, knew my name and everything. I was a little thrown off by this because he used to call me names, push me around to impress girls, and physically threaten me. The guy standing in front of me wasn't that guy anymore though, and I could tell that.

It turns out he couldn't remember me well, but had the feeling we were friends. I lied to him and said of course we are. We chatted sometimes during school and I genuinely enjoyed his company. Soon after his return, however, he just stopped coming to school and I never heard what happened to him. I'm honestly afraid to look him up. I hope he's doing well.

Spoiled Rich Kids Facts Pexels

#98 Third Wheel to the Rescue

After prom, we went to a friend's house to hangout. It was him, his girlfriend (my BFF at the time), and me. I slept on the couch while they did their thing. At around 6 am, they came running down to get me for help. I guess they were so drunk that they intentionally sexually and/or jokingly peed all over each other and the bed, and were trying to use bug spray to clean. It was the epitome of a hot mess.

Prom Horror Stories factsTeens - LoveToKnow

#99 Thanks Big Sis

In grade 10 English class, the teacher didn't have anything planned for us to do, and it was close to the end of the year, so she goes to the big cupboard in the corner and pulls out a stack of copies. They’re examples of successful essays written during a final exam, so we can learn what a good one looks like and how to build a narrative, etc.

The topic was “What was the most pivotal moment of your life?” There were three examples, ranging in proficiency. We read through the first two, and I volunteer to read the last one aloud. I start reading...and I stop. The essay was about...me. My big sister had gotten a really good mark six years earlier on her final exam essay which she wrote about the day I was born.

I got pretty emotional about that one.

Strangest Coincidences FactsShutterstock

#100 The Spanish Inquisition

Spanish teacher gave me zeroes on a bunch of homework that I knew I'd done and turned in like everyone else. My father refused to believe me and punished me in accordance with the rules about my "bad grade." I swore to him that I had turned in the work, so the next morning he went with me to the teacher's "office hours" or whatever you want to call it.

She showed up 30 minutes after the posted start time, so he was already mad because he was missing work. She unlocks the door and proceeds to tell my father that I'm a bad student, didn't do my work, and was disruptive in class. But I knew what I had to do. I shove past her into the room, go to her desk, and pull the four missing papers from her "turn it in tray."

My father watches all this, looks at my teacher (who has turned bright red), and tells me to go to class without breaking eye contact with her. She started failing all of my assignments from that point forward until my dad complained to the principal, superintendent, and school board. She retired the next year.

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