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The Most Common Wedding Mistakes Made By Couples

The wedding day is one of the most important days in every couple's life. After being together for a while, a couple will typically seek to wed in order to signify the first time they will join together in marriage: an official union under the law, and in many cases, under a certain religion. For a day that means so much, it's always best to prepare for any circumstance that may arise.

Most couples only have one shot at a wedding, so during the planning stages, there is a sizeable pressure to get everything perfect. Unfortunately, many couples commit common (and easily avoidable) mistakes that cause them to regret their decisions down the road. If you're currently planning a wedding, make sure to avoid the following common wedding mistakes made by couples:

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#1 Planning without setting a budget

Money is perhaps the most vital factor in planning a wedding. Often times, couples are enticed by luxe and glamorous desires that they sometimes forget what they can realistically afford with the money they have. Committing to certain goods and services without setting a budget can make it extremely easy to go overboard and it will only lead to more stress down the road.

It's easy for a couple to justify booking that expensive band or that unnecessarily overpriced venue just because their wedding "will only ever happen once" in their lives. But that's precisely the reason why decisions like that need to be taken into deeper consideration—setting hard guidelines for money expenditure will help you make more realistic decisions during the planning process.

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#2 Not having a rain plain

Outdoor weddings have always been a staple and they continue to be popular today. If you're planning on having an outdoor wedding, you must be comfortable with the fact that the weather may not cooperate with you on your actual wedding day. It's definitely a gamble, but at least it's not an all-or-nothing risk—it's also something you can easily make a plan B for.

You'd be surprised at how many couples who choose to do outdoor weddings do not have a detailed rain plan. They might have decided on an alternate venue should it rain, but they may have forgotten to make adjustments to other important details, like the itinerary for example (since there will likely be delays). If you are working with a wedding planner, make sure to work with him or her on a rain plan.

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#3 Not hiring a videographer

I know, weddings are expensive. Couples, especially those with tighter pockets, will often look over their list of desired goods and services to see what they can cut out to save money. But if there's one thing that should never be taken off the list, it's the videographer. Yes, they are very pricey, but you will 100% regret not having someone take footage of the most important day of your life.

It's also important to note that hiring any videographer is not enough. Videographers are not all one and the same—they come in a range of talents, so the quality of your wedding video will depend on which videographer you decide to go with. According to Zola's Wedding Planning Survey, one-third of people who recently got married wish they paid more on a videographer. Make sure to pick someone with lots of experience and an impressive portfolio.

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#4 Overprioritizing the dress

This one is based entirely on preference, but it's still important to be as reasonable as possible. Some women fantasize about walking down the aisle in their dream wedding dress, so often times they will just shell out the money for it, no matter what the price is. If money isn't a concern, then that might not be an issue—but more often than not, that is not the case.

If there are areas in your budget that you can compromise on in order to accommodate a more expensive wedding dress, then, by all means, go for it. However, if your budget is already tight, you need to ask yourself—is getting that incredibly overpriced dress worth it? Would you be willing to, say, go with a second-choice venue or give up some of your honeymoon funds for it? Something to consider.

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#5 Rushing the entire process (or leaving it last minute)

Weddings take time to plan. Trying to whip something together as fast as possible or leaving all the planning to the last minute are both easy ways to add unnecessary stress. It's not impossible to have a successful wedding through both approaches, but it just makes everything a lot more difficult than it should be. Try to establish a good balance in your wedding planning process—don't be too eager about it, but also don't relax too heavily.

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