February 16, 2023 | Casey Fletcher

People Share The Fastest A Couple Divorced And Why

Love makes us do crazy things. Sometimes, we get married in the heat of the moment, perhaps without really knowing who the other person is. We get married to someone even though there are a bunch of red flags. We get married because we love the idea of having someone there for us for the rest of our lives. However, when we make big decisions like marriage for the wrong reasons, the chances that it will last forever are quite slim.

Of course, it's not always our fault when we accidentally marry the wrong person. Sometimes the other party does an excellent job at lying and keeping secrets, and we can't blame ourselves for that. Whatever the case, lots of marriages end quickly, and sometimes that can be hilarious, sad, or even kind of scary. Read on for some eclectic stories about marriages that ended ever so quickly in divorce:

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#1 Not Worth Losing The Trust Fund Over

Two of my friends, who had been dating for a few months, got married in Las Vegas as a sort of an intoxicated joke. The girl found out she would lose a lot of her trust fund because she got married. A gaggle of four lawyers were flown in and got a very quick retroactive annulment. The marriage lasted four days, except legally it was declared to have never existed at all. They dated for three more years and then broke up.


#2 She Just Didn't Think It Through

Not sure how long it took the divorce to actually happen, but I went to a wedding where the bride didn't go home with the groom afterward. There wasn't any cheating, she just decided she didn't want to be a military wife. They were together before he enlisted, so I think part of it was that she wasn't ready to move away from her family. It just sucked that she waited until that day to tell anyone.


#3 Be Careful How Much You Drink At Your Own Wedding

I went to a wedding where the bride got intoxicated and the groom picked up her phone. He saw that she was texting intimate things to a coworker during the entire wedding. He told the officiant to not file the paperwork. It was a great reception though. This occurred at the end of the reception as they were leaving to go to the honeymoon suite. They did not go on their honeymoon and they returned the gifts to everyone. The guests weren’t told about what happened for a couple of weeks as the bride was trying to save the relationship.


#4 Surprise, We're Getting Married Today!

Years and years ago, my uncle's girlfriend planned a wedding and invited everyone. She didn't tell him until the week of. I don't know the whole story, but he went through with it. A few weeks later, they quietly got it annulled and he broke up with her. It was a completely messy situation and it's all my family can ever talk about at gatherings nowadays.


#5 Cheating Can Ruin Lives

A relative of mine had a marriage last less than three weeks. They had been together for a couple of years and even went to premarital counseling at their church for a few months to get ready. Their wedding was super lavish and it was clear a lot of prep and money went into it. At their wedding, they announced they were expecting their first child.

Everything seemed great. Unfortunately, the whole thing blew up when the wife discovered he had been cheating on her for almost their entire relationship with multiple women. She found this out while in a foreign country on their honeymoon, four months pregnant. I know from her mom that she had complications in her pregnancy that the doctors attribute to the stress of all of this.


#40 She Could Have At Least Left The Nintendo

My dad and his second wife didn't even make it four months before she left. I never saw or heard from her again. She said she was going to give me an old Nintendo, but she never did. I keep asking my dad what happened, but he shuns me away every time. He's definitely embarrassed about something, which leads me to believe he did something to cause her to leave.


#7 The Sacred Bond Of Marriage Takes On Other Meanings For Some

My neighbor's daughter got married and threw a huge wedding day bash. They must have spent something like $50,000 to $70,000. Then, not even two weeks later, they got divorced. She had been cheating on her husband throughout the engagement, but she still wanted her "special day." I heard later on that she had asked her mom if she had to live with her husband after they got married.


#8 Pregnancy May Not Be The Best Reason To Get Married

A relative of mine was forced into a wedding. The bride had a miscarriage, so they got divorced a month later.


#9 DJ's Can Be So Irresistible

I work as a clerk at a family courthouse. The bride got together with the DJ at the reception. It was a new record for the office pool. To be fair, the divorce was about two months after the wedding when the husband was told by the maid of honor. Still, it was a wild story. The bride had basically cheated on the groom at their wedding.


#10 A Good Reason For Not Showing Up At Your Own Wedding

My husband’s cousin had all of his family fly in from the Philippines for his wedding one weekend. Neither he or the bride showed up at the wedding, so everyone just had a bit of a family reunion party. It turned out, she called it off the day of, and he was too ashamed to show his face. I don’t know what caused it but a week later she posted a picture on what was supposed to be their honeymoon with another guy who was weirdly almost identical to the cousin. I felt terrible for him, he’s a cool guy. Apparently, he broke down crying when he tried to return his suit.


#11 Marriage Doesn't Fix Your Problems Honey

I have a friend who proposed to his girlfriend like, a week after he caught her cheating on him. He thought it would bring them closer and fix their relationship. Needless to say, he drove by his house on his lunch break a few months later and saw her coworker's truck in the driveway. She was getting it on in his house. They are currently getting divorced after barely a year of marriage.


#12 I Guess It Wasn't An Honest Mistake

In less than 24 hours, the groom slept with brides' sister during the wedding reception. She found out the next day.


#13 Princess For A Day

One of my friends from college filed for divorce 10 months after her wedding. They were never really a good match and everyone could see it. Honestly? I think she just wanted to have a wedding and be a “princess for a day.” Once she realized she actually had to keep the guy, she started having second thoughts.

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#14 The "In Sickness And In Health" Part Was A Lie

My cousin was married and then three months later, he had a brain aneurysm and survived. His new wife divorced him soon after, saying she wasn’t expecting he would still be alive. He’s now married to someone much nicer and twenty times more attractive. I guess it worked out that the "in sickness and in health" vow they made at their wedding was a lie.


#15 Looking For Her Nigerian Prince

A girl I went to high school with has four kids from her first marriage. They divorced when they were in their early 40s. She then decided she wanted to get married again. She wanted a religious family man and was convinced Nigeria was the place to find her man. She started chatting up Nigerian guys on Facebook, then flew over there to marry a guy she just met.

After a few months of sending money to him, he freaks out and they wind up getting it annulled. But wait! There's MORE! A year later, she made her way to Nigeria again because she found another guy to marry. This time, she said to the guy, "I am not giving you money until we marry." Within six months, she married him. A month after getting home, she found out she was pregnant.

All is well, and eventually, she was unable to send money because she had four kids with TWINS on the way and they came first. He got upset and they wound up divorced. She later found out he'd been chatting up other women around the world and getting money from them. He was only going to use her for a green card to get to the States.

I honestly don't feel bad for her. I feel bad for her six kids, who have to witness their mom make stupid decisions. No idea how on earth she afforded all those plane tickets. She's given up on Nigeria now. Jamaica is on her sights now. So, I am pretty sure before long, we'll see a wedding in Jamaica. I don't think she'll ever learn her lesson.


#16 Marrying New Guys Week By Week

Two of my friends who I've known since childhood got married and they seemed really happy together. Next thing I know, the wife shares a picture of herself on the beach in a wedding dress being lofted by some other long-haired guy, her new groom. I had no idea. I guess I should try keeping up with my friends' lives a little bit more.


#17 He Tried To Kidnap His Own Wife

A friend of mine worked for her husband's brother. Once they got married, her boss stopped paying her because she was family now and he believes "you don't have to pay family." So she quit and found another job immediately without consulting her husband. In a fury, her husband changed all the locks while she was asleep in the back bedroom, and put deadbolts on the outside of the door, so she could only leave their house if he let her out.

He also took her cell phone. It took her about two hours to get ahold of us online (I guess he didn't think she could contact people with a laptop), so we called the police who busted down the door and got her out. Her husband went to prison, her divorce went through REAL quick, and now, five years later, she lives on the coast and got engaged again to a very sweet guy who knows we're all watching like hawks.

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#18 What Happens When You Fail To Communicate

A relative of mine got married and divorced six months later. Turns out, they had never seriously discussed whether or not they wanted children prior to getting married. One adamantly wanted children and the other didn't, and it drove them apart. They were together for three or four years before getting married and somehow never figured this out.


#19 The Dogs Are Obviously Part Of The Package

My uncle had married someone three months after dating them. He had two dachshunds and two cats. She demanded that he got rid of the dogs and got two new ones of her choice. They divorced in two weeks.

#20 It's A Bad Sign When No One Is Smiling In The Wedding Photos

I knew a young couple in their late 20s, the bride was the daughter of a friend. She never learned to budget, save, spend wisely, pay bills on time, and prioritize. They both worked full time at good jobs in San Francisco and lived in Pacific Heights in a purchased condo that was quite nice. She took them both into a ton of debt.

Had to have the very latest of everything that was material in nature: clothing, furniture, etc. She would put $1,000 on their credit card in an hour on absolutely nothing. She nagged her husband from the moment he walked in the door from work, even in front of company. It lasted two years. He couldn't get away fast enough. Her wedding photos were hilarious. No smiles.


#21 He Showed Her Who's In Charge

They broke it off in about thirty minutes. The bride told the groom in the run-up to the wedding, "Do NOT smash the cake in my face. Do NOT." His buddies all got on him about being a wimp and showing her "who's really in charge of the marriage." I was at the wedding. He smashed the cake in her face, and she walked out of the reception to have the marriage annulled.

#22 Trust Fund Chasers

My sister was married to a real jerk. She stayed too long and the divorce has been bitter. The ex-husband is convinced my sister has a secret trust fund she is living off of and he wants half. There is no such trust fund. I mean, in what hopefully will be many years when my dad dies, there may be money from his trust, but he’s very much alive, so he’s not entitled to that.

My sister hooked up with another guy who apparently is friends with the ex. The ex told him about the “trust fund” and somehow convinced my gullible sister to marry him, in the hopes that he would be more successful in getting it. This new husband, within days of marrying my sister, brought his ex-girlfriend (baby mama who was supposedly in an abusive relationship) and his child to stay with them. Very shortly after, it was learned that the new hubby has been with baby mama for the entire duration of the relationship and the guy only went out with her because he thought she was a trust fund kid.

So within a couple of weeks after the nuptials, they were at each other’s throats and he had her thrown out. He filed a restraining order against her so she couldn’t come to the house. I’m not saying my sister deserved this, but she does have a habit of stretching the truth. These guys didn’t get the idea there was a trust fund from nowhere. This marriage only basically lasted two weeks.


#23 Sometimes They Leave Without Giving A Reason

I kissed my wife goodbye for a three-month deployment to Pakistan in March. I never saw her again. After two months of being there, she told me she wanted to leave me. At the time, there was a loophole in divorce law that one website was exploiting. Quicksimpledivorce.com. Lawyers in Guam were allowed to process uncontested divorces pretty quickly.

I paid $800 and sent her the paperwork. We were living in Germany at the time. She signed and left for the US before I got home. The divorce was finalized soon after. What caused it? I don't know really, honestly, she was unhappy prior to my departure. We had only been married a couple of years. We kind of rushed to get married when I got orders to go to Germany.


#24 Not Quite The Marriage Bliss She Was Expecting

One of my classmates in high school married her boyfriend before graduating from college. She was one of those girls who had her entire life planned, so we were a little surprised that she didn't wait to graduate, but he was just about perfect so it made sense. He was intelligent, motivated, sweet, etc. He would come over to her house on weekends and mow her grass, do little repair jobs, and take out the trash. Perfect courtship, beautiful proposal, a wedding that everyone talked about for weeks.

Six months later, we went out for a girls night and we begged for details on her wedded bliss, seeing as she was the first one married. She just broke down. He had just stopped. Everything he had done before marriage just disappeared. It was like he was done adulting and reverted back to childhood. He wouldn't eat anything but spaghetti and chicken nuggets, literally. He started skipping class, cut his hours at work to less than half, didn't do any housework, any yard work, would spend the entire night up with his best friend playing video games, etc. The drama intensified, and they were divorced before they hit their one year anniversary.


#25 Be Careful Who You Message On Dating Apps

A close family friend of mine got married in August. They had been dating for four years and engaged for a year and a half. She found out in September that he was active on dating apps. He had tried to hit up her coworker (who of course immediately told her) on an app. I was even at the wedding and had no idea he was up to anything.


#26 You Don't Wait To Share This Kind Of Information Until After The Wedding

The bride found out the groom was gay on the day after they got married.


#27 Listen To Your Best Friend If You Know What's Good For You

I tried my best to talk my friend out of marrying a total loser. I was her bridesmaid and best friend, so it was my duty. When she wouldn’t listen, I called her parents, I reached out to her sisters, and they all knew it was true and agreed with me. But none of them would back me up and she went through with the wedding anyway. Unfortunately, we stopped speaking shortly after her wedding but, I had heard that they split before making it to their one year anniversary. She lost half of everything, including her house that she bought and owned way before he came along. It’s strange because you’d think I’d feel vindicated but, it just makes me feel worse.

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#28 If They Accuse You Of Cheating, It's A Good Sign They're Cheating

I knew a couple who had been on-again-off-again for years. They broke up several times during their engagement, yet still went forward with the wedding. Once they said their "I do's", she suddenly seemed to think that she should be completely in control of his life. She started making demands about which friends he was allowed to spend time with, and accused him of cheating if he spoke to one particular friend. They filed for divorce about two months after the wedding, and she moved in with a boyfriend she had been seeing on the side for a few months.

#29 She Made A Good Decision In The End

I filed for divorce six months after I got married. We had been together for two years before we even tied the knot. He decided since we were married and lived together that date nights were no longer necessary since he saw me every day. So he would spend all weekend, every weekend, with his friends. I was also ill when we first got together, and underweight because of it. I put on a little weight and was healthy, but he told me he wasn't as attracted to me now that I had gained weight. I was 145 lbs at 5'7''. I got out of there right away.


#30 "Drama" Doesn't Even Begin To Cover What Happened Here

My brother and his first wife. They had a three-year-long relationship that basically went like this: he cheats, she finds out, they have a screaming match, she packs up and leaves, he spends a few days a depressed mess, they obsessively text and call, more screaming and fighting, they makeup and she comes back, then rinse and repeat every few months.

He bought a ring and promised to change and they get married. He actually does change his behavior. They move away briefly to find better opportunities but come home when it doesn't pan out. Her dad is a successful businessman with rental properties, so he sets them up in a little house with nice, second-hand furniture. They also both get jobs in town.

Three months after they move back, she has three of her male relatives come over and remove him from the home with nothing but his wallet, car keys and the clothes on his back. Apparently, she was convinced he was cheating despite the lack of evidence and opportunity on his part. For a week, she refuses to let him into the rental they lived in to get his things so he calls a buddy of his from high school who works on the local police force and they go over there while she's at work.

The rental is next door to her parents' place. The father comes over and tries to goad my brother into a physical altercation, the mother flies over screaming while hitting my brother's truck with a stick. His cop buddy is threatening to take them both in because my brother legally entered the home he and his wife live in.

My brother comes out holding an arm-full of his clothes and the really nice TV he brought into the marriage. His really nice gaming systems and computers are inside, and all the things he bought and owned before the marriage. The father comes and knocks everything out of his arms. The clothes land in the dirt, the TV lands face-down.

The father goes inside and rips the computer from the wall, rips the gaming systems from the wall, starts throwing them around. My brother went inside and removed his things and he had to physically remove the father from his things. The mother hauls off and punches him in the gut. His cop buddy calls for back-up, he puts the mom in cuffs and into his squad car, the back-up arrives and arrests the dad.

My brother calls a few relatives and myself and we all finish getting everything that is his out of the house and into the trucks. Our grandfather shows up with his truck and trailer, gets the furniture, leaving the few pieces that my brother's wife's family had in the rental. All the furniture goes into storage, brother moves home with his thankfully unbroken electronics and belongings, sinks into depression. She shows up a couple of days later throwing a hissy fit because she now has little furniture. My brother isn't even home at the time, she throws the front door open, yelling and fussing. The divorce took longer than the marriage, which lasted six months.

#31 You Know What They Say About Assumptions

The husband had an unsolicited outburst at a family get together. "I KNOW YOU GUYS KNOW I DO ILLICIT SUBSTANCES! AND YOU NEED TO BACK OFF ABOUT IT!" The wife didn't know; her dad didn't know; nobody knew.


#32 Have A Heart, Man

I divorced my husband after two months. My younger brother (now eight-years-old) was taken by Children’s Aid and my ex-husband wouldn’t let the kid come live with us. I was taken by them as a child and relived the trauma when he was apprehended. Huge red flag. My younger brother now lives with me and my current boyfriend after being taken by CAS a second time.

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#33 The Wedding Was The Last Straw

Friends of mine had been together for 15 years. They seemed to have a normal, healthy relationship, including ups and downs, but nothing to indicate they were close to breaking up. As many of you will know, a long-term relationship can replace initial lust and excitement with mundane day to day survival and petrol station flowers for Valentine’s. I suspect they felt getting married would be a jump start for their aged relationship. We went to the wedding on Friday and everyone was really happy, then early the next week they annulled it and broke up. They were very matter-of-fact about it and neither party was devastated. To be fair, I think everyone else was more hurt.

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#34 It Wasn't The Messed Up Vows That Did Them In, Just The Cheating

At my cousin's wedding, her ex-husband pulled a Ross and said the wrong name during his vows. They did get married but divorced less than a week later after she found out he was cheating on her.


#35 High School Sweethearts Are Hit Or Miss

My cousin was married to her high school sweetheart for two months before their divorce happened. He was an army ranger and lived on base, while she still lived home finishing college. Every couple of weeks she would spend a weekend with him at his apartment. One day, she decided to surprise him by showing up a day early. When she got there, she couldn’t find any of their pictures together. None of the cute notes they put on the fridge. Even her clothes she left there in the drawers were missing. So she waited all night for her husband to come home and when he did, he had a girl with him. She left and drove home without saying a word and filed for divorce.


#36 A Distance Problem

My cousin and her first husband got divorced after about a month because one of them lived in Houston and the other in Dallas.
They never really agreed how they were going to deal with that. I'm sure there were other things too, but that was the official story. Every time we try to get our cousin to open up about it, she ignores us.

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#37 More Invested In The Wedding Than Each Other

I attended a same-sex wedding. I'm good friends with the one guy, and though I attended the wedding I knew there were SO many problems in the relationship. I didn't think it would last, but they were so invested in the wedding (more so than in each other probably) that I don't think they ever questioned that the wedding would happen. His family all came from overseas, etc. Nine months later. they were not a couple.

#38 Details, Details

A Canadian woman and American man got married in Canada and after the wedding drove to the US border with her belongings in a truck. Border agents let her know that she needed to apply as a spouse (though she was allowed up to six months in the States as a Canadian) if she wanted to stay there. At the border, she decided it was too much paperwork and she just opts for a divorce. The guy was still nice and eventually paid her $5,000 for her moving costs. The marriage lasted less than four hours in total.


#39 Expectations Didn't Match Up

I went on a few dates with a girl I met on Tinder. On our first meeting, she confessed that she was married pending the statutory waiting period for getting a divorce. Apparently, within the last year, she had gotten heavily pressured by her college boyfriend from a foreign country to get married. It was also heavily expected that she moved to his homeland with him. It then became apparent that they were supposed to live with his family, who hated her for not being the same nationality. She fled the country back to her hometown to wait until she could serve him with divorce.


#40 In The Closet Marriage, Out Of The Closet Divorce

My brother secretly got married to another guy. No one in our family knew he was gay and some of our family are incredibly homophobic. Maybe a year later, they got divorced because his husband cheated. I feel so bad for him but now if he ever decides to remarry at least we can all be there to celebrate with him! I hope he finds someone as great as him, he deserves it!


#41 He Just "Never Got Around To Telling Her"

I had a bit of a tip-off when we didn't see the bride at the reception. She was next door in the carriage house restroom sobbing. She had just found out, on her wedding day, that her groom had once been engaged to one of her bridesmaids. The groom was NOT cheating on her, but just never got around to telling her that he and one of their "mutual friends" had once been an item. The groom spent the reception at the bar with the bride's family keeping him distant from the rest of the party. The bridesmaid who was linked to the groom fled the party, and no one chased after her. The restaurant staff served the meals, but there was no cake cutting, first dance, etc. She left him days after the reception.


#42 Left With Only The Clothes On His Back

When I was in the army, my wife and I were good friends with a couple that lived a few doors down from us. One day, I got home from work, and he was sitting on his front doorstep... He said, "Man, you have to see this." So I walked into his house, and it was empty. Completely empty. Not a scrap of paper, not a bag of trash.

The weird thing was that every cabinet door and drawer was open. Even the refrigerator door was open. If it was supposed to be closed, it was open. No note, either—his wife was just gone with everything in the house. My wife and I had dinner with them, in their house, the night before, laughing it up, drinking wine, having a great time... There was no sign of anything wrong.

He said the first thing he did was call her parents house, and her father answered the phone. Before he could even ask if he knew what was going on, the father said "Bill, you need to let it go," and hung up. Remember that line from "True Lies" when Tom Arnold says his ex-wife even took the ice cube trays... Well, she took the ice cube trays. She also took all of his uniforms and other clothes. He literally had the clothes on his back and what was in his pockets to his name. I never did find out what the motivator was, she was just gone.


#43 That Coveted Green Card

I was married for three months. She was from Bulgaria and used me for citizenship. I joke that we got married because I had accidentally clicked the "checkout button" on one of those mail order bride websites.


#44 What A Woman Will Do For Romance

My mom married this dude from Morocco. They had a Muslim wedding and everything. I loved my white girl hijab, I digress. After some time, he went to "visit " his family back home and said he had "lost" his passport. He never came back to the US. My mom became pregnant, then annulled marriage all within four months or something like that. Guess you could call her a hopeless romantic.


#45 Vegan She Can Do, But Vegan And Atheist Is Too Much

The bride left her husband 30 days after the wedding after living together for EIGHT YEARS previously. She decided it was too much that he wanted to raise their kids vegan and atheist. Yes, we all knew he was vegan and atheist before the wedding.




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