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5 Essential Things To Never Cheap Out On For Your Wedding

Your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life. If you're lucky, you'll just need to do it once. If that is the case, the fact that you'll only have one shot at it can add stress and anxiety to the planning process. Compounding onto this problem is the budget issue—you want a day you'll never forget, but you also don't want to completely break the bank. What's a couple to do? Well, in cases where there isn't all the money in the world to work with, couples should figure out what things they want to prioritize their spending on. If you're a couple about to get married and you have no idea where to concentrate your spending, here's a list to help you out:

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#1 Venues

The venues you choose to hold your ceremony and reception are perhaps the most important things you'll spend your money on. The right venue can make everything about your wedding seem magical. Beautiful scenery, a cozy environment, and elegant decorations all play an important part in creating the fantasy. That being said, by itself, the venue can make a low-budget wedding seem much more extravagant. Just make sure you do in-depth research on the venues before you make a decision—you don't want a location that is poorly maintained or has bad ratings in terms of the service provided.

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#2 Videographer

One of the biggest mistakes a couple that is about to wed can make is to save money by hiring a cheap videographer, or even worse, not hiring one at all. You're going to want to remember your wedding, so make sure to hire a professional videographer to tell your story. Too often, couples regret not having a cinematic video created for their wedding. Photos are great, but they don't give the same impact as a cinematic video! Look for a videographer who has a clean, impressive portfolio. Even if it might cost a little bit more, you can rest assured that your money will be well spent.

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#3 Catering

Weddings are all about the food. You want your guests to have a good time, and ensuring that means feeding them really good food. The last thing you want is for your guests to be underwhelmed by their meal—if you want your guests to continue talking about your wedding months after it's over, you've got to make sure everything is memorable, down to the very food they eat. That being said, make sure to pick a highly-recommended caterer—typically, the reviews will speak for themselves and you'll be able to make a decision based on those alone. If you have to cut down somewhere else in order to be able to afford a good caterer, then so be it!

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#4 Drinks

Let's be real—people come to weddings to party, and what's a party without drinks? There are too many horror stories of couples who didn't budget enough for drinks and ended up running out before the night was even over. When it comes to drinks, you should always play it safe and just let the venue handle it. Pretty much all venues with a valid license offer an open bar service—you should always opt for this, and get the unlimited package if possible. You're going to have a lot more important things to worry about than your guests running out of things to drink. Do yourself a favor and pay for the open bar, even if it's a little on the costlier side.

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#5 DJ & Music

Lastly, you're not going to want to skimp out on your DJ or entertainment for the night. There's nothing worse than a wedding headlined by a terrible DJ. You want your guests to have a good time, so you need to pick a DJ, band or some other type of performer that knows how to engage the crowd and get everyone in a happy mood. Don't resort to hiring your cousin Earl to spin the tracks just so save a few hundred dollars. Just shell out the money for a really good DJ—you won't regret it.

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