September 22, 2022 | Casey Fletcher

Terrified People Share The Scariest Things That Exist

Do you ever have trouble sleeping at night? With all of the horrifying things happening in the world today it's no wonder if you don't. If you're the type of person that gets paranoid after reading something frightening, this may not be for you.

This is a collection of responses from Reddit users when asked: "What is the scariest, most terrifying thing that actually exists?" Click through to see what these Reddit users opinions are on the subject of real-life terror.

Filmmakers often turn to fiction when making "horror movies", but after reading these stories, it's apparent that isn't necessary. Reading Wikipedia articles on some of these subjects can be scarier than the scariest of movies, it's hard to imagine being involved with them for real.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart, a lot of this stuff is quite dark.

gem-lauris-rk-606993-unsplash-1526484188521.jpgUnsplash / Gem & Lauris RK

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#25 You probably didn't need to learn about these...


They're basically messed up proteins that make other proteins get screwed up the same way, like some sort of molecular zombie. Once you have a prion disease, it will slowly destroy your brain by messing up proteins that are vital for life.

Once you have it, there's no cure and no treatment. You're just done for. And it can incubate for years; you can have it right now and not know. And as a fun little bonus: disinfectants and other methods of killing viruses, parasites, and bacteria will do nothing for a prion.

Fatal familial insomnia is possibly the freakiest prion disease - you just can't sleep. You get progressively worse insomnia until you can't sleep at all anymore, which causes delirium, hallucinations, and eventually death. Imagine just knowing your mind is slowly slipping away, all because your body won't sleep...

That is a prion disease.


bacteria-1526482442720.jpgFlickr / Peter Handke

#24 This is worth looking up.

Bolton strid. A tiny stream in Yorkshire that's basically a river on its side. Only a meter or two across, and looks like a calm stream, but if you fall in the stream sucks you under and pulverizes you against the rocks. 100% mortality rate for people who try to jump over it and fall in.


stream-1526482633989.jpgUnsplash / Nathan Anderson

#23 This one might win...

Anesthesia awareness - You go to the hospital for surgery and you are paralyzed and awake during the entire procedure. You are unable to scream, move, or indicate in any way that you are "locked in."


surgery-1526482756040.jpgUnsplash / Piron Guillaume

#22 They make for good television though.

People that kill without a conscience or reason. You could be in the wrong place at the wrong time or even just asleep in your home, and someone could pick you for no reason at all other than opportunity.




#21 Glad I don't live in Wyoming - Oh wait...

The supervolcano in Yellowstone Wyoming that if it explodes, would make 1/3 Of North America instantly uninhabitable and we would have to evacuate the rest. It would also create a volcanic winter for the whole planet for a couple of years.



#20 At least it doesn't affect humans.


Lethal mind control fungus. It only infects ants (as far as we know) but it's straight out of a horror movie. Infected ants compulsively climb as high as they can and then clamp their jaws down. Then a stalk grows out the top of their head and releases spores that infect more ants.

The Last of Us infection is based on it.

Correction, it affects lots of types of insects. I only remembered the ants initially.



#19 We could stop it... right?

Large rocks minding their own business in space that might run into our planet and end everything someday.


meteor-1526482889740.jpgPixabay / RafaelMousob

#18 Hungry or not, they definitely are scary.

Hippopotamus. They can weigh about two tons and achieve speeds of 20mph on land. Their bite can easily kill and they are extremely territorial. More deaths occur per year by hippos than lions, wolves, elephants, and sharks combined.


451637913_efc45b9663_o-1526482959780.jpgFlickr / Craig Ferguson

#17 25-50, That's it?

The FBI estimates there are anywhere between 25-50 active serial killers in the US at this very moment. It could be your coworker, your friend, your neighbor, your server, or that friendly older gentleman living by himself. You'll probably never know unless you fall under their victim "type."


kidscared-1526483249289.jpgPixabay / Pezibear


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#16 Now that's self-confidence.

The fact that I am allowed to structurally weld bridges which hold thousands of cars a day. I'm looking at you Dayton.

Granted none of my welds have failed a test and I put forth my best effort every time. But still, if one decides to fail... Yea that's a scary concept.


bridge-1526483380845.jpgPixabay / nextvoyage


#15 This guy raises a good point.

The trust in others that everyone has every day when they drive. While driving from point a to b, every car you pass, or that pass you could easily kill you with a wrong turn of the wheel or loss of control (especially when it's something the driver can't help, like a seizure)



#14 Seems like a pretty common fear.

Serial killers.

These people are basically different kinds of humans who can blend in with us but are out to kill us. Most people think of the creep or whatever but the scariest things about serial killers are that a lot of them are really charming and master manipulators.

A lot of them look at you as nothing more then prey and the others are just so unhinged they kill indiscriminately.



#13 The name itself is terrifying.

"Bleeding eye fever"

"The symptoms of the viral disease are said to include headaches, bleeding, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle pains. The viral hemorrhagic fever is said to leave people bleeding from their eyes, mouth, and anus. Other symptoms include dizziness, body stiffness, backache, sore eyes, abdominal pain, mood swings, and confusion."


Image result for say

#12 I bet this guy has trouble sleeping...

Existence. Like why does everything exist? Was there eternal nothing before something existed or has existence always existed? And if existence always existed, does that mean it will always continue to exist or will existence stop existing for eternity?

I know I'll stop existing at some point. But if existence exists forever, then why should I expect my existence to stop forever? I mean I wouldn't mind if my memories were erased and I became some other form of existence, but if this is true, has this cycle been repeating forever and will continue to repeat forever? Like heck man. Forever is a long time.



#11 Food for thought.

Couples or any "pair" of people who commit hideous crimes together. How much trust must you have in someone to confide this desire? " Hey, Jane, what do you say we abduct and kill a stranger today?" "Oh sure Richard, it will be our little secret." The idea that the sickos can find each other like this scares the living heck out of me.



#10 Some medical substances can be pretty scary.

Methamphetamine addiction. I worked with children who didn't understand why they couldn't see their parents anymore and hearing an eight-year-old tell me they just wanted to go home was heartbreaking.


cast_bb_800x600_jesse-pinkman-1526400738611.jpgBreaking Bad Wiki


#9 Especially scary if you're their child...

To me, the people that use religion to cover up the abuse of their children or other people. They claim to be religious and it's like SUPER wack job religious, won't let the females cut their hair, make them dress modestly and carry a bible around and etc. My friends' parents were like this. They wouldn't let her leave unless she got married. She ended up getting married but she still talks to them. After her mother almost killing her, if I was her I would never speak to that evil woman again. It's sad.


religion-1526483530003.jpgUnsplash / Stephen Radford

#8 Here's another horrifying medical one.

Hydrocephalus dementia is a way of losing a person twice, once to the illness and once to death. My Mom, one of the most brilliant people I have had the honor of knowing, had hydrocephalus dementia. She was fully aware of her condition and fought it close to the end when she finally lost the ability to swallow. It is a hard way to go.


oldlady-1526483653564.jpgPixabay / besnopile

#7 Every time I get a headache I will think of this one... great.

Hey! What’s that in your snot? Are ya sure it’s snot? What about those headaches you get at the end of the day? Are you sure they’re from stress?

Do you play Wii or Kinect? Do you play any video games where you make twisting movements along your spine?

99.99% of the time, your snot is your snot or your headache is stress. But, and this is increasing due to unnatural twisting movements made while playing Kinect and Wii, sometimes you form a tiny little tear in the thin membrane that covers and pressurized your entire brain and spinal cord.

This is called a dura. If it leaks, your brain and spine become depressurized. Your brain sags to rest with the brain stem on top of the spinal column, each movement of your head causing a minor concussion on your brain stem. Your brain stem, wobbling on top of a jagged little vertebra.

Oh and your eyes become sunken because the brain is more or less attached to the front of your face via your optic nerves and eyeballs. So while your brain wobbles and grates on top of your spinal column, your optic nerves get yanked and twisted and jiggled.

George Clooney had a minor leak in his dura sustained while filming a stunt for “Syriana.” Honestly, it’s the sort of thing that could happen to anyone who leaned back too far in his chair, tipped over, and hit his back a little too hard on the chair.

Here’s what he had to say about a minor leak of cerebrospinal fluid:

“‘I was lying in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm, unable to move, having these headaches where it feels like you’re having a stroke, and for a short three-week period, I started to think, "I may have to do something drastic about this"... but I never thought I’d get there. See, I was in a place where I was trying to figure out how to survive.’”

In response to a minor and very fixable leak in his dura, George Clooney was going to kill himself.

That’s not the terrifying part.

There is one very special case of a cerebrospinal fluid leak in medical history. I’m married to him. His dura didn’t form a pinprick leak. His dura tore open like cheap pantyhose from T1-T3, making his spinal column and brain totally depressurized. His body kept producing more CFS in a frantic attempt to keep up. Most of the care was in checking to see if he wanted to kill himself yet because the tear was in the worst possible place, surgically speaking. He was on Fentanyl patches and morphine and hydrocodone, together.

That’s not the terrifying part.

When he finally got his dura sewn up, his body started regulating. Once again his brain and his spine were pressurized in their nice cozy cerebrospinal fluid.

And then his body got some sort of miscue and maybe it believed there was another leak - because it started overproducing cerebrospinal fluid so fast, my husband wound up in the hospital out of his mind with pain. His entire nervous system was being squeezed by CFS.

The most painful thing I have ever seen someone survive is that. Right there. Your own body squeezing your nervous system and your brain lining so hard that it’s possible for the dura to burst like an overfilled water balloon. It squeezes thoracic nerves that make you feel like you’ve been shot in the stomach. You can put in a shunt, but in chronic CFS leaks and overproduction, that’s just going to condemn you to a life of unbearable pain until you commit suicide.

By pumping the maximum dose of Dilaudid and then some into his system over a period of 24 hours, his body finally regulated the pressure on his nervous system.

That is something I would expect to see in a brutal issue of X-Men. Jean Grey overfills a man’s spinal column and squeezes his entire nervous system until it pops like a grape. But it’s not a comic book. And it’s the most painful thing I can think of that can happen to a person.

George Clooney’s first symptom was something weird in his snot when he sneezed. My husband’s first symptom was a headache that tended to lessen when he laid down.



george-1526483771982.jpgFlickr / Megan

#6 It's probably best to not think about it.

The blankness after death, we have no idea of what happens after we die, whether there is or isn’t a god or an afterlife. All we know is the slow walk to our own graves.


Image result for death

#5 At least this ones quick...


At any moment the earth could swallow you whole.



#4 I couldn't agree more with the first sentence.

Being attacked by a great white seems pretty terrifying. I was paddling around on a skim board for scientific purposes one time and saw a large dark shape pass under me from left to right. I literally screamed like I was in a horror movie. Turned out to be a shark-shaped section of reef that the current was carrying me over. At the moment though, it was still top 3 for scariest moments of my life.


shark-3004153_1280-1526483881350.jpgPixabay / Three Shots


#3 Worse than sharks?

The sound of dead silence and the eerie brightness that occurs in the middle of the night during a soft snowfall while there is a blanket of fresh snow covering your town.

If you haven't experienced it, you should. Some people think it's beautiful, I think it's where my deepest fears are seated.


dsc_0103-1526402810436.JPGBlogspot Peteleahsmith

#2 Unless it's a flash mob.

A mob.

The fact that there is a possibility that a large group of people from your own species would hate someone so much, that they would group together, ramp up each other's violent craving, and destroy them in any way they can is a terrifying thought. Even more so if you imagine it's you they want dead. A simple way to imagine it is to picture yourself being a royalist during the French revolution.

I'd take on a Black Hole or the Ocean at night over that any day.



#1 You may feel like you have this if you read this whole article...

Real clinical depression. Having your own mind become your own enemy and prison for possibly the rest of your life sounds like something out of a phycological horror.




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