Terrified People Share The Scariest Thing That Has Happened While Home Alone

Sometimes, the paranoia of knowing you’re alone in the house is enough to make your skin crawl. Every bump, creak, and shifting shadow makes you jump, even though you’re a grown adult. But there are those horrifying times when the things that go bump in the night are real. It’s so easy to assume the worst, and you might never know what it is until you get up and check… But then what? Below, people share their scariest stories. From the unexpectedly wholesome to the downright scary, these stories might make you question just how safe you are in the comfort of your own home. You may want to turn on a light because things are about to get weird.

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#1 Whose That Neighbor In The Corner?

It was raining pretty hard one night and I was about to go to bed. Our dog started going nuts barking at the corner of the family room. We had just moved in so there wasn’t anything in there but she just kept constantly barking at nothing. I tried to pull her away but she wasn’t having any of it. She started showing her teeth and snarling, which she never does.

I figured there must be an animal outside so I turned on the deck lights and peered outside. Nope, nothing. So I dragged the dog to the bedroom but she just wouldn’t stop barking. Finally, I decided to get my shoes on and walk around the outside of the house. I found one of my neighbors curled up along the side of the deck trying to protect himself from the rain. He normally went out for walks in the neighborhood. He got caught in the rain and couldn’t find his house. If my dog hadn’t gone nuts he might have been out there all night and who knows what could have happened.


#2 He Probably Just Wanted Some Popcorn

I was home alone one night when I was in middle school. I was in my room (which is right above our kitchen) watching TV. I had already shut all of the lights off downstairs because I was eventually going to fall asleep and I didn’t want to get yelled at for leaving the lights on. So, I laid in my bed with the family dog when I heardthe cabinet doors open and shut. It wasn’t like they all opened at once and then shut, but more like one after another for a few seconds. I froze and looked at the dog, who perked up and looked at me.

I peaked out my window that overlooks our driveway and didn’t see anything. Now, I didn’t think anyone was in the house because while the dog was lazy as heck, she was a great guard dog and she would have responded if the door opened. So after a few seconds, the dog got up and started moving towards the stairs. I decided to follow, fully confident that if anyone was down there she would scare them. I grabbed my softball bat and my cell phone and followed her downstairs.

As we went downstairs, I noticed the lights were on in the kitchen and I dialed 9-1-1 because I knew I shut the lights off prior to going upstairs. When we got in the kitchen, all of the cabinet doors were open, which was obviously not how I left it. That’s when I noticed that the door was still locked, so I thought whatever did this was still in the house. So I quickly ran upstairs to my parents closet and called my parents and told them what was happening. They came home and obviously didn’t find anyone or any trace of anyone being in the house. We still don’t know why the light was on and why cabinet doors were open, but we had some other paranormal-like occurrences happen around that time so we chalked it up to the household ghost.


#3 Ghost Door

My husband went out of town for his first work trip following the birth of our first child, so it was me, my infant daughter, and my dog at home (and I am counting it as “alone” considering I was the only one awake, and verbal, in the house at the time). I’d just put my daughter down for bed and was in the kitchen cleaning up when I suddenly heard our garage door open… something that should not be possible with my husband (and second of two garage door openers) literally in another state.

I raced to lock the door coming into the house from the garage and crouched next to it for at least three minutes, phone out and dialed to 9-1-1, trying to listen for any sounds of intrusion before cracking the door open just enough to reach my arm through and close the garage again. I did not sleep super well that night and had at least three more mysterious garage openings overnight the following week.

It turns out that when I’d paired a spare garage door opener the day prior, one of our neighbors was arriving home and just so happened to use their opener at the exact moment I pressed the link button in our garage. It took me an absurd amount of time to make the connection because they honestly don’t go in and out of their house very frequently. In any case, that first instance had me acting out parts of a home intrusion scene in a horror movie.


#4 When In A Horror Movie, Chicken Out And Hide

Two years ago, I get home from my last lecture from university before the start of Christmas break. My family had gone to Scotland for the weekend. I was all alone at home. Once I arrived at home, I showered and was getting food ready. After eating, I turned on my PS4, plugged in my headset and began playing. However, an hour later, I hear loud thudding from the upstairs floor.

Rather than being brave and checking upstairs, I ran to close and lock the living room doors to prevent a robber from entering. I hurried to my phone and called the police, who arrived quickly and began searching. After 20 minutes of searching, they found that someone had broken into my house through my bedroom window. Luckily, no valuables had been taken. I did, however, get a two-hour lecture from my parents on what precautions to take when home alone.


#5 He Could Have Worn Literally Anything But That

My sister and I were home alone and we heard noises outside so we looked out the back door and there was a guy in a ski mask on our back porch going through some stuff. We were hiding and watching him as he looked in through the door window and started knocking. We freaked out and called our dad. It was one of his friends, he plows snow and was picking up a snowblower but it was absolutely terrifying.


#6 Thanks, Uncle David!

I was home alone when I was nine or 10. It was literally the second day that my mother allowed me to walk home from school, rather than stay at daycare. When I was home, the phone rang. The voice on the other end asks for David. I tell them sorry, wrong number. As a weird but relevant aside, we got constant wrong numbers when I was a kid because our home phone line was one digit off from H&R Block (the tax prep service), so I had developed a sort of standard cadence to wrong number calls.

So I’m on the line, waiting for him to say “Oh, I’m sorry.” Instead, he starts yelling that he needs to speak to David. He knows David is there. I tell him I have two Uncle Davids, but neither are there. The guy starts cursing and ranting. I was already pretty spooked, having never really encountered a fully crazy person in my life, and then he started describing my house. He started telling me that it’s white with brick pillars on the green porch, red doors, and with a white dog in the backyard. He concluded the call with “I know you’re lying, and I’m gonna come and get you.” In the next thirty seconds, I rushed to the kitchen, called my mom, and looked frantically out the front of my house.

Then, there was a banging at the door. I screamed at a pitch I didn’t realize I could and I ran into the bathroom and stayed there until my mom got home. When I heard the garage door open and my mom call out for me, I started sobbing and ran out to her, knife in hand. When I got older, I found out from my mom that the David the guy was looking for was my Uncle David, who had owed money to a few bad people. He probably gave someone he owed money to our address. Thanks, Uncle David!


#7 Bringing A Whole New Meaning To “Water Gun”

I was home alone after dinner with my girlfriend. Around 3 a.m. I hear a very loud bang. My dog and I got out of bed to scope it out, hoping to find the reason for the noise. We searched for 15-20 minutes and could not find anything. We go back to bed, and not 10 minutes later, bang! I was shaking. It sounded like it was coming from the same spot. I spent the rest of night awake, not wanting to move. I found out the next day that my girlfriend put two sparkling waters in the freezer to cool them down, forgot about them, left the house, and never told me about them. They exploded. That kept me up all night.


#8 Horrible Timing, But At Least It Wasn’t A Demon

I was watching a scary movie with my wife when I heard a scratching noise in the wall behind me. My wife didn’t hear anything. I heard it several more times and thought I was going insane and I legit starting to freak out. Then she finally heard it too. That’s when I learned mice can fall down inside the walls because the top part of the wall in the attic isn’t covered.


#9 You Can Always Count On The Element Of Surprise

I lived in a condo and in the middle of the night, I woke up to hear someone rattling my front doorknob. No one had keys to my condo except me. Then, the door opened and I heard someone walking in. I was 100% sure I was being robbed.

Fight or flight kicked in and I flew out of bed and ran toward the front door screaming, “Get out of here!” which came out as complete gibberish as I had been sound asleep about 30 seconds prior and now had crazy adrenaline pumping through my veins. I was literally jumping around in my underwear screaming and waving my arms when it dawned on me that the two guys standing at my front door looked more scared than me.

One of the guys held out some keys (his hands were visibly shaking) and said something to the effect of his friend had given him the keys to his place and said he could stay there while he was out of town. Turns out, the friend lived directly above me and these guys went to the wrong floor by mistake. They didn’t know they were at the wrong door and the keys were the same. I was able to get into his unit with my keys and they could open up my door with their keys. Needless to say, I was standing outside the hardware store the next day waiting for them to open so I could buy a new lock for my door.


#10 Who Does That?

I lived in a second-floor apartment during my junior year of college and to save money. I opened my balcony doors and windows and kept my A/C off. This particular week, my 75-pound dog with a terrifying bark was staying with my boyfriend and I forgot to lock my door (terrible coincidence). Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night naked in my bed to a man standing in my bedroom. I had no clue what to do! I couldn’t jump up because I was naked so instinctively I just said, “Yo, what the heck!?” His response was, “I came up to shut your doors and windows,” at which point I noticed all were shut. Then he left and I locked my door and cried.


#11 Admittedly Terrifying, But Their Intentions Were Good

One of the first nights I was home alone with my brother. I was probably 13 or so. My parents went to a concert and left me in charge of my little brother. Just after he went to bed there was a banging at the door. I was terrified. I stayed quiet and snuck to the window. It was a neighbor from up the road.

We weren’t friends and he had never been in my house before. I was wondering why the heck he wanted to come in now. I stood on the other side of the door and said, “My parents aren’t home, I can’t open the door!” (Stupid, I know, never let strangers know there are no adults around). He yelled back, “It’s getting dark and I just wanted to let you know that your garage door is wide open!” I felt like an idiot, but I’m still alive.


#12 How To Make Flatbread

The very first time I was home alone, I was watching TV and there was a huge crash behind me in the kitchen. I didn’t look or think, I just bolted out the front door and sat on the steps outside, crying, until my folks returned like 10 minutes later. Turns out my mom’s bread machine had been kneading the dough and vibrated itself off the counter. Really, the most amazing thing was that the machine wasn’t damaged. I have that same bread machine today and it makes delicious fresh bread.


#13 Kidnapping Attempt Foiled

When I was seven years old, I was playing with a doll in the doorway of my apartment on the third floor of a three-story building. My dad was outside in the parking lot working on his car, as he often did. It was the ’80s, so being unsupervised was more acceptable. Suddenly, this man I’ve never seen before walked up the stairs and approached me asking where my parents were. I told him that my dad was outside in the parking lot and my mom was at work. I assumed he was a friend of my sister who was in her 20’s as he looked the same age.

He said he couldn’t just leave me alone and picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I figured he was just overreacting and going to take me to my dad but he made his way to the opposite door from the parking lot towards a side street where his car was. Just then, my dad turned the corner and asked the guy what was going on. The guy put me down and said something about thinking that I needed help and took off. Kidnapping attempt foiled. My sister didn’t know him and she was living with a boyfriend in another city.


#14 But Did She Finish Her Math Homework?

I was housesitting and babysitting for a new neighbor. She was a single mom from the east coast and she had just moved to Indianapolis. I was a sixth-grader. All I had to do was sit in the house and do my math homework while she was on a date. Her two-year-old baby was sleeping in his crib. Around 9 p.m., I got a call and answered. It was some man who only asked “Who are you?” I said that I was the babysitter.

Then, he started asking all these questions about where the mom is and who I am personally. I got scared and hung up and called the mom to let her know. The guy called back and then just started saying the address that I was at. Then he asked if the baby was okay. When I say yes, he said, “How can you be so sure when he’s that close to a window?” Basically, I had a mental breakdown. Five minutes later, the mom showed up and explained that it was her ex-husband who found her. She handed me a wad of cash and excused me. I don’t know if the guy was in the bushes or calling from another state or what… it was scary.


#15 I’d Scream Too If My Deck Sprouted A Hand

I wasn’t home alone but my mom was asleep. I was about eight-years-old and I was taking the trash outside after the sun went down when a hand reached from the side of our back deck and grabbed my leg trying to yank me. I screamed very loud and whoever it was let go and I ran inside. I was terrified. That was the last time I took the trash out after sunset.


#16 Locks Exist For A Very Good Reason

Lock your doors people! A few years ago, two of my good friends, females in their 20s, lived together in an apartment building that looked out to an identical building across a small courtyard. A new guy had moved into the apartment across from them and he was unpacking and cleaning, completely naked, with the blinds open. They were on their balcony and noticed this. He saw them looking and smiled, they waved and had a laugh and then promptly went inside. Note, the apartment layout: The front door opened into their living room and the bedrooms were right off the living room.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on their door. One of the women looked through the peephole and it was the guy. He actually figured out which apartment was theirs and came over (for what it’s worth he was clothed at this point). She ran into the other woman’s room and said, “That guy is at the door.” He knocked again and started jiggling the door handle and they remembered that the door is unlocked.

Right before one of the women ran to lock the door, they heard the door handle jiggle and the door opened, and the guy yelled, “Hello?” into the apartment. They instinctively crouched down on the side of the bed that was blocked from the living room view to hide, but they didn’t have a chance to close the bedroom door. They heard him walk into the apartment and walk around the living room and then back out the front door. A few seconds went by and they worked up the courage to peek into the living room. Nobody was there, then he knocked again.

Knowing that he is out of the apartment, one of the women ran and locked the door as fast as she could. When he heared the sound of the lock, he yelled through the door, “I know you’re in there!” He knocked again and jiggled the door handle for another minute or so straight as they contemplated what to do, but he eventually left. Honestly, this sounds scarier typing it out and I think we all under-reacted. They were embarrassed about the whole situation so they didn’t want to call police or management but they did stay at my place that night. Luckily, there were no further issues.


#17 Delivering The Creeps Since 2019

My partner was out of town on business, so I treated myself and ordered in from my favorite restaurant. The delivery guy arrived and insisted he had to come into my place to deliver the food and take payment. I had to loudly refuse this multiple times (in the hopes a neighbor would hear me), and he kept insisting. Finally, I got him to process my payment in the hallway, but he was muttering under his breath the whole time. It scared the hell out of me. I double-locked the door when he left and sat up all night feeling uneasy. Wish I had reported him to the restaurant, but I was too shaken to think about it.


#18 Life Is Such A Bizarre Phenomenon

I wasn’t at home but I was working the night shift at a nursing home. It was just me and a nurse and we were the only staff in the Alzheimer’s Unit. She had the TV on some silly show about hauntings in America. She looked at me and said, “You’d think nursing homes would be haunted a lot because so many people die here.” I just gave her a look and told her to shut up, this place is creepy enough at night!

We went to do rounds on a resident who was in the process of passing. She was on hospice and her family was aware. I checked on her every 15 minutes because I didn’t want her to be in pain and to see if she was in distress. At this time, she wasn’t in distress but it was obvious that she wasn’t going to last much longer. Her family lived across the country and had requested not to be called past 9 p.m., so I stayed with her and held her hand and read to her from the Bible as she was a devout Catholic. After all of the aftercare was finished, I left to call the funeral home and all of that.

I had barely dialed the phone number when the nurse came running down the hallway and said, “She’s breathing again! I don’t know what to do!” She was obviously freaked and her face was pale. I went to the resident’s room and she was definitely breathing! I checked vital signs and though everything was much lower than normal levels, they were there! I had checked them several times after she had “passed” and there had been no blood pressure, no pulse, no anything. She lived for another five years and claimed that she’d “met God”. This is the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me.


#19 Nerves Of Steel By Age 15

I was 15 and my mom was out for the night. I was home studying. I had my headphones on so I could listen to music while I was working. It was around 9 p.m., my pencil rolled off the table, so I bent down to pick it up and as I did, I looked toward the front door. The doorknob was turning slowly, back and forth. Now, it’s an old house and the doorknob is old, but I know the way it unlocked from the outside and with the key in, the knob only turns one way. I moved to the kitchen and called 9-1-1, almost eerily calm, and told them my name, address, that I was home alone, and someone was trying to come through my front door.

Dispatch stayed on the line with me and said they were routing a helicopter to fly over and asked if I had a dog. I did and she told me to call the dog to the back door and then open the door and bring the dog in because they were going to use infrared on the backyard. I asked if that was safe. What if he was in the backyard?

Her advice was to scream and she would notify the police en route that an assault was in progress. So, I called my poor little cocker spaniel to the door and pretty much threw him over my shoulder into the house before slamming and locking the door. Once I had the dog in, she told me she was going to hang up and call back in five minutes. In those five minutes, I was to call the place my mom was and get her to come home.

I called, she was playing darts, so I told them to give the phone to her boyfriend and I told him what was going on. Apparently, he walked up to where my mom was playing, grabbed her, and walked out of the bar. When the dispatcher called back, she gave me the names, descriptions, and badge numbers of the responding officers and that she had informed them they were to hold their badges to the front window before the door would be unlocked for them.

They showed up, showed me their badges and I opened the door. My mom was less than five minutes behind them. That’s when the police showed us the footprints by the front window and the kitchen window, and the mud scraped off on the top of the gate that separated our front and back yards. Apparently, he had been watching me through the windows for quite a while before deciding to break in.


#20 Nothing Wrong With Walking Around With A Knife And A Crowbar

I had just moved into my first apartment. It was around 8:30 p.m. and I heard the doorknob moving like someone was putting a key in it and turning and knocking. At first, I got really excited that my boyfriend was home, but then I realized he wasn’t due home from work until around 10:30 p.m. So I looked out the kitchen window and didn’t see his car or anyone’s car I had known parked outside, that’s when I panicked.

The doorknob kept moving for a few more seconds and then stopped. A few minutes later they had some piece of metal they were sticking between the door trying to open the door. I freaked out at that point and locked myself in the bathroom with a knife and called 9-1-1. They tried to pry the door open for about three minutes before they stopped.

The police surveilled the area and found an elderly man roaming around with a knife and a crowbar. He used to live in that apartment and he wanted his stuff back that we “stole” when we moved in. I was told he was really delusional. I’m so thankful and glad that I didn’t answer the door once I realized it was no one I knew. To this day my heart stops when someone knocks on my door.


#21 We’re Not Buying What They’re Selling

We rent a house in a gated community, but without the actual gate. You aren’t allowed to solicit services of any kind in this community, which is largely because it’s in a pretty bad area of town and several robberies take place via people pretending to sell stuff. I work second shift so I sleep in the early morning before work. One morning, my roommate crept into my room around 11 a.m. and whispered “Don’t answer the door, someone’s out there.”

I went to check. A fairly large man was banging on my door and trying the knob rather aggressively before running to the neighbor’s house and doing the same thing. Then coming back to our door. Like he was trying to force his way inside. He wasn’t wearing a uniform. I yelled out that there was no soliciting and to go away. Bad move on my part. It enraged him.

He stood in the road, screaming, “I just wanna talk! Open up! Open the door I want to talk!” He was running around and trying even harder to get into my house and the neighbor’s house. That’s when I noticed a gold-colored car parked in the middle of the road, blocking the entrance of other vehicles coming or going. It was extremely out of place. The driver had a hoodie pulled over his face and was slumping down in the seat.

I took my roommate to her room where we locked the door and called the police, who were quick to send officers our way. The entire time we waited for them the angry man kept kicking at doors, going around to windows and trying doorknobs while screaming that he “Just wanted to talk.”

As soon as the squad cars came the angry man jumped into the gold car. The officers spoke for awhile out of earshot and then one of them followed the gold car out of the housing area. The other officers told us that the men claimed to be with an energy company. They were able to produce a business card and were issued some kind of warning about not coming back. We were told to call immediately if the men returned and urged not to answer the door for anyone we didn’t know. I don’t know what those men were up to but they certainly were not selling cost-efficient energy. The license plate on the car when it drove away was from New York. I don’t live anywhere near New York.


#22 Dam

I was out camping one year, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and I heard this tremendous “smack” way out in the middle of the lake. It sounded like someone was shooting either at or near me and I was absolutely terrified. There was no one else around and I was alone. Turns out, it was a freaking beaver that had slapped its tail on the water before diving under.


#23 Just Looking For A Glass Of Milk

I was sitting in our living room watching TV one night and no one else was home. In the kitchen, we have a refrigerator that has dual doors to open and a lot of decorations all over it including a small magnetic chime. I was sitting there when I heard the chimes ringing slightly, so I muted the TV and listened, thinking maybe a family member was home. Nothing happened so I turned the volume back up and kept watching TV. A minute later, I heard what sounded like someone sneezing in our kitchen. I tensed up and thought someone had broken in our home.

I was shaking at this point but I was being quiet and listening. A few moments went by and I heard the refrigerator doors open and then slam shut so hard that I could hear the glass jars inside it rattling. I ran into the kitchen ready to whoop someone’s butt and there was nothing. I told my family about it and they said I was just paranoid but we have had guests come over to the house and say it feels weird in there.


#24 So I Got On My Horse And Got Right Outta There

I was at the barn alone. I was standing there grooming my horse and out of nowhere, I felt all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and my fight or flight response kicks in. I turned around and there was a guy I didn’t know standing in the doorway looking at me with a creepy smirk on his face. He introduced himself as the boyfriend of a woman who kept her horse at the farm and started chatting and walking towards me. My normally very chill horse started dancing around nervously and moved to position himself between me and the man before the man could get to me. I got out of there and literally got on my horse and galloped off into the woods. I definitely believe that the man had ill intentions.


#25 A Very Short And Very Intense Roller Coaster Ride

I was sleeping on my couch after I got home from work. I was woken up by the sound of someone knocking on my door. I looked into the peephole and an old woman was outside my door. I opened it and she just motioned to me to follow her. Stupidly, I did. She made me go into her studio apartment, which smelled like urine and had just a cot on the floor. She asked me to turn on her air conditioner she couldn’t reach. I did it and as a thank you, she offered me a slice of bread, which I declined.


#26 Working With The Lights Off?

This one isn’t at home, but I often come into the office early in the mornings to get extra work done if I need to leave early. The building is really nice and we’re on the eleventh floor. I often don’t turn on the lights so I can tell when other people start arriving, but one morning, the motion sensors kept going off. I would walk into an office to say hello and find no one was there. This happened in three or four offices and started recurring so I turned off the motion sensors.

Now, I don’t believe in ghosts, but if there is some weird electrical surge that is going to shut down the building and leave me trapped up here, that’s concerning. I slowly crept through the hallways until I was in the perfect position to catch an office light turn-on, only to find out that the window washers on the outside of the building were setting off the motion sensors.


#27 I’d Say I Owe You My Life, But I Think It’s A Little Late For That

My mom had made a tree swing by putting a large log across two trees that were split at the top in Y-shapes. A rope hung down from the middle of the log and there was a little wooden slab to sit and swing on. I was out there swinging away when suddenly, before I knew what had happened, I was pulled backward and found myself laying on the dirt. I looked up just in time to watch the log that was holding the swing split and come crashing down. I had used this swing a billion times and where I landed wasn’t even reachable at maximum swinging capacity. I looked up and no one was around. The feeling of being pulled back is permanently logged in my brain.


#28 Ghost: “Do Something.”

It was raining heavily outside. I was sitting on one of the chairs, looking out the window. And then suddenly, I heard something walking on the floor above me. I thought it was just a sound my mind was creating because I was already scared of being all alone at home. So I ignored it. About five minutes later, I heard someone knock on the window. I thought maybe it was a bird who hit the window or something. But then, suddenly, this huge floor lamp fell right on me. And I sat there for a solid 10 minutes, trying to understand what exactly happened. The lamp was perfectly fine. I still don’t understand how it fell. Definitely the creepiest “alone moment” of my life.


#29 Maybe Mom Just Went To Check On The Neighbors

I live in a cul-de-sac. My bedroom is on the second story. I woke up one night around 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom. I knew we were expecting a lot of snow. I looked out the bedroom window to see the accumulation. It was deep! Higher than the curb. Like a white blanket across the cul de sac. I decided to get some water, so I walked downstairs, turned on the light, went to the bathroom, and got water. I was downstairs maybe four minutes. I went back to my bedroom, all the lights were out again and I looked at the snow one more time. Within those four minutes, there were now fresh footsteps leading from my house, across the cul-de-sac and disappearing behind my neighbor’s house!


#30 No Resting, There Are Monsters Nearby

I was traveling for business in the midwest on a sort of last-minute trip. I ended up booking an Airbnb. I knew it was too large for just one person, but I needed a quick place to stay and it was cheaper than a hotel. When I showed up, I realized the house was old and much larger than I anticipated. Three-stories all to myself. To make things creepier, the master bedroom, which was fairly large, was furnished with only a bed, a bed-side table, and an enormous mirror on the wall opposite the bed. It gave me the willies.

The first night, after I tucked in, the strangest feeling came over me. Mind you, I was exhausted from traveling all day. The “head hits the pillow and lights out” kind of tired. I was drifting to sleep when the “awareness” washed over me. It was like every cell in my body was screaming, “Wake up! You need to be awake. Wake up, wake up!” tingle. My internal monologue also jump-started to survival mode and was spewing kind of panicked “flight” ideas. Like “Get in the car,” and “Just drive home.”

My subconscious suddenly took a very active role in directing myself to get out of the house. I was terrified to look up at the mirror. Truly horrified. I ended up getting out of bed turning on the lamps and the overhead light (with my eyes closed). I immediately texted a friend back home with the address of the house. I watched movies on my laptop for four hours before falling asleep with the lights on. The rest of the trip, I slept in a different bedroom.


#31 Thanks A Lot, Whistleface

I had been watching a lot of really scary ghost shows on TV when I was home alone and I went to bed thinking about it. Later in the night, I woke up in pitch black and heard a child singing or whistling in the room. I was frozen with cold sweats, ready to start crying. I remembered in the ghost shows I watched they talked to the ghost and it made it better. I said, “Who are you?” My dog snorted and smacked her lips and went back to sleep. She had been snoring and her darn nose was whistling!


#32 The Benny Hill Theme Is A Universally-Accepted Standard Level Of Chaos

I was cleaning the garage at about noon. The door into the house was open and the back patio doors were open. I did not notice the bank alarm ringing around the corner (it was always ringing from false alarms or kids using the fire exit). Anyway, two men came running up my driveway into the garage, into my house, and out the back doors followed by a dozen armed police and a Benny Hill-type chase started through my house. I had to duck and cover under a workbench until they found the bank robbers under a kiddy pool and in a playhouse in the backyard.


#33 I’ll Take “Things I’d Rather Not Think About” For 100, Alex

I was home alone with my toddler, getting ready for bed after putting her down for the night when I heard her call for me. So I went to her room and she was fast asleep. Weird. Maybe she had woken up for a moment and then passed out again. I got to the end of the hall before I heard her call for me in a panic. I rushed back in and she was still asleep in the same position.

I sat with her for a few minutes and then made my way to bed when I heard my husband call my name. He must have come home from work early, I thought. So I went to him but he wasn’t there. I called him and he confirmed he was still at work and decided I must have heard a neighbor or something. I crawled into bed and heard my husband call for me again and then continued talking as if he was having a conversation with someone. Then, I heard my child calling me again and I rushed into her room. Still asleep. This went on for a while until I decided I must really need some sleep and I went back to bed with the lights on.

Too freaked out to sleep, I was staring at a picture hanging on the wall when it disappeared. Like the wall just ate it? I looked at another wall hanging and the same thing happened. They would reappear when I looked away and then be eaten by the wall again when I looked directly at them. I decided I was losing it and I quickly called my husband to come home.

I fell asleep eventually and woke up and everything was normal, except my heart rate couldn’t decide on a pace, swinging up and down between 30s-180s. I went to the hospital and I was having a hypertensive crisis. Turns out, it was the beta-blockers I’d started recently. Nobody had heard of that reaction so they kept me for a couple of days until my numbers stabilized. I had no hallucinations after the first night other than hearing dogs bark randomly for a couple of days. Not good times.


#34 A Surprisingly Chill Reaction From A 10-Year-Old

I was a kid and I was babysitting my 7-year-old sister. We grew up near an insane asylum, and every now and then we’d get an “escapee” in our yard. They’d walk off the grounds and head through the woods toward the nearest big town. They’d get about a mile to our place and realize walking 40 miles to that town was probably not happening. So they’d ask to use the phone to call and get picked up by the hospital. This happened every now and then, but this was the first time it had happened when I was home alone.

The woman who arrived in our driveway wanted me to call the hospital to pick her up. But she also asked me if I had some matches, presumably to light a cigarette. I ushered my sister into the house and locked the door as I called. The woman was kind of half screaming, half moaning, “Matches, I need matches!” until they came and picked her up. I’m sure it was just for a cigarette but it also could have been to burn our house down, so I didn’t give her any.


#35 A Good Reason To Quit

I lived out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods and corn and wheat fields. I was home alone one night and decided to step out for some fresh air. I was on my porch only for a few minutes before I suddenly saw a face, lit up by the moonlight, about a foot away from me. Needless to say, I immediately ran back inside and locked the doors.


#36 “Not Super Terrifying,” They Say. Yeah, Okay, Pal.

I was watching TV on the couch with the dog around noon or so. Suddenly she perked up, the hair on her back stood on end, and she begins snarling at the corner of the room. This dog, who was a previous abuse victim and scared of her own shadow, hesitant to ever bark or attack, was in a position to lunge.

Right at that moment, I heared clear, defined footsteps walking from my roommate’s room across the hall. No one was there but I was looking directly at the source of the sound. The dog was on the defensive but her tail was tucked between her legs at the same time. Immediately following this, the room got really cold for a few seconds and it took her a while to lay back down. I’ve never had any other paranormal experiences in that house nor really ever in my life. The suddenness of it really freaked me out.


#37 What Timing

I was reading a Wikipedia page once about of all kinds of paranormal fiction. But this particular page was about this stairwell that seemingly had no end and basically, weird stuff would happen to anyone who tried to get to the bottom of the stairwell. A common thing that would happen is that, after going down several flights of stairs, people would start hearing either a woman or a child’s voice yelling for help. But the further down you went, the voice never appeared to get any closer. So it would always sound the same distance away no matter how many stories you descended.

I had finished reading the page and I was already pretty scared. Suddenly, I started hearing a woman’s voice yelling for help. I assumed it was the webpage playing audio, so I closed the webpage. But the voice was still there. So then I panic and shut down my laptop, but it was there still. Unplugging my speakers did nothing as well. At this point, I was terrified, so I wandered around my house but I couldn’t find the source of the woman’s voice. I finally decided to get the heck out and go outside, and finally, the voice got a bit louder. After walking across a few yards, I found out what it was. Turns out, my neighbor got herself stuck on the roof and the window shut behind her so she had no way back inside, so she was yelling for help.


#38 I Feel Like We’ve All Been There At Least Once

I wasn’t at home but I was in a hotel room, in a not so great part of London. I woke up in the middle of the night. The room was a bit stuffy and I was considering opening a window to let in some air. It was dark and there was some light entering the room from a nearby street light. That’s when I saw a guy on the other side of the room.

He knew I had seen him because he stopped moving as soon as I realized he was there. I was getting worried. I shuffled along my bed slightly and he edged closer. I thought to myself, “I have to make a move now.”

I stood and made my way towards him, heart pumping for a fight. A couple of steps in, I get this feeling that something wasn’t right, like I was missing something. My eyes adjusted a little more, I took another step, my eyes focused a little more and then I realized I’m not staring at another guy—I’m staring at myself. What I thought was someone else was my reflection in a filthy full-length mirror near the door. I was literally scared of my own reflection. In my defense, the whole incident lasted about 5 seconds.


#39 I’d Bounce Myself Right Out Of That Room

When I was about 13, I spent the night over at my cousin’s house. We were home alone for the night and stayed up late playing video games. I remember that he left the room to use the restroom. I must have been playing something good because I was sitting on the edge of the bed up close to the TV. As I played by myself, I felt my cousin come back in the room from behind me and he laid back down on the bed.

When he sat down, the bed bounced a little as if he had jumped on—squeak and all. When I turned back to talk to him he wasn’t there. He was still in the restroom. I look down on the bed where I thought I had felt him and there was an imprint on the bed coming back up, like if someone had been there and had just come off of it. I have more stories about that house, but that’s definitely one time I felt the most shaken.


#40 I Thought Showers Were Supposed To Be Relaxing

I was home alone on a Saturday night with my son who was around 5 months old. My boyfriend at the time had gone out for the night. My son was asleep so I was taking advantage of alone time and decided to have a long, hot shower. As I was standing in the bathroom waiting for the water to warm up, I glanced across the hall and saw a white light shoot across my bedroom floor.

As I was staring trying to figure out what it was, the toe of a black boot stepped out from behind my door. I screamed and ran downstairs, then I realized I left my son up there so I ran back up, grabbed him, and called my boyfriend to come home. After going through the house to make sure no one was there we rationalized it as me just being tired and hallucinating. A lot of strange things happened in that house and we ended up moving out a couple of months later.


#41 A Case Of The Creeps

One night, when I was about 12 or 13, my parents were out and I was just staying up really late on my desktop computer waiting for them to come home. Like most people, I had been told a million times not to talk to strangers on the Internet but about half of my friend’s list on MSN were people I had never met before so I was just chatting with a bunch of them. Out of nowhere, one of my online friends had told me exactly what I had been doing the past hour or two. What I was eating, what I was drinking, what I was playing with, when I had gotten up last… Things I hadn’t mentioned in chat.

I instantly got a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. My desktop was set up in front of a big window so as far as I knew, this person I had been talking to (that was supposed to live in a different country than me) had found my address and been watching me through the window. Turns out, he had somehow hacked into my webcam (I always left it plugged in even though I had been warned not to when I wasn’t using it) and had been frequently watching me through it whenever he wanted. It’s been 10 years and I still have all the cameras on my devices covered in thick duct tape.


#42 Never Trust A Web-Enabled Camera

A couple of years ago, I was home alone. My husband was traveling out of state. I put on the news on the Samsung Smart TV in the living room, set the remote on the coffee table, and went into the kitchen, which was in the next room over, to make dinner. After a few minutes, I noticed that I didn’t hear the sound of the news anymore, and I thought maybe the signal went out or the TV timed out and shut itself off.

I went back into the living room and the TV screen was showing a picture of a couch in a living room…my living room. It took me a minute to realize that the camera on my TV had been activated and it was showing a live video of the room. The remotes were still on the table so there was no chance that the dog accidentally stepped on them and pushed buttons or anything. A few days later, news broke that Samsung Smart TV’s had a hacking issue. I guess the real mystery is how often I was spied on before I put tape over the camera.


#43 Why Would Anyone Want To Collect Clowns?

I was a kid in the ’80s playing on the computer in the “computer room”, which was just a small office. My mom collected clowns and had a bunch of clowns holding little bells on the top shelf of all of the bookcases in the room—like 10 or 15 of them. So I’m sitting there, and all of the bells just start ringing. Slowly at first, and then a little more quickly. And then they just stopped. Turned out, there was an earthquake far enough away to not really be noticeable but strong enough to ring all of the bells. Creepy as heck.


#44 Have Fun Sleeping Tonight

We had a large, empty bedroom that my parents always said they’d turn into various things (a guest room, a game room, a gym, etc.), but they never actually did anything with it. It used to be my room, before they kicked me out into the closet-sized third bedroom in order to never do anything with my old room, but that’s by the by. It was always a creepy room, but it was even creepier now that it was empty.

Unfortunately, it was right next to my new room, and I had to walk past it every single time I wanted to use the bathroom or go downstairs. It had a really nasty atmosphere to it but my mother insisted on always keeping the door open so that the air could flow freely around the house or whatever. Every time I passed it, I’d try to avoid looking at it.

I was home alone a lot and this time my parents were both away for around a week or so. Over the course of the week that I was alone, the bedroom got steadily creepier and creepier, and one evening, I walked past it and I couldn’t help but look. I don’t know why, I just looked before I could think about it. It was really dark in that room because for some reason the curtains were always closed, and for a moment I couldn’t see anything. Then, as my eyes adjusted, I slowly made out a kind of mass, in the top left corner of the room.

It was huge, filling up the whole corner, and it looked like it was constantly moving. Imagine if someone got a pen and managed to scribble in the air. It was just a huge mess of black lines all tangled together. It looked like that, just hovering there. I stared at it for a moment and then I felt the most unbelievable sense of dread, and I reached out and closed the door. I didn’t open it again until before my parents got back.

I didn’t mention it to them, because I didn’t think they’d believe me. The bedroom was eventually turned into a guest room, and wouldn’t you know it, everyone who slept in there had some kind of horrible experience they couldn’t explain. Some people reported feeling uneasy or watched all night. Other people reported seeing an old man sitting on a chair in the corner of the room (there was no chair there). My mother, on several occasions, when sleeping in there so she didn’t disturb my father getting up early for work, saw the old man in the chair, and also saw him standing inside the mirror banging his fists against the glass. I myself had to stay in there once and woke up with red scratch marks down the length of my leg.





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