People Share What They’ve Seen Genuinely Terrible People Try And Get Away With

Human behavior lies on a spectrum that consists of the noblest acts of selflessness to terrible acts of evil. We always hope that the good outweighs the bad, but that isn’t always the case. Some people seem to be rotten down to their very core. Some are even capable of doing pretty much anything to get what they want, without feeling any guilt or remorse. The stories below are about times when someone witnessed a horrible person trying to get away with some nasty act. Hopefully, none of us are guilty of the things listed here.

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#1 Wet Is Better Than Dead

A lot of dogs over where I live froze to death due to the recent blizzard because their owners left them outside in the chilling winds. Their reasoning: “I don’t want that wet dog smell inside my house.” I wish people like this could get banned from ever having pets.


#2 Taking Advantage Of A Veteran

A guy used to come into the store where I worked regularly. He was a veteran who clearly suffered from dementia and PTSD. When he would come in to look for gifts for his mom, a sales associate would always try to talk him into signing up for credit. Luckily, his caseworker was always with him, so she would always talk him out of it.

One day, he came in and told me the program that paid for his caseworker was getting slashed in funding, which meant he would only get her two days a week instead of five. On a day when he went to the mall without her, a sales associate not only signed him up for credit but maxed out his $5,000 balance knowing full well he didn’t have the faculty to pay the bill. She made her sales goal that year and got a trip to Florida.


#3 Elder Miscare

I work at a nursing home. While I have a lot of awesome co-workers who are very good at their job, I also have a lot of cheap ones. To give an example: one time, I overheard one of the patients say to a co-worker that she really needed to go to the toilet. The lady was in a wheelchair and needed help. My co-worker said. “Well, you’re wearing a diaper, aren’t you? Those can hold up to eight liters. Just go already!” I was shocked. My co-worker went on her break, and I immediately helped the lady in the wheelchair.


#4 No Five Second Rule

I worked in the office part of a warehouse. One of the girls who worked with me was super cool. We ate lunch together every day. One day, she went to get her lunch from the fridge, and someone else’s lunch fell out. The container hit the floor and the lid popped off, spilling out the food. I was disgusted when she scooped the food back in, put the lid on, and slid it back into the fridge.

There was so much nasty on that floor, and when I brought it up, she shrugged, saying, “They wouldn’t be upset because they would never know.” I asked around and figured out who the lunch belonged to, told him what happened, and gave him a little money to go buy something else to eat. She thought I was crazy.


#5 A Better Place Without People Like You

“Well, at least my baby will go to heaven!” We were at a weekly group session for parents of deceased children. One woman asked my wife how our son passed away, and replied with that when she found the cause.


#6 Laziness Pays

A work colleague of mine lets everyone else on the team do the work while he vanishes. When someone calls him lazy, his response is that the company pays him for what he knows, not for what he can do. In other words, he picks the tasks he wants to do, which isn’t very much.


#7 Mother Of Delusions

My mom used to stuff her purse every time we went to a restaurant. I’m talking silverware, salt shakers… Don’t even get me started on buffets. She was mentally ill, but she knew it was wrong. She was just a master at being able to delude herself into justifying every wrong thing she did.


#38 Digging For Gold

Many years ago, I worked for a major US cell phone company. One day, a woman came in to discuss something about her account. She wasn’t unpleasant or anything; just short and to the point. While I was looking up her information and making some small talk, she, out of nowhere, jammed her finger up her nose to pull out a little booger.  She didn’t even try to hide it or anything.

After staring at it for a bit on her finger, she went ahead and wiped it on the counter. Then, she back to talking about her account like nothing happened. I totally stopped what I was doing and just stared at her for a moment, wondering if I had really just seen a grown person be that disgusting. I finished up my business with her as soon as possible trying not to retch, and she left. I ran to the back and got some cleaning equipment and sprayed the whole counter.


#9 The Operating Theatre

A surgeon and the entire OR staff spent an entire surgery to fix an inguinal hernia. They talked about how gross the patient’s warts were. I kept my mouth shut for a few comments, but after a while started to express my annoyance. I was like, come on guys; we’re STILL talking about this? It didn’t faze them, though—they just kept on making jokes about the person who was unconscious, vulnerable, and paying for the privilege.


#10 Rob Patricia To Pay Paula

My mother oversees banquet bartenders at a high-end casino, so she gets to see the most ridiculous things rich jerks do. She had one guy finish his drink at her bar, not tip, then grab a new glass from a waitress walking by. He actually took money from my mother’s tip jar and gave it to the waitress. He turned back and had no clue why my mother looked so dumbfounded.


#11 Signed And Screwed

My roommate was looking to sublet her room for the spring semester during college. She found a girl who signed all the paperwork, then talked about how she was going to bail on her for the summer. She made this poor girl pay for three months of summer rent that she didn’t want or need. I told the poor girl when I figured out what was going on. Her mom was just diagnosed with cancer, and she was working during college to pay for her own tuition. My roommate was going to totally screw her over, and she was fine with it.


#12 Callous As Trash

There was a girl in my medical terminology class who was mean for no reason. We were talking about the female reproductive system and miscarriages came up. My teacher mentioned that she had had a miscarriage earlier in life and how devastating it was. The girl didn’t even raise her hand; she just blurted out: “What did they do with it? Do they just throw it away?” Every girl in my class, including the teacher, looked at her absolutely appalled. She didn’t even care.


#13 Eat Your Words

A person asked me to wipe off their table at the coffee shop I work at. He then proceeded to say, “If things keep going the way they are for me, I’ll be wiping tables soon too.” How can you belittle the people that do the service jobs you utilize? And to their face, nonetheless…


#14 Really Bad Taste

I work in a gas station during the summer months. One night, I was manning the front registers because it was quiet that night, and my co-worker was in the back restocking the cooler. This guy came in carrying a plastic bag. He stopped at the door and just stared at me.

Me: “Hello Sir.”

Him: “You got three minutes to give me everything in the registers!”

He slid his free hand back as if he was about to pull out a gun or a knife. I was literally about to have a heart attack. I was trying to go over in my head how to get the register open quickly, and maybe try and hit the silent alarm discreetly. The guy then started laughing his butt off and told me it was a joke. When he went to pay for his items, he made fun of how I freaked out from his joke about committing robbery.


#15 Paranoia And Selfishness

My boss does this pretty terrible thing all the time. He’s very paranoid to a fault. At work, we have this central network drive that we store files into so that we could share information with each other when we do research. Labs, tests, materials, and chemicals all cost money, so when you do an experiment and get results, it’s best to share that data with everyone, so that they don’t have to spend $2,000 to run another test. This shared knowledge helps you draw results from other groups and improve aspects of your own work.

Well, as soon as I began working for him, he made me delete my key research files from the drive so that other groups couldn’t copy my results. He believed that was the right thing to do. He said he wanted to kill off the other projects, and that he didn’t care about the people who worked in the other groups. My boss smiles and chit chats with these same people at the Christmas parties he goes to. He’s a freaking psychopath.


#16 Overprotective Or Just Mean?

When I was in high school, my mother didn’t want me to date the person I was seeing. So, she planned a fake week-long trip for herself because she knew I would have him over while I had the house to myself. The day she came home was the first day he came over. While I was there, she came home to him sitting on the couch in the living room watching cartoons. He ran for my bedroom window on the other side of the house. He didn’t know my parents nailed it shut when they told me to stop seeing him. My mother locked him in there and called the police. The report states that she tried to get him charged with breaking and entering, burglary and assault. He was arrested.


#17 Immaturity Is Not A Virtue

An old co-worker of mine kept throwing pennies at our other co-worker, trying to get one in his mouth. He was laughing his butt off and bragging about it. The dude was in his 30s and acted like he was a toddler. When our general manager called him to the office to talk about something serious, he stood up, saluted him and said, “Aye, captain.” He got fired the next day.


#18 Booing The Competition

Last night, I was at an open mic bar, and this one guy was talking loudly and obnoxiously while people were performing. In between songs, he announced loud enough for the whole bar to hear: “This is so freaking boring!” Imagine my shock when a few songs later, he got on stage with his band…


#19 Extreme Animal Cruelty

My relatives left their old, dying dog alone in a freezing cold garage. They didn’t come and check in on him. They didn’t come and spend any time with him at all. They didn’t give him blankets or put him somewhere warm. He was in so much freaking pain that he couldn’t even lift his head for the last three months of his life.

I told them they should take him to the vet and have him put down so that he wouldn’t have to suffer. “Nah, we don’t need to do that,” they said. “At least bring him somewhere warm. Don’t just let him die out there in the cold like that,” I sternly told them. They replied, “No, we don’t want him in the house. He doesn’t need us, he’s about to die.”


#20 No Spanish Allowed

I saw a lady walk into the supermarket (I went in right after) and start yelling at a group of kids for speaking Spanish. She was in the Spanish supermarket in the town. She looked really proud of herself and kept walking.


#21 A New Meaning To “Trashy”

I was visiting Lake Louise in Banff Canada, following one of the popular hiking trails that led up to another miniature lake. The park is protected, and the trail was beautiful and very well kept. A tourist in front of me stuffed a bunch of dirty Kleenex into a plastic water bottle and proceeded to shove it into an opening in a tree directly on the path. I couldn’t believe it and told him to take his trash out of the tree. His wife didn’t understand what my problem was, and said it was “probably someone’s job to find and clean it up anyway.” They ended up taking it back, but I bet they just tossed it after they got some distance from where I was.


#22 Lie To The Doctors

I have a disabled client who got leukemia. We asked his mother if his siblings were full blood so they could be tested for bone marrow transplant compatibility. She assured me that they were. A month later, when the results revealed that they weren’t compatible, she announced that it didn’t surprise her because she’d had a few affairs. We lost a month’s worth of time looking for a solution because she was a liar. My opinion of her has never been lower.


#23 Buy A Better Sense of Humor

I used to work for a very upscale restaurant that provided catering to extremely wealthy people. At one party, we catered for a well-known designer who had a penthouse suite in St Petersburg, Florida. At one point, a real estate agent who sold mansions was making a speech about a sale, while I poured champagne. The speech went as follows:

“So we arrived at this house and all of a sudden, a crippled person came outside stuttering about how the house was ready for viewing. The son then came out and quickly escorted the father back inside, so naturally, I quickly got in my car and left. Long story short, I made $2.5 million from that sale but not without a headache.”

I just stared, dumbfounded that these people thought that story was even remotely funny. It made no sense. I looked at my co-workers, and no one seemed as bothered as I was. Mind you, I was stopped in my tracks and no longer pouring champagne.


#24 Misery Loves Company

When my best friend, who I considered my sister, found out I had PTSD and was developing other disorders, she purposely tried to mess with my head to make me go into a state of psychosis. She had to be committed herself, so she thought it was only fair that I was committed too. I had to know what it was like.


#25 Gassing A Friendship

Sixteen weeks after I had a baby, my best friend wanted my advice on something. I didn’t think it was a good idea and told her why. She got upset and said some horrible things. When I told her that what she said was hurtful, she proceeded to cut me out of her life and block me on everything. That was a 12-year friendship. We’re in our thirties. She sees nothing wrong with her behavior.


#26 Religion Is No Excuse

My wife’s grandmother was dying in the hospital. The priest from her church came to the hospital asking for $2,000 because the church needed a new roof. Also, he mentioned how he would miss her tithes when he spoke at her funeral.


#27 Evil Stepmother, Who Would Have Guessed

My stepmom thought it was okay to ask me to babysit my baby sister so she could get go out to bars. Then, when she got upset with me, she told my dad I had been behaving badly towards her. When I tried to tell him the truth, he didn’t believe me. She did this repeatedly with every terrible thing she did. She would pretend to be very innocent to my dad because my dad was super straight-laced. Then she’d turn around and snitch on us. She thought this was okay and that she was some sort of victim because we hated her. My dad never believed us, until he caught her cheating on him. We knew she’d been cheating on him for years, but, you guessed it, he didn’t believe us.


#28 Simple, Selfish Man

My father once went #1 on a random car in a Six Flags parking lot because the restrooms were inside the park and the entrance line was long. He’s always been inconsiderate and self-centered. This one incident basically sums up his entire personality.


#29 Everyone Just Needs To Learn English

A co-worker of mine recently went on vacation to Mexico and went on a Facebook tirade about how everyone in Mexico was horrible for not learning English. When people called her out for being a racist jerk, she spent several days posting about how racism isn’t real.


#30 Parking Lot Thievery

I once saw a woman steal a parking spot from a pregnant mother with three kids. The poor mom was right there waiting for it. She even leaned out the window and asked her to move and the lady just beeped her car lock.


#31 Waffle Emergency

I was on my way to work one evening and traffic was beyond bad. I live like, 1o blocks away from where I work and with traffic, it normally takes around 15 minutes to get there. I ended up spending half an hour sitting through lights until I came to the source of the issue. A car was stopped in the middle of the lane that I was in. He stopped traffic to get waffles at Waffle House and didn’t even have the decency to pull over.


#32 Hospital Shopping

Every time my mother goes to a hospital, whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, urgent care or, the ER, she brings a huge backpack with her. She then refers to it as “shopping” as she nearly empties the drawers of gauze, medical tape, and gloves. According to her, if it isn’t nailed down, it’s fair game. She has made fun of me before for not bringing a backpack to the ER and even said that was why I never had bandaids when I needed them.


#33 Motherly Entrapment

My mom hid my college acceptance letters, including my first choice, so I would stay nearby. She was really hoping to have me stay home, but I happened to get a hold of one acceptance letter that she failed to hide. I jumped on it because I didn’t want to stay home. I was genuinely depressed because I thought I somehow messed up my applications and the other schools couldn’t even be bothered with me. It wasn’t until last year I found a stack of acceptance letters, including one that offered me a full ride for their theater program in NY. It broke my freaking heart.


#34 Stealing From The Helpless

I was at Chuck E Cheese today with my son who is quadriplegic, trach/vent dependent. This means he can’t move from his shoulders down and has a ventilator breathe every breath for him. Anyway, at Chuck E Cheese today, he needed a trach suction, so I stopped playing the game we were playing together and gave him my full attention. Once he was good and happy again, I turned back to the game and some mom was walking away with the tickets we had previously won. She walked up behind me, grabbed the nine tickets the game had fed out, and took them while I was caring for my son.


#35 Legal Selfishness

I work with a troll of a woman who appears to think it’s really just everyone else who is terrible. My favorite example: in our state, it’s legal to have a fence built on a property line you share with a neighbor and make them split the bill. Not cool at all, but legal. She got in some tiff with her neighbor who couldn’t afford to build a fence between their homes. The troll co-worker had a contractor put up a very nice fence (over $10,000 for those who haven’t had the pleasure) and invoiced half to her neighbor.


#36 Incredible Insensitivity

I was talking about the class system and poverty with a conservative friend. When I asked him what he would say to a mother in a poor country whose child had just starved to death, he said, “You shouldn’t have had a child in the first place.” He was totally serious and confused when I looked shocked. We aren’t friends anymore.


#37 But What About Me?

I worked for a guy for about six years and he was, in retrospect after having many more jobs, not the number one worst employer in history. Still, he was a really terrible person. Out of many terrible things he did to me, the worst was done to someone else, in my opinion. We had a production manager who was pregnant and had a bad miscarriage. Her husband called to let my boss know she was in the hospital. His response was, “Well, what about my business?”


#38 Unqualified And Cruel

Quite a while back, I had a teacher who was the most stuck up person in the world. She was constantly belittling students and I’m not quite sure how she got hired. We were doing a unit on planets and she asked the class how many planets there are in the solar system. A guy in my class said eight. You think that’d be good right? No. This teacher laughed at him, asked whether or not he’d been paying attention to the textbooks and then said there was nine because of Pluto. I corrected her and said that Pluto wasn’t classified as a planet and she sent us both outside.


#39 Monitoring Disgust

I used to work in a testing center. I was placed in a room with about 20 or so computers. As a proctor, I looked over the room through a window while everyone was taking their tests. One person proceeded to remove their shoes and socks, and then sat there picking chunks of skin off the bottom of their feet. When they left, I had to vacuum up the nasty pile of skin they left on the floor. I was quite possibly the boldest display of disgusting public behavior I’d ever seen.


#40 So Your Dad Passed Away

My dad lost his life to cancer when I was seven-years-old. One day in school (three months later), I cried because some kids told stories about their dads. One teacher sat down next to me and said, “Well, Jen, to be honest, don’t you think you should be over it by now?”


#41 Please Don’t Poison The Animals

On Miyajima Island, the deer are used to people feeding them by hand. My tour guide said to keep brochures away, but this Italian couple ignored him and proceeded to rip pieces of paper to feed the deer. Someone came in and pushed his hand out of the way, saying, “These are animals, not toys!” One of them stared at her walking away, and with a smug grin ripped another piece off to feed to the deer.


#42 Familial Terror

My girlfriend’s mom basically trapped her in a room and yelled at her for three hours with no way to escape. She gave her panic attacks and made fun of her for it. I had to try to keep her sane, but she’s never been the same since then. I hate her mom. She’s the worst witch I’ve ever met. As for my girlfriend, she’s in therapy due to years of abuse. She sees her doctors regularly and I try to help any way I can.


#43 Booze Hound

I had a big party for my 21st birthday. A guest poured soda on my brother’s dog, which obviously infuriated my brother. I spoke to the guest about it and he said he’d apologize, but he didn’t think he was in the wrong. “That’s not the worst thing I could’ve done to it,” he said. When I told my brother this, he had enough. He and his friends grabbed the guy and kicked him out. They also made sure to get his information just in case they needed to report him later on. The man clearly had abusive tendencies towards animals.


#44 Contempt For Those Below

My former boss was a judge. She was a very influential person in our county. When she would go out to eat, she’d complain if the meal wasn’t prepared perfectly to her liking. She’d make a huge scene by calling the manager and heavily insulting the staff in front of everyone.

I remember one time, we went to this grocery store to buy some sandwiches for lunch.  She spent 20 minutes yelling at the lady behind the counter because not all the pieces of salami were perfectly cut. She called her all these derogatory names and also told her: “You work for minimum wage and this is why! You’re worthless. How dare you make this much of a mess and serve it to someone like me.” When the lady started crying, she kept yelling.

I can’t tell you how bloody embarrassed I was. I actually went back to the store after work and apologized for her behavior. And the worst part was, away from that sort of stuff, she was the nicest person ever. She just had this bad attitude towards the “lower classes.” I’m glad I don’t work with her anymore.


#1 All In The Name Of “Art”

A fellow student in an art class stole all of the emergency exits from one of the dorm buildings for an art project in an attempt to be edgy. She lives off campus, making it even more ridiculous. The students who actually lived in the dorms will now have to split the cost to replace all of the signs that ‘went missing.’ Also, I can’t imagine what would happen if there was a fire with no way to see any exits through the smoke. Other students were bothered, but she seemed to think they were just being jerks.