Horrible People Share Their ‘Maybe I Took This Too Far’ Revenge Stories


Have you ever felt the thrill of taking your revenge? Seeing someone finally get what they deserve for wronging you is an amazing feeling.

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about taking revenge on the people who have wronged them. But for those who have a hard time forgiving and forgetting, revenge can become an obsession. After all, why should you extend the olive branch when you’re the one who was wronged? Don’t you deserve justice?

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned when we take karma into our own hands. Delivering a harsh round of payback can result in some unanticipated consequences, and sometimes, you can overplay the revenge card and take things way too far. If revenge is a dish that is best served cold, these horrible Reddit tales of seeking vengeance will freeze you to your core!

#1 A Brutal Gameboy Battle

When I was in 9th grade, a kid ruthlessly bullied me for a few months. I had gotten sick of it and devised a plan for revenge. Every Wednesday, we would get to sit outside for “quiet reading time,” and this kid would always go back inside to use the bathroom. I had left and waited in the bathroom for him, peeking under the stall for his shoes to appear. He came in the bathroom, used it, then played on his Gameboy for the the rest of reading time. The bell rang and he walked out to the crowded stairwell still looking down at his Gameboy. I bumped into him, he fell face-first down the stairs, and knocked out 4 front teeth. Everyone on the stairs assumed he fell because he was playing his Gameboy. I feel pretty bad about it.



#2 Devilishly Draining Freeloaders’ Tires

Had a roommate who basically let his new girlfriend move into our house in college. She helped herself to everything but never contributed. Finally, she parked in my parking spot and that was my breaking point. I let all the air out of all of her tires thinking she’d just air them back up and it would be an inconvenience. Instead, she ended up buying all new tires. Whoops. Never came clean about it.



#3 A Fiery Chili Powder Prank

A roommate poured water on me while I was asleep, so I filled all of his shoes and the pockets of all his trousers with chili powder. I didn’t realize the powder had dye in it and it stained everything red, including his work shirts a lot of items he washed with them.



#4 A Brutal ‘Professional Creep’ Business Card

My friends and I used to pull a lot of pranks on each other growing up, and about 10 years ago, I was helping my buddy set up a new business. He was ordering business cards and the company he was going through was offering 500 or so free with a large order, so we decided to prank our other friend. We made business cards with his name, phone number, home address and had his job title as “Professional Creep” with the slogan “If I’m creepin, you ain’t sleepin.” We passed these cards out all over town. He was getting harassed with phone calls for a while and couldn’t figure out why. After about 2 years, he found one of the cards on a random fridge at a party and put 2 and 2 together. He was angry and is still getting random calls 10 years later. I feel really bad about that one…



#5 Choking Out Friend With Stick Of Chalk

Way back in elementary school, a friend threw a piece of chalk that hit me square in the forehead. It was the most humiliating moment for younger me as everyone who saw that started laughing their butts off (kids are mean).

I plotted and planned my revenge to get back in the exact same fashion over the next couple of days. One fine day, weapon in hand, I find him perfectly placed a chalk-throw away from me.

I yell out his name and quickly launch the projectile as he spins around. For some reason, he had his mouth open as he looked at me, and the piece of chalk flew directly into his throat. His eyes widened and he started choking. I stood frozen in shock as he fell on his knees coughing. Luckily somebody grabbed him from behind and thumped his back, so he swallowed the piece. An adult walked in (I cannot remember who it was at the time), looks at me, and asks what happened. At this point, I’m shaking realizing that I narrowly killed my friend. I say it was a mint. My friend, also shaken at this point, laughed it off and said it went straight into his throat and he didn’t taste it. The adult shook her head and said to next time just hand it to him like a normal person and walked away.


#6 Spilling On Boyfriend’s Company Foreclosure (To All The Employees)

During a rough patch with my (now ex) fiancé, he admitted to me that he had been cheating on me and was involved with someone else. At the time he was the general manager of a company that was being sold, but none of the employees knew as the company needed to be up and operating through the sale, at which time everyone would be out of a job, including him. But he was getting some big money for his efforts. So when he came clean about the cheating, I went out and got sloppy with a friend. I came home that night and called everyone’s voicemail and left a message with the details of what was happening to their jobs and the company. It was a complete mutiny the next day.


#7 A Root Beer-Armed Rebel

A kid on my track team would always come by and take a drink of whatever I had with me. I was sick of it and brought a root beer with me which had been spiked with 3-times the recommended dose of root beer-flavored laxative. Sure enough, he came by and I said, “you know what, why don’t you just take the whole thing?” We were having a home meet that day and he was our best pole vaulter and part of the relay team.

I thought maybe he’d feel a little off and under-perform. In the middle of our warm ups, he went missing and was absent the entire meet.


#8 Virally Broadcasting A Stuck-Up Peer’s Personality

I was good friends with a girl who was known for being quite snobby, had quite a bit of money, and generally just looked down on other people.

I moved schools before prom, and the girl who was having my old school’s after-prom party said I could go, but when I turned up, the snobby girl who I was friends with forced the girl whose party it was to not let me in, and made me look like a loser in front of like 200 people.

I logged into her Twitter account because I knew her password from when we were friends and tweeted about how embarassing it would be to be poor, and it went viral. I only expected a few people to call her a rich jerk, but it went all over Twitter and people from across the country were giving her abuse to the point where she wasn’t going to go the sixth form because everybody hated her.


#9 A Pricey, Icy Prank War

A coworker and I had a friendly prank war spanning 2 years. Close to the end of our war, he “iced” my car. Icing involves taking the hose to the parking lot every half hour and spraying a light mist over your victim’s car when it’s below zero out. I finished my 12-hour shift to find a car encased in 2 inches of ice.

I decided to take a bed sheet, drape it over his car, and only took 4 or 5 trips out with the hose the next night.

So the next morning, he finds his car with a quarter inch of ice freezing a sheet to his car. When he started peeling off the sheet he pulled his windshield wipers off of his ratty Jeep.

I got a very angry phone call. I felt bad. The unwritten rule was “embarrassing” or “inconvenient,” no damage. I paid for repairs and he got his revenge. He planted a dozen pieces of smoked herring throughout my car. Took me 6 months to find the last piece. It was hidden under the carpet under the back window of my car. I can still smell it and I don’t even own the car anymore…


#10 Sabotaging A Gas Tank

When I was bullied by some local kids, I filled the gas tank of their family car with grass, dirt, sticks and stones, bottle caps, pretty much anything I could jam in there.

I felt sorry for that poor car.


#11 Rekindling A Toxic Romance

I was dating this girl and my friend saw her around town a few times and humiliated her in an effort to embarrass me. I told him to stop bothering her, but he did it again.

That night I convinced him to try getting back together with his wildly insane and manipulative ex that he hadn’t spoken to in years thinking that he would just humiliate himself by trying.

Well, they got back together for a while. And had a baby. Now they’re terrible single parents.


#12 Hardcore Legal Pursuit Over A Hit-And-Run

Some girl hit my car in a hit and run. There was a witness to the crime, so the police were able to track her down. When I was asked if I wanted to press charges, I went for it. Turns out she had no license or insurance. She kept trying to fight the charges, but wound up getting sued by my insurance and had to pay me restitution via the court system as well as four separate charges between all her crimes, all of which included a decent fine. She was some 18-year-old single mom. I felt super bad by the end of it.


#13 A Hard-Hitting ‘Yo Mama’ Joke

The husband of a friend of mine was teasing me incessantly at a game night. I had finally had enough and snapped at him, “You must not have had a very good mother.”

Turns out he was adopted.


#14 Cracking A Video Game Addict

My older brother was always quite horrible to me as a child and my parents never really did much about it. He was also much bigger than me, so I couldn’t retaliate in a physical way because I would be swiftly cripple-cross-faced/walls-of-Jericho’d. One day I had just had enough. My revenge? He had been playing Rome: Total War for a good 6 hours a day for about 3 weeks. I started a new game and overwrote his save file.

Never seen fury like it.

I regretted it at the time because he was so angry it scared me and it made him dislike me even more, but now I praise my 13-year-old self for hitting him where it clearly hurt most.


#15 Glitter-Bombing A Vehicle To Death

A guy from a group I hung out with used window chalk to draw My Little Pony stuff on my car when I was 18. Not a big deal except he used glitter and my windows were cracked, so it got everywhere inside my car. I hate glitter. It’s worse than sand. I told him I would get him back.

He didn’t have a car (he was 16), so I waited. Four years later, he bought a car and I attacked after he had it for about a week. I window-chalked him and wrote “I never forget” on the back window. Then I added saran wrap, chocolate syrup, and some glitter, and his car looked like a sparkling turd.

He missed a test. Luckily, his professor let him take it the next day, but he hasn’t talked to me since when the group hung out. I might have gone a bit over the top, and I sure didn’t mean to make him almost fail a class.


#16 Rough Ride Down A Rocky River

When I was a kid, I was at a local river (a great swimming spot lots of people came to). My friend pushed me in the river and naturally, I came up spluttering and a little red in the face, but it was all in good fun. For the rest of the day, I planned to get her back, waiting for my opportunity to push her in, until she was at the edge of the river drying off. I pushed her, but her flailing and the slippery nature of the rocks she was on made her slip on the spot, and instead of just splashing into the water, she landed on her back hitting the rocks hard, and then fell into the water.

She was winded, but thankfully otherwise unharmed. Our parents were furious at me, and I just spent the few seconds it took to get her out (felt like a lot longer to me) just hoping I hadn’t broken her back or something.

2/10 revenge. Would not do again.


#17 Calling Out A Cheating Trainwreck

I was jealous of a kid in my senior-year creative writing class (high school). We had to submit weekly fiction pieces, and everyone in class would read each other’s stories and discuss in class. This guy never wrote his own pieces; he actually had the temerity to submit short stories he found online. Our teacher was not technologically savvy and way too trusting of his students, so it was never obvious to him. The kid received glowing praise every week in class, and it infuriated a lot of people to sit there and watch the teacher gush over this fraud.

I finally decided to do something and snitched. He was nailed for cheating and failed the class, resulting in a failing grade for his English requirement.

This was problematic for him because he had applied early decision to one school, and it was now so late into his senior year that he could no longer apply to schools. Because of a failing grade, this crushed his GPA and somehow the university was also aware of the cheating. They reversed their admittance and he had to spend a year at home.

During that year at home, when he otherwise would have been at school, he was hit by a car and is now paralyzed from the neck down.


#18 A Painful Jab At Each Other’s Parents

When I was 15, I sat next to a friend of mine in class. For no reason, he began to say: “HAHA your bald father,” which I followed up with “HAHA your bald mother.” He started crying and ran to the teacher. I honestly forgot his mom had cancer and was getting chemo.


#19 Cruel Petition For Less Homework

When I was in 5th grade, my teacher gave out a ton of homework one day so I got the whole class to help me write a letter to the principal. She found out and cried. I felt really horrible because she was just trying to get us ready for a test coming up… I still feel really bad every time I think about it.


#20 Trapping A Brat In A Playground Pit

When I was about 7 or 8, there was this girl at my school that was absolutely horrible. We’ll call her “Cindy.” Cindy would run up to you and pull your hair out, steal the toy you were playing with, eat your snack at snack time, etc. In other words, she was the worst.

One day as we were finishing up recess on the playground, she came up to me, pulled my hair, and took some with it. That was the last straw. As the teacher was gathering everyone inside and wasn’t looking our way, I grabbed Cindy by her pigtail and dragged her over to the playground. Now this playground was built weird with a sort of enclosed area in the middle of 3 bridges that formed a triangle that you couldn’t get out of. Sometimes us bigger kids would jump in there during hide and seek and climb out later. But Cindy couldn’t because she was shorter. So I picked her up and threw her down in there and left to go back inside. It wasn’t until about an hour later when the teacher realized that Cindy wasn’t in class. I didn’t say where she was and it took them another half hour to find her.

I got in trouble and had to spend the next week in the principal’s office (and lost my Gameboy for a month), but Cindy never messed with me again.


#21 A Brutal Pat On The Back

A million years ago I worked in a large clothing store. This one girl I worked with would slap you on the back or pinch your arm or whatever as if it was a friendly gesture. It hurt. I don’t know if she was pretending to be nice or was simply stupid, but it was very unwelcome and I imagine I told her so but honestly don’t remember anymore.

What I do remember is that one day I was heading up the escalator and there she was ahead of me. So I walked up and as I was going past her, I gave her the hardest “friendly” slap on the back I could. I may have gone a little overboard as she almost fell forward and definitely gasped in surprise.

I don’t think she ever came within arm’s reach of me again.


#22 Busting Up A Broke Guy’s Tires

Had a neighbor yell at my younger brother about his weight and I took it extra personally. I didn’t know how to get him back without getting caught. Then I figured out I could place nails just under the back of the tire so when he pulled out of the driveway he’d run over them.

Turns out, he was super poor and couldn’t afford the repairs. My dad had to carpool with him to work for a month or so.

I’ve never told anyone.


#23 Dashing The Thrill Of A Job Announcement

Once at a party, the guy working the grill at the snack bar across the street from us, who I don’t know all that well but often joked around with, stood in the center of the room and announced that he got a new job.

I immediately quipped from the back of the room, “You flipping burgers at Burger King now?”

The whole room exploded with laughter. I felt like a jerk immediately. I didn’t expect that reaction. It wasn’t even that funny. It was bad enough that I interrupted his moment, but I just expected him to laugh and shoot a joke back my way as usual. I still cringe when I think about it and how his face dropped after waiting around uncomfortably for the whole thing to die down.


#24 A Hilarious Air-Conditioning Ordeal

I removed the batteries from a friend’s air conditioner controller as a joke once and forgot about it. I then got a phone call from my friend a few days later asking me if I did it. I finally fessed up and it turned out her mom had called the air conditioning company demanding they come out and fix the air conditioner since it wasn’t turning on until they asked her to check the batteries… which weren’t there…


#25 Riling Up A Reckless Driver

Last year, I was driving on a service road. Not all states have them, but they run alongside a highway and allow drivers to get on and off of them. I was driving 50 (the speed limit) when some jerk came flying up behind me going at least 70.

Instead of going around me, he got right up on my tail, put on his high beams, and honked his horn. I wasn’t going to go any faster for his sake, but my turn was coming up. I made sure to take the turn slow enough to pass him. Lucky enough, he was making the same turn. When he got in the other lane to finally pass me, I sped up and acted like I wasn’t going to let him pass. Of course, he sped up very quickly and I let off my gas.

What he didn’t know was that there was a major dip in the road coming up. He hit it full-speed and came about a foot off the ground. When he landed I saw sparks and his bumper was hanging off as he pulled over. I feel bad for baiting him into that because someone could have been seriously hurt. But at least that jerk learned his lesson.


#26 Cabin Fever

My parents built my brother and I an outdoor club house when we were little. He got the top of the clubhouse and I got the bottom. The bottom was just a square pit of river rock and spiderwebs. The access to the ropes and ladders were at the top of clubhouse and he had a table and some other stuff up there. We were eating lunch outside one day and I wanted to come up and eat with him. He said no (like he usually did) so I climbed up the ladder and threw my spoon at him.

It hit him in the head and actually cut him head open. I feel slightly bad about it now since we get along, but he was such a dick (so were my parents) when I was a kid.


#27 Bus Bully

When I was either 6 or 7 I had been been bullied by my neighbors on the bus. They harassed me with toy weapons which at the time I thought were real.

I had had enough of it all and told my mom about it, who later told their mother. When I heard what happened to them, it haunted me for the rest of my childhood.

Their mother told their father about their bad behavior and he beat them quite badly. I saw the bruises that had been left on their bodies and how their moods had changed afterwards from bratty little kids to completely silent and somewhat oppressed.


#28 Bus Bully

I was living in a house with 5 other people in college and ended up dating one of the girls for 6 months. I come home one day and she’s showing some guy around our house who’s her “tutor.” A month later she dumps me and it’s this “tutor” who she’s dating instead. I can hear them cooing to each other, kissing, etc… It was driving me insane. Every time I went to the bathroom I saw his toothbrush in there. So in that state of mind I decided the best revenge would be to take his toothbrush and scrub the toilet with it. I did this multiple times over the course of a couple months. At the time it felt like justice.

Now it seems super childish. Although I don’t know if he ever got sick, I’m worried what my actions may have caused. Besides, it was her I should have been mad at and not this guy who probably had no clue.


#28 Flower And The Bees

In high school I had this shrew of a biology teacher. She exploded in anger for no apparent reason, gave detention like it was nothing; we hated her. Part of biology was sex.ed, and she explained it using the ‘flowers and bees’ method.

Suddenly she went on sick leave for a couple of weeks, but eventually came back. After some time we learned that she had a miscarriage. We immediately knew this was our way of prepubescent payback. Every biology class the whole class (and I somewhat upfront) asked if she could explain ‘the flowers and the bees’ again.

After a couple of times she snapped, started crying, stormed out of the classroom never to be seen again. Immediately we realizes we went way too far. I eventually heard she quit teaching all together and even was institutionalized for some time. Even 25 years later it makes me feel bad.


#29 Just Like His Wife

Found out my live-in girlfriend was cheating with a married guy who was also in our circle of acquaintances and was well known for fooling around as often as he could. She got mad, lied about it, but couldn’t cover all her tracks so I put all her stuff on my front porch (I knew she was off work that day) and said I was throwing away anything she hadn’t removed by the next morning.

She knocked on my door and asked for help. I told her all she needed to do was give her key back and get out of my life. She had the audacity to look me in the eye and say, “After all this, that’s all you have to say to me?”. I thought for a moment, and then said what I later found out was the only thing that ever actually impacted her:

“I’m sure he’ll treat you just as well as he treated his wife.”

I saw her hurt look and instantly felt like a legend. Their child was born less than eight months later, proving I was right. Zero regrets after that.


 #30 Amazing Revenge

This guy told on me to my family and caused a huge controversy and fight. As revenge, I introduced him to this girl I knew at a party because I knew she had an STD. As planned, they hooked up. Later I found out not only did he get an STD from her, but he also knocked her up! LOL.