People Share Their Most Satisfying ‘I Freaking Called It’ Moment

It doesn’t matter if you are the most humble person on the planet—being right feels good. Maybe the situation leaned to your favor based on pure coincidence, or perhaps your prediction was something that arose out of intuition. Either way, it is incredibly satisfying to know you accurately predicted the outcome of something before it actually happens.

It becomes even more enjoyable when someone else is able to witness your genius, or if you are able to prove someone else wrong with other people watching. It just feels nice being able to revel in the glory of being undeniably right. Just take it from these people who recently shared their most satisfying ‘I freaking called it’ moment.

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#1 Right About The Rain

My wife was watching some TV show. I happened to walk in during some scene in which it was raining out, and a man and a woman were looking at each other through their car windows. I said, “Here comes the scene where they make up” without knowing the background of the show. My wife started telling me that it wouldn’t happen. They had a failed relationship years earlier and the woman was already with another guy. Right after she said that the woman got out and ran to the guy’s car, basically professing her love for him.


#2 Left Not Right

I followed a car with its left turn signal on for two miles. The driver kept slowing at side streets as if to make a left turn but didn’t actually turn. I looked over at my daughter and said, “Watch, they’ll make a right turn.” I called it. Yes, they were still signaling left when they made the right turn. Maybe they didn’t realize their blinkers were acting up.


#3 Planned Pregnancy Announcement

When my brother and sister-in-law planned a trip home for Easter weekend, I told my wife and parents that they were coming to announce their pregnancy. Everyone told me I was crazy and that they’d just use the family group chat for that. Cue Easter lunch on Saturday and my sister-in-law refuses a glass of wine. Everyone guessed she was pregnant. Called it.


#4 Suspicious Smells

My wife and I went to Red Lobster one day. My wife likes the shrimp and lobster pasta with parmesan cheese. When they sat her plate down, she got a weird look on her face. She told me it smelled weird, but it smelled pretty normal to me. I straight up asked her if she could be pregnant. Her eyes got wide as she started doing some math in her head. We went and got a pregnancy test afterward. Sure enough, she didn’t even know yet. All because I remember some random tidbit about some foods smelling off to pregnant women.


#5 Foreshadowing The Food

There used to be a show called Tales from the Darkside. I was watching it with my brother. The episode started with a female hiker who was lost and was taken in by an old couple. About five minutes into the episode, I said, “The old people are going to cook and eat the young lady.” My brother thought I was crazy. Then, at the end of the episode, the young lady was in a hot tub and the old people were bringing it up to boil while adding in vegetables and turning her into a soup.


#6 Betting On Bears

One of the old coaches from the Chicago Bears is Mark Trestman. I told everyone that he would not make it to the third year of his contract and that he would get fired after the second season. I made a $500 bet with my dad because I was that darn sure. Soon as the news broke, I called him and told him I preferred cash over a check.


#7 Something Off With Soon-To-Be-Stepdad

About a year after my father’s death, my mother got together with a man. I felt as if something was off from the start and told her that he didn’t seem right. I just knew he was going to do something stupid and hurt her emotionally. A year later, they got engaged and they seemed happy. In fact, I’d never seen my mother so happy since my father died.

Well as of yesterday, it came out that her new man had been engaged to someone else since before my mother met him and that he had been having relations with at least two other women on a regular basis. I wish I could tell her that I had called it but I’m afraid it will make her more upset. Anyway, now to build my revenge plan, wish me luck.


#8 Offering His (Twenty) Two Cents

I went to the theatre to watch a movie with some buddies one time. While waiting in line to get popcorn, I found 22 cents on the ground and one buddy said, “When are you ever going need 22 cents?” I jokingly told him that one day he is going to wish he had 22 cents and he’d regret saying that. Sure enough, when we were paying for popcorn, that same buddy was exactly 22 cents short. I gave it to him in exchange for a popcorn tax.


#9 Future Fiances

I caught up with a high school friend on a university campus.  He was a pretty quiet guy with subtle good looks and he never showed any interest in relationships. We were waiting for separate buses when he ran into one of his classmates. She joined us in the bus line. We were having a pretty good conversation, but I saw her eyes repeatedly flickering over to his face.

Soon after, my bus pulled up so I smiled and waved goodbye to my friend, and said to the girl, “It was great meeting you! I’m sure I’ll see you a lot more in the future.” She looked puzzled, but smiled and waved back. They’re in a common-law marriage now, and getting officially married next year. And they’ve been valuable friends to my fiance and me for the last six years.


#10 Guessing The Destination

I was sitting in Biology class in high school when I heard sirens outside. I looked out the window to see an ambulance rushing past. I thought to myself, “That’s headed in the direction of my grandma’s house” even though there were a plethora of other streets it could have turned on. Looking back, it was only even vaguely heading in that direction.

I had the thought because my grandma had a heart attack a year prior. I got word a few hours later that it did in fact head to my grandma’s house, only it was for my aunt who was staying with them. She was hurt outside their house. I’m still not sure why I thought the ambulance was heading there, but being correct sucked.


#11 Insisting On Infection

My husband is super medically fragile—he’s had cancer twice and a bone marrow transplant in the last nine years. A few years ago, he had surgery on his wrist and I had a gut feeling he was brewing an infection despite being on antibiotics. His surgeon saw him and switched antibiotics. I contacted the cancer center because I just knew it was going to get worse.

They blew me off and punted us back to the surgeon’s office. I knew this was beyond the surgeon’s scope. I pitched a tantrum fit and pretty much told them I would not accept no for an answer. The triage phone nurse was condescending, telling me it was probably nothing and could wait. We got to the clinic and the nurse there started looking around the incision site. The CT showed a huge infection that landed him in the hospital for a week on potent IV antibiotics with another surgery to clean out the site.


#12 Deciding On Twins

In Canada, we have a holiday called Family Day in February. My wife was dealing with a sick family member out of town and she had come back for a visit. We were trying to have a child at the time. Well, with our crazy schedules, we had one chance on Family Day. The moment we were done, I jumped up, gave her the double finger guns and said, “Bam! You’re pregnant. Twin girls, red hair.” Turns out, I got everything right except the hair, her Italian genes beat me on that one. I win for our entire marriage with that prediction.


#33 Fighting Over Fireworks

It was New Year’s Eve. We were about to do fireworks and my friend wanted to set up a box of four bricks around it to keep it safe. A girl came by and said she was going to do it because she bought it. I told her, “Don’t blame me when it tips over and starts shooting at us.” She was certain it wouldn’t happen, but that’s exactly what happened. The firework just tipped over and started shooting at cars and people, I just calmly walked up to her and said, “I told you so.”


#14 Pushing For A Prenup

My little brother proposed to a girl he was only dating for a year. I told him to get a prenup, but he declined. I had a bad feeling about their relationship because the whole time I observed them together, I really didn’t see any sparks fly. She left him a little more than a month after the wedding. He said, “Are you going to say ‘I told you so’?” and I got to say, “I don’t have to.”


#15 A Movie To Remember

I once had a movie night with my best friend. She forced me to watch a romantic movie she loved but I wasn’t in the mood. We watched it anyway and after five or 10 minutes, the girl protagonist said to the boy, “Okay, we can hang out, but do not fall in love with me.” Because I was annoyed, I rudely said, “I bet she has cancer.” Well, my friend looked at me with a disappointed glare and as soon as half of the movie was over I knew why. She actually had cancer. Guess I’m a fortune teller now.


#16 What I Know Versus Wall Street

Not sure if I can call it satisfying, but it’s still a good one. A few years ago, I wrote a thesis on mortgage-backed securities. The whole thing did not make sense to me and told my professor as much, but I added, “What do I know? I’m just a student and Wall Street guys must know what they’re doing…” Then 2008 happened…


#17 Knowing About The Narcissism

My uncle was diagnosed as a narcissist by his marriage counselor. I have literally been saying that for years since he has all the darn signs: lack of empathy, lashing out when someone corrects him, a two-tier-social-system, an inability to see the world in shades of grey, an inability to see anything from outside his own perspective, etc.

 I’d already let my mom and one of his sons know about my suspicions, so it was so satisfying to be right. They had their time to come to terms with it (and the ways his disorder caused them pain) long before the rest of the family. Plus, it meant I wasn’t scaring them with a disorder he didn’t have. We’ve all adapted to it now.


#18 Snowball Effect

Back in March, I was driving home for lunch. I live in a place with snow during the winter and we had had a decent snowfall, followed by a warm day. Anyway, as I was driving, some idiot turned in front of me with a six-inch layer of snow on their roof. I wished with my whole heart that they would suffer consequences for their stupidity. Fast forward five minutes and ALL THE SNOW cascaded down onto their windshield as they attempted to roll a stop sign. I relished pointing and laughing as I drove around them, while they had to switch to park, get out of the vehicle and try to brush off all the snow in a live lane.


#19 Gut Feeling About The Guy

After breaking up with my first girlfriend, she rebounded with a very sketchy dude at her work. Within a month, he was living with her, and she had become a completely different person. I tried warning her she was being gaslighted and manipulated. Her friends tried as well. But the dude had his teeth sunk in too deep. After six months, he dropped the act and made up an elaborate story about his mother (who he had previously said died of cancer) having faked her passing and being alive in California.

So he left for a week, at which point he stopped all contact with my ex. She panicked and came to me saying she was worried. Within days, his entire construction fell like a house of cards. My ex was devastated, and I was too angry to be vindicated. I broke up with her but still cared for her. I spent about three months following up with her and taking care of her until she was able to be on her own again. The events themselves were traumatic and awful, but the feeling I got from knowing I wasn’t wrong about him was worth it. We are still best friends today.

#20 Breaking The Boston Sox Curse

I’m not sure if it was satisfying since I’m not a Red Sox fan, but in 2004 when they came back from behind to win Game 4 of the ALCS (after being down 3-0 in the series), I said they were going to win it all. I figured if they were ever going to break their “curse,” it would have to be in some grand fashion and not in some “boring” way where they’re clearly just the best team.

#21 Correct About The Cocktail

I was bartending at the Jazz Fest of Montreal. I was in a huge rush of making cocktails, and this lady came over to tell me that her martini was short. I explained to her that our martinis were only 2 oz and from what I could see, she already had a little more than that in her glass. She asked me to measure it in front of her, which I did, even if I had 50 more cocktails to make. Sure enough, the measurement showed just a little over 2 oz.


#22 Coworker Karma

A coworker didn’t like our new boss.  From day one, the coworker was openly being insubordinate and talking smack about her behind her back. The coworker was convinced she was invaluable and wouldn’t be let go because all of our clients allegedly loved her so much. The worst part was that she hated the new boss so much, she brought the whole vibe of the workplace down. Every day, there was something new to complain about. We were all just venting receptacles to her.

Even though I considered her a friend, I was quietly beginning to pray for the day our boss had enough. I told my good friends that worked with us, “Yup, she’s gonna get fired” and sure enough, a few months later, she was let go. When she told me, she called the office crying on the phone and I could barely muster an “I’m sorry” because I was so relieved that I wouldn’t have to work with her anymore.


 #23 Obsessive Cleaning

I would often hear the scraping of furniture over the floor in the studio apartment above mine, sometimes in the dead of night. It had kept me up a few times, but since I didn’t have anything going on at the time, it didn’t bother me that much. I once knocked on her door to ask what was going on, and she stopped right away. However, for about a month I had to get up at 7 a.m. during the week, so I knocked on her door politely asked if she could stop doing it after 11 in the evening. She said okay.

There was some loud talking going on in the hallway, so I went upstairs and knocked on the door opposite to hers just after it closed. It was her again, and the guy who owned the room. I didn’t approach it too well—she got angry and brought up an issue she had with me. Fine, that was fair enough. But then, she proceeded to claim she hadn’t done it in months.

I started to think with the insane amount of cleaning going on, that she had some form of OCD. The friend came over and told me he used to date her. He didn’t want to mention it, but I was able to put it together and ask about the OCD thing, which he confirmed. At that point, I felt pretty conflicted. I felt completely vindicated, but on the other hand, I know how difficult the condition can be and how hard it probably is to be confronted about it by someone who’s mostly a stranger.


#24 Fighting After A Year

I told my wife my cousin’s marriage wouldn’t last. They were way too happy and upbeat, yet they never lived together. Then, wouldn’t you know it—not even a year later they’re getting divorced because they can’t stand each other. My cousin still says, to this day, “You don’t know someone until you’ve lived with them for at least a year.” Luckily, they didn’t have kids.


#25 Scientist Scribbles

I drew myself as a scientist in kindergarten for our “What do you want to be when you grow up?” activity. I still have that drawing and will be defending my Ph.D. thesis this summer!

 #26 Puppy Pleaser

This happened a couple of years ago when I was a young teen. I was walking with my beagle puppy, Daisy. My friend and I were having an argument about whether puppies worked on women, and he said they didn’t. A few minutes later, a group of three teenage girls came walking towards us and all we hear is, “OH MY GOD, PUPPY!” He accepted this defeat. It was only a small victory but still a victory!

#27 Down Pour

My dad’s employee (whom I am not particularly fond of) left his car at our house today and rode with my dad to the job site. He left his windows down. I get migraines and can usually tell when it’s going to rain based on how my head feels so when my head started hurting this afternoon, I called them to warn them that he might want to run back over here to roll up the windows. They insisted that it was fine and that he had checked the forecast and it wasn’t supposed to rain until tonight. Well, it started pouring for a good, long hour and guess whose windows were still down?


#28 No Guessing The Gender

When I was about three months pregnant, I walked into my house, tossed my car keys onto my kitchen table, and in that very second, totally out of blue, this absolute certainty came over me: My baby was going to be a boy. A few weeks later, I got my first ultrasound and the tech asked me, “Do you want to know if it’s a girl or a boy?” Honestly, I was so sure it was a boy that I hadn’t even thought to ask her myself. So I said sure, tell me. She said, “It’s a girl.” Not one fiber of me thought she was right. A few seconds later, she moves the wand around a bit and says, “Oh wait, sorry, it’s a boy.” I KNEW IT!


#29 Sensing The Sirens

When I was 14, my friend who took his dads truck out for a drive. He didn’t have a license or anything, so he decided to blow a stop sign going about 45 mph. I was in the passenger seat and saw headlights in the back. I looked at him and say, “I bet that’s a cop.” The lights turned on and the next thing I knew, we were getting pulled over.


#30 Lights Out

One night, I was walking down the street with a friend, on our way home from a party. The street lights in the area had this weird habit of going out, but every so often they flickered back on when you passed by them. Anyway, as we were getting closer to one light that was out, I told my friend, “That light is going to turn on in 3, 2, 1…” And what do you know, the light turned on. We were a little intoxicated so we pretty much died laughing.


#31 Work Then Wedding

This girl worked a mid-level position at one of 10 of our office locations. I was a higher-up so I was at a different location every day busting heads, while she was always at the one location. I had been there a couple of times over the prior month, but I had no memory of the girl. One time, the girl, two other colleagues and I shared a taxi home after work. She got to talking and was just an absolute firecracker… I didn’t know her name, but something about her caught my attention.

She laughed a lot, she talked loud, she was shameless, and I remember thinking, “I want to marry this girl”… which was crazy since, at the time, I had decided to be single for life. I didn’t see her back at that office location for a month, then she called me randomly one night. As soon as she said who she was, I was like, “It’s happening, I’m definitely going to marry this girl.” We talked for an hour, met up that night, and a year later we were married.


#32 Bad Break

A few months ago, my boyfriend fell in our back yard and landed on his arm. He has a super high pain tolerance and swore up and down that he was fine. So we went to dinner with my family, as we had planned, but I still had this gut feeling that he had broken his elbow and wrist. After dinner, I forced him to go to Urgent Care and get it checked out.

The nurse practitioner came in and did an exam of his arm. He said it was just bruised, but I still had such a strong feeling that it was broken. After some complaining, I finally convinced him to X-ray his wrist. Fifteen minutes later, he came back into the room to tell us that it was indeed broken. Sometimes, you just need to stick to your gut feeling.


#33 It’s Always The Husband

We were traveling in the US. During our first night in Utah, there was a story about a woman who went missing whilst jogging one morning. My dad took one look at the husband being interviewed and said, “He did it. He’s not upset enough.” We disagreed. The guy looked very respectable and they were supposedly happily married. As we were there for a week, the story unraveled over the next few days. Turns out, the guy had lied about pretty much everything in his life. His education, his job. Everything. The wife found out, so he ended her.


#34 In Plane Sight

My house is right beside a local airport. When we were looking at the property before moving here, I happened to say to the guy I was with, “I have no idea why but I have a feeling a plane is going to go down in our parking lot.” Two weeks after moving in, a small private plane crashed in our parking lot. No fatalities thankfully!


#35 Sure About The Shower

My wife and I are building a house and the only real design decision that we differed on was the master shower. I was insistent that it should be a tiled shower, but she didn’t care or think it would matter. The difference was that a basic shower would be a five-foot insert that would then align with our nicely tiled floor. It would only have one shower head and no bench. I won the decision because it was the one big thing I really pushed for. We saw our bathroom for the first time yesterday and she literally cried seeing it.


#36 Tired Of It

All throughout high school, I could not sleep at night. Sleeping early was impossible, which made waking up in the morning impossible. I was always late for school. Of course, I got the usual responses from everybody, “You just have a messed up sleep schedule and need to reset it.” “You don’t have any problems, you’re just lazy!”

Well, midway through junior year, I was behind on credits because I was missing class. My father finally took me to a sleep specialist who diagnosed me with delayed sleep phase syndrome. Basically, I can’t sleep at night but I sleep perfectly fine during the day. My sleep schedule is delayed but other than that I’m perfectly healthy. After years of a power struggle with my parents, this was the biggest ‘I told you’ moment. I switched to night school, which the high school I was already attending offered, and it never caused any issues ever again. Just being diagnosed with it helped my life so much.


#37 Betting Big

I was in Vegas and having a very good run at the casino. I was up $8,000. I had finally gotten some nice yellow chips, $1,000 each. The pit boss said, “I dare you to bet those on one hand.” Well, I should say I was tipsy at the time, so I plopped my four yellow chips on the table. As the cards were being dealt, I yelled 9 of spades, 2 of hearts, and the dealer showed me a 6.

Yep, it happened. I put the rest of my $4,000 on the table, doubled down, and yelled for a 10 of hearts. Yep, got it. At this point, I had not been paid yet. The dealer flipped and she had a 16. I said rather quietly, “Please show me a 6 of diamonds.” Yep, the dealer got it and bust. Thank you, pit boss, for daring my tipsy self to place a big bet. I collected $16,000 that night, walked out the door and drove home.


#38 Foreseeing The Seating Chart

This one time in class, we were getting new seats and the teacher had assigned the seat to my crush at the far corner of the room. I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if I was on the exact opposite side of the room?” So I said out loud after a few seats got picked, “Hey, Mrs. Teacher, am I sitting over here?” I pointed to the seat at the exact opposite of my crush. She was like, “How’d you know that???” Now everyone thinks I’m a wizard.


#39 Visiting Grandpa

One night, on a whim, I decided to drop by and check on my grandpa. When I got there, he was really sick. He had a high fever and stomach pain. I put my hand on his lower right side and it was hot to the touch. I told him his appendix has exploded and to get his butt in the car. I just knew he wasn’t going to make it if he didn’t go to the hospital.

He fought me for at least an hour before the pain became too much and he agreed. When we arrived at the ER, the doctor took one look and said, “Prep the OR.” They did emergency surgery to remove the appendix, part of his colon and part of his large intestine. He had diverticulitis that spread infection all through his guts. If I hadn’t decided to go check on him, the stubborn old fart would have just stayed home in agonizing pain.


#40 Running From The Red Van

One day, mom and I were driving home and she had to get some gas. We stopped at this gas station and she told me to go in to ask one of the employees to fill up the tank. I took two steps in, then got this feeling like something was being put to my head. I ran back to the car and told my mom I couldn’t do it, with tears rolling down my eyes and everything.

No matter how hard she pleaded, I refused to go in, saying that something bad was going to happen in there. She just got tired of it and we drove off just as this red van pulled up. The next day, my mom called me into the kitchen to show me the news. That gas station was the subject of an armed robbery where three people were shot, and one person got seriously hurt. It was crazy. The scariest part was that the news showed their mugshots and also their vehicle. They were in that red van. They literally pulled up and robbed the place just as we left. I’ve never gone into a gas station since.


#41 Predicting Pregnancy On A Plane

I was on the airplane traveling home after seeing my family and I was nauseous the whole time. I looked at my husband that night and told him that I was pregnant. He was a little shocked that I’d think that since our other kid was seven-months-old. At the time, I was exclusively nursing and I would have only been about two weeks along.

A home test wouldn’t have shown anything yet, so I walked into the OB clinic and asked for a pregnancy test. They didn’t believe me but humored me regardless. To our surprise, our new set of QUINTUPLETS showed up nine months later and the nurse I talked to still couldn’t believe that I was right so early in pregnancy. I guess mothers just have a way of knowing these things.


#42 Hot Prediction

My brother and I were doing dishes. He was 19 and I was 12. We were all but finished except for one pan sitting on the stove. He told me to throw it in the water and clean it so we’d be done. I said I wasn’t going to wash it until it cooled off. He said, “It’s not hot!” He picked it up and set the bottom of the pan on the back of his hand. He had a blister the size of a deck of cards the next day.


#43 Football Predictions

Sometime in October, two years ago, I had nothing clean to wear, so I had to wear my old Nick Foles Jersey to school. A couple of my friends were joking with me, asking why I owned one, and I said, “Shut up, Carson Wentz will tear his ACL and Nick Foles will come in and win the Super Bowl.” This was around the time when Deshaun Watson tore his ACL in practice, which is why I said that injury specifically. Well… it happened pretty much exactly how I called it.


#44 Expecting An Engagement

My best friend sent a group text saying she had a big announcement when we came over to her house later that day. She said we’d never guess what it was, but she wanted us to try anyway. “Did you get engaged?” “No! You’ll just have to come and see!” Over at the house—”I’m engaged!” I slammed my hand on the table, “I KNEW IT!!”


#45 Cat In A Box

My wife helped move her parents across the city and planned on transporting their cat in a box for the car ride to the new place. I warned her that their cat would shred the box en route. Sure enough, the cat shredded the box. It just wanted to sit in her lap.