People Share Their ‘I Met A Celebrity But Didn’t Let On That I Knew Who They Were’ Story

Celebrities are just like everyone else, except they have thousands of people following them everywhere. While being famous certainly has its perks, there are definitely some negatives that come with it. Being hounded by obsessed fans and paparazzi is something celebrities constantly fear. Every now and then, celebs will throw on some shades and a hoodie in an attempt to disguise themselves.

While they might fool most, some fans see through it all. Fortunately, these fans have seen enough TMZ to know that these stars are just looking for peace and quiet. By simply treating celebs as an average Joes or Janes, they get to feel normal for once. The following stories involve a time when fans met celebrities for the first time and chose not to acknowledge their fame. Some were simply keeping their cool while on the clock. Others were just treating these famed individuals like any other person. Whatever the case may be, these celebrities were surely thankful for a bit of relief from the chaos.

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#1 You Dunne Goofed

I was in Phoenix for WWE Royal Rumble Weekend and my and I got tickets for all four events (NXT Takeover, Royal Rumble, RAW, and Smackdown). We walked to them all to save money and on the way to RAW, I walked past three wrestlers: Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven. I kept a straight face but kept looking at them. It was especially hard because Pete Dunne is one of my top three favorite wrestlers. Now I regret not asking for a picture.


#2 Eye Of The Tiger

One summer, I was working at an outdoor music venue as an access monitor. I would sit at the entrance to the parking lots and watch the cars going in to make sure they weren’t regular people trying to park for free. The venue had a lot of famous bands playing every now and then, as well as some smaller groups that weren’t as popular.

One day I was working at the VIP lot, and I hadn’t checked the schedule to see who was performing that night. A really shiny red car then drove in, and a guy with really long hair opened the window. He said something along the lines of, “Hi, I’m performing tonight and I’m kind of early. Is this where I’m supposed to park?” After checking with my superiors, I verified that he wasn’t lying and that he actually was performing that night. I checked the schedule to see who was performing and it was Survivor. I was speaking with Billy Ozzello.

#3 Do Fries Go With That Shake?

One time, I was at a music trade show and got split up from my group after talking to some vendors. While walking around, I saw some commotion four rows down from where I was. I went to catch up with my group but kept staring at what was going on, and I ended up walking right into this short African American guy with crazy colored hair and a gray beard. He had been distracted by the same thing. I said I was sorry and he said the same to me, then we smiled and went on our way. At that point, it hit me… I had walked into George Clinton.


#4 Not In The Playbook

I was at Minneapolis Airport getting ready to fly down to Cincinnati to see my family. I had been having a nauseating feeling in my stomach and my mom gave me a pill to try to fix it. I puked. A lot. My mom rushed me over to a store to get me clothes that didn’t stink. She got me an oversized Green Bay Packers sweater.

Guess who showed up right after I puked—Mike Zimmer, The Vikings head coach. I had been told in advance that the flight was most likely for Vikings fans who were connecting to Orlando for a game there. I also didn’t expect MIKE ZIMMER of all people to be flying on Delta. It was a surreal but also stressful moment for me.


#5 Father Knows Best

My daughter goes to school with Patrick Wilson’s son. The son came to my daughter’s birthday party and was picked up by Mr. Wilson himself. He made the typical small-talk with my wife and I. It was pretty low-key. I pretended I had no idea who he was, but also kept thinking “Did you know how badly Zack Snyder was going to mess up Watchmen when you signed on for it?”

He seems to be a pretty good father. He’s very invested in his kids. He shows up to pretty much every school event and even taught an acting class for the performers in last year’s school play.


#6 Palin In The House

I worked the ticket counter at a small airport and Sarah Palin checked in. She had her bodyguard bring her ID over to check in two bags for her, to which I informed him I needed the actual passenger present. She came over after some debate with the bodyguard and I checked her in as usual. She did a little bit of the “don’t you know who I am” spiel, but other than that she was nice. I obviously knew who she was, from her name on the ID, but I never said anything. I definitely think she enjoyed it more when my supervisor came over and fawned over her.

#7 Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

I recognized him immediately but it wasn’t until he spoke to me in his thick Irish accent that I confirmed it was Colin Farrell. He was genuinely interested in my dog and asked me a few questions about him. We rode the elevator up together and I said goodbye when I stepped out. Thirty minutes later, I was waiting for the elevator to go down and when it opened, Colin Farrell and his girlfriend were by the elevator again.

He continued to ask me questions about my dog, even though I was alone and not with my dog. That must mean he remembered me. I never revealed that I knew who he was or told him that I was a big fan. The conversation was completely normal; it was as if I was just talking to my neighbors. He seems like a really cool and down-to-earth guy.


#8 Respect The Bro Code

My wife and three friends went to BC a few summers ago and saw Neil Patrick Harris with his family. The realization came when I asked my wife if a dude near us looked like Beavis. She said yeah and I didn’t think anything of it; we rode some waterslides and had a good time. She was waiting for me at the bottom of one of them and mentioned how the Beavis-looking guy held his shades to his face as he came off the slide with his kid.

I thought that was pretty weird considering people came to BC for a good time and having shades on as the sun was just about to set just seemed odd. We followed him around for a couple of minutes and realized who he was. We didn’t want to cause a scene or anything, so we played it cool. We told our friends about our suspicions and they freaked out for a bit.

We did some down low recon on the dude and confirmed it with everyone. We couldn’t stop talking about how cool it was that he was here. We lost him after a while, probably because everyone was muttering his name as we were walking around. Just as we were leaving, I decided to go to the bathroom before we hit the road. That’s where I found Neil Patrick Harris with his son in the bathroom. I just grinned like a moron and said hi. He said hi back and then went on his way.


#9 We All Scream For Ice Cream

A few years ago, my girlfriend and I were at our favorite ice cream shop in East Hollywood. As we got in line, I noticed Robin Williams was standing two people ahead of us by himself, acting like he wasn’t a big movie star.

“Stay calm, dude. Peter Pan is right there.”

My girlfriend then asked me, ”So how many scoops are in the double?”

“Probably like, 10?” That’s when I noticed Robin chuckling to himself. Holy. Did I just make Robin Williams laugh?

He ordered a mint n’ chip single scoop cone and just stood outside, by himself, licking it as normal people do.

I remember thinking he looked so frail. Something about him just standing there, licking his ice cream cone with absolute enjoyment, stuck with me.


#10 The World Warrior

I went to Evo about four years ago (the biggest fighting game tournament in the world), and they were showing a demo of Street Fighter V there. They had multiple stations with a line at each one, and the rule was that the next two people in line would play one match against each other. I got in line to try it out. As I got closer to the front, the woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I would let her and her son play each other since according to our place in the line I would have ended up playing her.

I turned around and it was Jamie Lee Curtis wearing a hat and sunglasses. I told her yeah, that was fine, and the three of us had a bit of a conversation about the game and how much she loves Cammy. I didn’t see or expect this coming since she wasn’t dressed up when I saw her, but apparently, she also spent some time there cosplaying as Vega.

#11 The Final Frontier

I bumped into Wil Wheaton at GenCon a couple of years ago. As a person who was 6 years old when Star Trek TNG first aired, I wanted to freak out and tell him how important Wesley Crusher was to me as a kid. But I left him alone, knowing that he was probably getting pestered constantly while walking around the convention.


#12 A Good Man In Goodman

I ran into John Goodman at a local bar that he owned. He was just sitting at the bar wearing a hoodie and cap. I recognized him, immediately smiled and nodded, and left him alone for the rest of the night. He actually talked to the bartender shortly after before walking into the back room and when I went to get another drink she told me the owner said to give me half price drinks the rest of the night. Sad I couldn’t talk to him to say thank you, but it was pretty obvious he didn’t want to be approached.


#13 Life’s An Elevator

I was in an elevator with Alan Tudyk once. It was during one of the free live taping events that various shows do during San Diego Comic Con. When he got in the elevator, he immediately went to the back corner and seemed to be trying very hard to not be noticed or recognized so I didn’t geek out until after elevator doors opened and we all stepped out. I was so disappointed in my then-boyfriend (now fiance) and friend when they didn’t recognize him.

#14 Do The Right Thing

A few weeks ago during Oscars weekend, I was in the airport in line at the terminal waiting to board a flight from NYC to LA. At some point, Spike Lee came by and stood right next to me for 15 minutes while we waited. I looked over at him and smiled, but we didn’t say anything to each other. I wish I had been paying attention to Oscars buzz because I would have wished him good luck. Well, he ended up winning his first Oscar a few days later. Historical.

I also saw him super incognito at a music festival a couple of years ago. It was dark, but I saw him and his unmistakable glasses. I exclaimed loud enough so he could hear me, but not anyone else. We smiled at each other and went our separate ways. Spike and I are basically old friends even though he doesn’t know my name.


#15 A Real Comic Con Exclusive

I was at a Comic Con in New Orleans about 10 years ago sitting on a bench in the lobby eating my lunch. A guy sat next to me and started eating his lunch. We get to chatting about comics, life, and family. About halfway through, I notice his name tag, Guillermo del Toro. I kept my cool and just continued our fantastic conversation. After about 45 minutes, he got up and walked off. I just shook his hand. I never let the fanboy in me out and I just appreciated how cool the interaction was.

#16 The Bam Maestro

I worked briefly as a bouncer in New Orleans. It was during the Saturday Mardi Gras parades, and I was instructed to let absolutely no one in with an outside drink. About halfway through the day, this big group of guys dressed in clown outfits started to come in, and this shorter Italian-looking dude tried to bring in a plastic cup of white wine.

I began to stop him, to which he looked at me sort of incredulously and asks, “Hey kid, you know how much money is in this glass right now?” At that point, I realized it was Emeril Lagasse, but I still wanted to do my job, so I just shook my head and told him that I was sorry, but no outside drinks. Then, his buddy handed me a $20 bill, so I just waved them in. It was still New Orleans.

#17 A Tip For The Ages

About a year ago, I was working at a Mexican fast food place in Chicago. I don’t listen to rap music, so I didn’t know who they were at the time, but Chance the Rapper and Logic walked in. I took their order and that was that. After I handed them the order, my manager pulled me to the side and asked me if they said anything to me. I didn’t know them, so I was confused.

She told me who they were, but I just treated them like normal people. I walked up to them just before they were done with their meal, and asked if everything was good. Logic looked at me and said, “You’re a nice kid, here is a tip.” I didn’t look at how much it was until my shift was over. I got in my car and pulled out, to my shock, $350.


#18 No Love For Lucious Lyon?

Terrence Howard lived down the street from the grocery store I worked at. Every time he came in, he expected the royal treatment but was less than savory about it. So I treated him like any other customer and you could almost see the very fabric of his being crumble. I think I would be that way with any celebrity—a person’s fame and status won’t wow me enough to give that person special treatment.

#19 Weasley’s Hunger Attack

I bumped into Rupert Grint at a Chinese buffet in Northampton in 2006. I went to refill my plate and he was hovering around looking like he couldn’t make his mind up. I must have gone for something he was considering because he asked me if it was any good. I said, “Yeah, it’s really nice.” He said thanks and got some for himself, then I moved on.


#20 The Grunge God

I used to cater for weddings at a resort. Eddie Vedder came to play the ukulele at a wedding for someone he knew, and we ended up chatting about all sorts of things in the back of the venue—what we liked about the place, cool spots in Seattle, which countries had the best pub food, etc. He’s a super kind and down-to-earth guy. He came across as incredibly humble and just happy to be there. Never mentioned music or anything about who he was, but I’m sure he knew that I knew as there was no way he didn’t see me setting things up as he did his sound check. We were just two guys having a break.


#21 Curb Your Enthusiasm

I was an athlete in college and was required to “volunteer” a certain number of hours per year. One of the options was to help freshmen move in, which I obviously chose to do so I could scope out the new talent. I just finished helping move a kid’s stuff and headed back to the loading area when a black SUV pulled up.

Out hopped Larry David, his ex-wife, and their daughter who was starting school. I immediately recognized him but played it cool. He wasn’t getting a ton of recognition since I’m guessing not many college students are fans of Curb or Seinfeld. I introduced myself to them and he replied, “Hi, I’m Larry,” also mentioning that they were from LA.

I then said, “I used to live in LA, and you look really familiar. Did we meet?” To which he replied “No, I’m just one of those faces,” and gave me a huge wink. He was cracking jokes the entire move and introducing himself to everyone just as Larry. He’s just as funny in person as he is on TV. After finishing the move, he was nice enough to take a pic with me. Great guy, and the only major celebrity I’ve ever met.


#22 Captain In The Flesh

I worked at a movie theater in Albuquerque at the time they were filming the first Avengers film. Captain America was about to come out. I remember because we had the huge standee of him in the lobby. I was reading in the box office when three people came up. A guy asked for three tickets to Bridesmaids. It was dark out and he had a green baseball cap and sunglasses. He paid with a credit card which read “Christopher Evans.” I stared at the card after I swiped it, then handed it back. “I need you to sign the receipt,” I told him. He did and that was that.


#23 No Role Is Small

I helped Steven Spielberg move his daughter into her college dorm. I was working a shift helping first-years move in and I saw a guy in a hat and sunglasses who was unmistakably Spielberg. I struck up a conversation and asked if he needed help with the bags, etc. He used first names only. “We’re from California. My wife, Kate, and I sent all our kids to East Coast schools.”

Later, when his daughter opened the door for the first time, he whipped out a camcorder and, wearing the biggest dad grin, recorded the whole thing before turning the camera on my friend and me to ask us about the city. So, I have a supporting, speaking role in a limited release (home movie) film shot by Steven Spielberg.


#24 Climb To Safety

Jared Leto. I work in an outdoor goods store in Boulder, Colorado, which, for those who don’t know is one of the biggest climbing towns in the US. He came into the store to get some stuff as he’s known to climb with other big pros, notably Alex Honald who is a buddy of his. He had been made in the middle of the footwear department by a coworker of mine in front of a big group of customers, so by the time he got over to the climbing area where I worked, he was really on edge and unfriendly.

I walked up to him and just acted like he wasn’t hot stuff. I made it seem like I didn’t really know who he was and just spoke to him like any other customer, even breaking conversation with him at several points to answer questions for other folks as opposed to giving him my full, undivided attention. After about 5 minutes of that, he totally relaxed and his entire demeanor changed.

He went from being somewhat rude to very chill, calling me bro, etc. I ended up walking around the store with him for like 30 minutes helping him shop. The only time I implied I knew of him was towards the end as I was ringing him up. He asked me to recommend some climbing spots close to town like the flatirons. It seemed like he really just wanted to be treated like a normal guy.

#25 The Doctor Is In

I used to work at a posh hotel and we had weddings there all the time. I was pretty young at the time; around 15 years old. David Tennant was at one wedding—Doctor freaking Who himself, and I was pouring him coffee. At first, I was sat there thinking, “Is he really who I think he is?” I went back to the kitchen to top up more coffee in my coffee jug and the staff was talking about it too before deciding it actually was David Tennant. I spent the rest of the night playing it cool, but inside I was freaking out.

#26 My Name Is?

When I was younger with fewer responsibilities, I used to just drive around for the heck of it. To me, driving is a hobby. Late at night was my favorite time. The streets are empty. My uncle is like this too. I asked him if he wanted to meet at a late-night restaurant. We sat down in a booth. A couple of guys walked in after us and sat down behind us.

It was Eminem, Dr. Dre, and a guy I later found out was Jimmy Iovine. We paid them no attention, but we knew who they were. They finished before us and as they were walking out, Eminem nodded at us and said, “Thanks for not making a big deal about this. We got you.” He and the other guys paid for our meal and disappeared around the corner.


#27 No Snakes Around, Right?

Samuel L. Jackson was on my flight. I was the second-to-last to board the flight and there was all this commotion with the gate crew. Once I approached the door of the plane, I realized they were all looking at Samuel L. Jackson. He was standing by the cockpit making himself available to passengers and fans. I played it cool and didn’t say a word. Turns out, I’m shy around celebrities. I’m just glad I didn’t make a Snakes on a Plane joke.


#28 Three Dollar Bill, Y’all

I was at Soundwave Festival in Australia a few years back. I was at a small stage watching a relatively unknown band called Dredg. I was standing there watching when I noticed a guy standing next to me watching too. I recognized him but I didn’t let on. I asked if he knew this band and he talked about how creative and underrated they are. Later that night he headlined as the singer of Limp Bizkit.


#29 The Best Hands In The NFL

I was sitting in an electronics store one day and a very large man with dreads came in and sat next to me. He was bringing his phone in to get fixed because he dropped it and didn’t have a case. I overheard an employee jokingly say, “You wear a helmet when you play football, shouldn’t your phone have the same protection?” I knew it was Larry Fitzgerald, but I didn’t want to be a fanboy so I started asking very broad questions about what he did as a profession to stay engaged in a conversation with him. Larry Fitz is, to this day, one of the nicest, most humble people I have ever met.


#30 Don’t Yell “Bruuccee”

Bruce Springsteen. A hole in the wall bar. The early 2000s. I had just left home and moved to NYC in the last year or two, and there was this bar my friends and I would meet up at. I got there a little early and sat at the bar. Five minutes in, this guy sat next to me, with a chair in between, and ordered French fries. It was Bruce Springsteen, and I REALLY loved him, so I didn’t say that I knew him. We did comment back and forth about the news (it was on the TV over the bar). Later on, several people came up and asked for autographs or photos. The atmosphere changed really quickly, so he booked it out of there.


#31 Good For You

I used to take guided trips on horseback into the mountains in California. I came into work one day to take a group out for a ride at sunset. A party of four arrived, and it was none other than Selena Gomez with two of her friends and one of the biggest, toughest bodyguards I’d ever seen. I went around the table, shook everyone’s hand, introduced myself and never indicated I knew who she was (even though I’m a millennial, so I definitely knew who she was). They had a wonderful time and I think they appreciated that I didn’t ask for photos, autographs, or even acknowledge that I knew who they were. I imagine they don’t get that very often. It just seemed like the polite thing to do.

#32 Harry Potter And The Quad Benny

I served Daniel Radcliffe brunch one time. All the other servers were freaking the heck out that he was in our restaurant, so, given that I don’t care much about actors, I was chosen to take care of him. He ordered the eggs Benedict, extra Benedict, no sides. I dubbed it “The Quad Benny.” He was incredibly polite and appreciative, tipped well, and his accent was downright intoxicating. After that experience, I became a big Radcliffe fan.


#33 Did You Smell What He’s Cooking?

The Rock was at the Gold Coast, Australia to film San Andreas. He came into the place where I worked with a woman and a young child. He was kind-of in disguise, had his head covered and had something partially obscuring his chin. I served them and didn’t recognize him at first. The woman handled the talking, and he just kind of hung back quietly.

I looked at him once, and probably wouldn’t have given him a second thought, but his eyes widened for that split second and it just clicked in my head to connect the eyes with the news of the Rock being in town. Once I made the connection, it was totally obvious who he was, and since I was still looking at him, I could tell by now he knew he’d been spotted.

I just wished the group enjoy their day and half-smiled at him, and he gave me a nod, and they went about their business. I didn’t tell anyone at work, because I didn’t want the dude to get swamped while he was trying to spend time with his family.


#34 A Television Icon

I met Alfre Woodard. She’s so nice. She came into the shop I work part time in and looked at our shoes. Her voice is just as soothing in person. She was just dressed in tights and a wrap around her hair with no makeup on and she was still so classy and beautiful. I was so excited. My boss had no idea who she was, but I talked to her a bit.

Just casual stuff, she was filming something near our town and had a day off so she was shopping. But since she was obviously not “on,” I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want her to stress out. I can only imagine how exhausting it must be. So I just chatted with her and her bodyguard. After she left I gushed to my boss, who still had no idea.


#35 Never Tell Me The Odds

A few years ago, I worked at a hotel. I saw Calista Flockhart sitting at the most secluded, far corner table in the dining room. I thought to myself, “Oh, Ally McBeal is married to Indiana Jones.” I turned around and bam, there he was. Harrison Ford himself was scoffing at our breakfast buffet selection. I really wanted to get a picture with Han Solo but to be honest, he seemed ticked off so I just went back to work with a little flutter in my chest. About 10 minutes went by and the word got out. People kept going over to check if it was really him; even the head chef of the restaurant came out of the kitchen to bother him while he was eating breakfast with his wife.


#36 Dodging An Obsessed Manager

I live near Pittsburgh and Big Ben came through the drive-thru at the fast food restaurant I worked at. He had a hat on and a bulky jacket, and he was trying really hard to be inconspicuous, so I just let it pass. I told my coworkers later and my manager was like “Oh, you should have said something! We would have had him come in and take a picture with the crew!” And that was the exact reason why I didn’t freak out when I saw him. No one needs that.

#37 The Car Rental Report

I met Stephen Colbert in the car rental line at an airport one time. I knew who he was and that he had a show on TV, but I had never actually watched him. I just kind of talked to him like I would have any other stranger I would meet in public. We had an everyday conversation, nothing too exciting, and then we went our separate ways.


#38 King Of The World

I used to work at Universal Studios (on the Simpsons ride). We often gave long spiels to people who were about to board. Leonardo DiCaprio came in with who I assume was his girlfriend. They were in a private group, but I still had to give the spiel to them. I was really trying my hardest to not lose my mind over the situation because Leo clearly was trying to hide who he was.

His girlfriend was the sweetest though, and I was messing with her the whole time. My favorite thing that happened was her asking if they’d get wet. I told her, very gravely, they’d get soaked. I was nervous for a second because Leo didn’t react to my joke, but then he quickly laughed, clarifying that I was just joking. I’m sure he knew that everyone knew who he was, but it was one of the situations where the poor guy was just trying to relax for a day. One of my coworkers absolutely did pester him, but I don’t know if she got any flak for that or not…

#39 The Big Dog

Half a decade ago, I was selling semi-precious stones and jewelry on the street in Panama. Bill Clinton walked around the corner and bought a few bracelets from me. It was a beautiful day in the historic district of Casco Viejo; he and his whole Secret Service and entourage were all wearing the requisite Panama hats.

Everyone was really relaxed. He walked up to our little display kiosk and asked lots of questions about the stones. I figured it was him, but the clincher was when we handed him the small gift-wrapped bag and he gestured to his bodyguard to pay us (from a huge stack of bills that the service guy was completely unabashed to flash around). It honestly never crossed my mind to call him out or say anything, because it was so obvious that he and everyone around him were having such a nice day.


#40 Thank U, Next

I was on vacation in LA with my parents and we stopped by at some coffee place (I can’t remember the name, but it was rather small). In front of me was a girl, around my height. When she turned around I was in shock for a second. Ariana Grande was standing in front of me. She wasn’t really famous around that time but I knew her from Victorious and had a little crush on her. I basically tried to stay calm even though my heart was racing and she probably saw my face going red. When she got her order she dropped a quick smile on me. At that point, I couldn’t help it and just got all giddy in front of her. She giggled, then went her way. Made my day. I didn’t bother telling my parents because they wouldn’t have known her but last year while listening to her on the radio I dropped that story and they laughed.

#41 Simple Kind Of Life

I once sat next to Gwen Stefani on a flight after I was upgraded. I didn’t recognize her at first because she was dressed differently than usual. She introduced herself to me after I said “hello.” I don’t know if she did it on purpose or if I misheard her. Eventually, we started chatting and she talked about her family. She even showed me a picture of her with her husband.

I recognized Blake Shelton right away and it suddenly clicked. Still, I kept my mouth shut and just made pleasant conversation with her. She was friendly and down-to-earth, but as soon as we landed she disappeared and the passengers that were around us were asking me if I got an autograph or anything. I didn’t, but at least I’ll have that memory forever.

#42 No Need For A Discount

A few years ago, on a random Sunday afternoon, my wife and I were shopping at our local store in the Detroit area. We got in the checkout line and I realized that Justin Verlander was directly in front of us. His cart was like everyone else at that store; toilet paper, water, some random cleaning products, etc. The cashier was a young girl and she did her obligatory, “Would you like to save 5% and open a card?”

He was looking at me when she said it and I just blurted out, “He’s fine.” He kind of smirked and laughed. He paid, told us all to have a nice day, then walked out. The cashier asked us if we knew him. I then explained who he was and how he was being paid $28 million a year… She responded, “Oh, I see why he didn’t want to save 5%.” He was driving a very nice Mercedes AMG GT.


#43 Take Me To The River

David Byrne (I’m his biggest fan ever) rode up to me on his bike and asked me for directions. I could have completely fawned over him and asked him 100 better questions about his life. I instead wanted him to have a moment of anonymity. I simply smiled, gave him great directions and went on my way without skipping a beat.


#44 MVP Of Shopping

My first job was at a grocery store. Later in the evening one day, when the store was nearly empty, Aaron Rodgers (QB for the Green Bay Packers) walked in with who I presumed was his brother. This was soon after he won the Super Bowl MVP award but nobody I worked with recognized him. I casually walked down the aisle they were in and asked if they were finding everything alright. They said “yes” and that was the end of it.


#45 Escaping Rush Hour

My wife and I were on Rodeo Drive in LA when Chris Tucker came cruising by in a new Lamborghini or Ferarri or something. Anyway, we had just gotten ice cream cones and were eating them on the sidewalk when Tucker began trying to parallel park his apparently new car a spot or two away from where we were eating our ice cream. I could tell that he was having trouble navigating the space, so I walked over behind his car and directed him into the spot. He got out, said thanks, and I said you’re welcome.