January 17, 2020 | Casey Fletcher

People Share The One Thing They Will Never, Ever Do Again

It's always nice to try new things. We only live once, so we might as well make the most of it. We will never know what we like and what we don't like if we don't give different things a try. Besides, we've nothing to lose... for the most part. People from around the world took to the internet to share the one thing they will never, ever do again. Their stories are examples of how attempts at something new don't always end positively or on a good note. From terrifying near-misses to lost faiths in relationships, these tales will surely have you thinking twice before you tap into your adventurous side.

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#1 Never Settle

Starting a relationship with somebody purely because they showed interest in me. I used to be so desperate for love, but I finally found out that starting a relationship out of desperation ends up being horrible for each person involved. The best way to start a relationship is because you're interested in them. And that doesn't necessarily mean you find that immediately upon meeting them—sometimes you just have to talk to them for a bit. It's not the same for everyone. I met my girlfriend because she wrote that she liked sea shanties and I thought that was interesting.

couple-sitting-on-the-park-bench_800Good Free Photos

#2  One Time Thing

Going to Times Square to see the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. One time was enough for me: it was too cold and too crowded. You have to go super early to get a good spot. One of my friends went once and said she saw some people go #1 in bottles. My brother lives in NYC and says Time Square is a nightmare on NYE. Also, there was nowhere to go to the washroom and some tipsy chick threw up all over one of my boots.

1280px-Times_Square_Ball_from_aboveWikimedia Commons

#3 Giving Up

Giving up who I am for a relationship. I've been married three times (I am older than most of you here) and I will never get in another relationship. I have no interest in meeting anyone or going on dates. I am content being single and being happy with my two dogs. The beauty of being human is that we can choose to make of it what we will.


#4 A Rash Decision

Quitting a job just because I was having a rough week. Then living off my savings until it's too late. I ran out of money before getting desperate enough to find another gig.  I'm living off savings for the second time. The first time I quit. The second time I got fired. I'm really good at what I do when I'm relatively well, but I haven't been well for a long time.

1280px-Businessman_leaving_the_office_(Unsplash)Wikimedia Commons


#5 Bittersweet Ending

Buying nice jewelry as a gift early in a relationship... I did it a couple of months before her birthday and things fell apart massively between us. I never gave it to her. It stayed in my closet, just haunting me for months. Then, things started getting better, so I gave it to her as a parting gift because she's moving across the country. She loved it, so I guess it ended up okay.


#6 Office Dating

I recently had an interview for a job over the phone, and a question that came up was: "Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?" The question itself was weird to me, but I still answered and said no. The woman then responded: ''Well there are a lot of ladies here, you're gonna love it.'' I got hired but it's still weird. Guess I'll see on Monday.


#7 No Love For Greyhounds

Taking a Greyhound bus, instead of any other option. It was a one hour trip from Portland to Salem. The bus was three hours late both ways. I would have paid $150+ to Uber both ways instead had I known it would be like that. Crawling through broken glass is better than taking a Greyhound. I will never, ever do that again.


#8 A Hiking Mystery

Hitchhiking 6,000 miles across Canada and back. It was just any other summer in my teens. I don't think that I am interesting enough a person to write a book, nor as vain as you need to be to think anybody wants to read about your life. I don't really want to write about why I had to go or why I came back because it's not very light, subject-wise. While I don't mind telling people on the internet that I did it, I really don't want to have to relive that time in my life, because it was quite traumatic.


#9 Lack Of Courtesy

Trying to stay friends with people who don't make an effort to stay friends. As an adult, you really just move on and just appreciate the friends you have. Before people hit me with the "people are busy" argument, the context of this is that some of the friends I have made plans with don't even reply to me when I ask them on the day itself. Like, one of my friends who I was going to the movies with didn't reply to any of my texts even when I was on my way, so I just watched by myself. I didn't receive any explanation for this even in the following days or like, ever. I don't think it's being busy, but a lack of courtesy.



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#10 Segway? No Way

A Segway tour of anything. It’s standing mostly still the entire time. I can walk for quite a while with no issue, but just standing still for two to three hours? Not for me. I’m sure many people can do it no problem. For me, after an hour, my feet and back started to ache and I wished I had walked instead. We ended up walking around the second day and had a lot more fun.



#11 Dangerous Driving

Driving while very tired. I once had a pretty long drive after only getting like an hour of sleep the night before and ended up nodding off at the wheel. I drove off the road into a small ditch. Thankfully, there was no one else on that small highway, so nobody got hurt, but it made me realize just how dangerous it could be. It's almost as bad as driving while tipsy.


#12 A Hot Mistake

I ate a chunk of a Carolina Reaper before it was officially declared the hottest pepper. I'll never do something like that again, for sure. I've since learned that the capsaicin can cause secondary responses like blistering when your body tries to protect itself from the "burns." I can imagine complications from those sorts of responses in your lungs leading to death.


#13 Do It Yourself

Going on a prescribed tour of a foreign country. I took a tour once through England, Scotland, and Wales. It was my first time in Europe, so I thought it would be a good intro, but it was terrible. I spent too much time in rathole tourist traps and not enough time in the cool places we saw. I was also stuck on the bus with people I was really tired of. I've been back to Europe many times, all planned on my own. It was MUCH better...

Tourists_in_Trier,_GermanyWikimedia Commons

#14 Shed Nights

Sleeping in my shed. My neighbor threatened to steal my lawnmower, so last summer I spent most nights sleeping in my shed protecting my lawnmower. I had a little army cot that I slept on. Nowadays, I can think of like 30 better alternatives to dealing with this situation than sleeping in the shed.


#15 Lowering Standards

Lowering my standards when it comes to relationships. Making myself crazy trying to please some jerk that isn't really all that into me in the first place. I would rather be alone. Nowadays, I take mixed signals as a "NO." Even if she doesn't say it or know it, it's a no. At best, she does have feelings but doesn't have a healthy attitude towards anything like that. At worst, she likes the attention and is stringing you along.


#16 An Expensive Overreaction

Calling a help hotline in a crisis. They basically coaxed me into making it sound like I was planning something when I really just needed someone to talk to. They sent the cops to my place, who then forced me to the hospital. Now I'm sitting on $6K in bills just for sitting in a bed overnight at a hospital after thinking I was doing a smart thing by reaching out for help.



#17 Tall Grass

I'll never let the grass grow so tall again before mowing it. It's far more difficult to mow when it's high. Mine took two to three passes with the mower because I'd let it go too long.


#18 Handy Dandy

Installing a dishwasher. I'm moderately handy at best, and to be fair, I did successfully remove the old dishwasher and install the new one... but holy cow, what a freaking pain. I must have had to push it in and pull it out a dozen times to get everything plugged in and lined up before finally getting the feet all in place. That was easily the worst $75 I ever saved doing something myself.


#19 Accepting My Fate

Honestly, roller coasters. I’ve done it enough to know that I absolutely hate it, so at this point, I just accept my fate as a freaking loser. I had so many people tell me that I just need to keep riding them and I would enjoy it. I rode lots of roller coasters for a few years and it never got better, I hated every second of it. It's just not for me, and that's that.


#20 Not A Fan Of Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas. I have never disliked a place more. It was like a garbage dump sprinkled with a misplaced shipment of Louboutin heels. And don't assume I spent my entire time there on The Strip... This description doesn't only apply to that part of Las Vegas.

Welcome_to_Fabulous_Las_VegasWikimedia Commons

#21 Just Do It

Unfortunately for me, it's probably skydiving. Not because I disliked it or am injured or anything, oh no! I did it once and had an absolute blast! It's just like one of those moments in life where you put away a favored toy and tell it you'll play with it again tomorrow, but somehow inside you know you'll never touch it again. The one likely escape from this is that I've slowly been nudging my mom towards giving it a try. She's mostly just worried it will somehow screw up her knees and she won't be able to do marathons anymore, but as her knees age anyway, it's getting more tempting.


#22 Live Food

Eating that raw octopus dish. I was in Korea when I did it but I know they have a really similar thing in japan. Their little suction cup things would grip your teeth and you had to chew the hell out of it. it didn’t even taste good, it was just sort of nothing. I’m glad I did it just so I can say I did, but I’d never do it again. It's just not worth it.



#23 It Runs Deeper

Playing with someone else's feelings. Sadly, there was this girl I was interested in a few years ago who was my type and also shared the same interests as me. We were into each other, but I was a huge jerk. One day, she sent me an essay long text about her feelings, problems, and how she loved me, but I didn't see that as a warning sign. I found out later on that she ended herself and erased everything about me so no one could connect us to each other.


#24 Claustrophobic Fears

Having a closed MRI. I was never claustrophobic until the best medical science could offer was to jam me into a tiny coffin full of weird loud noises for what felt like thirty hours. Open MRI or put a bullet in me, because that was blatant torture.  It has scarred me for life. I had three panic attacks in there and cried while doing my best not to move. I still didn't use that "emergency button" because I didn't want to have to come back to do it again.


#25 A Scary Jump

Bungie jumping. I like heights and speed... But the feeling in the pit of my stomach the second I stepped off the platform was absolutely awful. I did not like it one bit. What's worse is I recently saw a video filmed somewhere in China where the bungee tourist jumped but wasn’t latched on with the safety return cable. I'm not sure if he or she survived the incident.


#26 Tea Over Coffee

Drinking black coffee. I am a 100% tea person. Drank black coffee once. ONCE. My head kept on spinning for the next two days. I wasn't able to do anything other than laying on my bed eyes closed for three days. My head would start spinning soon after I would open my eyes. I'm weird. I know.


#27 A Really Bad Fall

Roller skating. I took my then nine-year-old son on a chilly January day, just to get out of the house. He started to fall, so I tried to catch him. I ended up with a broken arm, a shattered wrist, and three surgeries putting in plates. I had adverse reactions to said hardware, then had to take the plates out, which resulted in a crooked wrist and broken bone shards in my arm forever. I did become ambidextrous but I'm forever in pain and embarrassed by my scars and weird wrist. Kids bounce. Moms do not.


#28 Not For Better, Only For Worse

Getting married. Why? Because marriage was absolutely the worst experience of my life. She lied, spent money like she wasn't going to wake up tomorrow, cheated, took numerous trips without me (supposedly with family, but I question that), and was completely unsupportive. As I look at my life, I question the need for a relationship... What do I have to gain? Not much at all. What do I have to lose? Everything. There isn't much upside if any at all.


#29 Skipping The Slopes

Skiing. It resulted in the most painful experience of my life. I fell twice on my shoulder and now I have a permanent, slightly herniated disc that has caused me back issues for the last 10 years. If I could go back and never have gone skiing, I would.


#30 Bleach Problems

Bleaching my hair. It was black, really thick, all one length, down to my butt. I’d been dying it blonde. I’d never bleached my hair before, ever. I bleached it four times, 30 volume. I got it pretty blonde around my face, then after some time I chopped all of that hair completely off due to extreme damage. My hair will never be the same now.

Bleaching My HairFlickr

#31 Leading On

I dated this girl for a year. She was a really caring, cool, fun and low maintenance; like one of the guys. I enjoyed her company, so I kept her around, but I knew she wasn’t the woman for me and that I’d never get really serious with her. At the year mark, she told me she loved me. I had to explain that I didn’t feel the same way and that I didn’t think we should see each other anymore. She begged me not to go and said she didn’t want me out of her life, but I couldn’t keep her on the hook anymore, so I left. I’ve never felt more guilty in my life.


#32 Joykills

Drinking with family. I don’t drink with my parents, but sometimes with older siblings and cousins (I’m 18, by the way). They’re never as relaxed and laid back as when I drink with my friends. I also can’t be myself either. It’s just a stressful and annoying situation for me every time. There are just some things you can do with friends that you can't really do with family.

Family Reunion - Chamonix 2018Flickr

#33 Ignoring The Red Flags

Trying to make a serious relationship happen with somebody who was nowhere near interested in having one. Ignoring all of the red flags and toxic behaviors he displayed from the beginning. Giving him way too many second chances. I wasted a good six months of my life on that loser. I'm glad I cut him out of my life. I will never make the same mistake again, for the sake of my sanity.


#34 Ready For Commitment

One-night stands. From here forward, I want commitment and regularity and I don’t care how long I have to wait for it. I know what I want. No shame to anyone who enjoys casual hookups. They’re just not for me.


#35 No Roller Coasters, Please

Riding a roller coaster. I'm really sad about it. I had back surgery last year and though I've recovered and am doing quite well, I am absolutely terrified of the thought of going through that again. Summer is here and seeing the commercials for the parks with real roller coasters (Cedar Point) just makes me sad. But I'm grateful for my healing and health.


#36 Love Is Not For Me

Acting on my attraction to someone. I haven't done it since I was 14 or 15. I'm 23 now. The idea of a relationship seems all dreamy, lovely and you feel warm and fuzzy inside, usually. But when you remember how it usually goes, how it becomes nightmarish when the person doesn't like you back and that horrid desperation you feel. Yeah, that's enough for me to give up the idea in the first place.


#37 Lost Confidence

Talking to a girl I'm interested in. I'm autistic and therefore have practically no charisma, but something recently possessed me to reach out to a girl from my music history class who I briefly chatted with a handful of times (not even asking her out, mind you; just letting her know I didn't want to lose contact with her over the summer since we're both graduating). She didn't respond and hasn't said a word to me since. I also tried something similar during my sophomore year of high school, but I came off way too strong and she avoided me afterward. Clearly it's not something I'm meant to do, so I won't, and I'll be fine with it.


#38 Not Worth The Money

Moving to California. I moved out with the fiance after graduating college for his tech job, then moved back to the Midwest a few months later. The cost of living, traffic, and pollution weren't worth the money.


#39 A Partnership Is Enough

Getting married! I was married for 11 years. The biggest thing I learned is that I don't believe in marriage. I love my partner and I plan to stay with him indefinitely, but we're not getting married. (He doesn't believe in marriage either).


#40 One Kid Is Enough

Having a baby. I love my kid, but man has it been way harder than I ever imagined. He cried nonstop for over a year. Doctors called it "colic" cool, some generic thing that has no cure and no reason. Then he turned into a toddler. Toddlers are basically tiny tipsy people that are constantly trying to hurt themselves and not doing anything they are supposed to. They have meltdowns about putting on shoes like 99% of the time. I love my kid and I am happy with how it all turned out. But I wouldn't do it again for a million dollars.


#41 Unsafe Travels

Going to Egypt. I went some time in 1999 for a month... It was THE thing I always wanted to do. Now, that place has gone to heck for tourists... I would not feel safe at all, and I don't think it will ever be particularly safe again in my lifetime. It's a shame, though—I would love to go back and see more.


#42 Heed The Warning Labels

I sat in the back of a UTV that flipped. The roll cage landed on my leg and I broke my ankle. I guess there are warning labels for a reason.


#43 Four Sucks

I will never again order the four-piece chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A. Four is simply not enough nuggets. Four nuggets is just enough to get you frustrated. Especially considering all of the honey mustard sauce that is leftover.


#44 No Hope Left

Seeking out a relationship. It is mentally devastating to a mind that is already a barren wasteland of defeat and scarring from previous attempts.


#45 The Ed Hardy Gift

I was a dumb young teenager one summer with a job and no responsibilities. I bought my then-girlfriend an Ed Hardy dog tag necklace that she had been eyeing in the mall one day and gave it to her for our one-month anniversary. She liked it and still has it almost 10 years later. She's now my fiancee, we're getting married this fall. We've gone through some ups and downs over the years, and both freely admit that we were idiots back then.


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