People Share The Most Disrespectful Thing Someone Else Has Done In Their Home

When visiting in someone else’s home, most guests have the courtesy to be as polite as possible. However, as they become more familiar with their hosts, they start to get a little too comfortable. While it isn’t uncommon to see a good friend acting at ease and doing things that push the bounds of politeness, newcomers to a home are generally expected to be on better behavior.

Unfortunately, not all people fully understand this. Some think it completely alright to act disrespectful; even to the point where they start doing things they would never do in their own house. The stories below were written by people who played host to someone who did something so disrespectful in their house that they felt the need to share their horror and disbelief with the world.

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#1 Piggy Looter

My wife’s cousin was staying at our house because he was going through marital problems. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard some change rattling. He walked down the hall with my five-year-old’s piggy bank. He was taking money from my daughter’s piggy bank to buy adult beverages and smokes.


#2 Swallowing The Present

Back in college, my roommates and I hosted a birthday party for a mutual friend at our apartment. Earlier that day, we gifted her a pet goldfish because she had been talking about getting a fish. Fast forward to later in the night: our male friend, let’s call him Mike, decided he needed to find a way to impress our other friend, who we’ll call Darla.

Mike tried every lame joke and pick up line on Darla and failed time and time again. Then, he saw the goldfish in the tank and scooped him up in his hand. He said, “Check this out, Darla!” He then plopped the fish into his mouth and swallowed it alive. My roommate and I immediately rushed over and start trying to make Mike puke the fish back up. Darla quickly made it for the door and left the party. Sadly, that fish met its doom in Mike’s stomach that night. He never apologized, although he did complain about severe stomach issues for several days afterward.


#3 Clean Up On The Upper Deck

My buddy from college was traveling through town and stayed with my wife and me for the weekend. We didn’t do anything crazy; we just hung out and remembered our college years. A few days after he left, my guest bathroom reeked. It took a while to figure out, but we finally discovered that he had left an upper decker left for us. Disgusting.


#4 One Rude Guest Becomes Many

She invited a bunch of guys over, despite me asking her not to. She let them in while I was in the shower, so I did not realize they were in my house. She then took one into my housemate’s bedroom and locked the door, which was super disrespectful to my housemate who had so kindly offered her room. When I got out of the shower, one of the guys was in my bed! I was like dude, get the heck out of my bedroom. He refused and said my friend told him he could stay there. I was so not okay with that. I physically had to push him out of my house.


#5 No Touching My Plugs!

I had a guest over one time who constantly unplugged my electronics. First, it was the thermostat (she didn’t like the sound the water heater made), then the WiFi (the CIA was snooping on her), and finally my fridge (she was saving the environment). She kept telling me I needed to live greener and I just straight up told her that was not her call to make.


#6 Cheap And Effective Dishes

One night, the girls who lived in the apartment across the hall brought a friend with them to hang with us. As soon as she walked in, she screamed, “This will be hilarious. College guys always get the bad hand-me-down dishes from their parents!” She walked into the kitchen, began pulling out pans and dishes, then howled at how old and ratty they were. Our friends were mortified. When they tried to talk to her, she talked louder. After 30 seconds of this lunacy, my roommate and I told her to leave. She threw a giant fit and called us jerks.


#7 Food Thievery

I hosted a Sunday football game viewing. I bought all the pizzas and typical snacks. I just wanted people to bring themselves and not worry about having to bring anything. One of my friends came by to just say hello for like, five minutes. She ended up taking two entire pizzas and she even brought her own Tupperware containers to take back dips, chips, wings, and cookies. She said she was taking some food for her boyfriend so he could eat it at her own house while watching THE SAME EXACT FOOTBALL GAME.


#8 The Worst Guest Ever

We had friends over for my girlfriend’s birthday, as well as to celebrate moving into a new apartment together for the first time. A guy we knew from college kept stealing people’s drinks throughout the night and got incoherently tipsy. He lived a couple of hours away but got too tipsy to go home, so we let him stay despite already having a friend from out of town who planned to stay with us.

In the middle of the night, the guy stripped down, forced the other guest off the only air mattress, and went #2 on himself massively. He then tracked footprints all over the apartment, smacked handprints on all the door nobs, including in the bedroom where we were sleeping, covered all our towels, and even went #1 in some places. Oh, but it’s not like he never made it to the bathroom — he left a second, possibly third #2 in the toilet. No flush. No apology.


#9 Switching Reflections

I changed my bathroom mirror because they didn’t like the one I had. My mother-in-law came to visit my then boyfriend and I. I got up in the morning, went to the gym and grabbed some food to make dinner. When I got home, I went to take a shower and discovered she had taken down the bathroom mirror and put up a new one that was really ugly. I wrapped myself in a towel and switched it back. She asked me why I did that and I told her it wasn’t my mirror. I gave her the other one back.


#10 Late And Full

My mom made a huge dinner for my aunt and cousins. They showed up two hours late, then told my mom, “Oh sorry, the boys can’t eat that much right now.” They just went into our fridge and made them sandwiches instead. My mom was understandably upset because she had spent hours in the kitchen preparing for them.


#11 Snooping Cousins

When we would host family dinners with certain cousins, we would have to lock every room of the house beside the ones meant for party use. Otherwise, they would go into rooms and look through the drawers randomly. It was pretty minor, but definitely a pet peeve. The thing is, they would leave the drawers open and not even have the decency to close them.


#12 Classic Disrespect And Chauvinism

Years ago, my then boyfriend came over to my house unexpectedly on my mom’s birthday. My siblings and I were busy decorating. He made himself comfortable on the couch and played on the Xbox. He was out of the way so I ignored him. Just before she got home, I made him turn off the console. My mom got home and we did the whole “Surprise!” bit. My boyfriend immediately grabbed the controller, turned the Xbox on, slapped my butt and told me to “get him a drink” as he sat back down on the couch. I snatched the controller out of his hands and told him to go home.


#13 Be Respectful For A Change

A now ex-girlfriend came into my parents home for only the second time and said to my mother, “Wow, it’s tidy in here for a change.” I could see in my mother’s eyes the thought process of how to slap her to the next century without making a scene. Thankfully she laughed it off, but that was a big red flag for me. If you can’t get along with my mom, y0u’re not the one for me.


#14 No Third Chance

My mom went out of the way for one of my acquaintances from high school when he came to a sleepover. He was your copy and pasted version of the World of Warcraft guy from South Park. He didn’t like veggies or cheese (so no pizza) or Chinese food. My mom decided to make all of us fried chicken from scratch. When he got there, he saw the food and said it looked disgusting.

When my mom heard that, she let out a little “Oh.” Immediately, my best friend praised her cooking and thanked her for the food. The next day, my mom decided to try once more to win this kid over. She made an awesome breakfast with eggs, homemade hash browns, sausage, bacon, and pancakes. When the acquaintance woke up, he asked if we had any soda. When she said no, he said he didn’t eat breakfast and asked if he could go play video games instead. My mom said no and that it was time for him to leave. He was never welcome back to the house.


#15 Floor Spitter

I was living in a bachelor pad with a friend. We were in the process of tiling the floor so it was mostly just a concrete slab. The roommate had a mutual friend over and he brought his idiot country cousin. The guy proceeded to spit all over our floor before my roommate caught him doing it. His dumb hillbilly response was, “It’s cement, what’s it gonna hurt?” He genuinely didn’t think he’d done anything wrong.


#16 Disrespect Is Very Uncool

Under the guise of him doing me a favor, I had one old ‘friend’ house sit for me when I was out of town on a job. I returned to a swimming pool full of floating newspapers, drifting garbage throughout the house. Worst of all was, he had ONE job: to take care of my parrot. I had a blue macaw. I found out that the stupid jerk had let my parrot fall in the pool and it nearly drowned.


#17 Drinks, Not Days!

I had the house to myself and asked a distant friend to come over for some drinks. He brought some other people with him. They stayed at my place for three days and I had to stay awake for 72 hours cleaning and making sure nothing got broken. One dude locked me out of my room and slept there with two girls I didn’t invite.


#18 Respect The Effort

A friend’s wife, whom I used to be close with, walked into our house and immediately said, “tI’s not very neat in here.” The same night, when my wife got home from work, she said to my wife, “I’m starting to think that’s the only shirt you own.” Not that egregious on the surface, but my wife and I had just had our twins a few months prior and it was the first time seeing our adult friends, so we were still in some controlled chaos.


#19 Clouds Of Disrespect

She blew the air from her hair dryer into my cat’s face. I told her that wasn’t okay and to never do it again. Then, she promptly did it again. For the second time, I told her not to do that. She responded by blowing the air in my face. When I told her to leave, she said she was just joking around with me, but I really wasn’t having it.


#20 A Definite Pass

I met a cute girl through work. We got along pretty well and there was definitely flirting involved, so I eventually got the nerve to ask her out on a date. We got drinks and eventually ended up at my place. As I was mixing up a couple of cocktails, she just started opening things… drawers, cabinets, my deep freeze. When I asked her what the heck she was doing, she said, “Just seeing whatchu got.” After that, I decided to keep our relationship strictly professional.


#21 The Circuit Thief

My roommates and I threw a huge end-of-year college party. There were about 150 people at our house. Some jerk went into our breaker box, took out the circuits, and ran. All the electricity went out, which was fun for the partygoers, but not for my roommates. Luckily, someone had the wits to chase after him and miraculously found the circuits in the yard.


#22 Don’t Take It If You Won’t Eat It!

I cooked food for three people. The third person started filling his plate with the remaining eggs and most of the potato strings, using his hands to pick up everything up. He took maybe ate two or three bites before proceeding to throw away the plate with 95% of food left on it. Apparently, his stomach hurt and he couldn’t eat.


#23 Parental Cover-up

We had a visit from my fiance’s friend and her family. They had two kids, so we offered them little cake treats. One of the kids didn’t like it and just dropped it, then the father tried to kick the mess under the table. I noticed it and threw them out. I was not going to entertain someone who didn’t have the decency to clean up their own mess.


#24 Serial Food Waster

A friend of mine was kicked out of his house, so I decided to ask my mom if it was okay if he’d stay for two weeks. It was fine, but after four days we threw him out. Why? Every night, he started making food using our groceries. He ate roughly one week of food in three days. Then, when we kicked him out, he went on to one of my best friends.


#25 Call My Dog A Dirty Rat, Will You!?

A former friend of mine yelled at my Pomeranian puppy so loudly that she went potty on the floor out of fear. She yipped a lot but only because at that time she was a seven-month-old ball of fluff that wanted attention. I told her the puppy was just playing around and that she didn’t need to yell. She knew I had a puppy beforehand, and her family bred Bassett Hounds.

After I finished cleaning up the mess, she asked to use the bathroom. On the way there, she kicked over the dog’s food and water dishes… on purpose. She mumbled under her breath that Hannah, the puppy, was a “dirty rat.” I cleaned up that mess and while she was on the commode, I called her dad and told him that he needed to pick up his daughter within an hour. The friendship was promptly terminated.


#26 Kicked The Dog, Kicked Out

I let my best friend stay with me after his dad kicked him out. I live in a one bedroom condo with my dog. My dog and I are inseparable, and he loves people in general too. If he’s sleeping, he wants to be touching someone. I was sitting in a chair playing PlayStation while my friend slept on the couch. My dog jumped onto the couch near my friend’s feet. My friend kicked my dog… hard. We argued over it and he insisted it was justified because the dog was rude for jumping on the couch. I bought him a bus ticket out and haven’t seen him since.


#27 Rearranging And Snooping

My housemate was staying in our university shared house while I stayed with my parents for Easter break. She rearranged all my ornaments and opened a couple of drawers in my room while I was gone. She did it as a joke apparently. When I told her how uncomfortable I was about it, she got super defensive. I locked my room from then on when I was away for more than a day.


#28 An Extremely Sore Loser

I own a home and my boyfriend lives with me. He invited two of his friends over to play board games one day. His one friend decided to come for my throat during the board game and when I outplayed him, he decided to get me back by being obnoxious. I asked him repeatedly to tone it down. He started talking nasty about women and how worthless they were (mind you, I was the only one of the four of us who owned a home).

He also showing sexist YouTube videos to the other friend. This went on for eight hours. After he left, he texted my boyfriend trying to say they couldn’t hang out anymore because he couldn’t respect someone who was with me. He claimed they would never be able to handle being in the same room as me and if they were going to hang out, I couldn’t be there.


#29 Unplanned “Fix”

On our first Christmas in our new house, my father-in-law decided to remove all of the moldings around the front door to check for a leak. I didn’t ask him to since we knew the leak was coming from the porch being incorrectly bolted in and not sealed, but he did it anyway. I had to look at the insulation around the door frame for way longer than I needed to.


#30 It’s My Castle

My brother’s friend came over to our house once (a small bungalow) and hadn’t been in the house for five minutes before remarking, “Your house is pretty small. In Edinburgh, this would be considered a small apartment.” My brother didn’t even have to be told; he just knew never to invite that friend into our home ever again.


#31 Stealing From The Poor And Helpful

We were struggling as it was but we still took him in. He spent a few weeks with us, taking more than his fair share of food and drinks while giving nothing in return. He also stole $10 from me in order to buy. That was the final straw. Ungrateful jerk. We never invited him back to our house again, even though he had nowhere to go.


#32 Food Is For The Grieving

At my in-laws’ house, after my father-in-law’s mom’s funeral, the members of his extended family brought Tupperware to pack up and bring home leftover food from the reception. They didn’t ask, no were they invited to help themselves. They just took it upon themselves to help themselves to all the food, as if that was the only reason they came to the reception in the first place.


#33 Full Until The End

My great aunt, the poor old lady, spent the entire day cooking for a family meal we only had once a year as a tradition. It was the only holiday that all of us get together. They came two hours after they were supposed to come and didn’t eat anything because they went out for dinner instead. Our family had a huge falling out with those specific people because of other reasons, but it sure signaled the end was coming.


#34 Kids Don’t Have To Destructive And Disrespectful

My mom had a few of her friends over for a BBQ. They brought over their nine-year-old kids. The kids proceeded to step on my dogs tail, which really angered me because all they wanted was to get a reaction from my dog. Then, after wasting all the food, they flushed the chicken bones down the drain, and also somehow got into the locked attic where they proceeded to destroy my WiFi router. At the end of the day, my mom was too nice to force the parents to pay for damages, so they just walked off scot-free. When I confronted the parents, they just said, “Kids will be kids.”


#35 Like Owner, Like Pet

An acquaintance of my wife came over once. She had asked if she could bring her dog with her, but we said it was aggressive and didn’t like other animals. We told her she could come but that she should leave her dog at home. She brought the dog with her anyway because apparently, it was his birthday. The dog proceeded to attack my dog. We had to lock our pet in the basement for her protection while her dog sat at our table eating our food. When I confronted her, she just smiled and said, “Oh, things would have been fine if your dog gave my dog a birthday present.”


#36 Not Better, Just A Jerk

Shortly after moving in with the woman I thought I would grow old with, a friend of mine came to see us in our new place and appeared to be instantly smitten with her. He spent the whole time putting me down in front of her, flirting grotesquely with her and repeatedly joked that she’d made a terrible mistake and should come and live with him instead. I put up with it for as long as I could, thinking at first that it was simply his sick sense of humor, but when it became obvious that he wasn’t joking (he repeatedly tried to hug her, though they had never met) I told him to leave. I haven’t spoken to him since.


#37 Whole Cookie Or No Cookie!

I had a friend come over, bite into a cookie, then put it back onto the cookie tray. She didn’t even think they were bad, she just only wanted a bite. I thought to give her a second chance, but she failed that too. She came over a second time and threw out a perfectly good plate of food because she said she was full after two bites. She hasn’t been invited back since.


#38 Snooping Father

My dad came over to my new house for the first time and thought it was okay to just walk into me and my fiance’s bedroom. He snooped around by opening my fiance’s closet and nightstand drawers. He also messed up everything that was inside them, not even caring to put things he displaced back in their proper spots. That was the last time he was allowed over.


#39 Our House, Our Rules

My brother had this friend who came into our house uninvited (another kid invited him without asking my brother). He was obnoxiously rude. He went upstairs with his shoes on, despite the fact that my family has a “no shoes upstairs” rule. My brother and I asked him if he could please take off his shoes, and he just looked at us, all confused. This isn’t your house.


#40 Only A Cat?

A friend from college stayed in our house while he was looking for a job in the area. The only house rule was: Do NOT let the cat out — he’s strictly an indoor cat and he never goes outdoors. We came home one day and found the slider and screen open. Our beloved cat was gone. When he saw how upset and distraught we were, his response was, “It’s only a cat, no big deal!” We kicked him out after that, but we had no idea how we were going to find our cat. Luckily, it wasn’t until many days later that our cat returned home (thin, but safe).


#41 You Burnt It, You Smell It

We came home to something in my house burning. We put it out (with no help from her) and she spent the next two days complaining constantly about how my house smelled like ash. What’s even worse is that she didn’t even offer to pay us for the damage she caused. The fire had actually charred some of our walls. We had to sit her down and force her to listen to us because nothing was getting through her thick head. After hours and hours of arguing, she refused to take accountability for the fire. It’s been years and she still hasn’t paid us.


#42 Well You Certainly Aren’t A Friend

I had people over for a small get together. There were like, six people including myself, and played some card games while watching a movie. We were just chatting and at one point I headed to my bathroom. As I was on my way back, I heard them say, “No wonder he likes having us over, he has no friends.” Think that takes the cake.


#43 Are You Really?

My husband’s friend came over one day and left his shoes on, after being explicitly told that we were a no-shoes-in-the-house family. He took his shoes and scraped their bottoms on my brand new coffee table over and over again. I looked around, and in the most polite voice asked him, “Are you really scraping the bottom of your shoes on my brand new table?”


#44 Offending The Irish

I’m Irish and I finally figured out how you can properly offend us. We had a Mexican student come to stay with us on her year abroad, and her family came in and scrubbed out our living areas as if we aren’t capable of doing it ourselves or something. I get that they probably thought it was a nice gesture, but it was more like a slap to our faces. They were basically calling us dirty without saying it.


#45 My Dogs Are Better Behaved Than You

I was told by a member of my husband’s family that my dogs should be locked up and not allowed to run free in the house. I was so furious I took my dogs into my bedroom and didn’t come back out until she left. My two little dogs were just scared and curious about seeing a new person. It’s not like they were going to bowl someone over or bite them. They were also in MY home and I refuse to have my dogs locked up all day. They are my babies and they behave very well.