March 7, 2023 | Casey Fletcher

People Share The Last Straw That Made Them Say 'You Are Actually Crazy'

As humans, it's only natural to want to see the best in people. Most of us are quick to forgive someone's misgivings, especially if that person is a close relative, friend, significant other, or even a coworker. However, in some cases, it becomes clear that what you initially brushed off as a quirky instance was actually a more serious byproduct of one's actual insanity.

Everyone has a breaking point. Eventually, it becomes impossible to turn a blind eye and rationalize erratic behavior. At a certain point, you have no choice but to face and accept the reality that you've been avoiding. Read on to hear from people who shared what the final straw was for them that finally made them say, "You're actually crazy."


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#45 The Butter Bandit

My ex called the cops on me because she thought I was trying to “poison” her. All I did was buy salted butter instead of unsalted.



#44 Sue-Happy Sally

I was a personal assistant for a woman who was always looking for ways to sue people. One time, I accompanied her while she picked her child up from daycare. She parked in a zone that most parents used as a car line to pick up their kids, and the dad of another child came over and calmly asked her to move her car so that the car line could keep moving. He was completely cool about it, but she still got angry.

My boss ranted all the way home about how the man made her feel unsafe. She even threatened that she’d be contacting her lawyer so she could sue him for emotional distress. I have no clue if she actually went through with it because I quit shortly after her rant. And yes, she threatened to sue me when I quit.



#43 The Christmas Breakup

I went on one date with a woman who, after a few months, called me on Christmas Eve while I was at work to introduce me to her family over the phone as her boyfriend. The one date we went on involved dinner at a restaurant, and she didn't even order anything... She just kept eating my fries. Nothing physical happened and the date ended with a handshake.

When I responded that we were not a couple, she started freaking out and crying about how horrible I was for breaking up with her on Christmas Eve.



#42 The Alien Brother

A man came into the bar I work at. He's a semi-regular and is quite energetic, but harmless. Everything was as normal, he drank his small Sauvignon Blanc and left.

Then things got really weird. He came back a couple of hours later and I asked him if he'd like the same wine he had earlier. He stared at me, dead-eyed and completely silent for maybe 30 seconds before he broke out into laughter. He went on to tell me that I must have confused him for his twin brother and that he himself was, in fact, not even from earth but from another planet. He even said his digestive system was completely different from ours, so he couldn't possibly order anything from the bar.

He's perfectly nice and respectful, but he's definitely crazy.




#41 Bartering With A Dead Bird

I was eating at a local Subway when a woman went up to the counter and pulled a dead bird from her coat, asking what type of sub she could get for it. The teenager working behind the counter was shocked and started yelling at her to leave since the dead bird was an obvious health hazard. She got mad and stormed off, mumbling angrily under her breath.



#40 An Impossible Pregnancy

There was one girl I met during my teenage years who was absolutely crazy. We chatted for like, 30 seconds exchanged phone numbers. and texted each other back and forth for a few months before I went to college. We never met once during that time.

Out of nowhere, she dropped the "I love you" text. Obviously, I felt weird about the whole situation because we'd only exchanged like, 20 to 30 texts and all of it was just small talk. I didn't know how to respond, so I just left the conversation as it was.

A few hours later, she sent another text that read; "Mr. Bretten, I'm pregnant."

At that point, my red flag detector went off. I tried to end the relationship by sending one last "Okay" text and leaving it at that, but a minute later she replied: "I think it's yours, and if you don't come back to take care of me, I'm going to kill myself."

I deleted her off everything after that.



#39 Poet Turned Cat

I worked at a gas station when I was in high school. Every day around the same time, this really cute guy would come in for the restroom, then head back out. Eventually, we started getting friendly with one another and he’d stop to chat with me. It got to a point where he'd ask me if I wanted to hear his poems. He'd recite them, then I’d gush about how great they were and he’d go about his way.

This guy was so gorgeous that he clouded my judgment. His poems made no sense and got weirder as time went on. My coworker even urged me to stop being so friendly to him as he gave her the creeps, but I ignored her.

This went on for months until one day, he ran in with his hair in pigtails and cat-type whiskers drawn on his face and locked himself in the bathroom for over an hour. I knocked on the door several times but he wouldn't come out. After some time, he finally, he came out clutching a half-dissolved urinal cake up to his ear and said, “Someone left me a clue. I finally found it! Farewell!” Then he ran away down the street and we never saw him again.



#38 The HeadBanger

My college roommate tried to annoy the girls living in the dorm next to us by repeatedly banging his head on the wall. I don't even know why he hated them, he just did.



#37 Breakups Are Tough

My boyfriend's ex-girlfriend showed up at his house and wanted to get back with him. He declined of course. He tried to leave to go to work but she got in the car with him. He repeatedly told her to get out but she refused. Then, she started hitting him while he was driving to work.

Luckily, the cops were around the corner. They arrested her.

The next day, she called my boyfriend crying on the phone, apologizing for everything.

Then, the day after that, she called my boyfriend again, screaming at him, saying that it was all his fault that she was in jail.

After all that, she left us alone. Thank goodness.




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#36 Furious Over Failed High-Five

She literally tried to break my wrist at a party for not high-fiving her. My wrist hurts just thinking about it. I think she did Jiu Jitsu or something because damn. Ow.




#35 Bad Thoughts

He accused me of having bad thoughts about him, completely out of the blue while we were cooking together. A few days later he also said I was at fault for ruining our friendship because he saw in my eyes that I was judging him...



#34 Morbid Morgue Worker

I was on a date with this guy who said he enjoyed staring at dead bodies because it aroused him. What's even worse is that he worked at a morgue.

I didn't report him, because I was too shocked to take action at the time. The last I heard of him, he was put in a psych ward. I don't know if he was caught doing something to a corpse or if he realized he needed help.



#33 The Copycat Coworker

This girl I worked with was obsessed with copying me. We started our jobs in the same department on the same day, so we trained together. At the time, I was engaged and my wedding was within a month of our start date. She then convinced her mentally crazy boyfriend to get married to her just so she could "level the playing field."

After I left that position, she quickly got pregnant, gave birth, then had a divorce. She clearly got pregnant just so she could be the one everyone talked about in the office.



#32 Crazy Cat Lady

One of my former coworkers was crazy. She was nice enough but didn't progress beyond a grade school education. She was married to a man 20 years older than her and they lived in a trailer park.

She kept coming in every six to seven months trying to give away the kittens her cats kept producing. After some time, I finally asked her why she didn't get her cats fixed. She replied, "Oh, we did that, but his balls grew back."

The saddest part was, she and her husband would abandon any kittens they couldn't find homes for.



#31 A Friend Resurfaced

I hadn't heard from my friend in six months. He was smart and super weird, but I quite like people like that so we hung out a fair bit.

Then my colleague sent me an article...

"Police seeking man for false imprisonment and grievous bodily harm."

I saw his mugshot. It was my friend! Who came to my birthday party. It was a really surreal feeling.

He's in a psychiatric ward now awaiting trial.



#30 Pantsed By Grandma

There have been a few instances when I was convinced my grandma was crazy. She did all sorts of bizarre things.

For example, when I was at my sister's wedding as a groomsman, she snuck up behind me and pulled my pants down in front of everyone.




#29 Conspiracy Nut

My mother genuinely believes in the most outlandish conspiracies. I think she watches too many History Channel documentaries.


Image result for ufoSETI

#28 Strict About Sheets

My boyfriend didn’t like it when I messed up the sheets every time I got out of his bed. He had a king bed against the wall, so I had to crawl out from the bottom of the bed. He wanted me to tell him whenever I wanted to get out so I could crawl over him while he gingerly held up the sheets.

One time, we got intimate and it got really hot so I kicked the sheets off. He stopped in the middle of things to say, “I told you not to kick the sheets.” Ummm... I told him most guys wouldn’t care if I made a toga out of their sheets as long as I was naked. The guy was so uptight.



#26 Suffocated By Sticky Notes

I know a girl who used post-its to keep track of the stuff she needed to do. She would write something like "Do Laundry" on a post-it and put it on the refrigerator or something.

One day, I went to her house and she had post-its everywhere... Her walls were literally wallpapered with them—the fridge, throw pillows, the bathroom mirror; even in her car, where she covered all of the windows to the point of no visibility.



#25 Delusional Driver's Ed Teacher

Driver's Education class. Our instructor was older and definitely more than a little off. He'd show us highway patrol videos of horrific accidents, then explain that if people had simply used their blinkers and brakes, those sorts of things wouldn't happen. He was also very aggressive when riding shotgun in the training car, taking no issue with slamming on brakes in the middle of an intersection to prove a point.

But the moment that revealed he was officially cray-cray was when, during a lecture, he asked the class why it was wrong to pass between two freight trucks on the interstate. He got genuinely mad when we didn't know the "right" answer, which he explained was: "Eisenhower! He designed the whole interstate system so that parts of it could be used as runways during times of war! Do you think you could see a plane landing on the highway if you were between two semi-trucks? No! You couldn't! You'd just get crushed by the landing gear of the plane, and chances are, you'd cause the deaths of everyone aboard that aircraft as well!"

Needless to say, crazy. And I still look up when passing between two semi-trucks.



#24 Off The Rails Into A Taxi

When my sister ran out of an Indian restaurant without paying, she tried to get into a taxi but the driver refused her because she was being rude towards him. She then punched him in the face, stole his keys, and attempted to drive away with the taxi. She also didn't have a driving license at the time.

This was about 15 years ago. She's fine now.



#23 Motherless Mother's Day

I dated someone for a couple of years. She legitimately was heartbroken that I didn’t say "Happy Mother’s Day" to her one year. She never had children.



#22 Don't Slam The Door

Thirty minutes after meeting my now ex-roommate, he told me very seriously that he would call the cops on me if I slammed the door to my room.



#21 Getting Cozy In The Freezer

A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend. She decided to freeze herself in his top-opening freezer. She just sat in there, closed the top, then opened it again after five seconds to get a blanket because it was "too cold." She took the blanket with her into the freezer.



#20 The Paranoid Coworker

My co-worker accused me of hacking him and spying on his family. I've only talked to him maybe three times, but he was trying to convince HR that I had access to his devices and was controlling his life. I also somehow managed to set off his kitchen timer?



#19 The Facebook Psychic

I know someone who spoke to a psychic over Facebook chat. She couldn’t understand how this psychic, who is on her Facebook friends list and can see her entire profile where she posts everything about her life, knew everything about her life.

She wanted to believe in the psychic so much she never even stopped to think about it for more than two seconds.



#18 Natural Reaction

I tried to break up with him so he tried to drive us off a bridge.



#17 Week-Long Bender

I had a girlfriend that wanted to be "tipsy for a week straight." I took this as a joke until she actually started doing it. We broke up and shortly after, and she was arrested for being involved in some group crime... I wish I was making this up.



#16 Denial Turned Delusion

My friend told us he was "so good at lying" that he could lie to himself. When he was in school, he used to feel guilty about not doing his homework so he would continue to tell himself that he did his homework... until he became genuinely confused.



#15 Plants And Poison

We had a next door neighbor who was always a little nutty but we assumed it was just her personality. Eventually, she started accusing us of poisoning her plants and she even called 911 several times. She also sprinkled poison on the other neighbor's lawn and put up tons of security cameras. Thankfully. she moved away.



#14 The Fallacy Of A Fairytale

I knew this girl a few years ago. She was beautiful, fun, easy to talk to, and we spent hours on the phone. She was obsessed with needing to be married and pregnant by 30. Problem was, she refused to leave her house. She'd been living with her parents, never had a job, didn't have money, and was determined to stay in her room until the perfect man came to get her and took her to the perfect house. She didn't know how this would work, she just expected to have a three-year relationship over the phone, then get married without ever actually meeting each other. She also said she would never need a job and that she'd live with her parents until they died, then live with her brother.

In the end, I broke it off. I'd have given almost anything to be with a girl like her but the bar was just too high.



#13 The Needy Husband

My husband asked me to rush home immediately while I was spending time with my mom after my dad passed away. He said he was feeling terribly ill. I arrived home and he was holding his head, not moving or speaking like he was suffering from a migraine or something. I started to make some tea and he sat outside for a bit before divulging that he felt fine and was only testing me to see if I would prioritize him above anyone else. Unfortunately, he didn’t wave his crazy flag until after we were married.



#12 Mom's Takeover

My dad owns a small auto shop and has a few employees. He had surgery and while he was in the hospital, my mom tried to forge documents saying my dad was handing over his small business to her. She notarized them, then showed up to the shop in just a bathrobe yelling that she owned the place.



#11 The Eye-Color Cameleon

She told me she could change the color of her eyes depending on what mood she was in. She was being serious. I wasn't sure how the conversation might go if I mentioned that her eyes were always the same color. I guessed not well.



#10 Negative Aura Impacting Business

The manager at a job I had about 10 years ago once told me that my negative aura was blocking the parking lot and that's why business was slow.

This was because one morning before the store even opened, she asked how I was, and I said I was a little bit tired.

I was let go a couple weeks later because she just couldn't get over it. That job was miserable anyway, mostly because of her, so I was happy to leave.



#9 Interested In Rescuing A Cartoon

I volunteer at an animal shelter. One lady came in asking if we had any small dogs. I said no and explained that they always get adopted quickly because many people are looking for small dogs. She then asked when new small dogs would be coming in. While this was already a stupid question (because we don’t order dogs), it’s not an uncommon question.

What made me think she was nuts was when she pointed at a picture of a cartoon Yorkshire terrier and asked, "What about this dog? Where is he? I want to see him!" It was clearly a cartoon dog that was badly colored by a toddler.



#8 Skyping Herself

She created a Skype account and messaged herself from it, pretending it was me. She would then get genuinely angry about the stuff that the fake Skype account sent to her. The account she controlled. I didn’t even have Skype at the time.



#7 The Moon Manipulator

She took me outside to show me how she could channel the moon.



#6 Heartless Toward Sick Friend

My ex-roommate told me that she wouldn't let her HIV+ best friend stay over for two weeks if he got kicked out of his place because he wouldn't be able to pay her $430 in rent. She knew that he was paying over $200 for his meds because he didn't have insurance.

She straight up told me, "He wouldn't be able to afford his meds if he was paying rent here. He would die on my couch and I'm not letting him stay here without paying rent."

This was her best friend who had done so much for her and had been there through thick and thin.



#5 Permanent Warning

My ex-girlfriend got “crazy” tattooed on herself.



#4 Homeless Over Waffles

My mom kicked me out of the house because I kept messing up whenever I tried making waffles. My relationship with her is complicated.



#3 The Wirey Camera

A tenant in my building thought I was spying on him because he found a "camera" in the walls when he smashed them in. The "camera" he was referring to was actually just a bunch of electrical wires. He said I had something to do with it because he saw me closing my door when he was having a fight with his girlfriend.



#2 Catty Behavior

My ex told me via text that my cat was hit by a car and killed as a prank. He did it from another person’s phone to make it seem like it really happened. When I got his text, I was at work at the end of a 15-hour shift. He thought it was hilarious that I freaked out and cried.

The only good thing was it wasn’t true.



#1 Feeding The Homeless

My sister is a nurse and there was a patient who cut off the tips of her fingers, added them to her chili, then tried to give it to a homeless person.




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