People Share The Fastest They’ve Witnessed Someone Ruin Their Life

Every one of us has witnessed another person make a mistake. In some cases, we are able to anticipate that the situation will not end well. Other times, we end up just as surprised by the consequences.

However, have you ever witnessed someone make a mistake so huge that it ruined their lives? Have you seen anyone do something that was so wrong that you knew they would never be able to recover from it? The following stories are of people who have seen someone screw up so badly that even just reading about them will make you cringe.

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#1 From Valedictorian To Inmate

A month after graduating, the valedictorian of my high school took his savings and drove to California where he bought a ton of illicit substances to bring back home and sell. He got caught coming back somewhere in Iowa and got sentenced to 15 years in prison for trafficking illicit substances across state lines.



#2 Not-So-Friendly Neighbor

A young guy with a big truck (and a loud stereo) was tailgating an old woman in her car who lived on his street. She parked at her house, got out of her car, and yelled, “Was it worth it?”

The guy replied, “Screw you!” He literally saved only two seconds by tailgating her.

An hour later, her 65-year-old husband went over to talk to him. The young guy opened his door and without saying anything hit the old man a few times in the head with a baseball bat. The old man was bloody, but okay.

The young guy went to jail for a few years for elderly abuse and assault with a deadly weapon. His wife divorced him, which resulted in him losing a ton of money because she had the kids. She sold the house because the incident haunted her so much she couldn’t bear to live in that neighborhood anymore.

He saved two seconds of driving but lost his wife, job, house, freedom, and kids.



#3 Daredevil Failure

I was playing at a friend’s house. There were a bunch of dudes riding around on bikes and whatnot. One kid wanted to do a flip off a ramp on his bike. He had no helmet, but he attempted it anyway.

He landed on his back with his bike on top of him. You could hear the sickening crunch on impact. We called the paramedics. He couldn’t do anything except lay there, crying. My friend’s mom didn’t let me go home while they were loading him in the ambulance and tried to keep us inside.

We later find out that he’s paralyzed from the neck down.



#4 Ruined Over A Burger

A guy drove up and tried to cut in front of several people in the drive-thru of a Whataburger. A security guard approached and told him several times to go to the back of the line. Instead of obeying him, the guy decided it would be a better idea to ruin the rest of his life. He tried to run over the security guard to force his way further into the line. The security guard thankfully evaded and the guy had trapped himself in the drive-thru lane.

He never got his burger. He sat at the window waiting for it until the police came and arrested him. If he wasn’t screwed already, he made sure he was once the police arrived. He was extremely uncooperative and had a brief standoff with them. I’m pretty sure he got a DUI in addition to whatever kind of attempted assault charges they were going to press on him.



#5 Good Advice

It was my friends birthday. We got super tipsy. His friend offered him a ride home when he wanted to leave.

He ghosted. No one knew where he went.

Turned out, he got into his own car and drove home… or, at least, tried to. He hit a tree on a road that had a speed limit of 30 mph. Police said he must have been going 70 mph. They think he passed out.

He’s not smart anymore. He’s Forrest Gump now. He can walk, but he knows he’ll never play sports. He gets upset when he forgets names. He’s never going to be independent and he knows it.

Don’t drink and drive.


#6 Launched And Broken

A group of high schoolers went hill-hopping in some dude’s Jeep. Two of them weren’t wearing seatbelts, so when they hit a tree going 80 mph, the driver died and the other guy broke all of his limbs.

The worst part: the driver’s girlfriend was riding shotgun. She wore her seatbelt and survived unharmed. However, now she’s gonna have to carry that mental trauma with her for the rest of her life.


#7 Just Wear A Helmet

My friend went skateboarding without a helmet. He fell, suffered a traumatic brain injury, spent months in rehab and currently has seizures. He was a successful mechanic, but now he’s no longer able to work on machinery, which was his passion. Now lives in his very small hometown with his parents and has an unfiltered personality, which makes building meaningful relationships almost impossible for him.


#8 Not Worth A Little High

My shipmate in the Navy was caught using illicit substances after his test came out positive. He was given 45 days restriction, extra duty, slashed pay for two months and a demoted rank.

“Screw them,” I remember him saying as he lit one up on the pier. 30 days later, he was screened again.

Instead of doing his last two months then getting his Honorable Discharge, he was out two weeks later with a bad conduct charge because he told the Captain to screw off and threw a punch.

He was given a choice: take the bad conduct charge or go before a Court Martial. He screwed up his life.


#9 Father’s The First Domino

My ex started doing illicit substances and in six months time, we lost our home. He now faces seven felony theft charges. We also broke up our 20-year marriage. He screwed up his life, my life, and our children’s lives for the selfish decisions he made. We were doing the best that we had ever done financially and now I’m forced to start over from scratch. Our kids are embarrassed by their father.


#10 Almost Had It Turned Around

My brother was a felon at the young age of 18 for distribution and firearms. He was in and out of jail for 15 years.

When he turned 33, he had a complete turnaround. He did the church thing, became a contractor, and made like, $150K a year his first three years.

One night, he got into an argument with his wife and she left him. He got angry and bought a bottle.

When his neighbor came over to check on him, he found him in his basement firing his illegally-obtained firearms at photos and trinkets.

The neighbor called the cops. My brother ended up in a standoff with them for a few hours.

Now he is looking at a plea bargain of eight years…


#11 Biggest Prank Was On Himself

There was a kid at my high school who was a football player. He was a funny kid, but sort of dumb too. We were seniors and ready to go off to college and he was going to play football at a school in the next state over. Then, he got into doing “prank videos” and essentially posted videos of himself vandalizing stores, walking up to random people and saying stupid things to them, making messes in public places, etc. His college football coach found his online page and kicked him off of the team before he even got to college.

Since then, his social media page has been taken down. Why did he ever think posting videos of himself doing harmful “pranks” would end well?


#12 A $700 Million Mistake

A guy I went to high school with was a welder. He did work inside nuclear subs. It was good steady work; high-paying with good benefits and all. But one day, he came to work upset about a recent breakup, and he ended up setting the inside of the nuclear sub on fire.

Five firefighters were injured. He was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison, and also owes the government $700 million. That’s a pretty big screw up.


#13 Crowd Surfing Nightmare

My best friend and I went to a concert in high school together with a couple of people. The place was kind of dumpy but super well-known in the alternative punk scene in our area. I decided to go home early because I was tired and didn’t know the other bands that were playing the rest of the night. My best friend decided to stay behind and watch until the end.

The second-to-last band was halfway through their set when she got picked up to crowd surf. No big deal, right? Wrong. Some tipsy jerk decided she was too heavy and dropped her directly onto her head on the concrete floor. She had a massive seizure and he didn’t notify anyone until other people started screaming for help. The dude bailed out. The ambulance took her to the hospital after that, and she was still unconscious.

She was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. We were both 15 at the time. She developed short-term memory loss with some instances of random seizures as well as many other health problems. She barely graduated from high school, had to quit sports and her part-time jobs, and will never be able to legally drive. Even worse, she’s not considered disabled enough to get support.

Because of that one night, she lost so much. She can’t even remember her own wedding day and she’s been married for three years. She’s such a wonderful person who could have done amazing things if not for some jerk’s idiocy.

There were no cameras at the venue, so there was no way of finding the guy who dropped her. The concert venue was sold to new owners soon after the incident. It was hard watching her life slip through her hands.


#14 Foolish Thievery

A new kid got hired at my work. He was 18 years old and just started college. Good looking and well-dressed too. The first week on the job, he stole $2,000. He didn’t even do it smartly; he just loaded up some cards and handed them to a friend, directly in front of a surveillance camera.

Two years later, we still can’t figure it out what was going through his mind. It’s like he intentionally wanted to screw up his life.


#15 One Step Forward…

I went to high school with a guy in the late ’70s and early ’80s. He was about 100 pounds overweight and everybody made up terrible rumors about him. You did not want to be this guy in high school.

I ran into him two years after high school. He had lost a lot of weight and looked to be in great shape. He also told me he got a job as a security guard at a local mall that had just opened.

I would run into him on occasion at the mall. He had been promoted to head of mall security after some time.

Not long after, he was able to buy a big house and a really nice car. He also married a very pretty girl who worked at one of the stores in the mall. I don’t think he was even 25 years old at that point. It was an amazing transformation and he at the time was doing a lot better than those of us with college degrees.

A few years later, a couple of the guards he managed decided to use a styrofoam ball and baton to play baseball before the mall opened for the day. The guy swinging the baton lost his grip and it smashed a plate glass window of one of the stores. When management asked him who of his guards broke the window, he refused to tell them. He thought that he was too valuable for them to fire him and that his job was secure. He was wrong.

Soon, he was out of work and had trouble finding another job. He lost the house and his wife divorced him after a year or so because he stopped looking for a job.

I ran into him six or seven years later and he had put the weight back on. He looked like he did in high school. He was working at a gas station at the time making less than one-third of what he made as the security supervisor at the mall.


#16 Bad Reputation

Someone in my family was going to be a great professional hockey player. He was already in the junior league and so close to being recruited by the NHL. He was working out every day to be in the best shape possible.

Then, one day, he was caught stealing from one of the other players in the locker room. He got beat up and then kicked out of the league. Apparently, he had been stealing for quite a while. He was lucky that nobody pressed charges against him.

His “career” ended that day. His bad reputation followed him everywhere and no other team wanted him anymore.


#17 A Plane, Really?

A guy from my country was studying in the US. It’s considered a big privilege in our culture and usually takes a lot of effort and money. For some reason, while in Miami, he tried to steal a plane. Right off the tarmac. The news reports all said he was troubled. I prefer the word idiot.


#18 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

One of my old friends was a great guy. He had a loving extended family and a beautiful girlfriend. One day, they allowed a stranger inside their home so he could have somewhere to stay for a few days. The man ended their lives and then fled. He was caught in a pizza place not too far from where I live.


#19 One Bad Night

A guy from my high school broke into the school one night and vandalized everything. They caught him doing it on camera. He ended up expelled, arrested, and sentenced to a whole lot of community service. He never finished high school because of the ordeal and, last I heard, he now works an under-the-table job cutting trees. I don’t know if life ever got better for him, but one night was all it took to ruin everything for him.


#20 Nothing’s For Free

When I was working as a club bouncer a little while back, I witnessed a super childish display of anger that ended very poorly for the guy. The dude was a 23-year-old law student at a pretty prestigious university. I knew this because he told us during his extremely vulgar and aggressive rant towards my partner and I. I called in local law enforcement because he was starting to get super unruly.

He then started walking out the door, screaming loudly at my partner and calling us every name in the book. I trailed slightly behind him in case it got physical. He got to the door as he was walking out, turned around, screamed more obscenities and threw the door shut, hitting my partner square in the forehead with it. At that very moment, the local police arrived and they saw the whole thing happen. They immediately cuffed him up.

My partner and I are state-licensed, armed security guards. They wrote him up for assaulting a public servant. My partner was subpoenaed and actually went to court to testify. The assailant got kicked out of law school and lost every scholarship he had.

What was he upset about, you might ask? He had gotten rejected by a girl at the club.


#21 Over A Bee

My mom asked my sister to take her to the store so she could pick up my brother’s medication. My brother went with them and I decided to stay at home for some reason.

I later found out that there was a car accident and my mom was being flown to the hospital in critical condition.

A bee landed on my sister and she overreacted, lost control of the car, hit a tree and the car rolled over three times.

Her reaction to the bee was to take her feet off of the pedals and lift her legs in the air and scream. Hands off the steering wheel too. When my mom screamed about the tree my sister grabbed the wheel and jerked it sharply, so the car hit the tree on an angle and rolled.

All because of a bee. If she just slammed on the brakes and freaked out about the bee everyone would be fine. But because she was a drama queen, she almost ended everyone in the car.


#22 Love Blinds

I knew a confident, pretty, friendly, and really book-smart girl in high school. She dreamed of being a doctor and got a full-ride scholarship to her dream school in Georgia, near her hometown. She moved down there.

About three months later, she met a really unattractive guy about 15 years older than her who owned a small trailer park that his mother and two ex-wives lived in. After about a month of dating, the girl left school and cut contact with her own family to be with this guy. Within a year, she had a baby, was hugely in debt, and gained about 60 pounds. By then, the guy had already moved onto his next sucker, so my friend ended up in the trailer park with his other throwaways.

I tried so, so hard to talk her out of it all. She said I was a jerk for not being supportive.


#23 A Friendly Match

A guy I went to high school with went to a nightclub on “Fight Night”. They had a makeshift boxing ring in the center of the club and he was boxing against one of his best friends.

He ended up getting knocked unconscious during the match and was left on the floor for about 45 minutes before 911 was called. By then, he had suffered irreversible brain damage from lack of oxygen as his tongue rolled back in his throat. He is now quadriplegic. It absolutely breaks my heart when I think of him and the potential he had.


#24 Playing Quick-Draw

Shortly after I got stationed in Okinawa, a marine on my base was sentenced to three years in the brig and received a dishonorable discharge.

He and another marine were playing “quick-draw” in the back of a Humvee while being transported to their post.

I don’t know if he thought the chamber was empty, but it wasn’t and he wound up hurting the other marine at point blank range. He died in a hospital a few days later.


#25 No-One’s Fault But Her Own

A girl at my community college got upset because she thought the black kids in our photography class were getting preferential treatment. She started spouting racial slurs left and right, then made everything even worse for herself by yelling that she was going to bring a weapon to campus.

I didn’t see her again after that, but I’m willing to bet she figured out a way to blame black people for that too.


#26 A Few Simple Rules

A couple of months ago, I got hired by a company that paid more than the industry I was previously in. The first two months involved training at their home office. There were 32 new hires along with me. The job itself is not horrible; it’s a little demanding at times, but what job isn’t? There are few rules that you were not allowed break: don’t date a co-worker, don’t use cell phones while inside the building, etc.

One day, one of the new hires started bragging about how the company was paying for his moving expenses and how he was already getting paid more than anybody recently hired.

As the weeks went on, he started getting a little too comfortable. He started to break the cellphone rule regularly as if he thought he was so valuable he could get away with it. After getting caught and receiving multiple warnings not to be on his phone, he was fired on the spot.

He is now homeless.


#27 Could’ve Been Set For Life

Back in 1991, I worked in a law firm in NYC. They hired a 27-year-old programmer to build a large record storage system. They were paying him $175 per hour to do the work. He was working non-stop and was making a fortune.

Then, one day, he stole a Compaq mainframe hard drive from the I.T. room. They had him on camera, so they printed the pictures out and confronted him. He didn’t deny it. He quit.

What a waste. He was making serious money.


#28 Tried To Kidnap The Baby

I worked for a security company. One of the new hires was arrested one night, after work. He went home to his girlfriend and, after some drinks, they got in an argument. He decided to take their 16-month-old baby and leave her.

The problem was he didn’t bring a car seat. He sat the child on the front seat of his car unsecured and drove off, still under the influence. He ended up promptly crashing into a parked car.

The police showed up and he was arrested for endangering the life of a child. The child was unhurt, thankfully, but with that one bad decision, he lost his job, his girlfriend, his child, and his freedom.


#29 Punk Spirit

I was an exchange student in Shanghai, China. Since I moved there alone, I didn’t know anyone, so in an effort to find friends, I bought a skateboard and Googled where the best skate spots were. I have always dabbled in skateboarding, and I figured it would be a good way to make friends. Anyways, I found out that the local hangout spot where all the skaters met up was a park in the middle of the city center. It was called Love Park, or LP for short. I went there, and sure enough, plenty of skaters of all levels were hanging out. I’d say about 70% were foreigners like myself, while there were a few local skaters as well.

One of the local skaters (I never got his name) was this kid, maybe 18 or 19 years old. He wasn’t very good at skating, but he seemed to love the culture of it. He used to wear socks with leaves on them, as well as Thrasher hoodies. Every time I went to LP, he was there.

One of the things he always loved to joke about with was this photoshopped image of Chairman Mao that he had printed out on A4 paper sheets. He had edited a do-rag, grills and a fat gold chain on him that said “Thug Life”. He thought it was hilarious and showed it to everyone, all the time.

One time, while we were skating at LP, a big cop car pulled in; lights flashing and all. The cops stepped out and had a few words with some of the local skaters (I still don’t know what they said, but I am guessing they had gotten a complaint or something). Skating isn’t illegal in China, and especially not in LP, so the locals talked to the cops, and the cops walked back to their patrol car.

At that moment, when they were about to pull out onto the road, the local Chinese skater kid ran over to the cop car and slapped the edited Mao poster on the cop’s windshield. I don’t understand why; maybe he thought it was funny, or he just wanted to show a little punk-spirit.

The cops got out of the car, dragged him around the back, and threw him inside the back of their van. For the next few minutes, the cops beat the crud out of him. We could see the van rocking back and forth with the rumble inside, and we could hear the kid screaming in pain and desperation. We quickly huddled around the van and started banging on the walls, begging them to stop, but when they finally did, the two cops just stepped out of the van, a little sweaty and roughed up, got in the front seats, and took off with the kid still in the back. His skateboard and backpack were left behind.

I never saw him again. I don’t know what happened to him. China has tough laws about political stuff, so my fear is that he was either put in jail or in one of those political concentration camps they claim not to have over there. I hope he is alright.


#30 Understandable Impulse, But…

A friend of mine was in his third year of law school. He went out to a bar with his girlfriend and ran into a guy who was gratuitously hitting on his partner. After the guy finally grabbed her rear, he pushed him out the door of the bar where he stumbled off the sidewalk and was immediately hit by an oncoming BMW.

His life changed pretty quickly after that.


#31 Twist Of A Lifetime

One of my good high school friends and I were training for the Marines. He left a good six months before I did. I had known him since middle school and we played sports together.

After boot camp, he came home and found his girlfriend cheating on him. He ended up ending her with a weapon, and then himself. Unfortunately for him, he somehow still survived. Now he’s partially braindead and serving a life sentence. Never in my life did I see that coming.


#32 One Racist Word

Some idiot during a holiday in Greece sent a racist video to his WhatsApp group. One of the guys on the group shared it online and went goes viral, sparking a national conversation.

His family businesses and his wife’s work were widely linked with the incident, resulting in him getting kicked out of all their holdings. The CEO, his brother, released a statement about how despicable his behavior was and how the incident was in no way a reflection of how the family or their business behaved.

Months later, the racist still hadn’t returned to the country. The school his kids attended prohibited him from appearing on school grounds. His parents have left the country due to all the threats and bad press. The one restaurant he owned also closed down. People picketed outside his house for weeks.


#33 A Terrible Boredom

I’m a caregiver for someone who broke her neck in a car accident. She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and she hit her boyfriend who was driving. They swerved off of the road into a pole and she went through the windshield. Now she’s bound to her power chair and can’t move her arms.


#34 A Warning

I had a professor who worked in VFX as an animator.

He told us a warning story about a guy who got a job animating at his work The movie they were working on was still in production, so nothing had been released yet (no trailers or still images).

For some reason, the kid decided to email a scene he animated to his mother to show her what he had spent the year working on. He told her not to send it to anyone else, as he was under a strict NDA regarding the properties the studio was working on.

The mother ended up posting it to Facebook to show her friends.

It leaked.

About a week after, security came to his desk to escort him out.

Animation is a small industry and that is exactly what you want to do if you never want to work in it again.


#35 A Lot For $10

I used to work at the SF Bay Area Naval base. One 20-year-old kid with great security clearance went to People’s Park in Berkeley to look at the hippies.

A dealer offered him some illicit substances and he said, “Sure!” He handed the dealer $10. It turned out, the dealer was from the Naval Investigative Service.

He ended up getting a bad conduct discharge and 10 years of straight-up misery at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, under supervision by Marines.


#36 Tried To Be Nice

I knew a cadet at one of the US service academies. I won’t specify which one. For those unfamiliar, students at the academies do not pay tuition or fees. He was an excellent student; an engineering major.

The academies will host prospective students to give them a realistic view of life as a cadet. It’s apparently common for high school students to come during their spring break.

The aforementioned engineering student, being a model student, had one of these visitors in his dorm. The idiot high schooler brought a bottle with him. The engineering major took pity on him, explained the zero-tolerance policy about alcohol in dorms, and told him to get rid of it.

One of the other high schoolers turned him in. When questioned about it, engineering major honestly recounted what had transpired. No one consumed anything.

Because the engineering major had violated the zero-tolerance policy by not reporting the high schooler, he was expelled during the second semester of his senior year.

Because he was no longer to serve as an officer, he was handed a bill for four full years of college tuition, fees, and room and board at an elite school.


#37 From Victim To Convict

I contacted a woman outside of a pizza joint. We had gotten a call that she was fighting with her boyfriend. She was the victim by all accounts. I asked for her ID, but she refused to give it. I told her I couldn’t help her without her information.

She was apparently unimpressed with me and decided to lunge at me to claw my eyes out. I was able to get her under control after a few minutes. She went to the hospital, and then to jail. Ended up with nine months in DOC and three-years probation.


#38 One Moment To End A Dream

I had a friend who believed he was destined to work for the CIA. He talked about it since he was 10, and that was all he ever wanted. He busted his butt in high school and maintained a solid 4.0 throughout. He would even wear this CIA t-shirt every Friday. He got accepted into Yale and I remember we were all so happy for him. He ended up graduating with a 3.9, double majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I decided to throw him a surprise graduation party, inviting all of our high school buddies. The kid really deserved it and we had a heck of a time.

On our walk back to my apartment, he told us he really had to go #1, and that he’d be right back. He ended up going in an alley, where a police offer just happened to catch him in the act. He ended up getting arrested on the spot. He was released soon after.

A year later, he was offered an in-person interview in Washington DC. Everything went perfectly and it all seemed like a sure thing until they ran an extensive background check and found he was arrested for public indecency. They denied him on the spot.


#39 Immediate Disqualification

My friend joined the army so he could get funding to pay his way through school. He was employed and served as a medic in Afghanistan. Once he got out, about halfway through going to school for becoming a civilian paramedic, he had an incident that involved drinking and driving. He got charged with a DUI, which immediately disqualified him from any position he had been working toward.


#40 Picked A Fight, Made It Worse

When I was 15, I went to a party. The village idiot at my school was there, along with about 50 other people. He was walking around all macho, and everyone was clearly annoyed at him. At some point, I saw him push a girl, and then he shoulder-checked me.

I said something along the lines of “Watch it!” to him, and then he started calling me some really crude names. At that moment, I snapped. I punched him so hard that his phone flew out of his hand. We then started fighting.

Now, I’m a tall girl, but this guy was a lot bigger. I still beat the crud out of him, so in his embarrassment, he locked himself in his car, crying and yelling that he was gonna bring a weapon to school. A bunch of the guests at the party reported him to the school and he got expelled.

He works in fast food now.


#41 Metal In The Meat

I worked with this one guy who was super immature. He was 17 and working part-time at the meat processing plant. He thought it’d be funny to put broken bits of the saw-band in the meat while the maintenance guys were working to fix it.

The X-ray and metal detector scanners picked the bits up as it ran down the conveyor line. The whole plant shut down and they checked the cameras. I’d say the plant lost around half a million dollars in that two-hour period as it had to dump over 10 tons of beef. The military came in and treated it as a terrorist plot.

In the end, the kid lost his job and now he can’t get employed anywhere because the incident is on his record.


#42 Slammed Dunk

I was playing basketball with some friends in a court that had eight-foot tall hoops. One of the boys was dunking like crazy and hanging on to the rim every time he dunked. We were telling him to go easy. Needless to say, on one of his dunks, he grabbed on to the rim but his fingers slipped and he came crashing down onto the concrete court.

He couldn’t get up. He soon started to shake and throw up. He passed away two days later at the hospital. I can still hear the sound of him falling head first onto the floor.


#43 A Single Picture

A chief resident in surgery at Mayo Clinic in Arizona took a photo of a patient’s privates while the patient was under general anesthesia. He was fired from his residency as a result, with just about six months to go. To put that in perspective, this was after he endured at least four years of college, four years of medical school, and four and a half years of grueling surgical residency. He is probably in debt up to his eyeballs with no other way of earning a livelihood.


#44 Blame The Staff

A dude I knew in high school was always the top student in his class. He got straight A’s and was in line to go to the Olympics for swimming.

He went to a graduation celebration on an island that was supposed to be alcohol-free. The staff snuck in alcohol and overcharged the students for it. He and his friends drank a bit too much and he dove into the pool, hitting his head on the floor.

His friends were tipsy and they all thought he was just playing a prank. By the time they realized he wasn’t joking, it was too late.


#45 Stole A Surprise

A friend of mine with a pretty long record of crime finally got his life together. He had a long-time girlfriend, was ready to propose, and she just gave birth to their baby girl.

A few months after his baby was born, he got super tipsy. He went a few towns over and stole an RV. He got away with it for about a week and told everyone (including me) that he bought it from his aunt. He had a good roofing job where he was making about $50,000 a year, so I didn’t question it and neither did anyone else.

About a week after he took it, there was a news article that popped up on my local news site reporting on a guy who as driving an RV. Apparently, the suspect was in the process of stealing golf carts from a country club when someone called the police for suspicious activity.

Little did he know, there was a weapon in the RV as well.

He got sentenced to 15 years on a plethora of charges. He got off pretty lucky, actually, considering what he could have been charged with. It’s just really unfortunate that his daughter will be 15 years old when he gets out, and he will never really have a relationship with her as the mother already has full custody. She has no intention of waiting for him. He will be 47 when he gets out of prison. The best years of his life—gone.


#46 The Flasher

I had a coworker who came on a work visa from India. He was hitting on the young cleaning lady. He asked her to come to a hotel with her, and then immediately flashed her. He did this at the office under the cameras. She pressed charges, and he is now being deported back to India, losing his job making six figures. Solid way to mess up your life in a matter of seconds.


#47 Always Wear A Seatbelt

My friend’s sister was engaged to a great guy. His only flaw was that he was too “tough” to wear a seatbelt. He crashed his car and passed away. A few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant, so now she’s a single mother. So that’s at least three lives he messed up by not wearing his seatbelt.


#48 Heartless Spectator

I was at the University of North Dakota hockey game. There was a moment of silence for the opposing team’s coach because he had lost a family member (if I remember that correctly). Some idiot kid decided that would be a good time to yell: “Who cares, get on with the game already!”

He was publicly vilified for the rest of the year.

#49 A Poor Life From Poor Decisions

I worked with a guy who inherited a few million dollars, a successful business and a livestock farm from his grandfather after he had passed away. It all went up his nose within a year.

He was obviously not good at handling money. He bought of bunch of big toys, a new truck, jet skis, four-wheelers, things like that. He started partying more and taking care of responsibilities less. The new toys disappeared and the farm went up for sale, but he was still partying and doing illicit substances. After a while, that all adds up. I saw him a little over a year after he quit working with us and he was living with one of my coworkers. He looked like he had lost about 50 lbs.


#50 Gift Card Bandit

Some dude was caught loading up $88,000 worth of gift cards through false cash transactions over the course of four days. He dished out every single one of them out to his buddies. Like what?? Do you really think no one is going to come looking for $88,000 that is suddenly not there anymore? Come on.


#51 Dumb Stunts

My cousin decided the best way to end an argument with his girlfriend while they were in the car was to fall out of the passenger side door at 35 mph. He ended up getting hit by another car.

He now suffers from permanent brain damage. This was after having twins with his ex-girlfriend who he has to pay child support to.

What an idiot.



My sister got hooked on illicit substances. She’s an addict now. She used to make a quarter million dollars a year being a trauma nurse in two hospitals. She had a nice home, two luxury cars and was married to an amazing guy; the whole nine yards. Now she lives on the street and is just a strung-out mess.


#53 He Really Gets Around

My cousin broke up with his girlfriend, but not before getting her pregnant. He proceeded to hook up with two more women.

He now has three children, all with birthdays in the same week.


#54 Good Dad, Bad Partner

One of my brother’s old friends did this. The mothers were a few months apart and they were both madly in love with him. They fought each other for the right to be his wife, even though he wasn’t interested in that at all.

He was interested in raising both his daughters though, and he loved them equally. Adorable little girls and they even look just like him.

While he was kind of a womanizer, he’s an amazing and responsible father.


#55 Hero To Zero

The popular, fit, good-looking guy in our college went out to buy illicit substances in a bad neighborhood. It was a robbery set up. He got hurt in the head as the assailants fled. He survived, but lost his vision and had to wear a glass eye. The school paid for his next semester’s tuition, but he was all kinds of emotionally wrecked. He dropped out of college and now works for a landscaping company.