People Share The Dark Secrets They’re Still Holding Onto

We keep secrets for a lot of reasons. Sometimes, it’s because of embarrassment. Sometimes, it’s because we messed up and don’t want to face the consequences. Sometimes, we’re just trying to keep someone else from getting hurt. And sometimes, we do it because someone asked us to.

Even if it kills us to keep someone’s secrets, we still do it out of loyalty. The truest of friends are able to keep their word for as long as it takes, even if that means taking the secrets to the grave.

If you’ve got a dark secret you’ve been holding inside, know you’re not alone. These people spill the beans on what they’ve been keeping deep inside their vaults. Some are downright jaw-dropping.

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#42 Ex Problems

I still really miss my ex, and nothing in my life has come close to filling that void. The thing is, we had a connection from day one and the relationship was really good. It was such an abrupt ending that I think I’m still in shock. We tried to stay friends, but it didn’t work out (mainly because I was still hurting at the time), and I really miss her.


#41 Crush Keeper

People used to confide in me who they had crushes on back in elementary school, I have been keeping that stuff under wraps for literal decades now.

I’m sure many of you can relate.



I am under so much stress I feel like I’m going explode.

I’ve spent the past 20 years in various IT roles. Throughout my career, whenever I left a job or was laid off, I was able to find a new job within weeks.

In January, I was laid off from my job of five years due to cost-cutting measures. Since then, I have sent out thousands of resumes and have had exactly one interview. That’s it.

I’m married with two kids and a mortgage. We are surviving on credit and recently had to apply for food stamps.

I’ve been trying everything, using my network of former colleagues, old friends etc. but I cannot even get a phone interview or a reply to anything. I am beyond freaking out but have been trying to hold it together.

The only person who knows how bad our situation is is my wife. Family, friends, even our kids don’t realize how bad our situation is.

They say good things happen to good people but I look around and all I see is the bad people winning.


#39 Lawyer Dreams

I’m studying to take the bar in another state with much better job prospects. I want to leave this state (I have never lived anywhere else) because I hate it here. I will be far, far away from any of my family in the new state.

My family will freak. I’ve always been the one everyone goes to when things need fixing. My siblings have all done jack for my parents all of their lives. It’s always been my job. I’m bitter, and I want to force them to pick up some of the slack.

Plus, I want to live in a city that actually has stuff to do – not BFE where no one wants to be and everything shuts down at 4:30 pm.



I bought the ring, I’m just waiting for a good time. Our vacation out of the country is coming up but I don’t know how easy it will be to get a very expensive piece of jewelry with me without her noticing so I’m trying to find the next best time to propose.


#37 The Secret Child

Right before my best friend passed away, she told me that she had a secret son living in Australia. She had kept it a secret all this time out of fear that her husband and kids would hate her. She made me promise not to tell anyone.

And I never did. I will take her secret with me to the grave. But it does get to me sometimes. I’d look at her children and think wow, these guys have no idea that they have a half-sibling just roaming about on the other side of the planet.

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#36 Resume Lies

My employer has no idea that my resume is partly fabricated. I never graduated from university, nor did I ever work at a law firm for two years. They didn’t follow up on either of those, so I just kept my mouth shut and let things be.

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#35 What We’ll Do For A Laugh

When I was about 16, three-way prank calls were a thing. If you three-way called someone, that person could then call someone else, and so on. We had a line party of about ten or so people. I was bored, so I three-way called an adult escort line with my friends.

When the phone bill came, it reflected a charge of $0.99 for each call I had made.

It was a massive bill.

My mom had no idea it was me. She got the charges removed, and I’m glad I never had to explain why her 16-year-old daughter was calling those numbers.


#34 An Unfortunate First Impression

About five months ago, I started a job as a delivery driver. I managed to get the staff at the one place I serve to believe that I have Tourettes Syndrome.

On my first day, I delivered products to a gas station, and there was an Utz snack truck ahead of me delivering as well. I stood outside my truck waiting and out of boredom I started saying “Utz” to myself in a weirdly fast way, over and over again.

I turned around, and the manager of the gas station was also standing there, with a weird look on his face. I, for some reason, thought it would be a good idea to keep saying it to make him believe I had a weird tick. Even when I was filling out his order, I would blurt out a random “Utz” in front of him.

For the past couple of months, every time I delivered there, I say the word “Utz” every couple sentences, then get in my truck and break down in laughter.


#33 A Sweet Little White Lie

My girlfriend, her friend, and I went out for mini golfing. I had a scorecard. At the end of the game, I came in second place, and my girlfriend came in third, but I botched the numbers and put her in second place instead. She was jumping up and down, excited at the fact that she beat me. I’m very happy my small secret could make her so happy, even if just for a little bit over a stupid game.


#32 When Omission Becomes Dangerous

I’m living with an abusive person and can’t bring myself to leave. If I leave, he’ll be homeless and heartbroken, and I just couldn’t do that to him. Everyone thinks he’s just extremely introverted and unemployed because of his minor agoraphobia. This is the first time I’ve ever admitted what is going on.


#31 Stuck With A Burden That Isn’t Even His

I know darn well that my best friend’s wife: 1) cheated on him throughout their engagement, 2) has a baby with another man which she put up for adoption, 3) used his information to pull a $5,000 student loan, 4) is still emotionally cheating on him with a few exes, 5) was married and divorced during their courtship for money (her ex-husband wanted a green card), and 6) is most likely going to leave him as soon as someone with more money showers her with attention.


#30 Literally Taking One For The Team

I’m part of a very large volleyball league, and I’m also a member of the board. This week, we started our fall season. We capped out the number in my division, so the three top players (which included me) had to be moved to the next highest one. I went through tryouts the season before to move up, but I got cut, so this meant a lot to me.

One of my close friends, who is more like my little brother, wasn’t going to be moved up. He’s very talented, but he takes everything incredibly personally. The look on his face and the disappointment in his eyes was too much for me to handle, so I had a long conversation with the board on Friday night after open play. Because there were only three spots, I gave up my spot so he could have it. I had to be clever in my excuses as to why I shouldn’t be moved up, but ultimately my silver tongue won out.

I got a phone call the next day from him shouting and celebrating that he was moved up, and we’re going to get drinks to celebrate sometime soon.

I think I made the right choice.


#29 Hate Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

I hate my husband. That’s my secret. He tries to play ‘Husband of the Year’ when he’s with our kids. My parents think he’s awesome for watching the kids all the time, but all he does is put them in their room, and he goes to sleep. I took our oldest daughter to a birthday party yesterday evening, and when we got home at 5 p.m., I said out loud, “Wow, he already put the babies to bed?” My daughter replies, “He’s asleep, that’s what daddy does.”

He was a teacher and was off all summer while I worked. We were so broke at one point; I was about to sell my plasma twice a week while he slept. We’re still broke. I don’t tell anybody because my grandfather is 93 and fragile. I don’t want to upset him. It’s awful to say, but when he passes, I’ll leave.

Also, he is not depressed. We’ve been together for nine years. He’s always been a sleeper, but it was never bad. He spent time with us, worked hard, and cared. But after our second child, the sleeping drastically increased.


#28 A Devastating Hidden Truth For Too Many

I’ve been severely depressed since the fifth grade and have been on medication for a year. IMy parents have no idea just how sad I always am. They think my medication is working, but I’m just really good at pretending to be okay. I’m currently in the twelfth grade and still have no plan for the future because I never saw myself getting this far. It’s been hard.


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#27 The Ultimate Regret

The woman I truly love is with another man, and I regret not pursuing her when I had the chance ten years ago. I have been with my girlfriend for four years, and I have accepted that I am just “settling.” It’s a somewhat depressing realization.


#26 The Fake Cheater

At the company I work for, all employees are not allowed to wear jewelry because they are required to wear gloves. A few months ago, when I first started, I was caught with a broken glove on the job. When I was asked about it, I told them I had forgotten to take off my wedding ring. The only thing is, I don’t have a husband, and I’m not married to anyone.

Co-workers started asking me about my imaginary husband. I honestly didn’t think I’d be working there for long, so I didn’t think anything of the white lie. But I have since been hired there full time, so I have no choice but to keep the lie going.

To make things worse, we had some attractive plumbers come in once to check the pipes. They were working in one of the abandoned rooms in our building. During my downtime, I went in there and started talking to them.

When I eventually left, a co-worker saw me and asked why I was talking to the plumbers. She asked me, “Did you go in there to chat them up?” I said, “You caught me.” So now everyone thinks I’m unfaithful to my imaginary husband.

#25 Existentialism In Action

I’m two months past the day the doctors said my heart would stop. Only my parents know and nobody else. I told them I didn’t want anyone else to know because it would just cause them more emotional damage.

My death should be swift. I imagine it will just take less than a minute to happen; after a piercing pain hits me. I haven’t given up, but I have already accepted death.

#24 Crushed By A Crush

I helped my best friend ask out my crush.

The only reason I helped them get together is that he’s a better person than I am. They both deserve the best in the world, which is each other. But now, any time either one of them talks to me about the other person, it just hurts. Somehow I just keep smiling and saying, “Aw, you guys are the cutest.”


#23 We’ll Deliver Rain Or Shine… Or Not

My friend who used to be a mailman was forced to do so much work that he couldn’t deliver some of the mail on time.

Yesterday, I was with some friends at a campfire, and he pulled out the mail to keep the fire going. One of the envelopes said “URGENT” on it, but he threw it in the fire anyway. I haven’t told him or the rest of my friends, and don’t know if I should.


#22 Snooping Can Drive You Mad

I know my girlfriend cheated on me with her ex. I read a Facebook chat of hers. I can’t bring myself to confront her cause I know we’ll break up, and I’ve nowhere else to go.

I gave up my life in another city to move in with her a month ago. I started a new job just yesterday and won’t have a decent paycheck until next month. We can’t break up (at least not yet) because I’ll have absolutely nothing.


#21 Sincerely, Silent Sufferer

My secret is that I live under incredible stress. As a husband, a father of three with one on the way, and the single breadwinner of my family, I can’t help but think what would happen if I were to lose my job or get physically hurt. I don’t want my wife to worry or feel insecure, so I silently suffer from high stress and anxiety. It’s going to end me someday.


#20 Green-Eyed Mama

I go to great lengths to avoid people who are pregnant. I make any excuse not to have to see pregnant family members or friends. I just can’t help my seething jealousy. All pregnant women do is just brag about being pregnant and talk about pregnancy stuff. I cry about it a lot when my partner is sleeping.

I want so badly to have a baby of my own, but my partner and I aren’t married yet, and he already has a child to worry about. I’m taking care of a child who will never “really” be mine, despite how much I love the kid. Every time my partner’s kid is around, my heart hurts.


#19 Oh, The Shame

No one knows that I’m living with my friend’s mom and dad. I just told everyone that I was living with my friend. I had nowhere else to go.


#18 Clandestine Generosity

A few years ago, my friend’s dad died. She was the only adult child in her family, and she had no idea how she was going to pay for the funeral. She set up a Go Fund Me page asking for some donations while she got everything in order. I had just gotten my taxes and was in an okay place financially, so I decided to cover the rest of the funeral expenses anonymously.


#17 That’s A Double Whammy

My secret is that I’m in love with my husband’s best friend. Yes, I’m a terrible person. No, I will never act on it and I’m working my feelings away.


#16 What She Doesn’t Know Still Hurts Her In This Case

I drove my mom’s new-ish car one weekend to go to work. When I parked it in the garage, I accidentally scraped a trashcan, and now there’s a ten-inch scratch all along one door. She still hasn’t noticed, and it’s been long enough that it can’t be blamed on me so that I will take that secret to my grave.


#15 The Things He’d Do To Be A Dad

I’ve been looking for a woman to get pregnant with me, despite being married.

I love my wife, but this one subject we disagree on. We settled on not having kids, but I still have this urge to have a child. I will live through the guilt of doing this for the rest of my life.

#14 Child’s Play Gets Serious (And Seriously Embarrassing)

I met my now husband online in a chatroom when I was 12.

My parents still think we met in school.


#13 Was It An Accident?

I know the gender of my unborn kid. My wife does not. I accidentally saw the report on the doctor’s table. I’ll pretend to be surprised.


#12 If Only Dogs Could Talk

I was in the process of mixing up hair color. The phone rang in our living room, so I put the hair bottle down to answer the phone and knocked hair color all over our newly laid carpet.
I blamed the dog! Had to rearrange the furniture too.

#11 Heartbroken In Hiding

I lost a baby only a few weeks into my pregnancy. I feel like I shouldn’t be this sad, but it was my first time experiencing anything like this, and I’m still really heartbroken. My husband and I weren’t trying for a baby or even expecting it to happen, but man. My heart hurts.


#10 “The Exact Behavior Of Serial Killers.”

I feel almost no remorse for anything. I mean, I don’t go around beating people up or hurting little animals, but if I accidentally hurt a friend, my first reaction is always, “Suck it up buttercup.” I’ve heard this is the exact behavior of serial killers, but I have no drive to end anyone. Still, this worries me greatly.


#9 He’ll Never Know It Was You… Or Will He?

When I was in the Navy, I agreed to help NCIS gather evidence against my Lead Petty Chief Officer.

He’s in jail now.


#8 They’re Serious About Not Kissing And Telling

A few years ago, I was hanging out at my best friend’s house. She had been in a long distance relationship for like, three years. She ended up kissing me, I don’t remember any of the moments leading up to it, and honestly, we didn’t even have feelings for each other.

I ended up going home, and we both cried for like, 24 hours thinking our friendship was over. We ended up talking it out and then the next day hung out as if nothing happened. I’ve literally never talked to anyone about it. She married her fiancé, and I’ve since visited her. She and her wife are incredibly happy. I have no idea if she ever told her wife, and I don’t see why it would ever need to be brought up.


#7 Watch Out For The Poetry Police

People used to make me write poems for their significant others. They would sometimes tell me private details about their crushes that I had no business knowing about. I will take all of that to my grave.


#6 The Deepest Mom Secret Of All Time

I didn’t miss my kid while she was with her father visiting the in-laws. I really enjoyed having her out of the house.

#5 How Far He’ll Go To Make Friends… Literally

I joined the Air Force to make friends, but I still haven’t made any. Now, I’m thousands of miles from the few people I do call friends, and I’m stuck in a desert that I can’t even breathe in.

#4 My Secret Family

I’m adopted. This summer, I met my real dad. He loved my birth mom and wanted to marry her, but he was always tipsy and she didn’t want to marry someone like that.

They broke up later on but stayed friends. She even attended his engagement party where he announced he was going to get married to someone else. It was at that very party that my mom realized she was pregnant with me. I think she kept me a secret from my real dad because she didn’t want to ruin his new relationship.

She has no idea I know all this.

#3 You Are NOT The Father

My middle child isn’t biologically mine. He is an amazing child, but all of my most precious memories with him are soured by the fact that he isn’t my biological son. I’m so angry at my wife. I don’t know what to do other than take my emotions and bottle them up until I can’t feel them anymore.


#2 The Truth Isn’t The Only Killer

A close family friend of mine died of AIDS in the ’90s. He was an extremely religious closeted gay man with a family. He had several affairs with men during what he called “moments of weakness.” All three of his children to this day do not know this. He infected his wife, and their third child was born with HIV. As a child, they just told her she was very sick. When their dad died, they said he had been battling cancer.

To this day, the daughter believes the story her mom told her: that mom had gotten a tainted blood transfusion in the early days of AIDS and this is why the two of them are sick. The wife asked us not to tell her kids the truth because she does want them to know, out of respect for her husband’s last wishes. It eats away at me though.


#1 Hi, I’m Gorgeous

I’ve told everyone for the past three years of my life that my middle name is Gorgeous, not Gregory. My driver’s license just says my middle initial is “G” and it’s gotten so out of control that entire social circles just calls me “Gorgeous.” I even have my parents in on the lie. I’m honestly considering legally changing my name.

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