November 18, 2020 | David Chung

People Share How They Simultaneously Won And Lost The Genetic Lottery At The Same Time

We are all born with a unique set of traits and characteristics, all of them predetermined by our genetics. Some things — like fiery, red hair or tan, olive skin — are passed down through generations, but for every good trait, it seems like we have a really bad one to go with it.

Although you may be a fan of your bright blue eyes, the tradeoff might be that you sunburn way too easily and have to sit under an umbrella in long sleeves watching your friends frolick on the beach.

Some things are out of our control, and your genetic code is one that just can't be cracked — no matter how unhappy you are with the body you live in. The genetic lottery isn't always fair, but some people find themselves hitting the jackpot. Others? They may find themselves experiencing genetic irony, where they seem to have lost and won. All at the same time.

These people share how they are genetically superior yet inferior simultaneously, and you won't be able to hold back your laughter.


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#25 A Complexion Conundrum

I'm Southeast Asian.

+100 resistance to redness from sun exposure.

-100 resistance to redness from alcohol

genetics_burn-1532619347813.jpgHuffington Post

#24 On A Positive Note

My colleague told me a story about growing up in Burundi and his mother having sickle cell anemia.

I tried to be sympathetic, but he said it was not viewed as completely terrible as it made her immune to the Malaria epidemic that was going on at the time.

genetics_malaria-1532620659496.jpgOutbreak News Today

#23 That Escalated Quickly

I don’t have a gag reflex, which is very useful and very deadly. I can choke and not know until it’s too late. Something can be stuck in my throat and I won’t know it until I try to breathe or swallow. But still worth it if I ask me...


#22 This Seriously Stinks

I'm the only person in my family with perfect eyesight, but I'm also the only person who doesn't have a sense of smell.

genetics_smell1-1532631425959.jpgHuffington Post

#21 This Is Rather Heartbreaking

I never get sick. Ever.

My natural cholesterol is so high, you could spread my blood on toast.

genetics_cholesterol-1532704775850.jpgThe Biostation

#20 The Ability To Clear A Room

I practically never vomit. I think maybe once in the past 20 years, and even then it was barely a vomit at all. No matter how rough I feel, I can always prevent myself from throwing up.

The flipside is that I also never burp, which means all that gas has to go somewhere. The result? I have some fearsome toots.

genetics_gas-1532705710392.jpgThe Indian Express

#19 Life Clearly Isn't Fair

I am considered to have gorgeous eyes; they are my best feature. However, I have absolutely terrible vision; near/farsighted with astigmatism. I cannot recognize my own mother from five feet away.

genetics_eyes-1532710088382.jpgSweety High

#18 Almost Like A Tragic Super Power

My hearing is so good my brain can't keep up with it. I regularly shock people by overhearing what they're saying from extreme distances, but as a result of picking up every piece of ambient noise, I often find it difficult to understand what the person in front of me is saying.


#17 Be Careful What You Wish For

I still have a full head of hair. Thanks, Grandad. But it's white. Thanks, Grandad.


#16 Two Sides To Every Story


Wins: I'm easily interested in topics that I enjoy. I memorize tons of facts easily. I have lots of interests. I can spend hours focused on one thing. Usually I can learn stuff very quickly if I am interested in it.

Losses: I'm bad in social situations. I can’t recognize sarcasm sometimes. I have bad handwriting and can’t perform well if I write (I get to use my computer to type exams). I'm very emotional. I'm really bad at mental math. It's impossible to stay focused on boring things. I have a hard time getting rid of things or finding people that are interested in the same things I am. Basically, the common stereotypes associated with autism.


#15 Simply A Travesty

I’m Italian, but also severely lactose intolerant.

genetics_cheese-1532716205058.jpgBerkeley Wellness

#14 You Can't Win Them All

I am slim and a good looking guy and always have been. But I suffer hay fever in the summer. When all the girls are looking their best, I am sneezing, dribbling snot, and my eyes are all red and puffed up.

genetics_hayfever-1532719263583.jpgDaily Record

#13 Even Models Suffer Genetic Losses

I am a long redheaded, tall, green-eyed man. I did some modeling and I've always been on the attractive side. I also have Multiple Sclerosis and very bad kidney function. Like, borderline failing bad and I am 22. Win some, lose some I guess.

genetics_model-1532720334498.jpgThe Irish World

#12 Apparently Sweat Is The Secret To Everlasting Youth

I sweat profusely. All the women in my family do.

It's terrible now soaking through my clothes after lightly strenuous activity, but if my mother and her mother are anything to go by, I'm gonna look 50 when I'm nearing my 80s.

I'll suffer the sweat for the extended youth.


#11 The Worst Case Of Bad Luck

I'm a slim pretty boy and girls land in my lap with a mere flash of my teeth in their general direction.

I also have rotten luck in about every other area of life.

I've been run over twice. I've had 3 big blows to the head so far. I've had my appendix removed. It took them 3 weeks to correctly diagnose it. They messed up, and cut my intestine by mistake in the procedure. I've had my gallbladder removed due to gallbladder stones. It took a few months for them to diagnose it. It was just a cold or the flu virus, they said. I've ridden motorbikes since I was 12, and when I was 25, my bike skid in a straight line on a sunny day. My arm got caught in a railing and it was ripped off. My body has so many scars, I lost count. Honestly, I have no idea. I'd say I have probably north of 1 meter of scars end-to-end, and like the area of a 10" tablet of burn marks. I've had over 200 stitches in my lifetime (I stopped counting 10 years ago though).

I was left with chronic pain, in a limb I don't have. To me, it feels like my arm is wrapped in hot bandages and they are tightening so much it's crushing my bones and muscles. Every now and then there comes a very sharp pain that I can't even describe as anything other than just pain. Phantom limb pain can be sometimes treated with some heavy medication. I don't like the concept of living medicated, so I tried to power through it, but living in pain is terrible, and by the second year I gave up and tried Lirica. The medicine doesn't work on me, leaving me drugged out and sleepy, but still in pain. So, yeah, power through it is my only choice.

So, my health is crap, my body is all messed up, but at least I'm pretty and I'll probably die young enough to look good in my casket.


#10 The Brain Is An Insane Organ

I have a near-genius IQ but have a rare brain disease that has nearly wiped my memory. I can't remember much of anything before 20 years old and have a really hard time retaining anything I read now.

genetics_memory-1532724318348.jpgWeik Fitness, LLC

#9 Zero Motivation Can Be A Curse

My dad tells me I have a gift of intelligence but I have no work ethic. I'm smart, I'm perky, but if I don't like it or if there's something else on my mind, I ain't working. I know it's there for me to fix, but whenever I try, I just never get around to doing it and I just get frustrated when it doesn't change with a snap of the fingers. It's hard for me to be creative without having inspiration and if it doesn't come out perfect, I become very frustrated. I am impatient (like a child) and can never wait for stuff I want. But, when I am productive, I can do a very good job of what I'm doing and I can also ramble on and make a longer Reddit comment than I wanted. That aside, I'm grateful for my gift but it sometimes is really annoying.

genetics_motivation-1532725240885.jpgThe Ultimate Alpha Project

#8 Unwillingly Letting Your Talents Go To Waste

I have a really good voice. Like, "scholarships to music programs to study opera" good.

I also have anxiety and self-esteem issues, which developed into stage fright.


#7 Mental Illness Is Extremely Powerful

I'm told I am a pretty man. I have great athleticism, nice face, and a muscular, lean body. However, I am mentally unstable at times and can be extremely manic and self-destructive. So for every look I catch going my way, I think, "please look away, I'm ugly on the inside."


#6 Sometimes Things Are Off-Key

I was musically inclined from a very young age to the point where my elementary and middle school both gave me special attention. I conducted the band in front of a full audience and was the first chair in the two instruments I played. I could compose music on paper and then play it on the piano or guitar.

My genetic lottery loss was that my brain didn't care. I think it stemmed from my dad being obsessed with music from the moment I was born. He knew every lyric to every song. I think it bothered me so much that he memorized every lyric and spoke them (not sung them) while driving that my brain literally didn't develop a way to hold onto music. To this day, I still do not remember artist or song names. My brain literally doesn't work for remembering music at all...

So, I could have likely been a musical genius or something, except my brain didn't want anything to do with it.

To this day, I don't really care about music either. I mean, I like a good beat, but I know that I can't get too involved. No matter what I try, I can't remember artist or song names! That's the most annoying part...

genetics_music-1532734469906.jpg103.7 The Loon

#5 Look On The Bright Side

I have an amazing family medical history... basically no heart disease, mental illness, cancer, etc. People in my family generally just get really old and die from... who knows.

But I personally am plagued by dozens of minor health ailments. ADD, TMJ issues, IBS, deviated septum, cold-induced bronchitis, insomnia, mild scoliosis, psoriasis...

Crazy healthy on the big scale, but a mess of minor inconveniences.

genetics_doctor-1532735437505.jpgThe New York Times

#4 Genetics To Play Jokes

"Here, be a moderately attractive 6-foot-tall white guy. Oh, did I say guy? I meant girl. You can fix that yourself, right?" -Life


#3 Sleep Is For The Weak

Quite handsome, dark circles under eyes.

genetics_darkcicles-1532906800371.jpgReal Men Real Style

#2 What A Killer Combination

I have a nice looking head, which is good because I am bald.

genetics_bald-1532913637668.jpgThe Bald Gent

#1 It's The Small Victories In Life

Bugs of all kinds hate me. I just don't get bit. Mosquitos, bees, ants, wasps. I hike or go camping with 10 people and I will be the only one of the lot without a single bite. From what I have gathered, it's a body chemistry thing. However, I am pre-disposed to diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and baldness. Fair trade off? Maybe not, but +1 immunity, I'll take it.

genetics_bite-1532914677506.jpgLittle Things



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