People Reveal The Weirdest Thing Their Roommates Have Ever Done

Living expenses are outrageous nowadays. While we would all love to have a beautiful home or apartment all to ourselves, typically that isn’t possible; at least not until you reach a certain age and salary. So, in the meantime, you need roommates. Roommates can be a blessing or a curse. Having to cohabitate with others certainly forces you to learn new things about them and see them in a different light than you otherwise would.

Whether you’re in college sharing a room with someone else for the first time, or a professional adult sharing your space with a friend, you quickly learn that roommates can be incredibly odd. Just take it from these people, who recently took to the internet to reveal the weirdest thing their roommates have ever done.

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#1 Strange Fridge Findings

A buddy of mine in college had this roommate who would leave weird stuff in the fridge. Used dental floss, school papers, etc. I think the most offensive item was a pair of sandy bikini bottoms.


#2 Angry Eater

My roommate used to come home late and intoxicated often. He would always raid the kitchen and eat all the food. The following day, he would have no memory of eating it all, presume it was me who had done it, then get cross. I would be wakened by the sounds of things hitting my bedroom door: bumps, bonks, splats, etc.

It was him throwing the mess at my door, leaving food leftovers splattered all over the place. Before I moved in, he had also covered up his vomit with the sofa instead of cleaning it up, which I later found out about. I lived with him a year before I escaped. He was a nasty vile man and I hope whoever is his roommate next gets out quickly too.

#3 A Paper Problem

He never finishes a full roll of toilet paper. There is always at least a 1/4 of the roll left when it gets tossed. I can’t figure out the reason.

#4 Microwave Mishap

He unplugged our microwave because he didn’t want the radiation leaking into the air. I tried to tell him that our microwave wasn’t nuclear, but he just grinned and unplugged it again that night.


#5 Murder Movies

I used to live with a guy who would watch a particularly disturbing serial killer movie on repeat, in the dark while sitting about twelve inches from the TV screen. He would never look up or say hi when I got home. He’d just sit there in the pitch black watching women get murdered on repeat. It was super creepy.


#6 A Million Different People From One Day To The Next

I had a roommate in college that used to play Bittersweet Symphony on repeat all day, every day; from the minute I moved in, to even after I moved out. I relocated down the hall to another kid’s room and I would still hear it constantly playing whenever I’d walk by. I really used to like that song too, but it’s ruined for me now.


#7 Wet Problems

One of my housemates in college was a heavy drinker, which in itself wasn’t really an issue to the rest of us because he wasn’t really loud or belligerent about it. The issue, though, was that he wet himself pretty frequently whenever he was really trashed. Like, he’d literally just stand there and wet himself without bothering to go to the bathroom.

It got so bad that whenever he started drinking, we would all start encouraging, sometimes outright demanding, that he go to his own room before he passed out and wet himself on one of the couches or someone else’s bed. He had a habit of getting up, wandering into someone else’s room and passing out in their bed.

#8 Dirty Underwear

My first college roommate hated doing laundry, so he wore my underwear (without asking) when his underwear was dirty. It never felt like my underwear again after he’d been in it.


#9 Roadtrip Remix

We were taking a road trip to upstate NY (approximately a four-hour drive) and I noticed that he had a CD entitled “Conversations with John” on it. I asked John what it was. He was hesitant at first but he eventually told me that it was a CD he always listened to on long road trips. I popped it in and the 1st track started. It was John himself: “Howdy Cowboy! How’s the road ahead?” I turned it right off and we never spoke of it ever since.


#10 Toying Around

My current roommate talks to himself. He just paces around the living room with his hands clasped behind his back. If you walk in on him doing it, he just stops and stares at you until you leave.

#11 Hockey Player Hugs

My roommate in my freshman year of college was this really tall, total bro of a hockey player. When he went to bed one night, I was surprised to see from across the room. He took an old stuffed bunny toy in pajamas from under his pillow and kissed it goodnight before hugging it close to him. I soon observed that this was part of his bedtime routine, but I never mentioned to him that I knew his secret.


#12 Blank Stares

My old roommate used to get home after a day of work, sit down on the couch, and stare at the wall for sometimes a solid hour. Also, he used to bake stuff like meatloaf or salmon and leave it out on top of the stove for days, picking at it until it was too dry to chew without fracturing his teeth. I never really had any issues with him, but it was weird.


#13 Happy Feet

He washed his feet every night before bed and kind of did a little tap dance on a towel to dry them. The walls were thin so I could hear it every night.


#14 Clowning Around

My gay roommate’s boyfriend had a creepy clown mask that he left at our place. One night, I fell asleep early and he came into my room wearing the mask. He wiggled my toe until I woke up.


#15 Battle Of The Bathroom

I was doing my business in the bathroom one day, and my roommate opened the door to see me sitting on the toilet. Most normal people would say, “Oh, sorry,” and close the door, but he didn’t. We just made eye contact for maybe 20 seconds. Then, without breaking eye contact, he slowly stepped into the bathroom, opened up a drawer under the sink, reached around for whatever he was looking for (still keeping eye contact), and slowly backed away, out of the bathroom. We never talked about it.


#16 Fake Filtering

I went to school in a town where the water has kind of a funky taste, so we used one of those Brita water pitchers. Well, one of our roommates had been removing the filter to pour the tap water into the bottom of the pitcher before placing the filter back on top. If you’re unaware, as my roommate was, this defeats the entire purpose of the filter.


#17 Preposterous Pre-Workout

A former roommate of mine used to come back late from work. He’d proceed to the kitchen, take out a bottle of vodka from the freezer, and down a couple of shots. He’d then put on his running shoes and go for an hour-long jog. When he’d get back, he’d take more shots.


#18 Common Room Catastrophe

My dorm room had two bedrooms with two people sharing each bedroom and a personal common area. My roommate in the other bedroom smelled like death. He had some weight issues and never seemed to shower. The roommate in my bedroom literally saw him with excrement on the back of his pants one day, as he sat all over the common area couches.

The smell was so bad that we were unable to use the common area and literally held our breaths from the bedroom to the hallway. We always had to keep our bedroom door closed and douse it with Febreeze every couple days or so. It was torture.


#19 Pumpkin Pie Hands

He ate half of a pumpkin pie. What made it weird was because it was February and the pie was from Thanksgiving. The same roommate also used to get tipsy and sneak into the iron skillet buffet to eat for free. But they hand out utensils whenever they seat you, so every time he went, he would have to eat with his hands. The day he finally got caught, he had both hands covered in mashed potatoes.

#20 Butter Things To Do

While my actual roommate was abroad for a semester, his brother lived with me. Something that I noticed was that he always bought a lot of butter. A lot! We always had around three or four pieces in the fridge.

One time, I asked him what he did with so much butter. He denied that it was his (which was super strange because we were the only two people living there. When he moved out, the butter disappeared too. To this day, I don’t know what the heck he needed all that butter for and I think I don’t even want to know.


#21 Strange Behavior

This happened when I was in college. I roomed with a guy who was super awkward. He was a polite Chinese guy, but awkward. He wanted me to help him learn the Western lifestyle. That was cool, I thought… I really tried to teach him the customs, but he never got it. He would get milk cartons and leave them on the heater, order a pizza just to leave a slice for the squirrels, and also stand over me while I slept.


#22 Fire And False Prophets

I had a roommate who only ate foods that were described in the Old Testament, so lots of dates and olives. The week leading up to Easter, he took down all of the art in the house and put it in my room because he felt it was a form of idolatry. He then burned a bonfire in the backyard where he threw in dolls. There was lots of melted plastic on my lawn.

Finally, on Good Friday, I saw him walking around the neighborhood wearing an all white robe with a crown of thorns around his head (he also had long brown hair). I kicked his butt out.

#23 Cherished Cherry Coke

I had a roommate in college who ate only beef jerky and drank only cherry Coke, both of which he ordered from Amazon and kept under his computer desk. We had a fully-furnished kitchen and lots of cupboard space because we were in college. In the morning, he’d put a cherry Coke in the freezer before showering and then drink it after.

He would use my toaster oven when nobody else was home (which was fine with me) and by the end of the year, it was trashed. I don’t know what he put in it, but it was one of a) beef jerky, b) cherry Coke, or c) something that he kept a secret from his three roommates for an entire year.


#24 The Final Rose In A Robe

I had a roommate who was the hyper-masculine, frat boy type. Very loud, obnoxious and kind of a bully in that way. One day, I came home late from school and found all the lights off in our apartment. There were approximately 30 individual candles lighting the darkened living room.

He was sitting there wearing only a robe and holding a glass of red wine (which he never drank, because men drink beer or something). I asked him what was up, kind of laughing and thinking a girl was coming over. He looked at me like I’m an idiot and goes, “Dude, the bachelor starts tonight. Get your robe!” I did not know this was a thing.


#25 Home Brewing

He tried making adult beverages in his closet. He bought some yeast, some grape juice, and threw the yeast in the bottle. He let it sit there for a few days until it was completely swollen. We took it to a friend’s place to let it explode, but we just ended up throwing it down the drain.

#26 Utterly Unplugged

My college roommate was a weird dude. He thought that certain sound frequencies would benefit his sleep and somehow heal him. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and hear a really high pitched, constant sound. I’d search the dorm and unplug all the electronics hoping the sound would go away.

After a few nights, I realized it was my roommate playing the frequencies on his phone while he slept. I couldn’t stand it. He tried to unclog the toilet one day by playing the frequencies into the bowl. Yeah, that didn’t do anything. He also used to stand in front of the mirror and stare at himself in the dark with headphones on for long periods of time.

Oh yeah, one last thing, he’d steal my food and my other roommates’ food in the middle of the night (he was the only one with a meal plan, the rest of us bought our own food. The dining hall closed at 9). I found the empty wrappers of my food behind the toilet.


#27 The Bird Feeder

I lived in a big house with lots of other guys in college. One dude would open the second-floor window every morning, pour a decent amount of Cheerios or other cereal out onto our first-floor patio for the birds, and then go #1 out the same window all over the food.


#28 Tin Foil Temptation

I came home from a night out and my roommate had the TV covered in tinfoil with holes poked in it. All of his friends were just staring at it.


#29 Polite To Puppy

He was a sleepwalker. One time, he went to go to the bathroom in his sleep, saw that the dog was in there, apologized, and then shut the door on the dog. He ended up going on the door.


#30 Always Prepared

My first college roommate kept everything he brought with him packed in his army rucksack at all times in case he needed to “bug out.” His side of the room was bare except for that bag and his camo sleeping bag, which he kept on his mattress. All he listened to were Ranger Cadence chants. Weird enough, the guy didn’t own a stitch of camo clothing but dressed like a Mennonite farmer in Wrangler jeans and snap-up wool shirts. Last I heard, he was a Major in the Air Force.

#31 Meat Mistake

One day, I saw two Kentucky Fried Chicken breasts in the cupboard. When I asked him about it, he said only dark meat needed to be refrigerated.


#32 Trash Couple

Rather than empty the small trashcan, my dumb roommate and her live-in-boyfriend started stacking trash like it was a game of Tetris. Imagine coming home to eggshells and watermelon rinds all over the floor. Factor in the summer heat (they always kept the kitchen windows open)… There was always an infestation of fruit flies and larvae. How could they live like that?

#33 Curious Creeper

He opened my door and walked into my bedroom. I was under the blankets, lying in bed. He asked, “Are you sleeping?” I mean, not anymore. The whole situation was made weirder by the fact that I’m a girl, sharing a room with my boyfriend in the three-person house. He never did anything like that when all three of us were home. He was a genuinely good guy, but he had zero concepts of social behavior.

#34 Repeat Offenders

My former roommates watched The Office, from start to finish, for years. No, no, no; you don’t understand. Not, “they watch it a lot.” Not, “it’s the show of preference.” I mean, they’ve literally been watching it sequentially, every day, since approximately 2007. Every. Day.


#35 Compulsive Carrot Consumption

I had a roommate who was obsessed with her health. The only problem was that the things she tried were usually outrageous and never in moderation. It was pretty common for her to eat the same food over and over again. I didn’t start to get too concerned until her hands and feet turned deep orange from the insane amounts of carrots she had been consuming.


#36 Practical Jokers

As a student, I lived in a tiny apartment in a hallway full of identical tiny apartments that shared a kitchen and lounge. There was a vacancy and some guy came to look at it. He signed the papers and turned up with his stuff the following week. When he opened the door, he found the space fully furnished… It was obvious someone was already living there, but no one was home.

Turns out, another guy was aware that the landlord didn’t keep track of what was going on or who lived where. As a joke, he somehow managed to change apartments between the time of the viewing and the new guy moving in. He moved all his stuff in the dead of night without anyone noticing and said nothing to no one. It was the weirdest practical joke I’d ever seen.


#37 The Couch Collector

Back in college, I roomed off-campus with two buddies (they were undergrads, I was doing masters work). Being the pragmatists that they were, if they saw something that could be put to use, they went ahead and made use of it. One day, in the parking lot of the apartment complex, next to the main dumpster, they had discovered that due to renovations, a whole set of furniture was being thrown out.

Nothing was wrong with the stuff… It was just being replaced with newer stuff. Having very little to their name, they decided to bring it up to the room. I aided them in this quest (we were only on the second floor), and our common area soon became furnished with three more couches and two more loveseats. Literally, every wall of the common area had a couch, including at least one love seat that was ‘boxed in’ by the end of a couch.

The girls loved that one. The only way this worked is if one of the previous couches (which was owned by one of the other guys) got moved to a bedroom. So the guy reconfigured his bedframe into a loft bed, and had a couch underneath the bunk. To this day, all of the girls we were friends with during that year refer to that period as the ‘couch farm.’


#38 Paper Waste

My roommates and I noticed we would burn through almost an entire roll of toilet paper in one day. There were four of us and it just didn’t make sense. Everybody claimed to not use that much. Turns out, one of them was a germaphobe and would mummy-wrap both of his hands before going anywhere near his booty. So we all bought our own toilet paper after that. The same roommate would also wash his face in the sink the same way they do in the commercials—by cupping water in his hands and splashing his face (plus the walls and the floor).


#39 Warm Midnight Snack

We got home super intoxicated one night and ordered 20 chicken McNuggets off of UberEats… only, we messed up and ordered 200 instead of 20. Anyway, they showed up and we just lost it. We ate a ton of chicken McNuggets at like, 3 am., then passed out and called it a night.

I woke up the next morning and instead of covering me with a blanket, the dude covered me with all of the McDonald’s containers from the nuggets. I asked him why he chose to cover me up that way and he said he didn’t remember doing that.


#40 Orange You Weird

During my freshman year of college, I was laying in bed and my roommate walked in at approximately 9 p.m. asking: “How do you eat an orange?” I sat up and said he had to peel it first, then eat the inside. He replied, “Oh, I thought it tasted funny.” The orange in his hand had a bite out of the side as if he was eating an apple. However, in a power move, he then continued to eat the orange like an apple without peeling it.


#41 The Ghost Of A Girlfriend

In college, my roommate pretended he had a girlfriend who lived in England. He used to talk to her on the phone while we would both be in the dorm and say stuff like how he missed her. I later found out that she never existed. He had set up a fake profile, a fake name, and fake pictures. He was talking to no one (except himself) on the phone.
To make things interesting, I asked him to invite her over one weekend so I could meet her. His face went white and I loved every second of it. I still have no idea why he’d go to such lengths for this lie. I felt really weird about the whole thing once I found out.

#42 Lost Headphones

My roommate in army training claimed for the whole time we lived together that he didn’t have headphones. He would, therefore, watch anime at full volume while I was trying to sleep. When I was helping him move out, I saw that he had a pair hanging in his locker. When I asked why he’d never used them he said, “Because you never asked politely.” I don’t know if that counts as weird as much as baffling and frustrating.


#43 Playing With Potatoes

My roommate has a cat and for some reason, he always buys it potatoes. The cat doesn’t eat them or anything, he just gets them for the cat to play with. Normally, I’ll walk out of my room once a week to just see shredded potatoes and plastic all over the floor, rug, couch, you name it. He cleans it up, if I get onto him, so I guess it’s not a big deal; but still, it’s weird. Just buy it a stuffed mouse or something.

#44 Soda And Cereal

I once walked in on my roommate pouring a bowl of cereal. We didn’t have milk, so instead, she used Dr. Pepper.


#45 Nuts About Peanut Butter

I had a roommate in college who we’ll call John. He kept a jar of peanut butter on his sink at all times. We didn’t have much storage space, so it made sense to keep something like that out. I don’t think I ever saw him open the jar, but there were different jars and they were always half eaten. The guy liked peanut butter, I guess. Didn’t think much of it. He was a strange dude anyway.

Then, there was a time I had someone over and they were using my bathroom. I also had to go, so I decided to use John’s bathroom. On this little bath cart thing, next to his toilet, sat ANOTHER HALF EATEN JAR OF PEANUT BUTTER. I asked my other roommate at the time who shared that bathroom with him what was up with the peanut butter in the bathroom. He said he asked John the same thing and he replied, “I just really like peanut butter.” So that was that.