October 22, 2019 | Casey Fletcher

Men Reveal The Birthday Gifts They Really Want

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for. Most guys tend to keep quiet about what they want, and when they do speak up, they usually just go out and buy it themselves. So unless they constantly talk about their interests or their hobbies align with yours, it can be easy to feel clueless when it comes to buying a gift for the man in your life.

Whether you're on the hunt for a boyfriend, husband, brother, father, or uncle, you're likely scratching your head at the limited available options. Do you get him another tie? A pair of plain socks? What does he want?! These men are here to tell you. From pamper days to luxury goods to home-cooked meals, you'll finally figure out what men really want for their birthday.


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#1 Just Time Off

A day off. Not just from work, but from everything.

#2 Simple Is Good

Absolutely nothing. Seriously. I don’t want a fuss. I want a quiet day to myself to grill some steaks, drink some bourbon, watch a game or a movie with my family, and have everything wind down quietly. I don’t want gifts, I don’t want to go away. I want simple.


#3 The Holy Trinity

Drinks, some loving, and to be able to play videogames in peace.

person holding Sony PS3 controller in front of flat screen monitorUnsplash/joaoferrao

#4 Eggs and Bacon

An experience that shows that my wife knows me. Start with eggs and bacon in bed, then a makeout session, and a shower before work together. I'd like to come home from work to a perfectly grilled steak and baked potato and a glass of bourbon on the rocks. Then, a terrible action movie with popcorn drowned in butter. When it's done, I'd like to fall asleep covered in butter on the recliner.


#5 Food Always Works

Three things: free time, food, and a little kiss on the cheek. If he doesn't want anything, then don't get anything. Maybe get a little something and take him out on a date. Let him buy the fancy thing on the menu. Food always works.


#6 More Thoughtful Than Just a Gift

My partner bought me a drone. It was a big birthday gift for me, but I had no idea how she knew. Now, the thing is, she's not very computer savvy. So on the evening before we went to bed on this milestone birthday, she gave me this big present. I hate presents because I’m quite fussy and it’s never quite what I want. I opened it nervously, ready to display fake enjoyment and it was exactly what I had wanted to buy but couldn’t justify the cost.

I remember saying very loudly, “This is EXACTLY what I wanted!” She was so relieved she started to cry. Then I did too. Then I asked, “How did you know?” Well here, dear reader is where she wins. As I said, she was fairly internet illiterate. But as it turns out, she joined several websites and discussion forums to ask what she should get me!!! She made a few threads explaining my experience... you get the picture. When she explained this to me I was stunned!!


#7 Easy


#8 Just Underwear

The underwear that has a pouch on the front. Like boxers, I’ve heard them called hipsters or trunks. The important thing is the pouch at the front. It’s like a bra for your undercarriage. That’s what I want for my birthday.


#9 Not a Long List

Every person is different, and I cant tell you what the man in your life wants, but I can tell you my wish list and maybe you'll get inspired. I want comfortable, good quality underwear; socks; hard drives; noise-cancelling headphones; battery-powered vacuum cleaner; pants; safety razor with blades; a bunch of exotic long-lasting ingredients for cooking; blackout blinds; and maybe an electric blanket for the winter.


#10 A Good Bottle

A good bottle of my favourite drink. Something I can break out when guests come over and I can say, "This was a gift from my [significant other]." I wouldn't spend that much on a bottle for myself, because that would be ostentatious.

people eating on brown wooden tableUnsplash/keepino

#11 Luxury, Luxury

Honestly? I'd love to get "luxury" versions of stuff I use every day. A really nice razor I wouldn't buy for myself. Maybe some really nice spices or olive oil, because I cook a lot. An expensive craft drink I've wanted to try. Maybe even tickets to an event I probably wouldn't splurge on for myself. Also, I often get uncomfortable when people spend money on me because I grew up poor and now I have more than I need. So it helped me when my girlfriend framed my birthday as, "Honey, it's your day and I love you. So it would make me super happy to take you out and treat you like a king. It would make me feel great to treat you and make you feel good."


#12 Things He Wouldn't Buy Himself

I add stuff to the wish list on Amazon that I wouldn't go out and buy myself, but would be really happy if someone got for me. For example, I really like cherry sour candies, but locally, they're only around during February.


#13 The Simple Things

I gave my boyfriend nice noise-cancelling headphones. I also planned a surprise night out with friends.

#14 Just Hug Him

A hug. If you are a man and you never complain, and you resolve everyone problems without expecting a thank you, then you definitely need a hug. I need a hug.

#15 He Deserves It

To feel like you think we deserve it. There is nothing worse to me than if someone does something nice out of obligation. One time, my wife wrote me 200 notes on these tiny little pieces of paper. They were the reasons she loved me and the things that I do that make her feel special. She expected me to take one to work with me every day, but I rarely touch them. Only when I am really down. That gift is the most powerful thing anyone has ever given me. It's been almost 10 years and I still have about 50. It wasn't fancy, but it has built me up time and time again.


#16 Just This

A girlfriend.

#17 Give Him What He Really Wants

Every time my wife asks me this, I say, "Give me a hug and a kiss, and tell me you love me." She always says, "Nope, that's stupid. I give you that every day." Then she goes out to buy some doo-dad. She doesn't realize that all I really want is a little respect, by giving me what I asked for...


#18 Something He Never Gets

Today is my birthday, I can answer this! A nice bottle of scotch, a good ribeye steak, and maybe a foot rub. As a father of two very young kids, an owner of a very a messy house, and a husband to a wife that works later than I do, these things are not in the cards. My three-year-old said, “Happy birthday!” gave me some cuddles before work and told me she loves me. All in all, it was a good day.

#19 You Don't Have to Buy Luxury

Some socks. Maybe that game I keep hinting at. And alcohol.

#20 What Is He Into?

If he can't always afford to buy everything he needs, something practical that he will actually use—even if it appears a bit boring as a gift! It depends what he's into. Tools? Camping gear? Cooking stuff? If he can afford to buy anything he needs, then some kind of experience is probably better. Food or drink tasting? Car racing? Spa day?


#21 The Ultimate Birthday

My wife did this for me for my 30th. I had no idea and it was amazing! She got all my friends together. I knew we were going to meet up with a few them and probably have a few drinks, but when we got there, she popped the trunk and it was full of drinks and way more of my friends were there than I expected. Then, a party bus pulled up to take us all over town to different bars. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to top it.

three men and one woman laughing during daytimeUnsplash/wildlittlethingsphoto

#22 He Probably Doesn't Want Much

A 10mm socket because I keep losing the darn thing.

#23 Love and Affection

I turned 31 this morning. I'm single, independent, and really enjoy life living on my own. For the first time, I thought, "You know, I think I would like someone to share this day with." It was kind of a nice realization, and gives me more to look forward to in my 30s. So maybe that's it, love and affection from a loved one.


#24 Just Remember

My whole life, all I’ve ever wanted is for someone to make a big deal out of my birthday. When I was a kid, my mom was poor so she didn't do much and my dad never remembered my birthday. All I’ve ever wanted was to feel like my birthday is special. Since it’s never happened, I’ve developed a defence mechanism to pretend that I don’t care and that I don’t need it but I do want it. I just don’t want to feel dumb when it is forgotten and I made a big deal out of it.


#25 No Bad Luck

It's my birthday on Friday the 13th. I wish that I don't get bad luck considering the date. And a few drinks, perhaps.


#26 The Answer to Gift Giving

Dear everyone in a relationship that reads this and has an iPhone: Make a shared picture album with your significant other and whenever you see something you want, drop a screenshot in there. My fiancée and I do this and buying gifts are so easy because we both have like 30 ideas for each other. If something isn’t what you want any more, then you just remove it. It solved a big problem in our relationship.


#27 Kids Games

I just want a Nintendo Switch. Growing up, my family never really had money for expenses like this. I rarely received gifts during birthdays and whenever I did, it was always clothing. I was still always thankful, of course, because I understood the financial situation of my family. Then, I stopped celebrating birthdays after I graduated high school and now, it just passes by like a normal day. It's a sad feeling.

Now that I am earning money, I still can't really just buy anything that I want. I have to save up for the education of my siblings, my father's business is in debt, and I have to help pay for the house or else it will be taken by the bank. All I can do is watch playthroughs of every game I have always wanted to play through YouTubers' videos. I just want to have some fun.

photo-1492044715545-15ddedd84e5e (1)Unsplash

#28 A Simple Day

A day off work with no responsibilities at home, a pizza, a drink, and some loving.


#29 Upgrade His Everyday Products

Pick something he uses regularly and buy him a nicer, newer version. Maybe he cooks a lot and his utensils have seen better days. Maybe the bag he carries to work is on its last legs. Perhaps his coffee maker is 20 years old. For work, I always have to carry a laptop and some papers around, so I just used one of those one-hand computer bags. It was nothing fancy. But then someone bought me an actual nice leather briefcase and it’s the envy of the office. It's one of the best gifts I’ve ever received and I never would have thought to ask for it.

EnF7DhHROS8OMEp2pCkx_Dufer food overhead hig resUnsplash

#30 Steak and Chocolate

I just want 45 minutes sitting on the toilet, uninterrupted, steak with mushroom sauce, and two blocks of chocolate with almonds. Please and thank you.


#31 A Lazy Day

To be pampered. Like, a nice massage while we watch a guilty pleasure movie and just lay on the couch. Then, play games and do lazy day activities.

#32 Just A Birthday Card!

My birthday was a couple days ago and one single birthday card would have made my day.


#33 A Surprise Party

My birthday is on 9/11. It has sucked since 2001. I usually celebrate on another day. I’ve always really wanted a true surprise party but have never received one. But this year, my girlfriend actually coordinated a full surprise party that I did not suspect. She included all my closest family and friends. It was amazing and I felt really appreciated and loved. It was the best birthday I’ve ever had.


#34 A Day Away From the Kids

I have a wife and five kids. I want a hotel room by myself so I could sleep all day.

#35 Something He Wants

Every year, I give my wife ideas for my birthday. Every year, she gets me something she wants for herself or wants me to have, telling me, "I didn't like your ideas." Get him something he wants!


#36 Tea, Please

I’d like a nice, warm cup of tea.


#37 A Few Options

Creature comforts like slippers and bathrobes; maybe with a monogram or something special. Tech toys like a drone or phone accessory that don't make sense financially, but are fun to mess around with. Give him a sincere, thoughtful compliment, perhaps by writing it down in a fancy font and having it framed.


#38 Take Your Pick

A pyramid made of polished obsidian that rivals the Egyptian pyramids for scale, but with more secret passageways and hilarious booby traps. Or an eight-pack. Whichever's easier.

photo-1541692641319-981cc79ee10a (1)Humaverse

#39 Be Thoughtful

An attempt at a present. As long as someone has thought about it, I'm more than happy

#40 Games

A game night. I'm the only friend in all of my circles that seems to want to just get together for a night and play board games. I've been trying unsuccessfully for years now.


#41 Leave Him Alone

I would love my wife to book herself into a nice hotel for the night and leave me to create a fort in the living room where I could eat pizza, drink, and play video games.


#42 Thoughtful Gifts

Everyone is going to be different. However, I suspect that most guys would like some combination of the following: A gift involving his interests; alcohol gifts that he wouldn't normally get himself; some loving (you know what he likes... throw him a bone); his favorite food, except step it up: does he likes steak? Pick up a THICK cut Fred Flinstone slab of meat for him; and finally, time—whatever he is into when you are not around let him do that.


#43 Think About Who You're Buying For

Depends on who it's from. From my partner, I'd like a day with her where she takes care of everything. She decides where we go, she decides where we eat, I'll even pay for it, just so I can stop worrying for once. From mates that I hang out with, I'd probably just like to hang out with them. And from anyone that I don't really hang out with: leave me alone, probably money


#44 Go Expensive

Expensive consumables I feel guilty buying for myself. A good bottle of my favorite drink, some beef jerky, etc. Maybe specialized tools that I have a hard time justifying buying because I'd only use them once or twice a year, but I keep looking at them when I go to the hardware store. A DVD box set of television series I seem to not be able to shut up about. but aren't ever on a streaming service.


#45 Time and Food

A day off work and loads of food.



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