January 4, 2023 | Eul Basa

5 Unsolved Mysteries In History That Give Unique Insight To Our Humanity

As humans, we have an innate desire to seek out the answers to our questions about life. Unfortunately, there are certain events throughout history that just simply cannot be explained by mere science and reason. Whether it's a missing piece of evidence or some insoluble fact, the following mysteries continue to remain unsolved through the decades:

#1 The Woopit Siblings

There's an old tale dating back to the 12th century regarding two children who, at some point, mysteriously appeared in a village called Woolpit. The boy and girl, who were believed to be siblings, both had green skin and could not speak English. They also wore weird-looking clothes and would only eat uncooked beans, nothing else. It's only once the townspeople convinced them to mix up their diets that they began to lose their green color. Still, their true origins remain a mystery to this day.

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#2 Black Knight Satellite

An unidentified object is believed to have been floating in the earth's atmosphere for thousands of years. The first time it was seen was in photographs that were taken by the Endeavor space shuttle during its mission to the International Space Station in 1998. It was called the "Black Knight Satellite" and to this day, there are several theories circulating about what it is. The most prominent theory says that it's a remnant from an alien civilization.

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#3 Canneto Di Caronia

Talk about a spooky town—the historic Canneto di Caronia in Sicily is known for its decade-long battle with an odd phenomenon that causes homes, buildings, and objects to randomly burst into flames. Throughout the years, investigators have sought to figure out the cause of the spontaneous combustions, but have had no success. Some say it could be some town-wide electrical problem, while others think there are supernatural forces at play.

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#4 The Belmez Faces

In the '70s, there was a family in Spain that reported mysterious happenings in their home. Apparently, they had been seeing random faces forming on the concrete in their living room. The faces would only remain temporarily, eventually disappearing as time went on. The house became a hotspot for paranormal investigators, but many were skeptical. While many believe that the faces were real, others think the family may have fabricated the story to make a profit.

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#5 Bouvet Island

There's an island in a remote part of the South Atlantic called Bouvet Island. In 1964, explorers from South Africa sailed to the Island, expecting that it would be completely uninhabited. However, once they arrived, they found evidence suggesting someone had already been there. They came across an abandoned boat with oars, wood planks, a copper tank, and a gas drum. They could not trace the belongings anywhere. Later, on, when a second expedition made its way to the island, all of the items were gone.

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