January 21, 2023 | Casey Fletcher

5 Unhealthy Habits That Could Be Shortening Your Lifespan

As advances in technology and medicine are made, more and more years are being added to the average human lifespan. Currently, statistics show that most of us will be able to live until we are at least 78 years old, which is a stark difference from the number our ancestors had back in their day. Unfortunately, we sometimes indulge in unhealthy habits that may be shaving off years from our lives. Here are those five habits you should be wary of:

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#1 Making poor food choices

It's hard to avoid junk food. Sometimes, especially after a grueling day at work, we just become too lazy to cook for ourselves. The quickest solution to this is to order in from a fast-food spot or restaurant. The fact that there are so many delivery service apps nowadays doesn't make it any easier to avoid this, either. Sadly, consuming too much junk food can lead to lifestyle diseases such as obesity and cancer, which can take as much as ten years off your lifespan. It's a hard transition, but the earlier you can transition to healthier food options, the better off you'll be.

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#2 Not getting the right amount of sleep

As is with most things in life, sleep is most beneficial in moderation. Too much or too little sleep can be detrimental in their own ways. With regards to the former, a study by researchers at the University of Cambridge found that those who sleep for longer than eight hours a day are more likely to experience a stroke, with women being the more at-risk population. Similarly, those who don't get enough sleep may suffer from blood clots that prevent blood flow from reaching the brain. Try to get anywhere between seven to eight hours of sleep every night—no more and no less.

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#3 Sitting for extended periods

Who knew that the mere act of sitting could be detrimental to your health? Well, more specifically, sitting for longer than seven hours a day can do a lot of damage to your health, as exercise is essential for proper body functions. If you spend your entire day just sitting at a desk, you risk developing many of the complications that come from a sedentary lifestyle, including obesity and spine problems. Make sure to take short breaks to stretch or even move around every couple of hours while you're at work. Even better, once you get home, try to go for a walk outside just to keep your heart pumping.

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#4 Neglecting your oral health

Numerous studies have shown a link between poor oral health and cardiovascular disease. The worse your teeth and gums are, the easier it is for harmful bacteria to proliferate in your mouth and possibly enter your bloodstream. The last thing you'd want is for those bacteria to start circulating to vital parts of your body, like your brain or kidneys. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss too. For even more protection, add mouthwash to your daily routine as well.

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#5 Constantly being under stress

Stress is an unavoidable aspect of life, however, if left unmanaged, it can really take a toll on you not only mentally, but physically too. It's important to find ways to destress when you're experiencing a lot of anxiety, and everybody responds to different treatments. Some stress can be mitigated with simple breathing exercises, while other forms may need professional attention. If you find yourself constantly in a state of stress, make sure you get the help you need and manage it as soon as possible.

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