October 10, 2023 | Maria Cruz

Women Share Their Cringiest “Nice Guy” Story

Try as we may, some ladies are doomed to encounter a nice guy. Whether you meet them on a dating site or know them from school, “nice guys” want it known that women owe them… something or other. At the very least, they make for interesting stories, which is exactly what these women here want to share.

#1 Jekyll and Hyde

He wanted to impress upon me what a good guy he was, and he was also too scared to ask me out like a normal person. He accomplished two tasks with a single action by having his "split personality" tell me it really wanted to hurt me, but “nice guy” was bravely holding it back because he liked me so much. Obviously, I fell head over heels immediately.

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#2 Sorry for Having Reflexes

I was friends with a co-worker. We hung out a few times socially after work and got along well, but it never really occurred to me to wonder if he was interested in me. At that point in my life, I didn’t get a lot of male attention and honestly was pretty cringey myself. So, I didn’t think much of the situation.

We were walking side by side and I guess he went to put his arm around me. It surprised me and I turned abruptly. He took it as incredibly rude, gave me an angry lecture about leading people on and how disgusting you make someone feel when you literally flinch from their touch. He called me a name. Um, sorry for my reflexes?

About a week later, another friend came to me at work to let me know that guy was telling everyone I  was sleeping my way through the department. The dumbest part was that I probably would have gone on a date with him if he'd asked. I just had no idea he was thinking along those lines. I’m glad I never went out with him!


#3 The Creep

In high school, a guy I barely knew tried to convince me to tell my parents that I was going to a friend's house but really go hang out with him. I was normally rebellious, but got the feeling that my parents would be right in telling me I couldn’t spend time with him. I politely rejected his offer and blamed my parents so it wouldn’t be awkward. He retaliated by covering my dad’s car in dyed feminine products. Dude, you’re a creep.


#4 Number 51

This all played out on social media, never met the guy in person. He found me through some posts I made on someone else's discussion thread and tried to derail the conversation to how good I looked. A couple of hours later, he messaged me. We went back and forth a little bit. He was trying to be poetic about how lovely I was and how he was looking to settle down.

He then mentioned how every woman he'd been with (at least 50) had been rude to him in some way. I tried to be polite and let him down easy since he wasn't what I was looking for at the time. He quickly got angry and ranted about how it wasn't fair. He also mentioned how messed up it was that I wouldn't at least give him a chance. I lost patience and blocked him. So, that's how I became #51.

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#5 80 Emails

I've seen two guys get into a fistfight at an office Christmas Party over who was going to “help” a partied out 27-year-old married woman get home. I managed one of these guys and subsequently found out he had sent her 80 emails in one day with lines like, “Why won’t you talk to me?” and stuff. He was fired, but couldn't see how he had done anything wrong.

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#6 Her “Good Friend”

My good friend from college and I, along with other friends from our program, went out to celebrate finishing our degree. He kept feeding me drinks, but I figured everyone just wanted to party and have a good time. As the night came to an end, I was quite incapacitated. My “good friend” frantically approached me, saying that he had just seen a guy put something in my glass (which I had just finished). 

He told me that I would soon be unconscious and it was best that he take me back to his apartment so he could take care of me. Being heavily out of it and also quite scared, I agreed and he helped me back to his apartment. After making me something to eat and giving me some water, we set up camp for the night on his couch. 

He put on a movie and he said he would watch me sleep to make sure I didn’t throw up. As I started to doze off, he tried to make a move. I confronted him about it and he said after everything he had done he felt he deserved “compensation.” I laughed it off, but after he tried to make a move again I got angry and we began fighting. 

He exposed to me that no one had done anything to me. He said it was all a ploy to allow him to make his move. After some more arguing, he decided it was best I left and he kicked me out of his apartment at 3:00 am while I was still considerably out of it. He was someone I trusted and spent four years being friends with. Safe to say I’ll be a lot more speculative with future male friends.

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#7 Going to College

Right after high school, a guy came out of the wood works and told me that he had a crush on me. I thought it was nice, but I just didn’t like him. He was always buying me presents and dropping them off at my mom’s house. I always said thanks, but told him I just wasn’t interested. We, however, had the same group of friends, so I would see him from time to time. 

When I would see him, he would pull me aside and politely ask me to go on a date with him. I told him that I just didn’t see him that way. One day, I ran into him at the store and he asked me out again. I went on this long rant about how I was going off to college and I didn’t want to be tied down. He ended up asking me out again. I ended up walking away. Then he came up behind me and pushed me! He has this evil look in his eye, so I ran to my car and called my mom.

He ended up messaging me a couple of days later telling me that he was just mad because God told him I was the one he was going to marry. I blocked him everywhere. He still managed to get my new address when I moved off to college, though. One time, he drove almost an hour to my apartment. He knocked on my door and handed me a bag of my favorite candy. I flipped out like I should have done many times before. I then threatened to call the authorities and get a restraining order. I’ve seen him once in the last seven years with his wife and new baby. I hope he changed!


#8 Dozens of Texts

I met him at a party, gave him a ride home and after belting out "Don't Stop Believing" together, he asked for my number. We went on one date and texted for a week. Then on Saturday morning, I woke up to 50+ texts that started with asking what I was doing. They went all the way up to "I should just disappear since no one wants to talk to me."

I told him that his behavior was unacceptable since I told him I worked on Saturday mornings. But even if I didn’t, there was no reason to text me over 50 times. If I'm not answering, I'm not answering. He whined about being so nice and how good he was to me. Thankfully, when my friends asked why I was ignoring such a nice guy, showing them the texts was enough for them to drop it.


#9 Getting the Hint

This guy messaged me on a dating site once. He was 62 and I was 20. I said thanks but no thanks, I was uncomfortable with that much of an age difference, good luck out there. He flipped. He sent nonstop messages vacillating between how I would regret this, wheedling, compliments and apologies, etc. I literally received dozens of messages a day. 

He was a lawyer! He had ways of making me regret this! I would never do as good as him! No other man would treat me so well! He went on and on.  Finally, I told him I would meet him in the city, at a popular college bookstore, at 2:00 p.m. Wouldn't you know it, I somehow “forgot” to go. After another day or two of berating for standing him up, he got the hint and disappeared.


#10 You Can’t Reject Me

I was 21 at a pub doing “research” for a paper. Suddenly, this really old, big gut kind of business-looking dude started talking to me. He kept telling me that I was cute and asked if he could buy me anything. I told him, “No thanks, I’m not interested.” Then he told me that I wasn’t pretty enough to reject him.

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#11 Apartment Sitting

I met a guy one night after a night out. We exchanged numbers, he was handsome and seemed normal. We met for dinner and I was taken aback when he arrived with flowers and a bottle of his finest drink. Throughout dinner, I noticed that he would ask questions, but not listen to my answers. He seemed like he was in his own world. He was very robotic. 

He then mentioned that his sister was out of town and he was house-sitting for her in the building a few blocks away. Even though he weirded me out a bit, I was young and still felt like things were going fairly well. When we left, he walked me to my car and since I was wearing heels, I felt comfortable holding onto the crook of his arm for support. 

As we walked, he tried to persuade me to come to the apartment building that he was supposedly house-sitting. “We’ll go up to the rooftop,” he said. “It’s the best view in Hollywood.” I kept saying, “No, no, I have to get up early, etc.” When we got next to the building, he tightened his grip on me and said, “What’s your problem?” 

His facade dropped and he looked scary and angry. He said, “I bought you flowers, I brought drink, I paid for dinner. We were having fun, weren’t we?!” He then tried to pull me towards the door and twisted my arm. I pulled away from him and literally ran to my car before driving away. I have no doubt he would have done something terrible to me if I hadn’t.


#12 Working at Gamestop

I used to work at Gamestop and the building was connected to a Starbucks. This one guy recognized me from high school, but was a year under me, so I had no idea who he was. He'd talk to me as I waited for my order and seemed pretty cool. A couple of weeks later, he told me I was pretty and asked if we could hang out. 

I'm engaged, so I told him outright. He promised me that he just wanted to be friends and I'm — apparently — a very gullible person. He'd get me free Starbucks, told me I was a great artist, yada yada. About two weeks later, he asked me to meet him because he was upset about something. Trying to be a good friend, I went to comfort him.

So, I met him and he was already out of it. I didn't have anything myself because if things turned sour, I could just leave. He got all feely and I told him I was uncomfortable, so he stopped and apologized. I then beat him at pool before he asked me to go outside with him. So, off we went. He then pushed me against the wall, kissed me, and tried to do more. I fought him back, but a dude leaving the bar got him off of me. No "nice guy" will ever be trusted again.


#13 Vampire Kid

I went to school with a “nice guy”, neckbeard, sword-wielding kind of guy. He weighed about 90 pounds, had vampire pale skin and bleach-blond hair, which he let cover his eyes. He would talk about how girls only like the big jock guys and how they neglect the intellectuals like him. He also talked about how he was waiting for a girl to be smart and “good enough” for him. It didn’t make any sense at all, but okay.

He started hanging around where I would eat lunch my freshman year of high school. No one wanted him around, but we were nice and we would just smile. Anyway, the neckbeard would get way too close to me, making up reasons to touch me. I’m really short, so he would set his arm on my head and grab my shoulders. It was just awkward, unwanted touching.

So I told him, “Maybe don’t touch me.” He didn’t get the message. In fact, the not-so-sly hair smelling and weird touching increased. I said zip because I was shy. Well, he then got my number from one of my “friends” and started sending me creepy messages. I didn’t respond, but the messages just got worse and worse. 

He then sent me a shirtless photo that nearly blinded me. I texted him, telling him what he was doing made me uncomfortable. But that didn’t stop him. He started texting me about how he was going to attack me and how I was going to like it. I learned how to block someone on Verizon that day. I never told anyone about it. I had to go to four years of high school with this kid getting too close, making me so uncomfortable.


#14 Definitely a “Nice Guy”

Some guy messaged me online and seemed nice enough. He asked if I'd like to meet up with him and I agreed. He told me about a Starbucks between our places and said he'd see me in 30 minutes. I was like, "Woah, not right now. It's 10:00 p.m." He said okay, but he wanted to keep talking to me if it was alright. 

A few days later, an exchange happened over messenger. He asked me what was up and I said nothing. I asked him how he was and he said good, but then didn’t respond for about five minutes. I assumed he was busy, so I didn’t say anything. He then went, “Well, if you don’t have anything to say, don’t lead me on and let me think we can be together. You’re nothing but a cheap woman anyway. Only cheap women lead nice guys like me on.” Yep, definitely a nice guy.


#15 I am Vain

I met up with a guy and we had planned for a quick bite to eat. I forgot my wallet, so he came to my dorm room with me to quickly grab it. We got there and he immediately started looking around at all my photos. He then stumbled upon my Homer Simpson slippers and a rooster beanie baby that my nephew had left there. 

He took the rooster and stuffed it in Homer’s mouth to make it look like he was chewing. He then went, “Look at me. I am vain. I create suffering for animals so I can feast.” I was speechless but then he opened my drawer and started throwing makeup around. He kept saying, “This is tested on animals — I am vain. Animals suffer for my beauty.” He then opened my wardrobe and started throwing clothes around. My friend called security on him.


#16 Banned for Life

I’ve worked in retail for more than 25 years. I once had an older customer who would come in, and (I thought) play flirt with me. A lot of customers flirted with me playfully, so I didn't think anything of it. Plus, this guy was twice my age and I was no spring chicken. I had no idea that he seriously thought we were really flirting.

Until one day he asked me out. Not in a regular way, mind you… oh no. He said, "So, we've known each other for a while now. I'll just wait until you're off tonight and then we can go out. I'll take you to an expensive restaurant!" I politely declined and he went ballistic. Long story short, the manager banned him from the store for life.


#17 Out of the Blue

I lost a bunch of weight and my ex from high school contacted me out of the blue. He pretended he wanted to catch up and claimed that he was in a committed relationship, so I let him visit me. I was very naive. Long story short, he outright said that the reason he contacted me was that I owed him my body because he suffered so much embarrassment for having to date me while I was fat.


#18 She Doesn’t Understand

He was a nice guy but had his friends stalk me after I was late texting him back. He was also super passive-aggressive. He would say things like, "I see you online, but you aren't responding to my messages." The straw that broke the camel's back was when he showed up at my college campus, which was an hour from where he lived. He wanted to randomly hang out. But he wasn't a creepy stalker, he was just a “nice guy” I didn't understand.


#19 What, No Kiss?

I went on a first date with a guy. It was just a casual date for coffee. It wasn't terrible, but it was obvious that we didn't really click that well. He did the typical "nice guy" stuff during the date where he talked about how he was different from other guys, knew how to treat a woman, some talking down on "gym bros," etc.

I ended the date pretty quickly as I wasn't really feeling it. I had also just gotten off of a midnight shift so it was past my "bedtime." He insisted on walking me to my car and opening the door for me. Fine, whatever. Then he hugged me and when we went to break apart, he tried kissing me. I turned my face and he immediately got agitated. He blocked me from entering my car and said, "What?! No kiss?!"

I'm a pretty easy-going and tolerant person, but that was the first time something like that had ever happened. I immediately felt a slight bit of fear as the guy was blocking my car. He was about 6'4,  so much larger than me. I immediately put on my super serious face and said, "No, sorry. I really need to be getting home now." He luckily moved and I took a bit of a break from dating after that.

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#20 Community College

I decided to take a class at community college. On my first day there, I sat alone. By week two, I had a new friend sitting next to me. He seemed nice enough, we talked in class and helped each other with homework. But, I was very clear about this being a friendship scenario. Not only was he five years older and divorced, but I was in a committed relationship that I brought up pretty often. 

He started inviting me to study but it never ended up being studying. He’d joke about inappropriate things more often and comment on how I looked. Eventually, he said he wanted something to happen. I said I had a boyfriend for the umpteenth time and he said it didn’t matter. He also said nobody had to know. I said no.

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#21 Waste of Time

I've chatted with guys, usually acquaintances at a get together, who got angry and offended if they found out I wasn’t single. They’d also get upset if I wasn’t looking to go home with them. Even if it was basic small talk or we just chatted, I was treated like I was intentionally leading them on or wasting their time. Hey, you asked if I was interested and I immediately set the story straight.


#22 A Tease

When I used to work in retail, there were a lot of attractive women who worked there. A guy I worked with once said that a woman was a tease because she was being nice and stuff. I was like, “What are you talking about? How is that being a tease? If she didn't say hi, you'd say she was deliberately ignoring you!”


#23 Available for Him

I was at a Halloween party in college with my boyfriend and friends. They were paying a visit to the bartender, so I was standing by myself for a few minutes. A guy came over and started talking to me. I chatted with him and mentioned that I was with my boyfriend. He said, "You have a boyfriend? Why did you even go out then?" and left. Like, he expected every girl out partying to be single and available for him.


#24 Good Morning

During my last semester in school, I noticed a guy who was at the bus stop the same time as I was. This guy, let’s call him Bob, started chatting with me any time we were both waiting there. It was just usual stuff like, “Good morning,” “What do you study?,” “How are classes going?,” etc. This went on for a couple of weeks.

Well, Bob then asked how my weekend went a couple of weeks ago. I told him I spent all Sunday watching Wrestlemania with my boyfriend. The conversation pretty much ended then and there. I ran into him another morning and opened with, “Good morning.” I got a very curt, “Morning” before he went back to his laptop. It’s like I’m not even worth talking to if I’m not into him.


#25 Desperate for Hugs

This one guy kept trying to hug me. Like...every time he would see me. I'd never hug him back, yet he kept trying. I was a work-study then and he'd go to where I worked just to see me. I'd be walking down the hallway with a professor and they'd watch this guy five times the size of me open his arms to hug me as I walked by him. 

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#26 Follow-Up Message

I was on a dating website but hadn't logged in in a little bit. When I did, I found two messages from the same guy. The first one was telling me that he thought my profile was great, he had a dog and loved hiking. Okay, cool, I enjoy those things. The second one came two days later saying how "I guess you don't want something real." His first message was actually decent, so if it wasn't for his crazy “nice guy” follow-up, I might have given him a chance.


#27 Who Hurt You?

I had a date with a guy I met through a dating site. When he found out that I was (at the time) writing romance for a living, he put his hand very gently on mine and asked, with all the sincerity in the world, “Who hurt you?” No one hurt me, guy. I got paid money to write stories and I had a whale of a time. He absolutely wouldn’t believe that I enjoyed my job and that I wasn't lashing out as a result of some obvious trauma I'd had in my past. There was no second date.


#28 He Asked First

I was friends with this dude for over two years. He was a nice dude but we had different views on things. I just wasn’t interested in him in that way. He tried to ask me out before but I tried my best to tell him I only liked him as a friend. Fast forward and I got a boyfriend. The dude hated him. He tried to tell me lies about him and said he was flirting with girls behind my back. He would just make up terrible lies about my boyfriend.  

After I called him out on it, he was embarrassed but tried to put all of the blame on me. He tried to shame me for dating someone else when he was the one who asked me out first. I still talk to him sometimes. He always posts things on his Facebook page about how girls lead nice guys on and date other people.


#29 Make Believe

The one that was the most upsetting was a guy who had been my friend for years. I was close to him and confided in him. He once told me that my boyfriend was going behind my back with other people. I wanted to confront the boyfriend and this "friend" kept dissuading me, telling me to just drop contact with him. Obviously I still confronted my boyfriend. He said no such thing happened. And it turned out my friend had made it all up.

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#30 Take Back

I was out once and this guy tried to buy me something to drink. He succeeded in doing so, even though I tried really hard not to accept anything from him. He then proceeded to ask me if I was single. I told him that I was dating someone and he took the drink back, calling me an “ugly woman”. Uh, okay then, dude.


#31 Weird Competition

I married my high school sweetheart. In college, we had been dating for three years already. One day, two of my closer male friends came to visit me at my on-campus job. Both were really odd and kind of pushy about us hanging out later. My boyfriend was in school about 30 miles away and was very secure in our relationship, so he had no problem with me having male friends. 

I went to hang out with these guys and they got really sweet and over the top with compliments. So I got weirded out and said, “I’m going to get going. Me and my boyfriend are hanging out later.” Suddenly the feeling in the room shifted and one of the guys said, “Why are you going to see him? I thought you broke up.” Turns out, some other girl with my name broke up with her boyfriend that day and they both thought it was me. So, they decided to have some weird competition to be my next boyfriend. I have no idea. I booked it out of there. Neither of them were invited to our wedding.

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#32 Ahead of Himself

I was 18 as a cashier and had this foreign man come in. He was maybe in his 50s. He showed me a Rolex watch on his wrist and told me that he was a very rich man. He wanted to show me more riches he had in his car outside. Stranger danger, am I right? I declined and he got angry and stormed out. I thought that was the last of him.

The next day I got in, he was waiting for me to open my register. There was a box in his hand. In broken English he said, “Ah, beautiful American woman. Please be my bride. We make babies beautiful together until end of day.” Inside the box was a rather large ring with a rather larger stone. Unfortunately, I declined. He stormed out, never to be seen again. Maybe one day he will find his beautiful American bride.


#33 Human Decency

I've had multiple guys walk away mid-sentence after we've been conversing for a while. It happened the moment I mentioned having a boyfriend. It really makes you feel horrible, like you have nothing of value to say. It's happened enough times that once I met a guy who said, "Oh, that's cool" and then carried on talking to me after I said I wasn't single. I was super surprised and thought he was so nice, just because he treated me with normal human decency.


#34 Wow, So Witty

My sister went on a date with a dude who played guitar. But, he was too nervous to show off and play for her. Instead, they looked at witty Reddit comments he made online. One of them, which he was most proud of because of how well-liked it was, had three upvotes. It also only had about one comment left on it.

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#35 Guy in a Fedora

I was sitting by myself and this guy in a fedora came up to me and we just started talking. He seemed okay. We got into some casual conversation and then he started talking about how he thought girls should be nice to him if he did something nice for them. I tried for a solid half-hour to get him to understand that a girl was not going to fall head over heels for someone who thought that opening the door for them meant that they were a knight in shining armor. I tried very hard, but he just would keep talking over me.


#36 Feeling Sorry for Him

We met on a dating app and after two weeks, we decided to go meet. We both weren't into coffee, so we decided to eat dinner at his place. We agreed to meet at the mall to buy groceries. He couldn't decide even one thing, but when I would take a certain brand he would mention how his grandmother would use a different one. 

At the end, I made him pick at least one thing, so he picked blueberries. I paid. We went to his apartment and he couldn't cook, which I didn't mind. But, he didn't even feel like helping. While I was making the sauce he mentioned things like I wasn’t intelligent enough (because I suck at math and wasn't interested in it when he was reading his math book to me). He also said that it annoyed him that I wasn’t interested in video games. He also got frustrated when he read Jesenin to me and I wasn't that interested. 

Then we finally sat and ate. He commented on how his mother did it better. But, he also ate pretty much everything. Then all of a sudden he stood up and said, "Now we should kiss and cuddle." Of course not. I offered to wash the dishes. He didn't even help. I felt sorry for him the entire time, which is why I just didn't leave.


#37 One Party

I met a guy at college (heavy commuter college) and he invited me over for a party. Almost no one was at this party. I brought some friends and we stayed for an hour before leaving. He continued to text me and call me constantly. I kept telling him he was nice but that I wasn’t interested. He insisted that we were meant to be, telling me how pretty I am, and how he’d win me over. I just ignored him completely. Finally, after months, he stopped calling.

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#38 One in the Same

Some weird guy was dancing on me at a club. I was clearly uncomfortable, so "nice guy" swooped in to save me. He told the other guy that I clearly didn't want it and I was pretty grateful initially. 10 minutes later, he proceeded to grab my waist and started doing the same thing. I told him I had a boyfriend and he said I didn't have a right to "friendzone" him after he saved me from the other dude. He also said that I was probably lying about my boyfriend. I had to show him Facebook proof for him to drop it and then he called me a name and walked away. 

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#39 Into her DMs

Some dude tried to talk to me via Facebook messenger. It was close to 2:00 a.m. on a weeknight and it said something like, “ You’re very beautiful and very sexy.” Stuff like that is annoying. It says right there in my bio that I’m engaged. We aren’t on a dating site and the text was in the middle of the night. I told him to stay out of my DMs and even said please. He then told me off.


#40 Let’s Get Married

I once had an online date that fell flat. I honestly couldn’t wait to leave. There was absolutely zero chemistry during the entirety of our date. In the end, though, he joked he should have brought a rope, put me in his trunk, and forced a quick wedding. At least I assume it was a joke, due to his awkward laugh.


#41 Purely Platonic

Nice guy invited me to a “purely platonic” last-minute concert where a girl stood him. Afterwards, when it was clear that I wasn’t going to give it up, he demanded reimbursement for the tickets. This happened after he once slammed a door in my face for going home because he assumed we were on a date. So, fool me twice... He’s known by his friends as such a poor, sweet, sensitive fragile guy. Barf. This was a very long time ago. I was young and unwise.


#42 Just Creeping

My old job used to hire temps for seasonal work. One of the guys asked for every female worker's number and texted the ones who were too awkward to say no every day. One of my co-workers called him creepy in a conversation and he happened to hear. Instead of it making him rethink his actions, it just made him weirder. 

He was so offended and every time she was around, he got very aggressive and loud. He would say things like, 'I'm just going to creep around this corner here,” or “I was just creeping back here to get a creepy snack.' He also complained about her to anyone who would listen. She wouldn't even talk to him after two days, yet this continued for like an entire month.


#43 Had a Good Time

I started talking to this guy from a dating site. We agreed to go on a date together, but when he arrived, I realized he cat-fished me. I called him out on this, told him it wasn’t going to be a good idea for us to date, and left. The guy proceeded to call me once a day for the next week, claiming we had such a good time that night and we could be friends. 

After the first week, he started leaving nasty voicemails, telling me that I didn’t deserve such a nice guy like him. By week three, he just started screaming into my voicemail that I belonged to him. I kept everything he said for a month in case the psychopath ever managed to find out where I worked or lived.


#44  Home Depot

I had a guy follow me around Home Depot. I was 21 and looked it. He was probably 40-50. When I stopped in a section, he asked if I needed help with my project and if we could go out sometime. I told him that I had a boyfriend, to which he asked if my boyfriend was better than him. I was too young, so I just laughed and walked away. That's not even my only Home Depot encounter with creepy guys. I stopped going to hardware stores by myself.

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#45 What Do You Think?

One guy asked me out to dinner once. The first hour, he spent talking about himself. It was fine since I’m a good listener and didn’t mind. Whenever I would chime in, though, he would hold up his hand and say, “Wait a minute.” He’d then keep talking. After a while he said to me, “I’m so sorry, I’ve been talking about myself the whole time. Enough about me, what do you think about me?” Our date ended shortly after that.


#46 The Cycle Continues

A former co-worker of mine once yelled at me until I cried because I’d “led him on.” All I did was have a coffee with him and politely decline a second date. After his tantrum was over and he seemed to get everything out of his system, he had the audacity to ask me if I had any single friends I’d set him up with.


#47 Birthday Party

He invited me for his birthday, but I declined because he gave me an unsettling feeling. A few days later, I showed up at the club where we met and asked him, in front of other club members, “How was your birthday party?" There was a heavy silence, followed by a random guy saying "... his birthday is in five months from now." Turns out, he tried to trick me into being alone with him at his place. Afterwards, he went on and on about how girls don't like nice guys. I quit the club membership.

The Most Humiliating MomentsPexels

#48 Joke’s on Her

I had just begun dating after a bad breakup. I was out on my second date with this really nice guy when he turned to me while driving me home and said, “I’m going to marry you one day.” I actually laughed at him and asked him why he thought that. He told me, “Because we guessed each other’s middle names on our first date.” Umm... what? I broke up with him not too long after. We got back together several months later and have been married for almost five years. Joke’s on me.

Couple at their weddingEmma Bauso, Pexels

#49 Can’t Blame a Guy…

A guy from my town messaged me on Facebook telling me I was beautiful and he hoped my boyfriend wasn't going to hurt him for saying it. I told him I didn't have a boyfriend because I was gay. All was well. Then a couple of weeks later, he tried again. He said he couldn’t help himself because I was “so pretty” and I couldn’t blame a guy for trying. I told him I could, in fact, blame a guy for trying if he continued to harass me after I said I'm not interested. He then called me ugly and blocked me.


#50 Super Like

Back when I was using a dating site, I had a guy “super like” me. Needless to say, I didn’t “like” him back. A few weeks later, I got a Facebook message from a guy telling me how easy it is to find someone on Facebook using information on their dating profile. He also said how he thought I was such a cool chick and he would love to get to know me. When I made it known that I was uninterested, he informed me that because he “super liked” me I had to give him a chance. This was especially true since you have to pay to “super like” someone, so I “owed” him. Real charming. I blocked him so fast.




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