November 8, 2023 | Melissa Budish

Women Confess The Most 'Crazy Girlfriend' Thing They've Ever Done

Everyone gets a little jealous from time to time, especially when it comes to relationships. Stereotypically speaking, females are the ones who tend to get the bad rap. Whereas many men are known as being the cool, laid-back partners in a relationship, the women are often portrayed as the snooping, overbearing, emotional ones.

While this is certainly unfair as a generalization, it's not completely untrue for some relationships. In fact, there are many women who will admit to playing the role of a "crazy girlfriend"—or, at the very least, occasionally engaging in a few behaviors that would warrant such a label. Just take it from these women, who recently took to the internet to confess the most crazy-girlfriend-type thing they have ever done.

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#1 Traveling Toward The Future

I was kind of seeing this guy who told me he was going on a road trip to another country in three months. I really liked him and knew we would only date a short time because of this. So, after a month, I got a passport expedited JUST in case he asked me to go with him. I started to sell my stuff as well.

Two weeks after my passport came in; he asked if I wanted to go with him. We're married now.

crazy girlfriends split image

#2 Friendship Denied

Looking back, it probably wasn't that crazy, but it violated the standards I hold for myself.

Years ago, my husband's friend came over with his new roommate. This was the first time either of us had ever met or spoken to her. The new roommate was known to be promiscuous, but I'm not one to judge. We all hung out and had a good time.

Later that evening after they left, I opened my laptop and found out that my husband was still logged into Facebook. I saw that the promiscuous roommate had sent him a friend request and put a message on his wall — no big deal.

I logged out of his account and into mine so I could accept her friend request and chat with her too. Except... She didn't send me a friend request. She didn't leave a cute message on my wall — just his.

So I logged back into hubby's account and blocked her.


#3 Copping Out

I hid on his roof while the authorities were looking for me. We fought and he thought I was going to hurt myself.


#4 Refusing To Heal

My ex had a sore on his leg. I had some cream I wanted him to use for it, but the cream was a weird color, and he didn’t want to put it on. I insisted that he should because it would literally heal his sore overnight, but he continuously refused and got annoyed. I finally snapped and started screaming at him to put the cream on. I even broke down in tears running to my room like a three-year-old. We broke up not long after for other unrelated issues...

But yeah. Not my proudest moment.


#5 Train Wreck

He didn't want to hang out with me that day, but I took the train to his neighborhood anyway. He brought his friends to the train station after their band rehearsal like he always did. He saw me walking around, and I told him that I just liked to take walks in his area. I got to hang out with him because, you know, I was already there... I cringe just thinking about it because he definitively knew.


#6 All Torn Up

My boyfriend didn’t come home one night, so I just snapped and ripped up all the photos of us, then sprinkled the bits over the bed. I even tore apart a little "I love you" teddy bear he gave me and left it on the bed.  I felt like a psycho the next day, and I’ve never actually admitted that to anyone.


#7 Road Rage

I ran behind his moving car, howling, in the middle of traffic.

We had a massive fight in the car and called off the engagement. We ended up yelling at each other and crying. I asked him to drop me off right then and there, in the middle of the road, and I opened the door of the moving car. He braked and let me out. I slammed the door for the dramatic effect only to realize seconds later that my handbag with my phone and wallet were in the car.

Hence, running behind his moving car, howling, in the middle of traffic.

I just realized I am not as stable as I pretend to be.


#8 Cracking The Case

I paid money to access my boyfriend’s court records because my mom had somehow convinced me he was lying about a certain court case that involved his ex. It turns out; he was actually telling the truth. I was only skeptical because he has been known to embellish stories to make them more entertaining. This was while we were broken up for about two weeks, and I feel guilty about it all the time for even doubting him.


#9 Pretty Woman

He broke up with me.

Four months later, I was out for the night at a bar near his place. I phoned him up and basically told him, “I’m on my way.” He put up a small fight, but in the end, he begrudgingly agreed. I stopped at home to put on my new floral dress and wedges. I looked nice.

I then had a friend drop me off at his place. Oh, and I also had a huge bottle in my purse. Despite being very inebriated already, I continued taking straight shots.

I woke up alone in his bed and walked downstairs. The amount of hate in his eyes startled me. He began to explain how I had tried to go #1 in his closet and when he confronted me, I cried and declared, “You don’t know what it’s like to be a pretty woman!” I left very swiftly after that.

I don’t remember most of the night and never got the full story as he had virtually blocked me in every way imaginable.


#10 Sub-Par Reaction

I was hormonal, so my boyfriend brought me take-out from my favorite sub shop. I cried when I opened it because it was my favorite sub, but I didn't want my favorite—I wanted my second favorite sub.


#11 Taking Out The Trash

I found out my husband was cheating on me. I went to his girlfriend's house with two trash bags of his shredded clothes, smashed cologne bottles inside, and a copy of our marriage certificate. I dropped it at her doorstep with a note saying, "He's your problem now, enjoy," and, "P.S. the return policy is expired, you're stuck with him."


#12 Affectionate Spammer

I message my boyfriend a lot, usually without any regards to what time it is. I'd talk about things that happened to me during my day or just about anything that pops into my mind. Of course, I don’t expect him to reply straight away; I understand he’s busy.

However, I know spam is annoying for a lot of people. He always tells me he doesn’t mind and that he appreciates that I think about him a lot, but I’m trying to cut down the message load.


#13 Doing The Dirty Work

With my ex-boyfriend, I always insisted on helping him with his laundry. He thought I was sweet, but really I was training him Pavlov-style. That way, if he ever screwed things up with me, he would have to think about what he lost every time he had to do his own laundry.


#14 Truth Through Tinder

I thought I saw a Tinder notification on my ex’s phone, so I downloaded the app, made a new account, then set my radius to one mile. I went looking for him on the app rather than actually ask him about it.

I mean, I was right but still.


#15 The Dog Days

When my last boyfriend and I broke up, I would come over all the time, sit on his floor and cry while cuddling with his dog. It was super unhealthy, and I feel really bad about how I reacted, but dang I still miss that dog a lot.


#16 Snapping Over Sorority

I would check my boyfriend’s location using Snapchat's maps feature every minute to see where he was. I also frequently checked the last times he opened Snapchat to see if he was purposely not opening my messages.

It turns out, he was purposely not opening them, and he ended up being at a sorority house.


#17 Self-Sabotage

I used to have a text free app because my service was so bad. I would just connect to WiFi and boom... I could send texts.

I usually text my boyfriend using that app.

One day, he went to the bathroom and left his phone on the table. So I went through it.

I found all these texts from a weird phone number. The girl in the conversation was so cool and funny. He laughed at everything she said. I was so angry that when he was walking back from the bathroom, I still had his phone in my hand. I hadn’t put it back in its original spot on the table.

But right as he came into the room, I scrolled down to a message that I remembered. It was me, from my text free app... I was getting jealous of myself and my own cool jokes.


#18 Becoming A Ball And Chain

He dumped me but I refused, so I grabbed his foot and didn't let go, even as he began to walk away. He dragged me a few meters. I was also crying. I was 23.

It worked though! He agreed to keep dating. Two months later, I fell in love with another guy and dumped him. He tried to convince me to choose him, but it didn't work.

Couple arguing at homePolina Zimmerman, Pexels

#19 Vacuuming With Vengeance

I was vacuuming around the couch and got mad because my fiancé kept leaving his guitars on there, despite the fact that we had ten empty rack spaces immediately behind it. I kept purposely hitting the vacuum against the couch to clean up imaginary dirt, but with the intention to actually knock over a guitar. I ended up cracking the neck. It cost him $150. Oops.


#20 Super Hot DVDs

I found my boyfriend's adult video collection, so I put each DVD in the microwave one by one and nuked them. Once they cooled, I returned them to their cases with a letter that just said: "Busted."


#21 Up In Flames

I burned a shirt he purchased with his ex at a concert (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

I also stayed awake while he slept and sifted through his phone for any numbers that I didn’t know, and then harassed the one I knew he was cheating on me with.

Caught My Partner CheatingShutterstock

#22 The Queen's Peasant

I treat my entire relationship like a medieval hierarchy. I am the queen, and he is the peasant. He can, in theory, work his way up from peasant to page, then to the squire, and even to knight and king! He actually has made it to a page, but that’s no fun. So I still call him the peasant. After all, there was not much status movement in medieval times. I'm only being realistic.

I promise I love him though... He is a good peasant; very loyal to the queen.


#23 Vinegar VooDoo

After my ex broke up with me and immediately got with another girl, I made a vinegar jar to sour their relationship.

A vinegar jar is a curse you can place on someone to mess up their lives. You add vinegar, a picture of the people you want to curse, a petition of what you want to happen and, optionally: shards of glass, lemon, nine nails, and red pepper flakes or black salt. In my heartbreak, I followed every step. For the petition, I wrote that I hoped the girl he was talking to would leave him for her ex and that he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about me.

Not my best moment, but it’s definitely fun to laugh about.


#24 Airing The Dirty Laundry

A friend of mine who was my roommate at the time cheated on his girlfriend. His girlfriend came over in the morning to surprise him and, unbeknownst to her, the random girl was in his bed while I was getting ready for work. The next thing I know, she's screaming, "DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY" over and over again.

I peeked into the room just in time to see her squeezing the last few drops of laundry detergent all over him and on the girl in his bed.

He was my friend, but at that moment, she was my hero.

15685-1546972541191.jpgYour Best Digs

#25 Long-Distance Target

My sister did something on her boyfriend’s Gmail that allowed her to track his location. She checks it all the time.


#26 Put It On Ice

My boyfriend and I were fighting, and I told him he couldn’t leave my apartment until the argument was resolved. So, I took his keys, shoes, and wallet and hid them in various places in my apartment. The keys went in the fridge and it took him forever to find them.


#27 Dipping Out

We lived together for quite some time, but one day, he left me for another woman.

I had to stay in our flat for a few days before I could find somewhere to go.

During that time, I dipped his toothbrush in toilet water.

Also, before I left, I took all the light bulbs in the flat.

To be honest, I think I would do it all over again.


#28 Casual Check-Ins

He works up the street from my house, so I drive by to make sure he's working and not talking to other chicks there. I also periodically check to see when he logs in online throughout the day. I don't know how I got so obsessed. It's pathetic really...


#29 A Sweet Symphony

I started to suspect my ex was cheating because I couldn’t see his Facebook profile anymore. I figured out his password, logged into his account and found out that he was cheating on me. He had all these photo albums of a random girl. The albums were all labeled with various song titles, so I spent the next few months randomly singing those songs to drive him nuts. When I was financially stable enough to kick him out, I sure did.


#30 Itching For Revenge

My cheating, abusive ex-husband had the nerve to leave a load of laundry in the dryer when he moved out. He dared to ask me to fold it for him. I ran it through again without dryer sheets (to maximize static cling), turned all of his clothes inside out, and rubbed them all over the dog (a German Shepherd). Only after that did I fold them. I hope his entire body itched all day.


#31 Taking Off His Tags

I tried to rip the license plate off of his car. We had gotten into a huge fight, and he wanted to break up with me. In my defense, I was blackout tipsy; so tipsy that I wasn't wearing pants even though it was the middle of winter in New England. Now that I type that out, I realize it doesn't make me look any better. But we're married now, and we laugh about that night all the time.


#32 A Crazy Surprise

This is an embarrassing story, and I can't believe I ever acted this way, but...

I was working a night shift in a nursing facility. The receptionist would go home around 8 p.m., so mainline calls were forwarded to the nurses' stations. Whichever nurse was available would answer and redirect the call.

While I was sitting at my desk, the phone rang. I picked up, said my little corporate speech and my stomach exploded into butterflies at the sound of the voice on the other end. I knew instantly it was my boyfriend and I was elated... until he asked to speak to another nurse on staff... my best friend. In my reality, he had no reason to be asking for anyone but me and I was immediately taken aback. I repeated the name back to him questioningly. That's when he realized who he was speaking with and promptly hung up.

I made assumptions and overreacted to the nth degree. I called him back, and he didn't answer. I called my friend's station, and she didn't pick up. This was in a matter of four minutes, mind you. I left my desk to visit hers and gave her the third degree. She looked totally lost and swore she had no idea why he would be calling her.

I was pretty panicky at this point. I called my boyfriend again on his cell, and he picked up... "I'm out front. Come down and meet me." My head was spinning with confusion, but I went to the front door and unlocked it for him to enter the building. He had a giant floral arrangement, chocolate, and a teddy bear. I'd forgotten it was my birthday. He was calling my friend to let him in so he could surprise me.


#33 You've Got Mail

I went to his house while he was with his new girl and yelled at him through the mail slot.

I cry a little bit whenever I think of it.


#34 Humiliated In Hindsight

When my boyfriend and I first got together, I was honestly insane, and I don't know why he’s still with me after three years.

I used to just spam him all the time if he wasn’t answering me and then flip out on him. I'd also regularly check when he was online. I didn’t even want him talking to other girls, regardless of who they were. I would beg him to hang out with me even if he wasn’t in the mood. I’ve obsessively stalked every single ex-girlfriend of his; even girls that he’s just had one-night stands with. I would flip out about him liking other girls photos. I went through his phone once and found nothing, then convinced myself that he must be deleting messages.

Sometimes, when I was feeling super crazy, and he wasn’t answering me, I'd tell him: “Have fun with whoever you’re with.” I don’t like thinking about those times because of shame and embarrassment. Thankfully, I got on the right meds and went to a psychiatrist. It's helped me become way less controlling. I’m grateful for him staying with me because I surely would’ve dropped me if I was him. I’m not even sure where all the trust issues came from because he’s never been dishonest to me.


#35 Daunting Day Dreams

Within two months of dating, I was daydreaming about my potential future with my boyfriend—what our house would look like, if we'd have any kids, what would the ring look like—silly stuff that I wouldn't have shared. He saw me daydreaming and asked me what I was thinking about. I started rambling before realizing how cringey and weird that was, and at some point, I clammed up mid-sentence.

For some reason, he didn't drop me right there despite the multiple red flags I just waved in his face. I thought he'd think I was a Stage 5 Clinger.

We're going on ten months now.


#36 No Playing Games

I took the cords to all his game consoles when I left him.


#37 Catty Behavior

A friend of mine broke up with her ex, took his cats (as in, she got them registered in her name right under his nose), and sued him for $5,000. Now, that alone sounds like crazy girlfriend material, but the details are what justify it:

She took his cats because he constantly neglected them in favor of partying, and she sued him because he financially ruined her credit by taking her money and cards.


#38 No Harm No Foul

My high school sweetheart dumped me for another girl after a couple years of dating. I saw him at a party and tackled him. No one was injured.

Fast forward 25 years later and we’re super close friends. We went to each others’ weddings, and I was the first person to the hospital when his wife gave birth. He and my husband get along great.

Hey, it was high school. We all do stupid things as teenagers.


#39 Assuming The Worst

I was staying over my parents' house with my son because my fiance was so sick. Usually, if we are away from each other, we call to say goodnight. That night he didn't, and I was calling over and over with no answer. I immediately assumed his sickness got to him. I drove back to my house around midnight, went up to my room and found that he was just sleeping. I crept back downstairs and went back to my parents' house. He still has no idea I did that.


#40 Stereo Love

My wife's ex-boyfriend had gifted her a stereo for some occasion. When they split up, he said he wanted his stereo back. So she gave it to him.

More precisely, he was downstairs in the courtyard yelling, "Give me back my stereo back, you crazy tramp!" She was upstairs and tossed it out the window.


#41 A Smash Hit

I was 17, and we were in a band together. He spent half the week at a college in another town and came back for band practice.

We were taking a break at his house when the doorbell rang. I answer the door to this girl who asked to see my boyfriend. She said that she was his girlfriend from college. I don’t remember much of what happened after that, other than leading her into the house, seeing my boyfriend's face, picking up his favorite guitar that he spent silly amounts of money on, taking it outside, and smashing it in the road.

Caution to the Wind factsPixabay

#42 Can't Hide Crazy

My girlfriend and I got into a fight. I left my apartment and told her she should go home since I just wanted the day away from her. I drove around for 20 minutes, came home, she was not there. I’m like, "Okay, that’s good."

When I went into my room, I started playing video games with my friends online. As we were playing, I was telling them about what just happened and how she was crazy. All of a sudden, I heard a voice yell: “NOPE, THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED! TELL THEM WHAT YOU REALLY SAID. I KNEW YOU'D JUST TALK BEHIND MY BACK.”

She crawled out from under my bed where she’d been hiding for the past 30 minutes, just lying there silently. I still think about that sometimes.


#43 No More Gardening

My boyfriend at the time was cultivating two tomato plants in our backyard. He spent hours pruning, watering, and feeding them. He researched all kinds of fertilizer and even played them music, but he just couldn’t get them to grow tomatoes. It drove him crazy.

One day, he stood me up for lunch. He said he "forgot" because he was so focused on working on the tomatoes. I came home, fired up the lawnmower and ran straight over those jerks. It felt so good.

Needless to say, we broke up. Over a couple of stupid tomato plants.


#44 Spoiled Surprise

My fiance decided to work with a jeweler and actually make my ring. I knew he was going to propose, so I lurked on his phone to see the ring.

When he finally did propose, it was the most awkward moment because I just froze and didn't know how to respond. It turns out, I'm a terrible actress, and my reaction to the ring was so bad. Eventually, I said yes.

He still doesn't talk about it with me, but it made me feel like a complete idiot. I wish I would've never snooped. To this day, I don't go looking for what gifts he buys me. I can't bear to see the same expression on his face when he knows I already figured it out. It's just not as authentic no matter how much I fake it.


#45 Mid-Night Munchies

I get cravings for specific food items after seeing someone else eat them—like, when someone eats chips in a movie, I start to crave chips.

This happened at 2 a.m. I told my significant other that I was going to walk to our 24/7 store to get chips. He didn’t want me walking alone, so he told me to stay in and just eat something else. I would not let it go, and he ended up walking for me. He came home with about ten bags because he wasn’t sure what I wanted. Best boyfriend ever.



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