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People Share The Dumbest Reason Their Parents Have Gotten Mad At Them

Things are pretty good when you're a kid. You don't have any bills to pay, meetings to go to, or other little humans to take care of. You just have to look out for yourself and you're good to go.

Yet, there are still some aspects of being a kid that aren't so great, like having to go to school, being forced to do chores and getting grounded for the littlest things. Parents always seem to be looking for a reason to get mad at their kids.

People from around the world shared he stupidest reasons their parents ever got angry with them and some stories are just outrageous. Have you ever been yelled at for not being hungry, or been punished for not remembering someone else's email password? Be thankful you didn't grow up in ridiculous households like these.

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#35 That Escalated Quickly

My mom got extremely angry with me when I refused to clean my older brother's room. I actually got thrown out of the house because of it. 

It ended up being okay though because I hung out with the dog outside and my dad snuck food out to me. My mom was pretty adamant that I did not come back inside, though. Pretty ridiculous.

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#34 I Just Want My Socks To Smell Nice, Mom!

I had a little mesh bag full of laundry scent crystals in my sock drawer to keep my socks smelling fresh. My mom went through all of my stuff one day, found the crystals and thought they were substances. She didn't let me leave the house for a month, despite me showing her the bottle of laundry scent crystals that SHE bought and offering numerous times to take a full drug test.


#33 You're The One Who Didn't Want Me To Wear Jeans In The First Place!

My mom complained that I wore jeans too much. I started wearing dress pants because her constant complaining wasn't worth dealing with. A week later, she asked me why I never wore jeans anymore. She got really angry when I explained she was the reason why.

tina-1540409267163.jpgBrian Peyton Joyner

#32 Don't Even Think About Touching My Cheese

My dad bought some fancy cheese that we both liked. When he came to eat some, he couldn't find it and blamed me for eating it all. He ended up finding it in the freezer a few days later (where he had put it). He never apologized for his mistake.


#31 Cats Need Love Too!

I was under the deck looking for our cat. There was a dirt ramp that opened up wide at the bottom and the cat sprinted up there. I was trying to get him out but he disappeared deep underneath. I came out from under the deck and my dad pulled in the driveway.

"What were you doing," he asked me.

"Looking for the cat," I said.

"That's stupid. What were you really doing? Don't lie," he said sternly.

I repeated to him that I was looking for the cat.

"Seriously. If you don't tell me what you were doing, you're going to be grounded," he warned.

Once again, I said I was looking for the cat.

I ended up getting grounded for two weeks.


#30 Mom, Don't Step On It!

When I was 12, I broke my foot and my mom thought I was faking it to miss school. So she stomped on my foot and hit it with a broom to see if it was really broken.

I screamed in pain but she still didn't believe me. I still went to school that day and had to drag my foot everywhere I went. It got more and more swollen with every step.

Later, I got an x-ray and showed my mom to prove to her that my foot was really broken. She still didn't apologize.


#29 Are You A Mom Or A Drill Sergent?

Mom: “Do the dishes.”

Me: “Okay.” *starts doing dishes*

Mom (five minutes later): “Vacuum the living room.”

Me: “I will as soon as I’m done with the dishes.”

Mom (angry): “No, you’ll do it now! When I tell you to do something I expect you to do it as soon as I tell you!”

Me: “Yes ma’am.” *leaves dishes to go vacuum*

Mom (10 minutes later): “WHY AREN’T THESE DISHES DONE YET?! When I tell you to do something, you better finish it before you go do something else!"

Me: *screams*


#28 Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Back in the early days of Facebook, when I was about 15, I left my profile up on the family computer. One morning, my mom (who was still wary about the whole social media thing) opened the computer and saw my profile.

When I woke up a while later, I came downstairs and she started yelling at me for posting a picture of myself getting tipsy with a friend. "You’ll never get a job because of this," she cried.

I calmly pointed out to her that the picture was of my friend and I drinking hot chocolate at the ski lodge from our vacation last year, and that she was the one who took the picture.


#27 Should I Apologize For Having A Small Appetite?

I remember getting yelled at for not being hungry. Why the heck was it such a bad thing to have a small appetite?

My father would also get mad at me whenever I got sick.


#26 Who Wore It First?

I was a freshman in high school and hated my long hair so I wanted to cut it super short I bro.ught it up with my mom one day and she got SO mad at me. She said it would make me look like a tomboy and that it wouldn't look good on my face. She kept yelling at me and I started crying and went up to my room.

A week later she got a pixie cut.


#25 Maybe Check Her Bedroom First Next Time

One time, I was in my room sleeping but my mom thought I wasn't home and had gone out without telling her. I was around 18 at the time and she thought I went to my friend's house. She got so mad that she repeatedly called me and left me angry text messages.

I was upstairs in my room sleeping the entire time and didn't wake up until a few hours later. All of my stuff had been tossed around.

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#24 Come On, Mom. Just Listen To Your Kid.

When I was in middle school, my mom yelled at me because she saw the grading scale at the bottom of my math report sheet and thought it meant my grades and they were getting progressively lower.

She kept screaming at me even though I was trying to explain that the grading scale was not my actual grade and instead just a tool for the teacher to use when grading reports. It was just so stupid because she literally had nothing to be angry about, she just always thought the worst of me.


#23 Remember Your Own Password, Dad

My dad gets mad when I don’t remember the password for HIS email.


#22 Hey, Who Cares How I Bring Home The Money?

A friend of mine started recycling aluminum cans for money. I thought it was a good idea so I started doing it too. My stepfather got mad at me and made me stop.

Two weeks later he was doing it himself.


#21 Barbie Clearly Just Wants To Go Shopping With You!

When I was about seven, I accidentally set the Barbie website as the homepage on my dad's computer and it took him about a week to figure out how to change it back to Google. For the entire week, Barbie kept popping up asking him if he wanted to go shopping or something every time he opened his browser. He was furious with me.

barbie-1540411400614.jpgAli Express

#20 Someone Could Fall In!

I left the toilet seat open and my parents grounded me for a week.

home-alone-1540411342094.jpgHome Alone

#19 Sounds Like This Dad May Be A Little Bit Colorblind

My dad was working on something outside. He peeked his head through the backyard door and told me to grab his yellow screwdriver, so I picked up the yellow one and gave it to him.

“Not that one," he said. I picked up another yellow one but he said that it wasn’t it either.

This went on a few times until he finally said, "Forget it!"

He then picked up an orange screwdriver.


#18 Don't Call Me Stupid, Stupid!

I called my older sister stupid once when I was seven. My mom then gave me a long speech about how calling people stupid was a very bad thing to do.

Yet, my dad would call me stupid when I didn't understand his instructions or failed to do something correctly the first time. Apparently, that didn't warrant a scolding from my mom.

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#17 He Just Wanted Cheese Dip

One night, my stepbrother called his mom to ask where they were going to eat dinner. His stepmom replied, “Are you tipsy right now? You’re slurring your words! HOW MUCH DID YOU HAVE TO DRINK?”

All the while, he was completely sober and just wanted some fajitas and cheese dip.


#16 Just Wait Until This Dad Learns About Tattoos

When I was 19, my dad finally noticed I was stretching my earlobes and he FLIPPED OUT. He told me he couldn't see me while I was mutilating my body in such a disturbing and permanent way (despite the fact that I had been stretching my lobes for over a year by that point).

He eventually got over it, and we laugh about it now that I'm 35.

post-1540411158263.jpgLA Times

#15 This Mom Doesn't Condone Long, Hot Showers

When I was a teenager, my mom would get mad at me for using up so much water when I showered.

Just to be clear, she used a LOT more when she watered the plants in the yard. She also kept lights on in every room because she liked how it looked.


#14 "'Right There' Isn't A Direction"

I was giving my mom directions to Walmart. Once we got to the parking lot, I stopped giving directions, but she still asked me where it was.

I tell her that the Walmart was right there in front of us. Then, I open my phone to check my text messages and she yells, "Are you going to help me or what?" She was upset about it for the next hour or so, lecturing me about how "right there" isn't a direction.

I didn't know what to say, we were literally in the parking lot.


#13 Only Earthquakes Are Allowed To Scratch The Furniture

When I was around 14 years old, I accidentally scratched my parents' tall, wooden TV stand while moving my Xbox. They got really mad about it.

Two weeks later, an 8.8-magnitude earthquake hits our town and the TV falls to the floor, leaving three scratches on it that were way bigger than mine.

nene-1540410992314.jpgWet Paint

#12 Taste the Rainbow

My mom yelled at me pretty badly, because she thought the Skittle (candy) she found on my floor was a substance.

My brother stepped in and tore it in half to show her it wasn't. All she said was, "Oh okay, whatever."


#11 I Just Followed Your Directions, Mom!

My mom told me she wasn’t going to be able to give me a ride home from school, so I walked. Twenty minutes later, she calls me screaming through the phone, saying that she had driven all the way to my school only to find that I wasn't there.

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#10 Sorry, Should I Have Helped Him In My Dreams?

My brother got into a fight on the other side of town and my parents got mad at me for not being there for him.

I didn't even know he was in trouble because I had been sleeping.

My parents gave me a lot of heck and it was the first time I yelled back at them.


#9 Chicken With Rice Is A Better Choice Anyway

When I was eight years old, we took a trip to Niagara Falls. We got food from a food truck one night, and everything we ordered was so good that we wanted to go back the next day.

I had decided earlier in the day I wanted their chicken and rice dish. When I went to place my order, I switched and asked for the shrimp and rice dish instead. For some reason, my dad got so mad at me for switching. He even went as far as to say that I was dumb and weak for changing my mind instead of sticking to one choice.

I don’t go on vacation with them anymore.


#8 Only Children With Strong Bones Are Allowed To Trick Or Treat

I got in trouble for not drinking a glass of milk. My mom canceled Halloween over it.

photobac-1540415375840.jpgParents Magazine

#7 No Funny Late Night Television For You!

When I was growing up, my mom was very strict and religious. My friend and I were watching some show on TV, and we both passed out on the couch while it was on. Then Saturday Night Live came on, which I wasn't allowed to watch. My mom walked into the room and screamed at us for watching SNL, even though we were just sleeping through it. She called his mom and made her come to pick him up.


#6 Grandma Just Wanted To Be The Favorite

My wife and I just recently had our first child.

My mom says that we "hold her too much" and that she'll become spoiled because of it. But whenever she's around the baby, she'll literally get all touchy-feely with her the entire time. One time, she didn't put the baby down for five and a half hours straight. And we're the ones spoiling her. My wife finally had enough, screamed at her, and made a rule that she isn't allowed to cradle the baby ever again. I understand that she still does it sometimes, but my wife doesn't know, and if she did, I wonder how she'd react.

rachelandemma-1540410282692.jpgmarie claire

#5 This Mom Probably Just Didn't Want Her Baby To Grow Up

When I started my senior year of high school, my mom said I could do driver's ed if I made honor roll and got a job to pay for my auto insurance. I thought I would never be able to achieve both, but somehow I was able to.

I handed her my honor roll certificate, a roll of cash I had made from working my new job, and the application for driver's ed that simply required her signature. She got really red in the face, and wouldn't speak to me for nearly a week. She waited till the day it was due to sign it, hoping I'd somehow forget to turn it in.


#4 Four Pieces Is Okay, But Five And You're Grounded

My parents were insanely strict so I've been grounded for many, many stupid things... But the stupidest thing I've been grounded for was for putting more than four pieces of ice in my drink.


#3 "You Have The Wrong Number!"

My mom tried calling me but dialed the wrong phone number. After some confused exchanges, the person on the other end hung up the call.

When I got home, she yelled at me for hanging up on her earlier. I had no idea what was going on.


#2 He Should've Just Said Mac And Cheese

Dad: "So what do you want for dinner? We have mac and cheese, leftover ribs, oatmeal. There are also some apples in the fridge. Do you want some cereal? How about some..."

Me: "Dad, I can figure it out, don't worry."

Dad: "Geez, dude, lose the attitude. Go to sleep. Goodnight"

Me: "I didn't have an attit—"

Dad: "I said goodnight!" *storms out of the kitchen*


#1 This Kid Makes A Very Good Point

I got in some serious trouble for passing gas on my little sister. What’s the point of having a sister if you can’t toot on her!




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