September 20, 2023 | Christine Tran

Cringing People Share The Most Awkward Situation They’ve Ever Been In

Sometimes, poise is overrated. Awkward moments are what gets remembered and shared at parties, at least once enough time has passed. Case in point: these Redditors divulging the social faux pas which caught them in the crosshairs. From untimely bodily functions to catching family members “in the act,” here are stories of the most awkward moments human have ever been in.

1. So Much for Privacy Settings

I was interviewing for a big promotion at my old workplace. I had put in the time, the hours, and the effort for this promotion, but I had been passed up a few times, so I was sending out resumes while trying to get this promotion. I go through the first interview, and everything seemed great. They invited me for the second interview.

I was so excited. Flash forward two days, and I go in for the interview. The interview is with the regional and site managers. Everything is going great, they are asking me, "What are your priorities, goals, etc." At the end, the site manager changes his posture and says, "Would you say that you're a loyal employee?"

Taken aback, I say, of course, I've been here almost two years, etc. And like a shark circling his prey, this dude turns his computer monitor around, and shows me my PRIVATE Facebook posts that I posted that I was in the market for a job in the same field. Now, there's no way he could have seen this, as it was a friends-only post.

Someone I work with had to have tattled on me here. He then proceeds to read them to me out loud, not only the posts about my job search, but personal posts about my health situation and questions that I didn't bring up to anybody other than personal friends. I look at the regional manager and this guy won't look me in the eyes, he is shifting, obviously uncomfortable.

I tried to say that I was looking just in case this promotion didn't work out, as I am a college student paying my way through school, but he kept interrupting me and saying, "Loyalty is key." He then tells me, "We will think about it," and points toward the door. The regional manager kind of coughs and goes to shake my hand, but by that point, I was already out the door.

So I said "Thanks anyway," and then proceed to have the most uncomfortable walk back to my desk—I was wearing heels for the first time in like a year so I stumbled on my way out the door—with coworkers asking for the details if I got the promotion. I didn't get the job. I think the whole thing was just an "in your face" type deal.

I went on to get a promotion in a different department. I worked there for about another year and a half, and then I moved on to work for Netflix, actually. So, it all worked out! That manager was unfortunately promoted to regional, but the replacement manager was much nicer and not a huge jerk.

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2. Look at Where You Came From

I was looking at my mom’s phone cause she wanted to show me some pictures from what she did that weekend. I swiped one too many times...and came across one of her intimate pics. I felt my soul jolt out of my body seeing that stuff.

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3. She Took Notes

My ex wife later came out as a lesbian, and we divorced. Years later, I went to her wedding, where she married her now wife, which was one of my ex-girlfriends.

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4. Never Too Old to Learn New Tricks

My 79-year-old mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s telling us that she had hooked up the previous night with another resident of her nursing home. She had been celibate for 20 years up until then. We think.

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5. Stranger Danger

Last summer, my wife and I were browsing for random stuff in Pier 1. I’m wandering around the store aimlessly and see my wife, kneeling down, inspecting some merchandise on the bottom shelf. I approach her from behind, lightly tap the top of her head, and go “boop”. It was not my wife—just someone who looked almost exactly like her from the back. She looks up at me all I managed to say was “Oh..I thought I was married to you...sorry".

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6. God Didn’t Give Him the Memo

I don’t know if this is really the most awkward, but it was definitely awkward. I visited my bio dad's old church in Mississippi a few years ago and spoke to his old preacher for a moment. One important detail for this story is that my dad passed on when I was seven, so a pretty good while back. My grandma told the preacher who I was, saying "This is Pomelo Sr.'s daughter, Pomelo!"

The preacher replied, "Ohh! Pomelo Sr! Tell him I said hi for me!" That’s when I said, "Sure thing!" My grandma's face was priceless. We agreed the preacher would feel really awkward when he remembered later that my dad was dead.

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7. A Pat on The Backside

When I was a kid, we were on holiday and decided to go to a church. While we were there, I decided that I would be funny if I would smack my dad's butt with both hands. So, I ran in full speed to maximize the impact of the smack. I ended up slapping a stranger who also happened to walk next to a woman with a stroller in his hands which made me think it was my dad.

It was even worse that my parents saw it as well. Because people are asking what happened afterward. My parents just laughed at me, which made the guy laugh as well and then we just left the church, I think.

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8. Caught in the Middle With You

I work at a bank and do notaries for people who walk in. Had a young couple come in for a notary, maybe mid-20s. We sit down and I ask, "So what are we notarizing today?" "Divorce papers." Well, so much for small talk. So, they take out their IDs so I can jot down their info.

His ID was a little older and had a picture from when he was a lot younger. She looks at it and comments, "that's not the same person." I don't think much of it as I continue to write. Then she says: "That person was nice". I've never been so uncomfortable in my life. I finished up and got them the heck out of there ASAP.

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9. Not My Best Angle

My skirt got caught on the concrete bench at work and got pulled down when I went to get up. I showed a crowd of co-workers my butt. Everyone just kinda stood there trying not to laugh while I tried to collect my dignity. It was a bad day not to wear underwear.

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10. Wood-n’t You Know?

I was an aroused teenager—pretty standard, so far. I didn’t know it was visible. I was talking to my mom for a few minutes and she was flushed red in the face and quickly trying to kill conversation—not something my mom is known for. I walked away, saw what was going on and didn't know what the heck to do. We never discussed it but because things were so awkward at dinner, I'm pretty sure my mom knew that I realized it happened as well.

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11. No Pointing Fingers

There was a bridge that was closed off for works, so you had to walk around to go underneath it. I had walked underneath and come out the other end when a woman with a guide dog approached me. She said something like “How do you get over the bridge?” whilst looking me directly in the eyes, so I thought “Oh, she can see".

Occasionally I see people training guide dogs around here, so I thought she was too. So, I said “You just go round there, over that bit and head that way” whilst pointing. But no, she turned out to be blind.

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12. This Won’t Be on the Midterm

This poor girl walked into my lecture by mistake about halfway through. This particular professor really enjoys talking to all of his students and was super engaging even with 400+ students in his class. When the girl walked in, my professor stopped teaching, looked at the girl and asked if she was in the class.

She said she was and began walking towards the front where the open seats were. This is a fairly large lecture hall and all 200 students (approx. how many actually show up to class) were now forced to watch this poor girl walk towards a seat because the professor didn’t continue talking and just stared at her.

She got close to the front and I think the pressure of the whole room got to her and she said, “actually no I’m not,” and turned around and we all had to watch this poor girl climb back up the stairs and out of the hall. I was literally watching my worst nightmare.

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13. Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear Every Time You Are Near?

When I was 13 or 14, the guy I had a crush on took me to a park to talk and get to know each other. We sat under some trees and everything was going pretty well, until guess a bird pooped on my head while I was talking to him. I had to go back home to wash my hair a few times.

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14. Four’s a Crowd

So, I’ve had the same three best friends since I was a kid. Friend 1 has an insanely hot older sister, like an absolute smoke show, and me and Friends 2 and 3 always thought she was super sexy. Somehow, Friend 2 ends up hooking up with Friend 1’s said sister, and me and Friend 3 know about it, but Friend 1 does not.

One night, we are all tipsy in my basement, and Friend 1 and Friend 2 end up getting in a roasting war. Not essentially an argument or anything, just friendly banter and insults. Friend 1 (the one with the hot sister) is really digging into Friend 2 (the one who hooked up with the hot sister) and seems to be winning the roasting war.

In a last ditch effort to recover from shame, Friend 2 proceeds to drunkenly say “Yeah? Well, I hooked up with your sister!!” After that, I’m pretty sure the tension in the room was so thick that it raised the temperature in the room by like 10 degrees.

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15. Passion After All These Years

In college, I lived really close to my grandparent’s house, so they gave me a key and told me to “Stop on by anytime, don’t worry about calling". So, I did. My grandma was …servicing my grandpa in the living room. I ALWAYS call now. It’s been 10 years. My grandma’s favorite marriage advice is to “keep it spicy”. More power to them I guess, but I’ll never get that image out of my head.

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16. Reaching Out Isn’t Always Good

I am someone who never feels awkward and doesn't get embarrassed, but this moment got me good. I was doing orientation for my college. I wanted to meet the dean of my department and make a good impression. I walk in his office and he is bent over behind his desk looking for something. I introduce myself and stick my hand out to shake his hand.

He sits up and he has no arms. I look at him and look at my hand and I am freaking out. It felt like my hand was out there for an eternity and I did the only thing I could think of to do. I ran my hand through my hair and tried to play it off. He never said anything and just started talking to me, but I felt like I was actually going to die of embarrassment.

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17. Are You My Uber?

When I was in 2nd grade, my brother and I would always be picked up after school by my dad. We had a green van with a red stripe on the side. So, my brother grabs my hand and storms us up to the car. He rips open the door, sits us down, buckles me in, and then says, "Can we get McDonald's on the way home?"

We both look up and there are two middle-aged adults sitting in the front seat that are OBVIOUSLY not our family. They stare at us; we stare at them. In my little brain, we've been staring at each other for at least 10 minutes at this point. My brother unbuckles me, unbuckles himself, we get out and walk away. No words were exchanged. We then checked who was in the car before getting in from that point forward.

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18. The Mother of All Confessions

I was riding in the passenger seat with my mom, who has always been strict and very tight-knit. Several years ago, for some reason, she decided to completely open up to me about all of her experimentation and exploits in the 60s, and the time she did coke with Steve Jobs at a fancy restaurant in the 80s. It was a very uncomfortable eye-opener and I was trapped listening to it.

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19. Sometimes, Is Scepter Is Just a Scepter

My family's not super religious but, when I was about 13, they decided to go to synagogue on Purim for some reason. Part of Purim involves reading from the Book of Esther, which has a part about Esther coming to see the king while he's sitting on his throne in the throne room and when he sees her, he stands up and extends the golden scepter.

When the rabbi got to that part, my 13-year-old brain pictured Esther coming to see the king while he's sitting on the toilet and burst out laughing. No one else laughed. Instead, everyone turned to stare at me, and I had to explain myself to an entire room of people. We now celebrate Purim in the comfort of my parents' home.

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20. A Blast From the Not-Past

I used to run a restaurant and had inherited an employee with a load of mental health issues. She had massive anxiety issues and just couldn't handle the pressure of working in a restaurant. She'd break down and cry over simple mistakes if she felt she was making too many. It was extremely unfortunate, but I was terribly under-prepared to coach someone like that.

One day, during downtime, the cooks were recounting stories of weird ex co-workers. I opened up my yap and said: "Who was the one who kept crying every time they'd screw up?" She was two feet away and literally responded with "Me…"

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21. Not Seeing Eye to Eye

I was in the car with my girlfriend’s best friend’s mom and her other daughter. We were talking in the car and, I just ended up asking what their favorite color was. They then told me the other daughter was actually blind...I barely knew these people and was in the car for another 20 minutes—the most awkward minutes of my life.

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22. Should He Know Better?

One time when I was like 12 or 13, I was hanging out with some friends at a fast food joint in town. This town had a place that housed and employed mentally challenged individuals, so those individuals would often come to the restaurant for lunch. On this particular day, a group of them was arriving just as we were leaving.

One of the guys walked up to us and said "Hey, do you wanna see something?" and whipped it right out. Broad daylight, right there. We were...stunned, and then super embarrassed (being immature 12-13-year-olds and all). His caretaker was mortified but great. He immediately took control of the situation, reprimanded the individual, apologized profusely to us, made the individual apologize, etc. So yeah, that's right up there as far as awkward situations go.

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23. No Returns

I was adopted at birth and learned who my birth family was in my early 30s. I had met a sister but nobody else yet. Sister tells me grandpa is being taken off life support (cancer) and want to talk to me before he dies. I travel to the hospital several hours away. Meet mom in the hospital lobby for the first time ever.

Go to grandpa’s room where all of his, and my, family are. They are all there to say their goodbyes. Probably only 5% of them knew of my existence. Suddenly all the attention is on me, the stranger. The have me kneel by his side and he apologizes through tears for pressuring my mom, that I just met, to give me away for adoption.

People looked pretty shocked including me. The experience was a thousand emotions and awkward was in there somewhere.

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24. Something Smells Rude

I was at a wedding reception and went to use the bathroom. I’m standing at the urinal and this guy comes up and stands next to me and lets off some whopper farts. He goes “Oof check out the smell of these! Whew! You gotta let ‘em out here and not by those girls, knowwhatimsayin’?” And I just go “Ha! Yup,” and walk out feeling very uncomfortable.

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25. Those Housewives Can Be Dangerous

I went for a bike ride in my neighborhood at about midnight a month ago. It was pitch black other than streetlights every five or six houses. I was kinda just zoning out, enjoying the fresh air, when something moved out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to look, and I immediately assumed it was some kind of monster.

I had just finished a horror movie—so I let out an extremely loud, bloodcurdling scream in the middle of the night in a silent suburban neighborhood. The thing, which turned out to be a blonde soccer mom, screamed back at me, with pretty good reason. I zipped past her on my bike, yelling, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" over and over again until I got off the street. I haven't gone on a nighttime bike ride since then.

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26. Fun Isn’t Always Accessible

I worked at the entrance gate for a theme park. Our season pass holders used a biometric scan of their right index finger to verify their identity. One day, a little girl walks up with her family, who only spoke Spanish, scans her pass and places her left finger on the scanner. I say, “Can you use your right finger sweetie?”

Then, her mother raises the girl’s right arm to show me she doesn’t actually have a right hand. Seemed to be due to a birth defect rather than a horrific accident. However, her left finger keeps getting rejected, so I call a lead over to override the old scan and re-do it. He then proceeds to say the same thing to the girl, followed by her mother raising the arm again.

It was definitely more awkward for me than the family, but it gets worse. About three months later it happened again, the same little girl. Absolutely mortifying.

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27. Getting the Whole Picture

I used to do security work at parties. One night, there was an alert call for a young woman gone missing. I found her with her dress hitched up looking for her underwear in the bushes. I managed to unlock her phone to call her dad, who, from his name, I recognized as the district attorney. He comes over to pick up his intoxicated daughter.

While I was carrying her to the car, she was making very flirtatious remarks about me carrying her, all the while her father is hearing me out like I was responsible for his daughter ending up that way, even suggesting I had forced myself on her. His lecture continued after I put his daughter in the backseat, still making the same remarks while pressing up her body against the car window.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, she had no clothes on and was putting her butt out the window. I told the officers my side of the story. As soon as she picked up my name, she started moaning it to the point of waking up nearby neighbors. I was brought to the station for interrogation, surveillance footage proved my innocence.

Five years later, I see this district attorney on a weekly basis at my job.

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28. The Weight of the World In Nasal Passage

I am a pediatric nurse, but we “float” (substitute) to other floors when we have more nurses than we need. So, I was sent to an adult floor to work as an assistant, since theirs had called in sick. An older male patient called out asking for help to get up to the bathroom. He stood, tried to pivot, and the newly operated on knee gave out.

All 320 pounds of him came down on top of me and we laid there for almost an hour. I had closed the door for privacy, and neither he nor I could tell loud enough nor reach the call light for help. My phone was 10 feet from me on the floor after it fell out of my scrubs and rang incessantly. Finally, the other assistant came to find me because she wanted to go on break and was tired of having to do all my work.

The patient was fine, since he fell on me, I was sore for a week. We were nose-to-nose the whole time, and boy was it awkward. His breath was terrible, but he was a nice man and felt so bad.

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29. Friends in Fear

Discovered, whilst at the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral, that I am terrified of heights. A Norwegian woman was having the same experience. We were so unnerved we ended up holding one another and bumping down the spiral staircase on our backsides. Parted ways at the bottom without a word or a backward glance.

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30. Not What It Looks Like

The first day of my new job, I’m in the lift going up five floors. As the doors close a girl barges through and the door thumps her backpack. This sets off the assault alarm in the external pocket of her bag. Just an unknown guy and a girl alone in a lift with an assault alarm blaring. So awkward.

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31. Loser by a Doghair

Once I was at a dog grooming place to pick up my dog. It's fairly small (20lbs.) and white. Usually, when I take him, he's got long semi-curly hair and when I pick him up, he has short straight hair, which is quite a change, and this is what I expect when I go to pick him up. I walk up to the counter and request my dog and the clerk tells me he'll be out in a moment.

30 seconds later, an attendant walks out to the lobby from the back door with a dog that immediately gets excited and tries to run away as soon as it rounds the corner to me. "Hey, buddy!" I say as I walk up and attempt to pick up my dog, but it turns around and starts recoiling back and gives me a nip as I try picking him up.

An old man behind me asks "Hey is that your dog?" And me thinking it's a pretty weird question respond "Yep!" At that point he goes, "I don't think so mister, that's my dog," and as I turn and realize this dog that looks just like mine after a grooming is 100% not my dog. My face goes completely red and the whole lobby starts laughing.

To make it worse, the old couple whose dog it was stuck around just because they wanted to see what my dog actually looked like and of course when he came out with a different haircut there was only a vague resemblance. Yikes.

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32. Marked in Absentia

Not my story but a family friend. He’s a school principal, and he goes to a wine festival and on his way home (a bit tipsy). On the train, he runs into the parents of a boy he used to teach. They get to talking this, and that when my family friends asks how the boy is, the parents just look shocked and say “He passed on last were at the spoke". He apologized profusely, but I think that’s the most awkward story I’ve ever heard.

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33. Let’s Swap Partners

I was visiting my girlfriend (now wife) in college one weekend. We went to a party, and I ended up having WAY too much to drink and blacked out. We get back to her dorm room and both fall asleep (I’m definitely in her room next to her at this point). I wake up on the floor with a bunch of blankets on me and a trash can next to my head.

Must have been getting sick? I stand up to crawl back in bed to my girlfriend, but there is a woman with different color hair in her bed, and the sheets are different, and the stuff on the walls is different too. That’s when I panic and sprint out of the room, but I’m still super tipsy and I tripped on the blankets on the floor and fall flat on my face.

I walk out into the hallway with a bloody nose and I’m out of breath. Girlfriend’s room is right across the hall. I walk in and she is sitting on the bed furious. Apparently, I got up to pee an hour earlier and never came back. She went looking for me and couldn’t find me. She talked to the girls across the hall the next day and apologized on my behalf.

They both apparently just laughed and said it was fine. Their account (according to my wife): I just barged in the room complaining about something when I sat on the bed and realized that person wasn’t my girlfriend. I apologized to them and said I was lost and that the best thing to do when you’re lost is to stay put.

So, I sat on the floor waiting for my girlfriend to come find me, fell asleep, and they put blankets on me. Didn’t get sick, but they weren’t taking chances. I definitely haven’t gotten that tipsy since.

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34. Free Oral Exam

I worked on a deli counter and that meant having to give customers free samples when they wanted to try a product. Let me first say I can be very socially awkward sometimes and I am not a very confident person. I was about 22 years old at the time. A guy in his late 40s/early 50s comes to the counter and wants to try some olives.

I go to the cupboard behind the counter and get a small plastic shot glass and a cocktail stick and put some olives in and go to offer the guy the glass. He holds up both arms and shows his hands are full with bags—he then proceeds to open his mouth up, indicating he wanted me to feed him the olive.

I was kind of shocked and didn't really know what to do, I wanted to avoid conflict with the customer and have him go away so I just used a cocktail stick to get an olive and held it out towards him. He then ate the olive off the stick but let his mouth close around my fingers—it was honestly one of the most disgusting things that has ever happened to me, and for ages, after I could still feel the wetness of his mouth on my fingers. I must have scrubbed my hands a million times.

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35. His Fault for Not Calling Dibs

Okay, so me and some friends were at a restaurant and a buddy of mine was telling us about this new girl he just started going out with a few days back. Well, another friend what started telling us about this girl that he hooked up with the previous night. The conversation went on for a minute and finally, somebody asked for the name of the girl that he had been with.

It turns out it was a girl that the other friend had started dating a few days earlier. Cue narrowly avoided fight as we convinced him it's better to find out she's terrible now rather than later. The two guys still no longer speak though.

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36. Back on the Single’s Market

I was once traveling through Europe with a group of around 10 folks. We stopped in Paris one night and went out. We had a lovely dinner and then everyone was sticking about for drinks after. There was an old man who was sat alone at the table next to us. One of my friends asked him if he wanted to sit with us, and he seemed quite happy about that.

A few hours of talking, and the man had told this whole story about how his wife had passed on last year; she was the love of his life and they had planned to go traveling the world together, but her illness took her before they could go, and he was now traveling around because it was one of the last things she had said to him.

He goes around to all the places that they had said they would visit together, and he buys postcards to bring home and put in a wee area where he keeps the photos of his wife back at home. Now, the whole time, this guy was pretty much speaking uninterrupted, we were just listening to this beautiful story.

Everyone was a little bit tipsy, but out of nowhere—after he had finished his story, told us all about his wife, shed a few tears—one of my friends absolutely blitzed, after a moment of silence goes: "So! What's a good-looking man like yourself doing all on your own?!" The old guy kind of looks at us and says "Well, if I could be with my wife I would be."

The friend replies with "Ah, c'mon, you gotta get out there you know? You should go talk to her" pointing at a waitress. We were horrified and are just like “Nooo, stop talking” because he had somehow completely blanked out and forgotten this whole heartbreaking conversation with this lovely old man.

And I get up and start to get him up to take him back to where we were staying and he, while moving is just like "you only live once" and keeps saying things like that while we walk away. The next day he was mortified and had no idea of the encounter and didn't even remember meeting the guy.

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37. It’s Not a Big Deal

I was at a funeral for one of my husband's relatives. On my way in, an employee of the funeral home asked me when I was due. I wasn't pregnant, but I am fat and was wearing an empire waistcoat, so I wasn't offended. As I signed the guestbook, I corrected her and tried to defuse the situation with a joke about burning that coat later.

But she just. wouldn't. stop. She kept trying to apologize and explain herself and I just wanted to run away. Then I was stuck in a small room with her for the next two hours.

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38. Unluckily, He’s a Family Guy

Not awkward for me, but I was the reason for it. I served for a couple of years and worked multiple restaurants in that time frame. I worked at a Denny’s, nightshift—best and worst job for many reasons. Anyway, there was a regular that came in often, hammered and nasty as heck. He tipped really well but was so nasty to us girls.

It never phased me, so I served him often. He offered many, many times to pay for "extra service" and tried to get me to leave with him often. Of course, I never did but a couple of months later, I’m working at a new place, a little more high-end. I work mornings there, and this was a Sunday morning church rush.

Guess who was sat in my section? My nasty regular from my last job with his entire family. His wife, kids, parents, the whole group, fresh outta church. The look on this man’s face when I walked up and said hello. He was red as a firetruck, and I made it worse by asking if he remembered me. He left me a HUGE tip, probably because I didn't bring up his nasty mouth and grabby hands from his late drunken nights.

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39. You Just Had to Be There

I was in some business college class, and the professor was talking about something related to how celebrities brand themselves. Someone in the class brought up Shaun White as someone who had great celebrity branding but isn't really talked about a lot. The professor was Indian and said he wasn't familiar with who that was.

So my genius brain thought it would be perfect to say out loud "I'm talking about Mountain Dews, baby” as a joke reference to that newscast where Shaun White said he had been drinking all night when he was underage. The news person asked him what he meant so he responded with, "I'm talking about Mountain Dews, baby."

And well, no one seemed to knew about that or at least didn't think it was funny, as silence rang through the classroom and professor awkwardly moved on to a new topic. Truly the most awkward situation I've been in and also the worst haunting moment of my life.

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40. Ever Feel Like You’re Being Watched

One time in college, I snuck into my RA's room and hid under the blanket on his top bunk. My goal was to scare him when he came in and settled down a bit. He ended up coming in with his girlfriend and began making out with her. After a good (lifetime) couple moments, I jumped up and ran out. No saving it.

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41. Doggone It

It was the most George Costanza moment of my life. I was flying back home from a business trip in GA. Before we all got on the airplane, everyone noticed that we would be flying with three military K9s and their handlers. All good, point being everyone noticed them, and if they hadn't, the pilot was kind enough to point them out when he came over the intercom to give his spiel.

A round of applause for our service members and their brave working dogs was given. Hours later in the flight, the flight crew had turned off the lights. I needed to take a leak and moved forward in the cabin toward the restrooms. Well, one of the dogs was black and I didn't see his paw sticking into the aisle. Queue the dog yelping and crying.

Have you ever had 150 people hate you before? It was made so much worse by the fact that I am a veteran, and I love dogs. I am the son of a veteran who was a K9 handler when he served. But how the heck am I going to explain that to a planeload of people giving me the stink eye for being the jerk who stepped on the dog.

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42. Family Friends With Benefits

I have a regular breakfast place that I had been frequenting on the weekends for about a good five or six years. One day I went into work later because of a doctor’s appointment, so I decided to pick up some breakfast at my regular place. I walk in and I take a look around to find a spot to sit at and I see my dad.

He’s sitting in a corner spot with some woman I don’t recognize. He looked shocked and I decided to walk over. He stands up and gives me a kiss/hug and introduces her as a coworker. It was the most awkward introduction of my life. My dad was an AC Repairman and was strictly on the road. No women in his office.

I pretended like I believed him, said hello and sat down on my own. Definitely one of the most awkward moments of my life that will stand out for a long time. More background: My mom and dad haven’t been together since before I was born however, he was married to another woman when this took place.

The waitresses were all my friends and a couple of days later when I went for breakfast, they proceeded to tell me how he met that lady there every week. I never brought it up to him and pretended it never happened. That was about 14 years ago...I still go to that breakfast place and the girls told me after that day he never came back to that restaurant.

In a couple of weeks, it will be one year since he passed. I’m glad I got this opportunity to think and talk about him.

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