October 3, 2023 | Samuel Ira

People Share A Time When A Close Friend Crossed The Line In Their Friendship

All friends go through some sort of drama at some point. It's an inevitable part of the social experience. Sometimes, the damage that is done doesn't run too deep and things can be easily patched up after talking it out. Other times, someone goes way too far and crosses the line of no return, and the entire friendship immediately dissolves as a result. People from around the world took to the internet to share their experiences regarding the latter case when a close friend crossed the line in their friendship. From backstabbing BFFs to total "brotrayals," their stories will make you think twice about which friends you decide to place your trust in.

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#1 Taking Advantage

A close friend from college days asked if he could live with us "for a few days" while looking for employment in the area. Instead of a job search, he spent his days hanging around the house and taking advantage of our "hospitality." He crossed the line when I came home early from work one day and caught him with his hands in my partner's bedroom drawers (looking for things to take). That was it—out he went, then and there.

Angry guy and confused guy split image

#2 Cat Hoarder

She kept acquiring more cats. She couldn't afford to spay or neuter them so they bred. Instead of finding them homes, she kept them all while she continued to buy more and more cats. She was living in the basement of a small townhouse. The tiny space was about the size of three dorm rooms. In this space, she had one dog, a bird, and 18 cats.

She couldn't afford to feed them all. I tried to help her, and get her food for the cats but she just used my help to justify getting more cats. I made her promise to not get any more cats until all of her were spayed and neutered. She said yes, then bought two grey kittens. I just couldn't be friends with an animal hoarder.


#3 Ultimate "Brotrayal"

He tried to get my girlfriend at the time to break up with me so he could date her. Luckily, she saw what he was doing. He and I were not friends for long after that. I was pretty torn up by that betrayal.


#4 An Unfair Test Of Loyalty

My best friend set up his girlfriend to try and seduce me to see if I would stab him in his back given the opportunity. I saw through it since she was a pretty bad actor and the whole thing seemed like a setup. Shockingly, the friendship didn't last, though that was more a result of me wanting to clean up my life and all he wanted to do was go to bars every night. Friends don't entrap each other. If you don't trust me, why are we friends?



#5 Can't Handle The Glow Up

He was insecure. We were friends from middle school, and he was always the A-side of our dynamic duo, getting the pick of the litter since I was a short, husky kid. Once we were in high school, I got heavily into boxing and powerlifting, so the dynamic shifted. It wasn't a unique experience—it turns out, teenage boys can't handle a shift in the mating rankings of their social circle gracefully. Quite a few friendships soured in high school for me going from fat to jacked.

photo-1560408582-aabf80b149a7 (1)Unsplash

#6 An Unsupportive Friend

I had a friend who told me not to lose weight. Mind you, I was reaching a dangerous territory. I had a baby, became depressed due to PPD, ate a lot to accommodate that, etc. I pretty much just stopped caring about my weight. Then, one day, my doctor advised me to lose weight. So I started doing that.

My best friend at the time wasn’t happy about it. She tried sabotaging my diet, saying I was the fat friend. Then, she managed to lose 20 pounds and spouted on Facebook about it. I decided to do some low contact with her since she wasn’t supporting me and I lost 60 pounds within eight months. I started studying towards a new career and developed a lot more hobbies.

She was not happy about that. She cried over the phone about it, saying I was becoming anorexic. Then I realized that I was some sort of messed-up commodity for her selfish reasons. She took me to meet people herself and berated me in front of them in passive ways about my weight. I’m sitting here right now thinking of how much of an idiot I was. She crossed the line and I honestly cannot understand what makes a person think this way.


#7 These Girls Ain't Loyal

I  had a close friend who was in a multiyear relationship with a great guy. He treated her like gold. Out of nowhere, she went on a date with another guy. She tried to explain it as her just keeping her options open, and played it off as if it wasn't a big deal. It really changed how I saw her. Jeopardizing her relationship was bad enough, and now she was telling me to keep it a secret? I was happy that she transferred to another department and we quickly lost contact.


#8 Inconsiderate Crasher

I was living with my cousin while in college. Summer break came and I was leaving for two months for classes abroad. My cousin stayed at our apartment and asked if his friend could crash in my room. It was no biggie—as long as he was clean and did not make a mess. I came back two months later and I found my sheets completely dirty. I bought new sheets and pillows, then started looking for a new apartment the next day. I moved out the next month.


#9 Burning Bridges

Well, after a few months, I realized this dude had nothing positive to say about anything other than himself... Ever. He crossed the line though when he yelled at my girlfriend about "interrupting while the men are talking." I burned that bridge in about 12 minutes after we got home.



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#10 Swollen Ego

My wife helped a struggling friend to get a job at her office. Fast forward about three years or so and now that friend thinks she is a big shot. My wife will be discussing treatment with a patient and she will listen in. Then, after my wife dismisses them, she comes and tells my wife what she should have done. My wife has been in the field for almost 10 years and typically has only patients that request her. She has been one of the only people to get a raise during supposed pay freezes. The patients love my wife, but her friend is jealous so she tries to talk down to her. So all this just stews with my wife and kills her a little because then she second-guesses how well she is actually doing her job.



#11 Worst Advice

She told me to make a false  report against my ex to get custody and then acted like I was the weird one when I stated that there was absolutely no chance I would do that. I lost all respect for her after that. She told me that I should claim he hurt me. Or at least said that he would so that he’ll just let me have custody. I feel sorry for any future partners of hers if that’s the game she wants to play.


#12 Forever A Jerk

I had a friend throughout high school who seemed like a pretty chill guy. He was a bit of a jerk but so was I, so I just went with it. Between my junior and senior years though, I went through some pretty major lifestyle changes, namely not being a jerk to everyone I met. He, however, did not. The thing that really ended that friendship for me though was when he faked being mentally ill attempt to get one of our mutual friends (now my girlfriend) to date him. It was honestly one of the cruelest things I've seen a person do in an attempt to get with a girl. Somehow, that wasn't enough, and he still borderline stalks her to this day. Creepy as fudge, and I wish I had drawn the line a little sooner. Live and learn I guess.


#13 An Uncomfortable Confrontation

I was dating a guy for about a month. I told my best friend all about him and how much I liked him. My friend and I had tickets to a music festival and the guy decided last minute he was going to come also because he liked some of the bands that were going to be there. We went to the festival, had a great time and got an Uber back to an Airbnb we had rented for the weekend. When I walked in, the guy I was dating went to the room we were sleeping in to lay down. I went into the kitchen to get water, heard the guy yelling my name, then walked in on my best friend on top of guy straddling him. An uncomfortable confrontation ensued.


#14 Making Up Lies

My friend from high school (and later my co-worker) decided to get with my wife’s little sister. He was 21 and she was 16. Her parents didn’t seem to mind, by the way. He came up with lies that I was talking about their mom at work and that I was cheating on my wife with a co-worker. Needless to say, they are still together and I don’t talk to him at all anymore... but it’s incredibly awkward when he’s around.


#15 Crossing The Line

We're not close friends anymore. Or even much of friends. I just have trouble cutting ties to someone I've known for 16 years. He was like a brother. We both ran away from home as teens and called each other first. When his parents kicked him out, my family took him in. I was his POA while he was deployed. He stood with me when I got married.

Then one night, when we were drinking together while my husband was at Basic Training (beach bonfire trip, very common with various people), he tried to sleep with me. And let it be known that he'd always wanted more. He'd always asked for more when I said no. Yeah. That kind of made the friendship too awkward to keep.


#16 The Truth Comes Out

Six years ago, he confessed he actually liked me for all these years while he was tipsy at a bar. He was just a few feet away from my boyfriend. I just laughed and said he was tipsy, then ignored it. We stopped being friends a year later.



#17 Cheaters Never Win

I  caught one of my best friends sleeping with my girlfriend. I came home from work early and caught them in our new bed. So I grabbed a utility bill and leaned against the doorway, clearing my throat to loudly to announce my presence. I surprised them both. I informed them that I was going to leave to get some drinks at the bar and that both of them had better be gone because if they were not, I would not be liable for their endings. When I returned home an hour later, they were gone. I packed her stuff up and threw it out on the curb. I watched with glee as people came and rifled through her stuff.


#18 Cease & Desist

My best friend of five years began nightly belittling me over a group chat. I was having a really hard time in life, but he found humor in making me a public joke. He crossed the line—not when he told me that my issues were stupid, not when he told me I should just end myself, not when he wrote a letter to my boss telling him to fire me, not when he said he'd call a lawyer on me and sue me for X, Y, and Z—but when he posted my address and phone number on Craigslist, saying I was ready for a hookup and that the men should just come right in. Yes, I did go to the authorities and got a cease & desist.


#19 Not Funny

When I was 12 and my brother was 10, I had over one of my only friends at the time. He liked to throw knives into trees. It was an odd thing to let a 12-year-old do but hey, boys are weird and we liked ninjas. One day, he threw a sharp object into a wall in my house. It was not that big of a deal to 12-year-old me, but it happened to be a foot away from my brother's head. He knew what he did and said he thought it was funny. I lost it. I literally threw him out of my house and didn't speak to him for years.

children playing on grass fieldUnsplash/phammi

#20 Zombie Antics

Here's one about me crossing the line... I once bit my friend's shoulder while tipsy. I don't know, I guess I thought I was a zombie or something. Anyways, I really chomped down on that shoulder, and he turned and punched me square in the face. I deserved it though, and we are still great friends to this day.


#21 Tourist Expeditions

I'm a happily married gay woman. I had one of my closest female friends express interest in me and cross some physical boundaries. She knows my wife and what a great person she is. It was super upsetting. The friendship was ruined, along with some trust in my relationship. It's also worth noting that this kind of stuff happens all the time because straight girls like to try and take tourist expeditions with their lesbian friends.


#22 Acting Out

She told me on my birthday that she'd been mad about me for months. Then, three days later, she slept with my boss. We are no longer friends and I am no longer employed!



#23 The Wrong Direction

When I started talking to him, my female friends told me that I should avoid him because he's a creep. Stupidly, I ignored their warnings. We were Skyping once and he randomly started asking me about my kinks. The conversation went in the expected direction from there.

I found myself in a brief and unhealthy relationship with him, during which I unfortunately lost many of those friends who were simply trying to support me from the beginning. Nowadays, he has three allegations against him and a pregnant girlfriend who thinks I'm a "threat" and tells me that she's going to "claw me."  I guess I narrowly avoided a potential problem there.


#24 Glad He's Gone

My best friend for over six years was having an affair with my then-girlfriend behind my back. I then forgave him under the condition he’d seek psychiatric help (“I’m depressed” was his excuse) and he claimed he made an appointment. He never did and instead invested money into Bitcoin. I basically told him to screw off then and there. He sent me all the messages of my ex-girlfriend talking bad about me and playing me for a fool behind my back. It left me with severe self-confidence issues, but I’m slowly recovering and I'm glad he’s gone.


#25 The Last Straw

He slapped my butt at a crowded mall and laughed when he noticed people were staring. He couldn’t understand why I was angry at him. It wasn’t the only incident but it was the last straw. I dropped him as a friend.


#26 Not Your Servant

I had a friend who, just a few days ago, suggested I ditch getting my wife from work to go get her some Buffalo Wild Wings. She has been doing things like this for a bit of time now but never as crazy as that. She blew up my phone and was acting so desperate over freaking wings. I just decided to drop her.


#27 Unwanted explicit images  

We had been really close friends for years. We spoke every day. It was a nice, platonic girl-guy friendship. I told him from the get-go that I was never interested in anything other than friendship (I’m engaged, as is he). He got tipsy one night, then sent me a picture of his junk. I told him he crossed the line and I was never interested in seeing anything of that nature. He apologized. Things were fine for a while after until he sent another. I chewed him out for crossing a clear boundary I had set out.


#28 "You Need Me!"

I had some mental health issues in high school. I confided this in a friend because I was having a really rough time. She used it against me a lot. Whenever I didn't go along with her antics, she would make me obey her by saying she would tell people that I hurt myself. The line was finally crossed when she physically grabbed me by the shoulders, shook me, and repeatedly screamed: "You need me!" It was weird.


#29 Betrayal Of Trust

I found out a really close friend in high school was talking about me behind my back, and about things that I had told him in confidence. He was using all of my personal stuff against me. I just stopped talking to him.


#30 Not A Good Joke

I got in a huge fight with my girlfriend at the time. She went to the bar and saw my friend. He got her tipsy, then convinced her it was a good idea to walk down to my apartment and confess her love to me, with all her friends around, while she could barely form coherent sentences. It was really pathetic, and embarrassing for her. I felt so horrible for her. I never spoke to him again.


#31 Spreading Rumors

They texted my crush and told everyone I was "easy." Turns out, my “close friend” was a jealous, insecure witch. I’m 20 now and still waiting for marriage. Screw you, Danielle.

#32 Pointing Fingers

She accused me of sleeping with her husband and giving him an infection, who in turn gave it to her. Then, she tried to tell people my husband wasn't the father of my child. I have done a lot of bad things admittedly but I would NEVER sleep with her husband. Jokes on her—I don't have the infection, and neither does her now ex-husband


#33 A Happy Ending

He told me that he was in love with me, and he thought I had a right to know so I could make the decision if I was comfortable still being his friend. We've been together for three years now and he's the love of my life. I don't recommend this as a strategy, it just happened to work out for us.


#34 You Don't Know

I suffer from chronic migraines. I canceled a camping trip last minute because that week my migraines had become unbearable and I couldn't stomach anything. The line was crossed when she lost her temper and said, "Well, I taught my tumbling class today and almost broke my neck. That's a real pain that you don't understand. You can't just cancel plans." Cue me in the hospital three days later after a week of migraines and losing 10 lbs because of nausea and vomiting. We're not best friends anymore. Needless to say, don't ever tell people their pain is unfounded. You don't know.


#35 Lust Triangle

My best friend slept with the guy I was hooking up with. I really liked him and wanted to date him, but he didn't want to be in a relationship. She knew how I felt about him and her reasoning was that we were not in a relationship. The worst part... She moved in with me while I was living with my father. My room was huge, so she had a futon in my room. So this happened in my room, on my futon, while I was at school.

I never saw her the same again. It drastically changed our friendship. I didn't speak to her in years. Then we both got married (years later), had kids and reconnected. But I will never trust her again. We don't talk much. This was 10 years ago and I'm still salty about it. It's hard for me to really trust anyone anymore.


#36 An Awkward Friendship

A close friend of both my girlfriend and I told my girlfriend he was into her. She isn't friends with him anymore and I try to be nice when we're together, but it's not easy. We both really liked hanging out with him before, so it really sucks he developed feelings and decided to go about them behind my back.


#37 Thee Screenshots Tell All

I  found out not too long ago that a girl I dated back in high school who was “happily” married. She became a housewife, while her husband was the sole provider of her and their two kids. The whole time, she had been sleeping with a geek from back in high school. I gladly shared the screenshots with her husband. I haven’t spoken to either since.


#38 Snatch Yo Girl

Well, he told my girlfriend that he had feelings for her, then jumped at the chance to host her in his bed while we were on a break (I blame her more). When she dumped me, he proceeded to get with her and I imagine they're on the edge of a relationship, considering the most time she's spent at our place recently is while he's gone home for Easter.


#39 Best. Kiss. Ever.

He and I had known each other for almost five years and we practically shared a brain. Everything just clicked and I considered him my absolute BFF. Then, he kissed me one day and that was the start of the last 10 years of the greatest love I’ve ever known. Best. Kiss. Ever.

Couple kissing behind a red heart balloonNatalie Bond, Pexels

#40 Screw You, Becky

In high school, I lost my license due to fainting and seizures. My ‘friend’ told everyone I was faking it because I didn’t look ill. I wound up not having any friends for two years because of her. She ruined high school for me. Screw you, Becky.


#41 A Snake Move

I was close to this girl in high school. We used to talk and hang out all the time. She'd call me at silly times distressed about certain things and I'd drop everything to go meet her. One night while chatting on the internet, she told me she was going to end herself. I tried calling her phone and got no answer. And again. And again. The next day, she went into school and showed her classmates her call logs, telling everyone that I was obsessed with her.


#42 Silver Lining

My "friend" sent explicit images to my girlfriend of one month, and she sent some back. I'm kind of happy it happened though—they both showed their true colors before I ever really got attached. I'm honestly happy that they're out of my life.


#43 Former Best Friend

My former best friend started dating my ex-girlfriend very shortly after we broke up and didn't bother telling me about it for another month. If he had asked if I was playing with it first, I still would have said no, because to this day I still love her, but it would have been less out of line.


#44 Ruining A Marriage

I kissed my best friend who was married to my other friend. It was a mess that ended my friendship with almost every one of my friends at the time and I regret ever doing it. 0/10 would not recommend it whatsoever.


#45 Take A Wild Guess

She flat out told me, “I just get bored of people. So I just quit talking to them and find new people.” Take a wild guess at how that ended for me.



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