August 23, 2023 | Melissa Budish

5 Essential Safety Tips For The Summer

It's that time of year again—with the arrival of beautiful warm weather, families everywhere will be flocking to outdoor spaces like parks, playgrounds, and beaches to enjoy the sunshine. 

However, despite the good vibes, one must always remain cautious of the many potential hazards that come with the summer season. Here are 5 essential safety tips for the summer.

Always Swim Smart

Many people will likely be heading to the swimming pool to cool off from the summer heat. As fun as it is, swimming can also pose a threat to a person's safety if that person is not careful. 

In fact, as many as 800 children drown every year, so this is not at all a matter to take lightly. When going swimming, make sure you keep the young ones supervised at all times. 

They should always swim with a buddy and wear the appropriate safety equipment (such as life jackets) if necessary.

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Don't Forget Your Sunblock

Did you know that getting a sunburn increases your chances of developing some form of skin cancer? Protecting your skin from that harmful UV rays of the sun is more important than ever, especially since the Earth's protective layer, the ozone, continues to thin from pollution. 

Use a high SPF sunblock every day, even if you don't plan on going out (sitting by a window can give the same amount of exposure to harmful UV rays). Apply it everywhere too, wherever skin is exposed: on your arms, legs, hands, and face.

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Be Liberal With Bug Spray

Going on hikes through the wilderness can be exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. 

Along with potentially getting lost or dehydrated during your adventure, you may also come across some critters that could do some serious harm to you—bees and wasps, for example, are often attracted to light and muted colors. 

There are also ticks in some areas, which can cause Lyme disease. If possible, wear long clothing that covers your arms and legs to increase your protection against pesky bugs, and don't be afraid to be liberal with the bug spray.

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Stay Cool And Hydrated

With the warm weather in full effect, health scares such as overheating, dehydration, and heat strokes become more frequent. The heat and humidity will cause you to sweat more than you usually do, which then causes your body to lose water faster than it usually does. 

It's important to stay cool and hydrated while out in the summer sun to avoid being a victim of such ailments. Drink lots of fluids containing electrolytes and make sure to take frequent breaks in the shade or in some indoor space.

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Keep Children And Pets Safe

Perhaps the most important rule you should always follow is to never keep children and pets unattended in an enclosed vehicle. 

It may be tempting to leave them in the car or van while you make a quick run into a grocery store, but those few minutes spent trapped in a car with no air circulation could do some serious harm to your loved ones. 

In fact, within one minute, your car can increase by as much as ten degrees! Always, always, always bring your children and your pets with you if you need to leave your vehicle.

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