January 2, 2023 | Jess Silverberg

5 Things You Should Save Up For Before Turning 30

Generally speaking, 30 years old is the age when true adulthood really starts to happen. At that point, your teenage years are well beyond you, and your 20s—the decade you have for figuring things out—would be officially over. How well prepared are you for the next stage of your life? Check out this list of five things you should want to save up for before turning 30 as a general guideline:

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#1 More education

Most people are done with school forever once they've obtained their bachelor's degree, but in this day and age, one of the only ways to stand out from the crowd and remain competitive in the job market is to pursue higher levels of education. Nowadays, it seems like everybody has a bachelor's degree, and having one no longer guarantees you a job as it used to back in the day. Take up a new course or further your studies in your field—invest in yourself and it will pay off your career.

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#2 Your own place

There's absolutely nothing wrong with living with your parents until you're 30, or even older. Most people frown upon it, but everybody has different circumstances and it's really nothing to be ashamed of. That said, unfortunately, your parents aren't going to be around forever, as much as you might want them to be. You need to save up money to eventually move out into your own place. Establishing a savings account to start and eventually an income that can sustain monthly payments on a property would be ideal.

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#3 A life-changing trip

30 years old is a tricky age. Time seems to move exponentially quicker at that point, so, while you're still young, you might as well get some of that travel bug out of your system. Contrary to popular belief, traveling is not a luxury—like education, it is an investment in oneself; a way to expand one's horizons and learn about the world. It's harder to travel when you're of older age, so before you turn 30, you should try to fit in at least one trip to a foreign country.

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#4 Investments for the future

Many older people will tell you that one of their biggest regrets is not planning ahead for their futures while they still had the time to do so. It's always good to start planning as early as possible for when you will no longer be able to work. A good way to establish some financial security early on is by investing in financial products like stocks, bonds, and UITFs. Additionally, you're going to want to get life insurance and health insurance.

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#5 A potential family

Starting a family isn't on everyone's wishlists, but for those who are looking to do just that, it would be a good idea to start saving early. This is especially crucial for those who have already been in long-term relationships and are almost certain that marriage and a family are the next steps they will be taking. Start thinking about wedding expenses, possible hospital bills, education plans, etc. A local bank representative may be able to advise you on such.

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