October 17, 2023 | Sammy Tran

Bad Dating Advice You Need to Stop Taking

Bad Dating Advice You Need to Stop Taking

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Oh, the world of dating—full of thrills, chills, and unsolicited advice! 

While friends and family often mean well, not all dating counsel is golden. Let's debunk some of the most cringe-worthy dating tips out there and set the record straight.

"Play hard to get."

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Why It's Bad: This game-playing can create unnecessary confusion and might deter genuinely interested partners.

What to Do Instead: Be authentic. If you're interested, show it. If you need space, communicate that too.

"Wait X days before texting back."

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Why It's Bad: Timing games can come across as disinterested or manipulative.

What to Do Instead: Text when you feel like it. There's no "right" time if you genuinely want to connect.

"If they're mean to you, it means they like you."

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Why It's Bad: This perpetuates the idea that poor treatment equals affection, which isn't healthy.

What to Do Instead: Seek partners who show kindness, respect, and clear interest.

"Change yourself to be their type."

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Why It's Bad: A relationship based on pretending or changing fundamental parts of yourself is neither genuine nor sustainable.

What to Do Instead: Be yourself and find someone who appreciates and loves the real you.

"They're just out of your league."

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Why It's Bad: This reinforces the idea of "leagues" in dating, which can harm self-esteem and deter genuine connections.

What to Do Instead: Focus on compatibility, shared interests, and mutual respect instead of perceived "leagues."

"Avoid discussing serious topics early on."

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Why It's Bad: While there's a balance, avoiding important conversations can lead to misunderstandings or incompatibilities later.

What to Do Instead: Gauge the comfort level and gradually discuss topics vital to both of you, ensuring you're on the same page.

"Just give them a chance, even if you're not into them."

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Why It's Bad: Dating out of pity or pressure is unfair to both parties and can lead to unnecessary emotional entanglement.

What to Do Instead: Politely decline and focus on connections that feel right for you.

"Wait for them to make the first move."

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Why It's Bad: Waiting passively can lead to missed opportunities and reinforces outdated gender norms.

What to Do Instead: If you feel the urge, take the initiative. There's no set rule on who should make the first move.

"Jealousy shows they really care about you."

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Why It's Bad: Excessive jealousy can be a red flag for controlling behavior or insecurity.

What to Do Instead: Prioritize trust and open communication in your relationship, addressing concerns head-on.

"Opposites attract, so differences don't matter."

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Why It's Bad: While some differences can complement a relationship, fundamental value mismatches can cause conflict.

What to Do Instead: Focus on shared core values while celebrating the individual quirks that make your relationship unique.

Final Thoughts

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In the maze of modern dating, it's crucial to trust your instincts and filter advice that doesn't resonate. Remember, every relationship is unique, so what works for one might not work for another. Aim for authenticity, respect, and open communication, and you'll be well on your way to navigating the dating world like a pro. Happy dating!



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