January 16, 2023 | Eul Basa

5 Exciting Dates For Couples Seeking An Adrenaline Rush

Dinner dates are so yesterday. When was the last time you and your significant other stepped outside your comfort zones to try something new? Nowadays, there are so many new activities and attractions you can indulge in. From intricately-designed escape rooms to realistic VR experiences, there are endless things you can do as a couple to reinvigorate your relationship. Such experiences are so fun that it's almost criminal to turn those opportunities down for some Netflix and chill.

The next time you and your partner decide to do something together, don't just opt for the 7 o'clock screening of the latest rom-com at your local movie theatre. Live life a little and put the following five exciting date ideas on your bucket list! Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or not, you're sure to have a blast trying out these unique experiences together:

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#1 Hot Air Balloon Ride

The higher up you go, the faster your heart rate gets. There's just something about higher elevations that gets the adrenaline surging through our veins. Hot air balloon rides will certainly accomplish that—for a few hundred bucks, you and your partner can take to the skies to see your world from the top, all while enjoying good food and champagne with your view. Have a picnic in the clouds and book a hot air balloon ride today!

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#2 Treetop Trekking

Explore the tops of forest canopies with your date at a treetop trekking park. You'll feel just like Tarzan and Jane, skipping on wooden platforms, swinging on rope vines and zipping through the trees on speedy zip lines. Harnesses and helmets ensure that you are secured and safe during your treetop trekking adventure, and friendly staff will guide you throughout your entire adventure. Muster your courage and try treetop trekking on your next outing.

Image result for treetop trekkingHorseshoe Resort

#3 Indoor Skydiving

Not sure if you'd like skydiving? That's okay, you can always get a feel for what it would be like by going indoor skydiving first! Indoor skydiving is a relatively new attraction that suspends participants in a skydiving simulation chamber. Essentially, strong gusts of wind are generated inside the chamber and will lift you up into the air, making you feel like you're actually skydiving. Take your love to new heights by going indoor skydiving on your next date.

Image result for indoor skydivingCuriocity

#4 Hang Gliding

This one will definitely test your bravery—hang gliding is a recreational air sport in which a pilot flies a light aircraft that is lifted and propelled by the wind. People who are new to hang gliding will be accompanied by a professional instructor on a tandem flight where they will learn how to control and maneuver the hang glider. See the world with your significant other from a bird's eye view.

Image result for hang glidingUSHPA

#5 Swimming With Sharks

Would you ever swim with sharks? In some aquariums across the world, specialized programs will allow patrons to suit up in scuba gear and dive into the tank to swim among sharks and other water creatures. Most programs will require you to have some open water scuba diving experience or certifications, so you may want to partake in a scuba diving program first before trying this. The one benefit of scuba diving in an aquarium is that the environment is more controlled than it is in open water.

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