October 11, 2023 | Sammy Tran

10 Dating Mistakes to Avoid in New Relationships

10 Dating Mistakes to Avoid in New Relationships (And What to Do Instead!)

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Hey there, lovebirds! Stepping into a fresh relationship feels like diving into a pool of excitement, hope, and a dash of nervous energy. But as we navigate this new connection, it's easy to stumble over a few common pitfalls. 

Whether it's the intoxicating allure of the 'honeymoon phase' or the jitters of the unknown, we've all been there. Before you let the butterflies carry you away, let's chat about ten common missteps in new relationships—and how to dance around them with grace.

Moving Too Fast

Dating An IdiotPexelsWhat people do: Dive headfirst, allowing the excitement of a new relationship to rush the natural flow of things.
What to do instead: Take your time. Let the relationship progress at a comfortable pace, ensuring that both partners are on the same page and giving space for genuine connection and understanding.

Oversharing Too Soon

Dating An IdiotPexelsWhat people do: Spill their life story, deepest secrets, and past traumas early on, sometimes overwhelming the other person.
What to do instead: Gradually open up. Trust and emotional intimacy are built over time. Let your stories unfold organically as you get to know each other better.

Ignoring Red Flags

Dating DisastersShutterstockWhat people do: Overlook or rationalize concerning behaviors or inconsistencies due to infatuation.
What to do instead: Stay aware and address any issues or inconsistencies. Listen to your intuition and communicate concerns when they arise.


Forgetting Independence

A happy woman listening to musicAndrea Piacquadio, PexelsWhat people do: Spend every waking moment with their new partner, often sidelining personal interests, friends, or self-care.
What to do instead: Maintain your individuality. It's essential to continue with activities that make you happy and spend time with other loved ones.

Ditching Boundaries

Couple in casual clothes arguing at homeTimur Weber, PexelsWhat people do: Allow their boundaries to be crossed or don't set any at all.
What to do instead: Set and communicate boundaries early on. They're crucial for personal well-being and ensuring that the relationship respects both partners' limits.

Playing Games

Couple talking outdoors in a park with a green backgroundAntonio Guillem, ShutterstockWhat people do: Engage in 'hard to get' tactics, waiting hours to reply to messages, or inducing jealousy.
What to do instead: Be genuine and straightforward. Authenticity is key in forming a sincere and strong connection.

Avoiding Tough Conversations

Asian couple on a bad date sitting at a table in café  not speakingtakayuki, ShutterstockWhat people do: Dodge discussions about feelings, future plans, or past relationships to avoid potential conflict.
What to do instead: Embrace open communication. Addressing topics head-on, even if challenging, ensures clarity and mutual understanding.

Projecting Past Relationships

Man is yelling and arguing with woman who is looking upset at camera.freepik , FreepikWhat people do: Carry unresolved issues, fears, or patterns from past relationships into the new one.
What to do instead: Be present in the current relationship. Recognize past patterns, and if they arise, consider discussing them with your partner or seeking therapy.


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Trying to Change Your Partner

Heinous BreakupsPexelsWhat people do: Enter the relationship hoping to modify certain aspects of the other person's character or habits.
What to do instead: Accept your partner for who they are. Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding, not on a hope for change.


Overanalyzing Everything

Military WivesPexelsWhat people do: Obsess over every text, gesture, or word, trying to decipher hidden meanings, leading to undue stress.
What to do instead: Take things at face value and communicate. If you're unsure about something, it's always best to ask rather than assume.

Final Thoughts

Nightmare FamiliesShutterstockStarting a new relationship is thrilling, filled with butterflies and hopes. By being aware of common pitfalls and practicing open communication, understanding, and patience, you can set a strong foundation for a lasting, healthy relationship. Happy dating! 


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