5 Family-Friendly Movies That Teach Important Life Lessons To Your Kids

Today's kid's movies are much more inspiring than those that we grew up with. They teach us to follow our dreams, take charge, and face your fears.
January 11, 2023 Jen Browne
Layer 3 movie

People Share Moments In Movies That Made Them Go, “It Doesn’t Work Like That”

While a lot of our favorite movies speak to us on different levels, there are a lot of pictures out there that get some basic things wrong.
June 26, 2020 Maria Cruz
Layer 3 (2)

People Share Disturbing Things From Children’s Shows And Movies 

People love sitting down and watching a kids’ movie. However, some cartoons know how to tap into our fears and scenes stick with us for different reasons.
March 3, 2020 Maria Cruz

People Share What Happens In Movies That Never Happens In Real Life

Movies are supposed to be realistic reflections of life, yet they often tend to overexaggerate everyday situations and circumstances.
January 17, 2020 Jess Silverberg

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